teenage mania form

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  1. ☓ IDOL
  2. — username ; saga_star
  3. — password ; hoseok & namjoon; wendy & yeriana grande
  4. — slot ; palette
  5. — backup slot ; witch
  6. — face claim ; dreizehntes
  7. — backup face claim ; nakedeee
  10. — alter ego ; Bloody Mary
  11. — birth name ;  Aiko Nakahara
  12. — nickname(s) ;
  13. * Tasastu : most people who know of her call her this because it quite literally means blood & murder in Japanese
  14. * Ai : Sooyoung (her future girlfriend) calls her this
  15. — gender & pronouns ; female : she/her
  16. — sexuality ; bisexual
  17. — birthdate ; May 13, 1994
  18. — birthplace ; Japan
  19. — hometown ; Osaka
  21. ☓ DNA
  22. — background ;
  23. Aiko grew up in a normal house. She had a lot of siblings—a twin and a younger brother and sister—but she was the oldest. She took care of everyone, made sure they were behaving, and did most of the household chores and duties. Their mother had abandoned them once their youngest brother had been born, and their father quickly spiraled into alcohol and misery once she did. Aiko and her sister quickly became the ‘parents’ of the house, but that didn’t mean that they were happy. Money was sparse, and their father could barely pull his head out of his liquids to notice—never mind care. Then, one day, a few days after their sixteenth birthday, their father snapped. Maybe he had too much to drink. Maybe something inside of him had been broken for a while. Whatever the case, above the kids’ screams and pleas, he had taken Aiko’s twin, Aino, and strangled her to death. Aiko still remembers the look in her sister’s eyes as pure fear filled them, as well as the settlement of death.
  25. Aiko never forgave her father for what he did, as did her other siblings. When she turned eighteen, she called the cops on her dad and left. She couldn’t bare to be with him any longer, and the sooner she got away from him, the better. She felt bad for leaving her siblings behind, but they would be in good hands with CPS. Once she got away, she became an anti-hero protege and started training as a killer. She took any job she could, killing anyone any buyer wanted. It made her money, and eventually she became well-known on the streets. Everyone knew of the famous Bloody Mary who roamed the streets with blood-soaked clothes, killing anyone she wanted if it was for a price. Murder just became easy for her once she imagined they were all her father. She got to imagine all of the different ways she could kill him with each life she took.
  27. — personality ;
  28. * DARK : Because of her past, she is very pessimistic & sarcastic. Most people say that she gives off a very mysterious vibe, and she likes it like that. She imagines the worst, then does it.
  29. * SECRETIVE : Aiko doesn’t like anyone knowing about her past; she doesn’t like people getting to know the true her, as that would mean that them growing closer to her. She keeps everyone at an arm’s length—even some of her friends—and hates sharing any type of personal information.
  30. * MURDEROUS : Pure rage fills her when she kills. She thinks of her father, and her left-behind siblings. She kills for them; every body is one more way to kill their father, and a way for them to escape him. She has a lot of anger and she holds grudges; anyone who crosses her will most definitely feel some form of her wrath.
  31. * DEPRESSED : Despite her almost euphoric attitude when she kills, she finds almost nothing to possess joy. Some days she wonders if it’s even worth existing
  32. * HARD-WORKING : Even though all she really does is murder, she does try hard to think of a different way every time she does do it.
  33. * STRONG-WILLED : She doesn’t listen to others and let their opinions & thoughts affect her own; she thinks for herself. She stands by her decisions no matter what,
  34. * BLUNT & CRITICAL : She is very straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush. She finds brute honesty to work the best for her, so she never lies. If someone confronts her about something, she just won’t say anything or will confirm it. Lies just take up unneeded space in her already complicated life.
  35. * A BIT INSANE : Because of her past, Aiko has dipped a bit into the deep end—which is probably why her and WITCH are such good friends—and she has a lot of strange habits. This includes hysterical laughter, sudden fits of rage, violent outbursts, and of course the wearing of blood as a warning. (But she still pales in comparison to WITCH, and these things only happen in spurts.)
