Girl Talk

Apr 30th, 2017
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  1. You are Hana.
  3. The girls have gathered around the table in the other room on the boat. Polu and Herb are still asleep, and since Laki and Jane haven’t gotten into a fight yet, it seems like the perfect time for a little girl talk. You all gather around a low table with a lot of soft cushioning to sit around.
  5. You’re excited and intimidated. You’ve had girl friends before, but never like this. People outside of the hospital where you felt more sheltered and safe. Plus kids there had more of a bond. There was like this common understanding between everyone there, even if privacy in shared rooms was tricky. You don’t want to stand out as the weird girl because you don’t have anything normal to say.
  7. “So, your dad just gave you a yacht?” Jane asks Valerie.
  9. The slim blonde looks a bit embarrassed, like she was asked about a personal failure. “Papa said it would be a good idea in case I needed to get around quickly.”
  11. “Why do you always call him papa or father, but never dad or daddy?” Laki asks before she takes a testing sip of her tea.
  13. Valerie looks happier to have the subject changed. “Oh, it’s just a game. I don’t even remember how we started it. He always asks me to call him daddy, and I always call him something else. Father can be pretty serious, but he has a soft side that I like to tease.”
  15. “He could make me call him daddy.” You mutter into your cup. your eyes shoot open and you check around to see if anyone heard that. What’s wrong with you? Ever since last night with Herb you’ve been doing or saying things that you’d only think before. What if he made too big of a crack in your dam? What if you can’t hide it anymore? You don’t want to be a slut.
  17. Then again, you sure acted like you do with Herb. Does Herb count, though? It felt more like a learning experience for both of you, or like two friends discovering something together. It didn't feel dirty.
  19. “Do mainlanders disobey their parents a lot?” Keira asks cautiously, trying to keep the judgement out of her voice.
  21. “Sounds like me and my dad.” Laki answers first. “Pretty sure if he actually cared, she’d address him however he wants.”
  23. Valerie, who was drinking her tea, nods. Laki hit the nail on the head.
  25. “Oh. That makes sense. Can I touch your hair?” Keira asks innocently again. Valerie politely smiles and says yes, but you can tell she’s a bit confused. The small preistess scoots her way over to play with Valerie’s hair and then touch everyone else's to compare. “So soft! And it smells like strawberry.” She casually touches Jane’s too, making her freeze up, unsure what to do.
  27. “Oh, well thank you!” Valerie clearly is used to compliments, but not necessarily sincere ones. “I love your paint by the way, That must be a lot of work to maintain.”
  29. “Oh yeah. But it’s worth it. This symbol here is for good luck.”
  31. “And this one? What does that symbolize?”
  33. “That’s a Chikorita. I just think they’re cute.”
  35. You listen to everyone talk for awhile. You don’t have much to say and your mind keeps going back to last night with Herb. You wonder if he’ll let you do that again. Does he think less of you? Will it taste the same a second time?
  37. Stop it! This is girl talk time. No boys. No dicks. Nobody else is bringing that sort of thing up.
  39. “So, have you seen Herb’s dick?” Laki enthusiastically leans forward, asking everyone around the table. You cough as the tea you were sipping on goes down the wrong hole. Her hands go wide like a fisherman describing his catch.
  41. “It’d be scary to encounter in the fertility ritual!” Keira blurts out. “I mean, if you weren’t expecting it.”
  43. The fertility ritual is a real thing? You feel equal parts guilty for not knowing enough about your homeland, and wanting to derail the conversation to get Keira to talk all about it.
  45. “What I want to know is, is that a mainlander thing or just Herb?” Laki asks the room, but ends up leaning towards Valerie. Keira stops playing with hair and brings her face to Valerie, too.
  47. “Umm, I, I don’t know. I don’t think so.” Valerie, the confident and pretty blonde, looks away. She gets like that with lewd stuff. You can’t believe you and her even talked about masturbation before. You wonder what her pillow smells like.
  49. “I thought you said you had a lot of boyfriends before.” Jane challenges Laki. “Including mainlanders.”
  51. “I have!” Laki gets defensive. “I just...shut up! And what about you, Miss ‘I have dozens of suitors'! Nobody believes that, virgin!”
  53. “Just because I don’t go around submitting to every base desire like a -”
  55. “Stop it!” The sound of clinking teacups is the main reason you’re aware you hit the table. Oh gosh, everyone’s looking at you. “You’re always fighting. I just...sorry.” You want to crawl under the table and hide. You dare a glance up and see Jane and Laki exchanging a look. Is that an agreement of peace?
