Draggin' in the Dragon

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  1. [18:08:25] <~castfromhp> We left off with the two of you in an underwater glass tunnel underneath the Hong Kong bay! A string of lights hanging from the ceiling along the length of the tunnel provides just enough light to see, though not quite enough to pierce the murky depths. A large serpentine shadow has just crashed into the tunnel, leaving large cracks in one of the layers of glass.
  2. [18:09:31] <~castfromhp> The shadow swirls back into the darkness, though you can see it moving still, a short distance away. As it retreats, what appears to be a large whisker brushes against the tunnel, producing a loud scraping noise.
  3. [18:10:16] <Addy> HONG KONG BABY. Addy doesn't seem all that worried, if she's not being pulled along then she'll just skip along. "I don't reckon they always do this when y'all got people comin' down these tunnels 'round he-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AIN'T THAT JUS' LIKE CHALK ON A WHITEBOARD, CAN'T STAND THAT SOUND, NOPE."
  4. [18:12:00] <Siyao> "Miss Addy, we should hurry! What if the tunnel breaks?" Siyao keeps rushing ahead, only to turn back to urge her companion forward. "There's something out there!"
  5. [18:13:06] <~castfromhp> As you proceed down the tunnel, you can see out in the murkiness of the ocean that it branches off at places, though the most clear branch to your vision seemed to be broken open and there are several bodies floating within the now-flooded tunnel. It's not long before you pass by a large metal door, closed, separating you from that branch.
  6. [18:13:18] <~castfromhp> next to the metal door is a sign written in Chinese.
  7. [18:13:37] <~castfromhp> It simply is labeled "lab". Below it is another sign, with an arrow pointing in the direction you were headed. "island"
  8. [18:13:41] <Addy> Addy follows along after Siyao, "Breaks? Mama always said y'all Japonese-folk were real smart, don'tcha know tunnels ain't made to break? Hey! Them's swimmin' ain't they?"
  9. [18:14:47] <~castfromhp> Off in the depths, the serpentine shadow is slightly ahead of you and continuing toward the island as well, its motions frenetic and jerky.
  10. [18:15:55] <Siyao> Siyao puts a hand of Addy's eyes. "Ah-ha-ha, maybe, but no time for that now. Let's hurry along. This way," she says, guiding the Nawlinian forward down the shaft marked "Island."
  11. [18:18:16] <~castfromhp> You pass another handful of similarly closed off shafts. The closed ones universally are flooded, though not every one contains waterlogged corpses as the first.
  12. [18:19:02] <~castfromhp> Up ahead of you are two branches toward open shafts, one of them labeled "lounge" and the other the island.
  13. [18:19:08] <Addy> Addy hustles along with Siyao. She doesn't really seem phased by her inability to see. "Weeeeee, this is just like when Grandmama took me to the secret ritual locations, 'cept she jus' used a blindfold~"
  14. [18:19:11] <~castfromhp> The serpetine shadow draws closer to the tunnels, still moving jerkily.
  15. [18:22:00] <Siyao> Siyao pauses at the intersection, putting both hands on Addy's shoulders. "We shouldn't linger here," she says, "but there might be people down that tunnel, in the lounge. I'm going to go check, just to make sure everyone's safe."
  16. [18:22:42] <Addy> "Yes'm, I'll come with you an' we'll make it right quick! Can'tcha just give 'em a shout, though?"
  17. [18:24:06] <~castfromhp> As you head down to the lounge you find it is much less sparsely decorated than the rest of the tunnel. A long row of carpeting has been installed in the floor of this tunnel shaft, and it ends off in a large bubble of glass you can see in the distance. Alertness as you run down.
  18. [18:24:20] <Addy> 4d3-8
  19. [18:24:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, 4d3-8: 0 [4d3=2,1,3,2]
  20. [18:24:51] <Siyao> 4d3-6 (Does that count as a compel, by the way?)
