Filler of Mana

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  1. [18:26:19] <Giantree> Undine yawns at Wisp's company in the morning sky, after a long day of shopping and thing-making; the others still haven't gotten back yet, but the fact that it isn't Salamando/er day bodes SLIGHTLY more well for the journey ahead.  Just maybe!
  2. [18:28:20] * Eirene is up at the crack of dawn, singing the sun up :3
  3. [18:28:44] * Lyle also up at the crack of dawn, doing some morning exercises.
  4. [18:30:02] * Terse is up listening to Eirene, while cooking muffins.
  5. [18:30:11] * Flammie is curled up in a corner of the roof in a ball of fluf, snoring lazily.  An earthy sword is clutched in her claws possessively.
  6. [18:31:30] <Giantree> NEVERMIND it's actually later in the day and the others are back.
  7. [18:31:33] * Terse casually juggles and plays with his new knife while he waits for the muffins to finish, getting used to the new, wyvern-claw blade...which curves forward, instead of back, taking a bit of work to adjust to.
  8. [18:31:52] * Flammie isn't, as time re-rights itself
  9. [18:31:58] * Briar is considering the pile of rabite materials for crafting.
  10. [18:32:19] * Eirene is getting in Terse's way while he's cooking, then.
  11. [18:32:47] * Terse doesn't seem to mind Eirene being in the way, not one bit, he even tries to explain the cooking to her.
  12. [18:33:24] <Eirene> "But why do you put the sugar in? Wouldn't it be better without?"
  13. [18:33:44] <Terse> "Sugar balances out the other tastes, and makes it sweet."
  14. [18:34:23] * Lyle , since it's apparently later in the day, is also overlooking the materials. "Hmmmm."
  15. [18:34:57] <Eirene> "Nonono. What you should do is take it, remove the sugar, and stuff it with...Hmm.."
  16. [18:35:07] <Eirene> "Rabite!"
  17. [18:35:40] <Briar> "They explode too quick."
  18. [18:36:05] * Briar speaks as he holds up a fluffy tail next to some teeth, then puts them down.
  19. [18:37:59] <Terse> "We already have rabite."
  20. [18:38:37] <Terse> "Eirene, could you pass me those lemons?
  21. [18:38:37] <Terse> "
  22. [18:39:34] <Eirene> "Lemons. Lemonslemonslemonslemons. Slemon. Here you go." Eirene tosses a few lemons at him.
  23. [18:39:40] <Giantree> NOW THAT the others are finally back, the only maid who cares is happily humming along while sweeping the castle halls clean of... well, who knows what they get dirty with these days?  Presumably Briar sheds.
  24. [18:39:44] <Eirene> "Why do they always say 'when life gives you lemons', anyway?"
  25. [18:40:08] * Terse flips his knife and makes it vanish up his sleeve, before catching the lemons and swiftly transferring them to the table, grabbing a kitchen knife and slicing them thin, one after another, chpchpchpchpchp!
  26. [18:40:10] <Briar> (Briar keeps his fur at reasonable length.)
  27. [18:40:13] <Lyle> "Because that was what the person who made the expression was thinking about at the time."
  28. [18:40:27] <Giantree> ... Presumably Eirene sheds.
  29. [18:40:35] <Briar> (molts)
  30. [18:40:42] <Terse> "Heh, slemons." He can't help smiling at her, "Well, I think it's about making a good situation out of a bad one."
  31. [18:40:50] <Eirene> "But why would someone care about lemons that much?"
  32. [18:41:05] <Lyle> "Maybe they were a lemon farmer."
  33. [18:41:17] <Giantree> Either way!  Wisp and Shade both oversee the scene on their own, making noise and general chatter.  They don't do much important while everyone's enjoying themselves.
  34. [18:41:20] <Terse> "Although personally I enjoy a fresh lemon." He takes an end slice, and pops it into his mouth, before squeezing a bit of lemon over the assortment of fish that he and Breezy caught earlier.
  35. [18:44:42] <Terse> "Hmph.  I'll get candied lemons next time, then." Terse mock-harrumphs, and goes back to preparing delicious, tender fish.
  36. [18:44:49] <Briar> "Lemonade? You humes and your fancy drinks."
  37. [18:45:02] <Lyle> "What do you drink, then?"