  57. “Don’t be sorry.” Laki takes another sip. “It’s good to know what you’re thinking for once.”
  59. “Laki.” Valerie warns. Now there’s even more attention on you.
  61. “What do you mean?” You’re thankful that your bangs get in your face sometimes. This is one of those times. It keeps a nice pretense that prevents you from making eye contact.
  63. “You never say anything that could backfire.” She states plainly. “It’s off-putting. Makes people think you have something to hide.”
  65. “I don’t really have anything interesting to say.” Your face is hot. You feel so exposed. Does Laki hate you? Why is she doing this in front of everyone? Did you screw up somewhere?
  67. “Yes you do.” Her tone is hard and not very encouraging, but not harsh either. “You’re too afraid to offend someone. But silence is the most offensive response.”
  69. Hey, you recognize that quote. It’s from her island. From Jane’s face, she recognizes it too. Keira nods at Laki’s use of island wisdom. “Because people fill in the blanks with their worse assumptions, right?”
  71. “That’s one of the reasons.” Her tone is a bit more cheery now. It feels like a verbal pat on the head, coming from her.
  73. “The other interpretation is that you don’t respect the person enough to give an honest response.” Jane blurts out, looking around to make sure everyone acknowledges her.
  75. “That’s right!” Keira says. Jane beams in response. Seeing a rare smile from her tickles your heart just a little, even if she’s terrifying most of the time.
  77. Laki doesn’t answer. Her silence is noted. But almost as if she can read the minds of the people around her, she sighs. “Yes. You’re right.”
  79. Jane looks very conflicted now. You can see the small tells on her face. She’s disciplined and hides it, but you know how someone looks when they have a lot they want to not say. She decides to keep whatever it was she wanted to say to herself, but you don’t think that’s out of disrespect. You don’t really know what’s between those two.
  81. You wouldn’t mind being between those two. Your let yourself daydream a bit while the group moves on to other topics.
  83. Your thoughts are interrupted. “Like this?” Keira asks as she applies Valerie’s eyeliner.
  85. “Perfect! Your eyes stand out even more, now. Very cute.” Valerie compliments. “Hana, do you want to try?”
  87. You look away. “Umm.. I don’t know. I don’t know how.”
  89. “Nonsense.” She waves away your hesitation. “I’ll show you. It’s alright.” She sits next to you and takes out a complicated makeup kit. She leans in really close. “Don’t worry, and try not to blink.”
  91. “Okay.” You’re not sure what else to say.
  93. “You know, you have really beautiful eyes.” Her face is so close. “And look at those cheekbones. I’m jealous.”
  95. “Of me?” Those cheekbones of yours feel a bit hot.
  97. “Of course!” She giggles. “Hmm, this isn’t working. Hold on.” She adjusts how she’s sitting. Unhappy with that, she adjusts again. “Is it okay if I sit on your lap?”
  99. In that skirt? Yes please! “Uhhh. Well, okay.”
  101. She places herself on your lap and gets comfortable. “Let me know if my butt gets too boney.”
  103. Oh my.
  106. -----------------
  109. You are Keira.
  111. And you’re amazed at mainlander makeup. It doesn’t have the staying power of what you use, but it’s really clean and precise. But most of all, it’s subtle. Now that you think about it, have you ever seen her without it on? How would you know?
  113. “Priestess Keira?” Jane asks. She sounds like a new acolyte who’s about to ask a strict teacher something silly.
  115. “You don’t have to address me so formally. We’re friends!” For some reason, that seems to rattle her. Is friendship a different concept to someone raised outside the island?
  117. “Yes preist-...Sure thing, Keira.” That sounded painful for her. “I have a question.”
  119. “Well then, take it out of your pouch!”
  121. She thinks about the proverb for a second before realizing what it means. “Pr-.Keira. You don’t act like a priestess. Why is that?”
  123. “Of course I do! Everything I do is acting like a priestess because I am one!” You play with her a bit. It’s always important to get people to think about things from new angles. “Relax! No, I’m not, but that’s not a question.”
  125. She looks like she’s being led into a trap. She sure is paranoid. “Why aren’t you like other priestesses?”
  127. “I don’t know. I started off with corpses pretty early.” You feel everyone’s attention on you. You know how people can be with death sometimes.