  21. [18:24:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, (Does that count as a compel, by the way?): 3 [4d3=3,1,2,3]
  22. [18:24:58] <~castfromhp> (sure does)
  23. [18:25:27] <~castfromhp> Siyao, it's hard to tell since the tunnel isn't well lit, but there are definitely blood stains in the carpeting.
  24. [18:27:49] <Siyao> "Shouting might be imprudent. Let's try not to make too much noise, okay?" Siyao tries not to stare at the bloodstains, not wanting to draw attention to them.
  25. [18:28:29] <~castfromhp> As the lounge comes closer into view, you can see two people sprawled out on the floor, one with arms wrapped around the leg of a large table in the center of the bubbl. A third person is slumped back in a large armchair. There are a few bookshelves here, and the lighting is a bit better than the rest of the tunnel. Still can't see into the murky depths.
  26. [18:28:52] <Addy> "I don't know what that means but yes'm, I'll be quiet as a gravemouse. That's what Grandmama used to say." THESE PEOPLE ARE CORPSES.
  27. [18:28:55] <~castfromhp> The two sprawled on the floor are wearing some sort of military uniform. The one in the chair is dressed quite similarly to how Dan was.
  28. [18:31:00] <~castfromhp> There's a lurching and shaking of the tunnels. All around you, you see the body of an Eastern dragon wrapping around the tunnel where you are in a spiral, its head hanging upside down facing into the lounge staring straight at you. A voice echoes in your head, sounding less like it speaks in a particular language than it is conveying concepts directly to you.
  29. [18:32:16] <~castfromhp> "" It's as if an entire chorus of conflicting voices are trying to talk over each other, yet sayig the same thing.
  30. [18:32:21] <~castfromhp> (oh christ that coloring is horrid)
  31. [18:32:38] <~castfromhp> "" (hopefully this is better)
  32. [18:33:57] <Addy> "...Hi. M'name's Addy, what's yours?"
  33. [18:34:36] <~castfromhp> "Caaaalll meee...Qinglong."
  34. [18:34:50] <Siyao> Siyao freezes. That's what you're supposed to do around big animals, right?
  35. [18:35:14] <~castfromhp> Siyao, scholarship check.
  36. [18:35:20] <Addy> "Nice to meetcha King Long, whatcha doin?"
  37. [18:35:54] <Siyao> 4d3-8 Scholarship? Is that spelled with a 'k'?
  38. [18:35:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Scholarship? Is that spelled with a 'k'?: 0 [4d3=3,1,3,1]
  39. [18:36:30] <~castfromhp> nothing comes up when you think of the name.
  40. [18:37:13] <~castfromhp> "Perhaaaps...negotiation...consensus...understanding." The dragon twitches, one of the large whiskers on its face scraping against the bubble again. The tunnels shake.
  41. [18:37:27] <~castfromhp> Annnd, BGM:
  42. [18:37:30] <~castfromhp> Social Initiatives please
  43. [18:37:32] <~castfromhp> (empathy)
  44. [18:37:40] <Addy> 4d3-8+2
  45. [18:37:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, 4d3-8+2: 2 [4d3=3,2,2,1]
  46. [18:37:53] <~castfromhp> (not a roll silly, just the value for initiative)
  47. [18:38:12] <Siyao> 4d3-5
  48. [18:38:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, 4d3-5: 5 [4d3=3,2,2,3]
  49. [18:38:23] <Siyao> (ohhhhh +3 then)
  50. [18:38:56] <Addy> SHUT UP JERK +2 then, because Fair empathy, also is lore valid to identify a cultural analog?
  51. [18:39:06] <Addy> Or some such
  52. [18:39:41] <~castfromhp> No, you'd need to know more of what this dragon represented before you were able to identify an analog to it.
  53. [18:39:52] <Siyao> (also, any specific things we should know about how Socialfighting works?)
