drug history

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  1. 1FC drug history
  3. cocaine and salt
  4. bazingle berries
  5. piperidine (2 lines table pepper)
  6. marijuana
  7. percocet
  8. coffee bean
  9. liquor
  10. psilocybin mushrooms lite
  11. psilocybin mushrooms heroic
  12. Oxycontin
  13. DXM and marijuana
  14. Valium
  15. LSD and marijuana
  16. Deltorphin lite
  17. Bang Energy
  18. Salsa Habanera 3x2mo.
  19. Kratom 16x
  20. Potassium Iodide (full box)
  21. Chicken Broth and Garlic
  22. Chinese Chicken
  23. Chinese Chicken and Blood Sauce
  24. Marijuana and Four Loco Gold
  25. Permanent Ink Dots
  26. Marijuana and Benadryl
  27. Niacin and Marijuana
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