Giantree and the Lesbian Shinobi

Bigwood Oct 7th, 2016 95 Never
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  1. [22:34:32] <Giantree> i had
  2. [22:34:38] <Giantree> a fucking WEIRDASS dream
  3. [22:35:01] <Giantree> where i was still in high school, in the class of a teacher who hated my guts and viceversa
  4. [22:35:18] <Giantree> however i also
  5. [22:35:21] <Giantree> had a game gear
  6. [22:35:33] <Giantree> with a copy of not shinobi, but shinobi II in it
  7. [22:35:57] <Giantree> being a dream it was obviously completely different from theactual thing
  8. [22:36:21] <Giantree> and this one
  9. [22:36:25] <Giantree> had a bug
  10. [22:36:31] <Giantree> where instead of random enemies
  11. [22:36:41] <Giantree> one of the endgame bosses would appear instead
  12. [22:37:05] <Giantree> so i argued with bitchteacher, and while i did so, some qt quiet grill in a seat behind me pilfered my 'gear
  13. [22:37:20] <Giantree> and i found out about it
  14. [22:37:26] <Giantree> late enough to see her
  15. [22:37:29] <Giantree> at the end of the game
  16. [22:37:35] <Giantree> beating those endgame dudes like nothing
  17. [22:37:48] <Giantree> it turned out she was a speedrunner
  18. [22:37:51] <Giantree> and also a lesbian
  19. [22:38:02] <Giantree> and was part of a ring of lesbian speedrunners
  20. [22:38:16] <Giantree> so i stormed out of the class because of bitchteacher
  21. [22:38:43] <Giantree> (she also called the cops on me when all i did was have a verbal argument, idk what my subconscious was trying to tell me with that one)
  22. [22:38:52] <Giantree> but either way i ended up in a bar
  23. [22:39:01] <Giantree> staffed by lesbians
  24. [22:39:19] <Giantree> and we exchanged mixed drink recipes and drank them all
  25. [22:39:24] <Giantree> and then the speedrunner came back
  26. [22:39:47] <Giantree> and we spent the whole time exchanging tactics and cheering on the qt quiet lesbian speedrunner
  27. [22:39:59] <Giantree> blasting through shinobi
  28. [22:40:07] <Giantree> surrounded by lesbos who were i guess her friends
  29. [22:40:32] <Giantree> it was weird and i have no idea why i remember it so vividly
  30. [22:41:07] <@SumDumD00d> that's a lot
  31. [22:41:09] <@SumDumD00d> of lesb
  32. [22:41:41] <Giantree> yeah
  33. [22:41:48] <Giantree> being lesbians would normaly not be significant
  34. [22:41:50] <Giantree> but i remember
  35. [22:41:52] <Giantree> in the dream
  36. [22:42:01] <Giantree> there were rumors all around the school
  37. [22:42:02] <Giantree> like
  38. [22:42:11] <Giantree> "stay away from that chick she's a lesbian"
  39. [22:42:18] <Giantree> and somehow i just knew the others were lesbians
  40. [22:42:23] <Giantree> and all the lesbians were bros
  41. [22:42:32] <Giantree> that one i KNOW is a fact about actual lesbians
  42. [22:43:08] <@SumDumD00d> and then they licked each others painted fingernails
  43. [22:43:58] <Giantree> nah they were all butch
  44. [22:44:09] <@SumDumD00d> o grob
  45. [22:44:24] <Giantree> that's how you know they're bro
  46. [22:44:31] <Giantree> girly lesbians are the bitchy ones
  47. [22:46:54] <Giantree> oh also
  48. [22:46:58] <Giantree> somehow i remember
  49. [22:47:07] <Giantree> in this version of shinobi, you could also change characters
  50. [22:47:14] <Giantree> to a black vampire pirate named "blood"
  51. [22:47:23] <Giantree> and his sprite got covered in blood the more dudes he killed
  52. [22:47:27] <Giantree> which was cool
  53. [22:47:29] <Giantree> makes no sense
  54. [22:47:31] <Giantree> but was cool
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