Bee My Release

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  1. Bee My Release
  2.         One fine summer day, our heroine Daisy sat down in a field of, guess what? Daisies! It had been a rough time for her recently, with Lucy gone she had thought to be able to take her throne and have the adoration of all the men. Unfortunately this was not the case, as it turned out Sue became queen bee, all the other men flocking to her flower.
  3.         Daisy sighed and picked a daisy, smelling it's sweet fragrance. She didn't even like the flower, it just felt fitting somehow. She looked up into the sky, wondering what her life was. It was at that moment that she noticed the bee on her hand.
  4.         Her heart pounded and she flailed her arms around in a furious display of girl power. The bee flew away and she stood and ran from the flying insect. When she stopped she stood there, chubby little belly puffing in and out as she caught her breath. Phew. Hated those things as she was deathly allergic. She stood slowly and then stopped, staring at her hand again.
  5.         It was the bee. In a moment of pure panic, she smashed the bee with all her might, which wasn't much. As she looked at the carnage, she noticed something very peculiar, this bee had hair and, it wasn't dead.
  6.         "Ohhhh...yeah.... that's good." She heard from the bee, a sound that chilled Daisy's blood.
  7.         "You... you can talk?"
  8.         "A..Again!" The bee cried, flapping it's broken wings in a futile effort. "Hit me again!"
  9.         Daisy stared, curious as well as horrified. This creature could speak! It was a scientific breakthrough of the century, no, all history! Slowly, she asked, "What is your name?"
  10.         "Maya, please! Again again!"
  11.         Daisy furrowed her brow. This bee really wanted to be hit. Maybe it just wanted to die? No, no she couldn't do that, she had to tell someone, do something!
  12.         "Do it or I'll sting you."
  13.         Daisy froze again. One sting and it was over for her. She'd swell like a marshmallow in the microwave and then pop! She'd die.
  14.         "But... but I can't just..."
  15.         "Do it bitch."
  16.         Daisy closed her eyes and smashed the bee with her hand. She could feel as it wriggled under her fingers and could hear the sound of its wing tearing, a leg snapping, and the oddest sound of pleasure vibrating from the bee's body.
  17.         Daisy looked down and the bee wriggled and squirmed, odd juices flowing from somewhere, she could only assume it was from a ruptured organ.
  18.         "Are you? Are you okay?"
  19.         The bee flipped on itself in a wiggle and squeaked, "Oh gods yes, again again!"
  20.         "But I think you're going to die?"
  21.         "Did I ask for your opinion?" The bee said flatly, readying its stinger.
  22.         Daisy quickly slammed the bee again, to a similar effect. This time however, her strike separated the abdomen from the thorax and she put her hand to her mouth, uncaring that it was now covered in juicy viscera.
  23.         "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" Daisy said panicking, "I'm so sorry I'm so sorry."
  24.         The bee twisted in agony as it screamed, "YESSSSSSSS." Slowly it began to lose momentum, it's thrashings going mute as it's life seeped away. Soon it stopped moving completely, and when it did, it  spoke one final time, "Thank you."
  25.         Daisy stood horrified at what she had done. Slowly, she lowered the corpse onto a daisy and backed away, wiping off her hands. She turned for home, thinking about what had happened. Suddenly, her drama problems with her friends seemed far less painful for some reason.
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