  38. [18:45:07] <Terse> "...Why is everyone in my kitchen?  Eirene is helping, you two are watching."
  39. [18:45:24] * Flammie makes a motion approximating a shrug as she watches all of this, and decides to join the party.  Of course, at her bulk, she takes up much of the room.
  40. [18:45:28] <Lyle> "Because you're fun to watch."  He'd shrug.
  41. [18:45:43] * Eirene tosses Flammie a lemon slice.
  42. [18:45:46] <Terse> "Hmm...I have an idea.  How would you two like to help?"
  43. [18:46:18] * Flammie catches it from midair like a trained dog!
  44. [18:46:27] * Flammie immediately regrets it, lowering her head and making a 'bleh' face
  45. [18:46:36] <Briar> "Whatever drinks we can make from what we can grown and gather in the forest."
  46. [18:46:45] * Flammie p'tooie!  p'tooie!
  47. [18:46:50] <Lyle> "I could chop up lemons for you, if you want."
  48. [18:46:58] <Eirene> "Well, don't you have lemons, Briar?"
  49. [18:47:00] * Briar almost snerks.
  50. [18:47:10] <Briar> "Not really, those are more tropical."
  51. [18:47:27] <Terse> "I can do that myself.  Hey, Briar, Lyle.  Over there, please.  Get some gloves on, and remember to scrub even if they look clean." Terse indicates the dirty dishes.
  52. [18:48:11] * Briar climbs up onto the counter near the sink, puts gloves on, and starts scrubbing.
  53. [18:48:18] <Terse> "Flammie, could you back up into the other room?" Terse tosses her a lump of dough he quickly rolled in cinammon and sugar.
  54. [18:48:22] * Flammie looks up and focuses, nudging Lyle in the back.  Hrmf!
  55. [18:49:34] <Giantree> A head filled with bright red eyes pops into the kitchen.  "Umm, is everything working okay, Sir Terse?"  She has to squeeze past the Flammie to get in and even then there's still noises of the room being sweeped almost instinctively.
  56. [18:50:04] <Terse> "Yes.  The one thing I need is fewer people in the kitchen while I'm cooking, please."
  57. [18:50:13] <Eirene> "Hmmmmm."
  58. [18:50:18] <Eirene> "I'll go set the table!"
  59. [18:50:22] <Eirene> "And you'll help!"
  60. [18:50:22] * Flammie scoot scoot CLANG.  Oh hey, that's where the pots and pans were.
  61. [18:50:25] <Terse> "One second."
  62. [18:53:21] <Lyle> "...didn't you want the dishes cleaned?"
  63. [18:53:41] <Lyle> "Oh, and what is it, Flammie?"
  64. [18:53:50] * Briar is tempted to give Terse his patented, meh, but takes the hint and jumps off of the counter and heads into the hall.
  65. [18:54:03] * Flammie lowers her head and shows off the rusty, dinged up, earthy-looking sword.  (This!)
  66. [18:54:03] <Terse> "Might as well clean them now."
  67. [18:54:12] * Lyle BLINKBLINK
  68. [18:54:15] <Lyle> "Whoa."
  69. [18:54:51] <Lyle> "Sorry Terse, I wish I could help but I think this is more important."  He'd grab the sword and head out of the kitchen, motioning for Flammie to follow.
  70. [18:54:59] * Flammie scoots back slowly, starting to back out of the door.
  71. [18:55:20] * Briar turns around to see if Lyle is following, and sees Flammie backside
  72. [18:55:29] * Briar moves out of the way
  73. [18:55:34] * Terse grumbles under his breath, and focuses on cooking.  It's difficult adjusting recipes for so many kinds of fish, but he manages.  Some are spicy, some are almost sweet.  Some are crispy, some melt on your fork.  Served with butter and lemon, in most cases.
  74. [18:55:59] * Eirene sneaks back into the kitchen when everyone else leaves :3c
  75. [18:56:37] <Giantree> The sword is almost crystalline, glowing with some apparent mana.  Of course it's not a single-edged blade, but it glows slightly as to make evident that there's definitely something inside.  Corona salutes and shoos everybody who wasn't leaving out of the kitchen anyway!  ... Of course they were anyway, and the kitchen is totally clean anyway.  She gets lost in daydreaming for a minute before speeding off back to the halls.