  36. * SADISTIC : She has a very dark sense of humor and of course enjoys gore & violence.
  38. — family ;
  39. Kaito Nakahara | mother | 43 | alive but location unknown | 10/100
  40. Totoharu Nakahara | Father | 49 | alive; human | 20/100
  41. Hiroko Nakahara | younger brother | 14 | alive; powers of intelligence | 70/100
  42. Aino Nakahara | twin sister | 16 (at death) | dead; no known powers | 100/100
  43. Sakura Nakahara | younger sister | 10 | alive; human | 80/100
  44. — nationality ; Japanese
  45. — ethnicity ; Japanese
  46. — height ; 168 cm
  47. — weight ; 52 kg
  49. ☓ RED FLAVOR
  50. — which side are you on? ;
  51. villian
  52. — opinions on heroes ; She thinks that they are annoying and too blinded to see the true nature of the world. She hates their whole ‘good’ act and wishes they would see things the way they truly are. She doesn’t have any hope, so why should they?
  53. — opinions on anti-heroes ; She was once an anti-hero, so she understands their mindset. She finds most of them to be filled with the raw anger she once had, so she almost sees them like her younger siblings.
  54. — opinions on villains ; She likes their ideas of crime & chaos, as well as their dark attitudes.
  55. — opinions on your team / partner ;
  56. She likes them for the most part because they’re on the same side as her, but they often bicker and argue about stupid things.
  58. ☓ DOPE
  59. — mentor ; Lee Jieun
  60. — backup mentor ; Lee Sunmi
  61. — mentor's power ; -
  62. — mentor's weapon ; Sniper
  63. — how did you and your mentor become partners ;
  64. Jieun had heard of the famed Bloody Mary, and one day, when she was at a bar, she saw the girl outside in an alleyway, killing someone. Fascinated by the girl’s ruthlessness, she asked her if Mary would want a drink.
  65. — explanation of your relationship with your mentor ;
  66. Jieun acts like an older friend or even sister at times. She trained Aiko: making her faster and stronger, and how to clean up a crime scene if needed. They don’t really express their emotions often, and there’s often yelling when they talk to each other.
  67. — requested scenes with mentor ;
  68. * one where Aiko does something and Jieun says how stupid she is and yells at her, and then Aiko yells back until they’re both just screaming messes
  69. * one where Aiko sort of breaks down and goes to Jieun & she gives her advice
  71. ☓ POWER UP
  72. — power ; -
  73. — weapon ; She uses something different for each kill, but she always carries around a katana from her home country.
  74. — skills ;
  75. + Good at evading attacks & is a very fast runner; light on her feet
  76. + Knows how to handle knives & guns expertly
  77. + Knows how to create bombs & other explosives
  78. + Knows taekwondo
  79. — quick description of suit ; Dark tight-fitted pants with sneakers that allow for quick movement; a leather jacket over a white T-shirt that progressively gets bloodier with each kill. A simple white mask that also gets redder.
  81. ☓ MAGIC SHOP
  82. — best friend from slots ; WITCH : they both are such fucking maniacs that they just click really well together.