  54. [18:40:05] <~castfromhp> (I'll cover that in just a moment)
  55. [18:40:26] * castfromhp changes topic to 'Qinglong > Siyao > Addy'
  56. [18:40:39] <Addy> ;_;
  57. [18:41:13] <Addy> I'm going to modo yo
  58. [18:41:22] <~castfromhp> Alright, generally when you attack or place maneuvers on something in social fighting, you're trying to get them in a particular state of mind or otherwise accomplish a certain social goal like getting someone flustered enough to leave a bar or intimidating them into leaving you alone.
  59. [18:41:40] <~castfromhp> Attacking skills are deceit, intimidation and rapport. Defense is generally empathy or rapport.
  61. [18:42:20] <~castfromhp> And when you do maneuvers, it's sort of like reading a person (similar to assessment) or getting them to warm up to you or feel a little scared or otherwise doing something that gives you an upper hand.
  62. [18:43:25] <~castfromhp> however, if you can think of another stat that can be appropriately used here for either attacking, defense, or a maneuver, feel free to run it by me. Social conflicts are pretty malleable.
  63. [18:43:49] <~castfromhp> It helps too if you define some sort of goal you want to accomplish in the conflict.
  64. [18:44:58] <Siyao> [Ah, okay. Goalwise, I'd be happy with a) leaving alive, and b) learning about what's going on.]
  65. [18:46:00] <Addy> Survive and befriend are my goals~
  66. [18:46:35] <~castfromhp> "Turn back...nooot yoour...battle." The serpent's grip tightens around the tunnel.
  67. [18:46:48] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+5 intimidation (resist with empathy or conviction I'd say)
  68. [18:46:48] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, intimidation (resist with empathy or conviction I'd say): 7 [4d3=1,3,3,3]
  69. [18:47:29] <Siyao> 4d3-4 Conviction
  70. [18:47:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Conviction: 2 [4d3=1,2,2,1]
  71. [18:47:37] <Addy> 4d3-8+4 con
  72. [18:47:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, con: 4 [4d3=2,1,3,2]
  73. [18:49:09] <Lecia> (Don't forget how stress works!)
  74. [18:49:51] <Siyao> (We take one point for every miss, and can take Somethins to lessen it?)
  75. [18:50:19] <~castfromhp> (remember when you take a hit of stress it fills in ONE box. It's not like it fills UP TO a box)
  76. [18:50:26] <Lecia> (^)
  77. [18:50:31] * Addy only has 2 boxes social ;_;
  78. [18:50:35] <~castfromhp> (You can take social consequences as usual to lessen the stress taken)
  79. [18:50:51] <~castfromhp> that's a 5 stress hit on Siyao and a 3 stress on Addy. Scary shit.
  80. [18:51:05] <~castfromhp> (2 stress canceled for mild consequence, 4 for moderate, 6 for severe, 8 for extreme)
  81. [18:51:56] <Lecia> (Addy's gotta take a moderate :V)
  82. [18:52:35] <Siyao> (I do, too. That'd drop it to 1, right?)
  83. [18:52:47] <~castfromhp> (Addy can get by just taking a mild)
  84. [18:52:51] <~castfromhp> (yes Siyao)
  85. [18:52:55] <Lecia> (...oh, mixed them up)
  86. [18:53:07] <~castfromhp> (so social consequences are just stuff like "scared shitless" and the like)
  87. [18:53:24] <Addy> (What constitutes mild?)
  88. [18:54:20] <~castfromhp> (being a bit shaken or something like that)
  89. [18:54:32] <Lecia> (why isn't Addy immune to all social consequences)
  90. [18:56:06] <Addy> "H-heya, now. If y'all want a hug, I don' mind doin' it on land but I ain't sure if I gotta friend to let me breathe down here, so no breakin' the air, kay?"
  91. [18:58:05] <~castfromhp> (Siyao's turn)
  92. [18:58:24] <Addy> (Mild consequence = I'd like ta breathe if y'all don't mind?)
  93. [19:03:45] <Siyao> (Er, taking Moderate Fear of Drowning as well.) Siyao trembles at the thought of all those millions of gallons of water rushing down on them. "Ah! We meant no disrespect, Great Qinglong. We wished only to help our friends already on the island."