  76. [18:56:52] * Flammie follows Lyle, big ol' dragon tail flicking back and forth.
  77. [18:57:37] * Lyle would, after leaving, look over the sword a bit. "This thing is beautiful...uh, anyway..." He'd shake his head a bit. "Anyone home?"
  78. [18:57:40] <Giantree> Shade follows along curiously and gets smacked in the face by Flammie's tail.  Fortunately it's intangible so it just looks mildly inconvenienced.
  79. [18:57:41] * Terse doesn't notice her at first, still grumbling as he surreptitiously opens one of the ovens, and takes out a tray of what can only be described as "cinnamon poofs".  Large, almost muffin or scone-like baked treats, lighter and puffy at the top, baked with cinnamon and good sugar.
  80. [18:58:08] <Giantree> The sword turns blue and sets on fire!
  81. [18:58:25] * Flammie jumps back and spreads her wings!
  82. [18:58:26] <Giantree> ... Oh nevermind, that's just Wisp phasing through it from underneath.  <Havin' problems there?>
  83. [18:58:36] * Flammie not made for inside.  Ow.
  84. [19:00:03] <Briar> "If only you could shrink yourself."
  85. [19:00:14] * Briar watches the flammie.
  86. [19:00:22] * Flammie lowers her head.  (yeah...)
  87. [19:01:56] * Lyle 's eyes would widen, before going back to seriousness. "You don't want to tlak to Wisp or Shade?"
  88. [19:02:04] <Lyle> (*talk)
  89. [19:02:12] * Briar looks into the room now flammie isn't blocking his view as much.
  90. [19:02:22] <Briar> "Is that sword...on fire?"
  91. [19:02:47] <Lyle> "Yeah.  Trying to get it to come out, whatever's in this is probably a major spirit."
  92. [19:03:20] <Briar> "Wait? Major? Like the big 8?"
  93. [19:03:29] <Lyle> "Yeah."
  94. [19:03:36] * Flammie looks proud!
  95. [19:03:40] <Giantree> <Hmmm.>  Wisp spins around and emerges from the sword.  Of course poor nonmagicals can't see anything past the original mild flaming, what a shame.  <Yep!  There's a lotta powerful magic in that thing, though.  Unlocking it's gonna take SOME work.>
  96. [19:04:11] <Lyle> "Any suggestions?"
  97. [19:04:21] * Eirene snags a poof and munches on it. "Hmm. Pretty good. Could still use rabite, though, I think."
  98. [19:04:30] <Eirene> "Oooh, how about lemonade and beef together?"
  99. [19:04:36] <Eirene> "Like in a glass?"
  100. [19:05:17] * Terse is too composed to jump in surprise, but he does arch an eyebrow, "You have quirky taste, you know that?"
  101. [19:05:37] <Terse> "Beef isn't really suited for a glass, but imagination has its own place in cooking."
  102. [19:07:01] <Eirene> "Well, how do you know if you never tried?"
  103. [19:08:29] <Giantree> <Nope!  Well, none besides collect a lot of Mana and pour it in.  That'll wake him up.  Then agaiiin, naps for us are good, you can probably use him power without him even noticing if you wield it.  Just maybe!  I honestly can't imagine what being inside a sword of all things is like, though.>
  104. [19:08:31] <Terse> "Alright, well, when you cook...I promise I'll give it a try, alright?" He smiles, wiping flour from his forehead.
  105. [19:09:19] <Eirene> "Sure."
  106. [19:09:47] <Lyle> "Hm, so I guess if I use it enough he'll wake up."
  107. [19:10:15] <Giantree> <Somethin' like that.  The rest of us might be able to help if it doesn't work.>
  108. [19:10:47] <Briar> 2d6+6 Awareness to see the shimmers in the air from where Wisp moves.
  109. [19:10:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Awareness to see the shimmers in the air from where Wisp moves.: 8 [2d6=1,1]
  110. [19:11:21] <Eirene> (V:)
  111. [19:11:23] * Flammie hrmfs at the idea of Lyle using it.  (Mine!)
  112. [19:11:24] <Giantree> You mean Wisp's here?
  113. [19:11:40] <Eirene> "Anything I can do to help now, though?"
  114. [19:11:42] * Briar doesn't hear or see any sign of wisp.