  83. — best friend from love interests ; Taehyung - They both have demon-like personalities
  84. — enemy from slots ; DALLY - they often bicker & fight over stupid stuff
  85. — enemy from love interests ; Son Seungwan - doesn’t like heroes & finds their power to be kinda annoying
  86. — relationship with slots ;
  87.           • ETHEREAL : 30/100 - sees her as weak
  88.           • LOTTO : 75/100 - bickers a lot but ultimately understands why they’re like the way they are
  89.           • JELLY : 65/100 - finds their cuteness endearing & likes their violent attitude
  90.           • COFFEE : 70/100 : likes their mysteriousness
  91.           • SCARY : 45/100 - hasn’t really talked to them
  92.           • TEAR : 70/100 - likes their depressed-ness
  93.           • LIFTED : 30/100 - doesn’t like the fact that they broke TEAR’s heart
  94.           • WITCH : 90/100 - LOVES their craziness / are best friends
  95.           • RAINBOW : 60/100 - appreciates their positive attitude
  96.           • DALLY : 45/100 - lowkey scared of their magical ability to flirt with anyone
  97.           • SINGULARITY : 65/100 - appreciates their smarts
  98. — requested scenes with slots ;
  99. One with WITCH when they’re just being psychos together and everyone else is just weirded out by them
  100. One where Aiko just points out everyone’s flaws to make them see that none of them are as good as they make themselves seem
  102. ☓ DUMB DUMB
  103. — hobbies ;
  104. + painting gory pictures
  105. + finding new weapons & thinking of new ways to kill
  106. + wandering the streets at night
  107. + researching about different cultured & the ways they tortured people
  108. — habits ;
  109. + scratches her arms when panicked
  110. + tugs at her hair
  111. + touches her katana a lot & reaches for it at any sigh of danger
  112. + she often forgets to take care of herself (i.e. eat, sleep, etc.)
  113. — likes ;
  114. + zombies
  115. + gory & violent movies
  116. + cursing
  117. + the idea of the apocalypse
  118. + nighttime
  119. — dislikes ;
  120. + people who are cheerful all the time
  121. + hope
  122. + being without a weapon
  123. + the outlook of heroes & the way they’re treated compared to everyone else
  124. + people who don’t defend themselves
  125. + sleeping
  126. — languages ;
  127. + Japanese
  128. + Korean
  129. — trivia ;
  130. + She got her katana from the dojo she used to go to (she stole it)
  131. + Every time her shirt gets too stained, she changes it to a new one and allows it to stained once again
  132. + She keeps the blood on her katana, too
  133. + She still has nightmares of her siblings
  134. + She refuses to kill anyone under eighteen, no matter how high the price is
  135. + She dyed her hair half-and-half when she first began to train with Jieun
  137. ☓ LOVE MAZE
  138. — love interest ; Park Sooyoung
  139. — backup love interest ; Min Yoongi
  140. — where they met ; outside an alleyway
  141. — how they met ; Sooyoung was on a mission when she first saw Aiko. She got separated from her partners and so, alone, she began to ask Aiko questions. She had heard about her, but she had never actually met her before. Sooyoung began to talk to her, ask her questions, and Aiko was interested by the girl’s personality. No one had really asked her upfront like she was.
  142. — first impressions in both POVs ;
  143. Sooyoung thought she was interesting and was curious about her. She liked Aiko’s katana, and they bonded over their love of weapons.
  145. Aiko thought Sooyoung was really pretty and was surprised by how se took notice of the girl. She hadn’t really liked someone since she had run away, and it felt nice. She thought Sooyoung’s guns were cool, and liked the way she fought.
  146. — how they act around each other ;
  147. Sooyoung is very friendly despite Aiko’s normally cold personality and likes seeing how she fights. She’s very affectionate to her and is determined to see Aiko happy.
  149. Even though Aiko is normally very distant, she really enjoys Sooyoung’s company and finds it refreshing. She can be a bit intimidating, but she laughs at Sooyoung’s jokes and is a lot brighter with her than with anyone else.
  150. — current relationship status ; acquaintances
  151. — requested scenes with love interest ;
  152. Aiko shows Sooyoung how to kill someone, and Sooyoung gets a bit intimidated as she hasn’t done so yet.
  153. Sooyoung is very bright towards Aiko during a bad day, and Aiko shares her feelings
  154. A serious scene where Aiko finally tells Sooyoung about her past
  156. ☓ AUTOMATIC
  157. — message to me ;
  158. you were my first af so I always really like your afs and always really try to make interesting characters. Also your ideas for your stories are always like top notch & super interesting??
  159. — opinions on "teenage mania" ;
  160. I don’t know a lot about the yj universe but I really like stuff like powers & the slots are super interesting-plus I know your cool writing will pull through!!
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