Old Wine

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  1. ///Old manor wine
  2. //Existing scene
  3. You uncork the wine and smell the contents. The fragrance, at least, is harmless. You drink it, straight from the bottle.
  5. It tastes great! This is high quality wine, for sure. You put the wine bottle on the dining table. After a few moments, you’re struck with an unusual feeling; you’re certainly satisfied by the drink, but you also feel like something inside you has rotted away.
  6. //Second. Repeat initial debuffs
  7. Despite your better judgment, the tantalizing taste is too great to resist! You take another swig from the bottle.
  9. Its delightful aroma and flavor profile fill your mind, melting away any concern for the world. Deep inside, the rot festers, yet you feel all the more satisfied by the drink. [if sillymode then {Does this mean you're an alcoholic?}]
  10. //Third. Repeat initial debuffs
  11. Pouring more wine down your gullet, you are struck by dizziness in an instant. Something inside you hurts, pulling every sense away. {reset lust}
  13. In a fleeting moment of lucidity, you gaze at the bottle in your hand. There is something unnatural about it.
  14. //Fourth. Repeat initial debuffs
  15. You stare at the bottle intensely. Already, you feel that familiar rot in the core of your being. This drink is... It's killing you. Every sip rots your mind, body, and soul. To what end does the devil's nectar aid your quest? What purpose does this serve? What foul demon of your own mind plagues you enough to go to such lengths? You raise the bottle to your lips and gulp down every last drop your stomach can take.
  17. Tears well up in your eyes, anger wells up in your soul. That damnable thing in the corner, there, hiding in the shadows! It fills you with fury and contempt, then sorrow, and finally horror. These specters of malcontent haunt you, presenting every vile memory to the forefront of your consciousness. Every trauma, every fallen beloved, every regrettable sin, and every cherished one. Are they even real? Surely this cannot be you, this cannot be your history. You are driven to drink, to forget who you are. To forget everything.
  19. Damn this horrid place, may it all rot away.
  20. //Fifth, and all subsequent.
  21. The bottle is empty. As are you.
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