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  1.         Line 1235128: Jun 25 02:08:32 <twitchplayspokemon>      I had someone send me a message asking me to reverse a failed bet of 27455 claiming his little brother did it
  2.         Line 1235313: Jun 25 02:10:13 <twitchplayspokemon>      if there's no evolutions during black I'll use a force evolution code for black 2
  3.         Line 1243663: Jun 25 03:55:40 <twitchplayspokemon>      that was an automated timeout for character spam, not from me
  4.         Line 1243751: Jun 25 03:56:57 <twitchplayspokemon>      slow mode will be reduced for black 2
  5.         Line 1243833: Jun 25 03:58:27 <twitchplayspokemon>      if you don't want forced evolution, lets see an evolution during the rest of black!
  6.         Line 1244310: Jun 25 04:05:23 <twitchplayspokemon>      I'm not forcing evolutions, I'm just providing the choice to force evolutions for the next run
  7.         Line 1244528: Jun 25 04:08:51 <twitchplayspokemon>      I will have some things to say about the future of the stream sometime after the Black run finishes
  8.         Line 1244683: Jun 25 04:11:35 <twitchplayspokemon>      my home connection only has 512kbit/s upstream (and 20mbit/s downstream), upstream is too low for streaming
  9.         Line 1244743: Jun 25 04:12:26 <twitchplayspokemon>      recently my ISP has started offering an unlimited option
  10.         Line 1244796: Jun 25 04:13:02 <twitchplayspokemon>      I would need a business-grade connection to stream from home
  11.         Line 1244811: Jun 25 04:13:16 <twitchplayspokemon>      or maybe an array of mobile internet connections?
  12.         Line 1244881: Jun 25 04:14:17 <twitchplayspokemon>      it is far cheaper to rent a server in the US
  13.         Line 1244900: Jun 25 04:14:40 <twitchplayspokemon>      if I had a proper NBN connection I would be able to stream no problem
  14.         Line 1244903: Jun 25 04:14:45 <twitchplayspokemon>      not in my area yet
  15.         Line 1244966: Jun 25 04:15:19 <twitchplayspokemon>      I'll be moving soon, so who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and find a place with a great Internet connection (unlikely)
  16.         Line 1245460: Jun 25 04:23:22 <twitchplayspokemon>      i5-2550k@4.4ghz and gtx670
  17.         Line 1245912: Jun 25 04:29:31 <twitchplayspokemon>      Telefang crashes too much
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