  115. [19:12:00] <Lyle> "Definitely a weird sword though."  He'd try a few experimental swings with it.  "How would you use it, Flammie?"
  116. [19:12:02] * Briar is slightly depressed, he lost progress
  117. [19:12:31] * Flammie grr and grabs the sword out of Lyle's hands with her teeth.
  118. [19:12:48] * Flammie brushes past, forcing Lyle aside.  (Outside.)
  119. [19:13:06] * Lyle lets Flammie grab onto it, not going to bother fighting with Flammie. He'd follow her outside.
  120. [19:14:01] <Terse> "Hm.  Well, the fish are done...the dessert is done...could you help me put things away?"
  121. [19:14:15] * Flammie heads out the front door and flaps her wings, taking to the air,  The sword's hilt gripped in her teeth, she takes a few flaps to gain height, and then begins to twirl.  At first it's a silly, lazy thing, then it speeds up and speeds up, and as she dives down she corkscrews the sword against the ground, digging a fierce hole.
  122. [19:14:36] * Lyle would nod. "Not bad. Go ahead and use it, then."
  123. [19:14:51] <Eirene> "Okaaay~."
  124. [19:15:02] * Flammie pulls back and sits, tossing the sword up in the air and letting it land on her back.  Harumph.  Trying to take my sword.
  125. [19:15:13] * Eirene starts with the pots and pans Flammie knocked over.
  126. [19:15:59] <Terse> "Hey, Eirene, what was that song you were singing this morning?  The really pretty one?"
  127. [19:16:13] <Terse> "I heard it when I was going out to get some cooking supplies."
  128. [19:17:16] * Flammie relents after a moment and steps up and nuzzles Lyle, then Briar.
  129. [19:17:31] * Briar is surprised by the sudden nuzzle.
  130. [19:18:05] <Eirene> "Hmmm?"
  131. [19:18:09] <Eirene> "I don't know."
  132. [19:18:15] <Eirene> "I just sort of made it up as I went."
  133. [19:19:16] <Terse> "I liked it, though." :3
  134. [19:20:50] <Eirene> "Thanks. You should try it sometime."
  135. [19:20:59] <Eirene> "Get up early, and tell all the world what you think."
  136. [19:21:18] <Terse> "...I can't sing." His face reddens.
  137. [19:23:02] * Flammie nudges Briar and Lyle back in.  Go, help out!
  138. [19:23:31] <Eirene> "Doesn't matter!"
  139. [19:23:47] * Briar is confusedly nudged in to the kitchen, not sure why flammie is nudging.
  140. [19:23:59] <Lyle> "All right."
  141. [19:24:02] <Terse> "Well, alright, but only if you cook for me sometime.  I want to see what you make."
  142. [19:24:27] <Terse> He smiles while cleaning off a countertop.
  143. [19:25:07] * Lyle walks back inside, then goes back to the kitchen. And just walks over and starts scrubbing the dishes.
  144. [19:25:24] * Briar follows Lyles lead
  145. [19:25:34] <Eirene> "Sure, I'll give it a shot."
  146. [19:27:58] <Terse> "I'll eat every bite, promise!" Terse begins stacking the plates onto a tray, before putting a cover over both.
  147. [19:28:46] <Terse> "Oh, want to know a secret?"
  148. [19:29:38] * Flammie goes off as the group makes breakfast.  Throughout the scene she can sometimes be seen out a window, doing this trick or that trick.
  149. [19:30:09] * Terse nods to the tray with the cinnamon poofs, "Apple filling.  Don't tell anyone, I want to let them find out for themselves."
  150. [19:30:27] <Terse> "...Well, apple in some, mulberry in others, and chocolate too."
  151. [19:30:33] <Terse> "I thought variety would be nice."
  152. [19:31:00] <Giantree> Sweep, sweep.... the brushing of the bristles gets ever closer before there's a loud gasp from the kitchen door.  "O-Oh no, what are you doing?  Y-You're our guests, you don't need to do that!  I, um, I'll..."  The head maid leans her broom against a wall and rolls her sleeves up, before realizing there're armored gauntlets under there.  So she takes those off too.
  153. [19:31:52] <Lyle> "It's fine.  I used to do all the dishes for the Knights.
  154. [19:32:15] <Lyle> "So by now washing dishes doesn't bother me in the least."