  129. “I thought you didn’t move to that sort of thing after years of training.” Laki sips tea.
  131. “It was when the Shiny Articuno capsized.” Hana and Laki’s reactions show they know about the cruise ship you’re talking about. “So the temple needed extra help to handle all the funeral arrangements. It scared me at first, especially since I was left alone with them a lot, but I started pretending like everything was happy, and eventually that just became true. I got a lot of advice about how we can’t bring back the dead, but we can help them with their journey so that they don’t have any problems. Ease any pain of their transition, and even make it a nice trip. And no matter how scared and rattled we were, their spirits were even moreso, so we should do our best to keep the mood up. It really helped. I was singing with the older priestesses after awhile and they gave me a lot of praise for being so brave, since I was the youngest there by a lot.”
  133. Hana fidgets.
  135. “Hana, did you know somebody on that ship?”
  137. “Oh. No. Not personally. It happened after the car accident, so I was in the hospital, but...”
  139. “But what?”
  141. “My parents were pretty well off. -They were some of the first islanders to get a car, so yeah.- Most of my inheritance was tied up in the company that owned most of the cruise ship. There was an issue with the insurance so in the end I didn’t really get anything. It didn’t really bother me that much until I saw an old home video where my dad...” She sighs. “My dad said he bet I’d be the captain one day. Held me up and put the captain's hat on me.”
  143. A thick silence fills the room.
  145. “I’m so sorry!” Valerie hugs Hana.
  147. “Well, it’s fine.” She gives a brave smile. “I mean, I’m the least hurt by it, compared to...” she motions to you, referencing the dead, “and all the people that lost their jobs, too. I don’t think I’d make a good spoiled rich girl.”
  149. “S-sorry, Val! I didn’t mean-”
  151. “I’m not!” Valerie blurts out, clearly offended, but trying not to be.
  153. “Not rich?” Laki asks.
  155. “Not spoiled?” Jane ‘helps’.
  157. “Not a girl?” You join in. Everyone laughs at that, and it helps stop some of the tension. You go farther and grab her breasts from behind. “Because these say otherwise!”
  159. “Keira!” Valerie laughs and tries to fight you off. She’s too gentle to stop you.
  161. “Why do mainlanders always have bras like this? They won’t fall to your knees, right?” You keep it up. You want any potential fights to be long forgotten before they ever start.
  163. “Jane, why don’t you chime in on this?” Laki grabs Jane from behind. Jane’s too shocked to react. “You wore that push-up junk when we sent off Hydreigon. You were popping out!”
  165. Jane finally gets her wits together and uses a move to pin Laki. Wow! She’s fast, even after the drinks last night. “Not so funny now, huh?” She blows her hair out of her face, looking down at Laki.
  167. “Boop.” Laki squeezes her breast. It’s a joke, but also a challenge.
  169. “What about you, Laki? Those watermelons get sore when you run? Is that why you let yourself get out of shape?” She squeezes Laki back, except it looks pretty hard.
  171. “Ow ow ow.” Laki admits to the pain, but doesn’t give in. Instead she struggles to reverse the pin.
  173. “No. Stop it, you two.” Hana quietly says as she gently pats the table in a weak imitation of what she did before.
  175. “Keira!” Valerie’s voice sounds a bit off, and she’s biting her lip. “You can stop now.”
  177. “Oh.” You’ve been watching those two and haven’t stopped molesting poor Valerie. “Sorry.”
  179. “It’s okay.” She fixes her hair. “Actually, how do you do those braids I’ve seen some islanders wear?”
  181. “Oh! That’s easy, I’ll show you. Hana, can we use you?”
  183. “Uh huh.” Hana feels her way over to you while keeping her eyes on the struggle in front of her. You let it go on for awhile, hoping they’ll just work it out of their systems. Eventually though, you ask them to show their best braids. That competition ends up being a lot less violent, although it’s pretty funny to see both types on Valerie at the same time.
  185. The five of you finally run out of energy, and the thirst from drinking last night, along with the headaches coming back from all that activity, start to take their toll. It reminds you of the day after you have a certain kind of meditation tea, except that you have a ceremony the day after that’s a lot more peaceful and relaxing.
  187. You yawn. “I’m going to get some more sleep.” You look back to see Herb still completely out. You never got to sleep in back at the temple. And you definitely never got to cuddle a boy! You swim under the blankets until you reach him again, and wrap yourself around him.
  189. Mmm. Warm.
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