  94. [19:04:26] <Siyao> 4d3-7 (would have to be Rapport, I guess?)
  95. [19:04:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, (would have to be Rapport, I guess?): 2 [4d3=2,1,3,3]
  96. [19:04:46] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  97. [19:04:47] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 1 [4d3=2,2,2,1]
  98. [19:06:31] <~castfromhp> The dragon tilts his head, considering these words for a moment. "But...would that saaaave....the most lives?"
  99. [19:06:39] <~castfromhp> (Addy's turn)
  100. [19:07:17] <Addy> Is conviction a valid option to confidently claim it would?
  101. [19:07:31] <Siyao> (Was just thinking that)
  102. [19:08:20] <Addy> Considering invoking Questionably Divine Mission, too
  103. [19:08:31] <~castfromhp> I would allow conviction to act for defense for most things here, but it's more about strength of belief rather than ability to impose your belief on others in the way something like rapport or presence is.
  104. [19:08:56] <~castfromhp> Siyao does have something that would allow conviction to be used in place of any roll, as long as it's outside of physical combat.
  105. [19:09:02] <~castfromhp> Costs an FP though IIRC
  106. [19:09:32] <Siyao> (Lemme double-check that; it might be outside any combat ;_;)
  107. [19:09:55] <~castfromhp> (I'll say outside of physical combat instead)
  108. [19:10:04] <Siyao> (<3)
  109. [19:10:14] <~castfromhp> (And Addy remember that evocation is good for more than blowing up goats)
  110. [19:11:01] <Addy> 4d3-8+2 rapport then for now
  111. [19:11:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, rapport then for now: 3 [4d3=1,3,3,2]
  113. [19:12:27] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  114. [19:12:28] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 3 [4d3=3,3,2,1]
  115. [19:12:55] <Addy> "Course it'll help save people! I got real important people to me I gots to protect an' I promise I'm real nice, I ain't gonna go round hurtin nobody iffin I can help it. Jus' lemme an Miss Seeya through so we can go what we gotta do, please."
  116. [19:14:18] <~castfromhp> The dragon stares at Addy, and you get a feeling in your head as if the voice is about to speak again, but then there's just a feeling as if it had wrenched itself away. Probably not related to what you said.
  117. [19:14:20] * castfromhp changes topic to 'Siyao > Addy > Qinglong'
  118. [19:14:44] <~castfromhp> You both get a feeling that this entity has a Shattered Mind. (One of its aspects becoming apparent - you both get 1 free tag on it)
  119. [19:15:51] <Siyao> (Free tag - we can invoke it without spending FP?)
  120. [19:15:59] <~castfromhp> "Two sides...claim my for might..." It seems as if muttering to itself.
  121. [19:16:02] <~castfromhp> (correct)
  122. [19:19:30] <Siyao> (What would I roll to figure out if it cares about protecting human lives? Empathy?)
  123. [19:19:37] <~castfromhp> (yup)
  124. [19:20:43] <Siyao> 4d3-5 Let's see, then
  125. [19:20:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Let's see, then: 0 [4d3=1,2,1,1]
  126. [19:20:57] <Siyao> (Alas)
  127. [19:21:04] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  128. [19:21:04] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 2 [4d3=3,2,1,2]
  129. [19:21:09] <Addy> 4d3-8+2 me too~
  130. [19:21:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, me too~: 2 [4d3=2,1,3,2]
  131. [19:21:51] <~castfromhp> You find it's a lot harder to read a dragon's state of mind than a human's, unfortunately.
  132. [19:22:00] <~castfromhp> Siyao's turn if you didn't notice turn order changing.
  133. [19:22:22] <Siyao> (Ah, that doesn't take time? Cool.)
  134. [19:22:47] <~castfromhp> (I let it be a passive response to the obvious feeling of it having something going on mentally)
  135. [19:26:18] <Siyao> (Gotcha) Siyao grits her teeth and decides she'll have to gamble on it. "Grand Qinglong, the other side that claims your power does so to protect the people of Hong Kong. I pray only that you would heed that side, and aid us in our mission."