  155. [19:33:02] <Giantree> "I... suppose, but the rest of the staff being lazy isn't an excuse to make guests do chores!  I can, um, do it all, Sir Lyle, don't worry."
  156. [19:38:17] <Terse> Terse piles the food, hands the smaller tray to Eirene, and sets off for the dining room!
  157. [19:39:38] <Lyle> "How's about we all do it together, then, if you want to do it so badly?"
  158. [19:41:08] <Giantree> "I..."  Puffy-faced her red eyes stare into his before a sigh.  "All right.  When you're done scrubbing them these go here, and those over there..."
  159. [19:42:53] * Lyle nods. "All right, Mistress Corona."
  160. [19:43:14] <Giantree> "O-Oh, please, you don't have to-" Her face turns redder than her eyes.
  161. [19:51:12] * Eirene hops after Terse. She still isn't all that good at that walking thing. Maybe she should think about investing in shoes.
  162. [19:54:09] <Terse> "Say, Eirene, I can carry that." He transfers the other tray to one hand.
  163. [19:54:50] <Lyle> "It's fine.  I'm sure you'd help me out without asking too, right?"
  164. [19:55:37] <Giantree> "No I mean-"  Shuffling around makes the dishwork get done at half the speed it should!  But the blush smothers the maid's whole face as she works.  "Well, I'd do that because it's my job!"
  165. [19:55:46] <Eirene> "Bu- I totally had it. :c"
  166. [19:57:18] * Lyle would be washing dishes fairly quickly, it looks like he's used to talking and washing at the same time. "You look like the type to help anyone out if they needed it, to me."
  167. [20:00:39] <Terse> "You can hold it if you want."  He hasn't taken it yet!
  168. [20:01:22] <Eirene> "Mmm! You're doing so much for us that I'd feel bad if I couldn't do anything."
  169. [20:02:25] <Terse> Men don't grab things from a lady, unless it's Lucia
  170. [20:03:47] <Giantree> "Look like?"  Halfway through a scrub Corona tilts her head hard to the side.  The total Poplar of a hairstyle on the back of her head comes with.  "That's, um, if you'll pardon the insult, that's silly, Sir Lyle!  Why would people look like something they do?  Helping should just be something that comes naturally... well, I don't get to get out much, though, so I only get to help the Mistress."
  171. [20:06:29] <Lyle> "You just come off as a helpful person to me."
  172. [20:07:20] * Eirene comes up with a better idea and just starts singing shit into the proper position at the table. Wake to Life is awesome~
  173. [20:08:27] <Giantree> "Hmmm."  After a few more dishes get put up, she follows up with a pleased, freckled smile.  "Well, I'll just have to do the best I can then!"
  174. [20:08:57] <Giantree> And Wake to Life really is awesome.  "Um... I think everything's ready, Sir Lyle.  You really can leave the rest to me."
  175. [20:09:52] <Lyle> "You don't want to eat with us?"
  176. [20:10:17] * Terse tries humming a tune, and feels his knife resonate
  177. [20:11:08] <Giantree> "Well, the guests and the staff eat separately.  And it'd be incredibly rude to the Mistress..."
  178. [20:12:16] * LinAway is now known as Flammie
  179. [20:12:45] <Lyle> "Ah.  Okay.  Then I'll see you around later then, right?"
  180. [20:13:17] <Giantree> "Mhm!"  She tries hard to hide a little giggle, but it doesn't work well.  "Thanks for all your help."  And NOW the dinner table is all set.
  181. [20:14:58] <Briar> "Who is going to tell Lucia?"
  182. [20:15:28] * Lyle would nod. "Don't forget to let Lady Lucia know about the dinner." He'd walk off to the table now.
  183. [20:15:51] <Giantree> Of course she runs to do so, but who can tell how well that'll go?
  184. [20:26:04] * Terse serves it up, meanwhile, "Now remember, we don't start until everyone is here."
  185. [20:28:10] * Lyle would nod. "Of course, it's only good manners."
  186. [20:28:39] * Eirene settles in. Oh boy dinner.
  187. [20:31:39] * Flammie pokes her head in eventually, sniffing at the air.  (Food?)
  188. [20:32:46] * Briar settles down to eat.
  189. [20:40:39] <Giantree> And they all ate the day away... or at least part of it.
  190. [20:40:42] <Giantree> TO BE CONTINUED?
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