  136. [19:26:59] <Siyao> 4d3-2 (Tagging his Shattered Mind and using Conviction for a FP?)
  137. [19:26:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, (Tagging his Shattered Mind and using Conviction for a FP?): 8 [4d3=2,3,3,2]
  138. [19:27:10] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  139. [19:27:10] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 2 [4d3=1,3,3,1]
  140. [19:28:49] <~castfromhp> "It calculate...the loss of future scenarios..." It's gained a moderate consequence (these get free tags as well, to let you know): Morally Hesitant
  141. [19:30:56] <Addy> (Addyturn?)
  142. [19:31:00] <~castfromhp> (yes)
  143. [19:31:52] <Addy> 4d3-4 rapport + morally hesitant
  144. [19:31:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, rapport + morally hesitant: 5 [4d3=2,1,3,3]
  145. [19:32:06] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  146. [19:32:07] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 1 [4d3=2,1,3,1]
  147. [19:33:43] <Addy> "Then it's real easy. All y'all gots to do is help us out a lil so we can do the right thing, dontcha know? Huggin ain't necececessary but I'm up for it if y'are."
  148. [19:34:26] <~castfromhp> Mild Consequence: Listening Ears
  149. [19:35:15] <Siyao> (Each Consequence gives us a free tag?)
  150. [19:36:39] <~castfromhp> "China on one side....multinationals on the other...dangerous fight to be between...many already killed...the sake of power...magic for military strength..." Its grip tightens on the tunnel again.
  151. [19:36:49] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+5 intimidation
  152. [19:36:49] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, intimidation: 2 [4d3=1,2,1,1]
  153. [19:36:56] <~castfromhp> (:V)
  154. [19:37:18] <Addy> 4d3-4 con
  155. [19:37:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, con: 2 [4d3=2,1,1,2]
  156. [19:37:41] <Siyao> 4d3-4 likewise
  157. [19:37:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, likewise: 5 [4d3=1,3,2,3]
  158. [19:38:08] <~castfromhp> You two are completely unfazed!
  159. [19:38:23] <~castfromhp> Siyao
  160. [19:42:15] <Siyao> (Can I still tag Morally Hesitant, or is it one freebie between us? Also, multiple tags per turn, y/n?)
  161. [19:42:36] <Arae> (The latter is totally y)
  162. [19:42:36] <~castfromhp> (multiple tags y and whoops should be one free tag period, not per person)
  163. [19:43:00] <~castfromhp> (you can stack tons of invokes if you want to use a bunch of fate points and you have the appropriate aspects)
  164. [19:43:47] <Siyao> (Gotcha.) "I know the Good Qinglong would not harm us without need," says Siyao, trying to keep the nervousness from her voice. "We do not ask you to intervene on our behalf. We hope only that you hear our pleas and allow us safe passage."
  165. [19:44:26] <Siyao> 4d3-2 Using Listening Ears and Conviction, then (-1 FP)
  166. [19:44:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Using Listening Ears and Conviction, then (-1 FP): 8 [4d3=2,3,3,2]
  167. [19:45:17] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2+2
  168. [19:45:17] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2+2: 1 [4d3=1,1,2,1]
  169. [19:45:29] <Addy> Buttowned
  170. [19:48:26] <Arae> (You know you can invoke AFTER a roll right)
  171. [19:48:40] <Siyao> (Oh, yeah. Did, but forgot.)
  172. [19:48:46] <~castfromhp> "No, magic must be free! You cannot intervene!" "Only China can stop all out magical warfare!" The mind-voice splinters into two more coherent but severely grating voices.
  173. [19:49:43] <~castfromhp> Severe Consequence: Torn Between Two Sides
  174. [19:51:04] <Addy> 4d3-6 rapport tldr might doesn't make right, we have purer intent than the gov
  175. [19:51:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, rapport tldr might doesn't make right, we have purer intent than the gov: 0 [4d3=1,1,1,3]
  176. [19:51:09] <Addy> Weak
  177. [19:51:25] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  178. [19:51:25] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 4 [4d3=3,3,1,3]
  179. [19:53:24] <~castfromhp> "You know nothing of the magic other governments have taken for themselves!" "You know nothing of the good to mankind if magic is made free!" It seems now the the voices are arguing with each other more than refuting your points directly. Still, the grip on the tunnel tightens, and the serpent thrashes about furiously.
  180. [19:53:32] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+5 intimidation
  181. [19:53:32] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, intimidation: 4 [4d3=1,1,2,3]
  182. [19:55:14] <Siyao> 4d3-4 conviction
  183. [19:55:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, conviction: 3 [4d3=2,1,1,3]
  184. [19:55:27] <Addy> 4d3-4
  185. [19:55:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, 4d3-4: 3 [4d3=2,1,2,2]
  186. [19:55:43] <Siyao> (I'll take the Stress)
  187. [19:56:10] <~castfromhp> It squeezes tighter, preying on your fear of drowning (tagging your consequences). 3 stress hit
  188. [19:59:07] <Siyao> (Oww gotta take a mild: Desire to Leave Immediately)
  189. [20:02:25] <Addy> Moderate time: SAVE ME MISS SEEYA?
  190. [20:02:41] <~castfromhp> Back up to Siyao's turn
  191. [20:11:56] <Siyao> Siyao takes a half-step backward, instinctively eyeing the exit. Instead, she opts for a shot at getting the creature to leave them alone. "Gracious Qinglong, it is clear you have much to consider, and we have taken enough of your time already. If we might be permitted to leave your noble presence, we will trouble you no more."
  192. [20:12:48] <Siyao> 4d3-4 Conviction
  193. [20:12:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Conviction: 4 [4d3=1,1,3,3]
  194. [20:12:54] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  195. [20:12:55] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 0 [4d3=2,1,1,2]
  196. [20:14:57] <~castfromhp> You all feel the presence of the voice again in your mind, but this time it says nothing, leaving only a silent presence. Then, in a much more unified mind-voice. "I will hear you out. You may leave if you wish." The dragon's grip loosens on the tunnel.
  197. [20:15:12] <~castfromhp> Clear stress and recover FP as usual after a conflict.
  198. [20:15:27] <Siyao> (Wait, we get FP back after conflicts?)
  199. [20:15:40] <Arae> (1 for each consequence)
  200. [20:15:43] <~castfromhp> (each consequence you take in a conflict grants you one FP)
  201. [20:15:51] <Siyao> (Nice.)
  202. [20:17:04] <~castfromhp> "I am Qinglong, Symbol of Spring. The fight for my power rages on."
  203. [20:17:44] <Siyao> Siyao bows deeply and backs out of the chamber, hoping this is properly respectful. She doesn't turn around until she's back in the passageway, but when she does the nun fairly scampers down the tunnel toward the island.
  204. [20:18:41] <Addy> Addy clingclings to Siyao, hiding behind the nunshield.  Whisper, "Wait, should wea tried to talk to King Long bout joinin' our side?"
  205. [20:20:20] <Siyao> (Mechanics question: Are we allowed to? I kinda promised to gtfo during the conflict; I dunno how that'd play.)
  206. [20:20:39] <~castfromhp> (you won the social conflict, so you basically decide the terms of victory here)
  207. [20:22:08] <Addy> (I DEMAND HUGS)
  208. [20:22:25] <Addy> (BUT NO IT'S TIME FOR TOGETHER WE RIDE)
  210. [20:22:50] <Addy> "...Scuse me, Mister King Long?"
  211. [20:22:57] <Siyao> (Whatever you want, yeah. Siyao is in full LEAVING mode)
  212. [20:22:58] <Arae> (King Kong)
  213. [20:23:08] <~castfromhp> "Speak."
  214. [20:25:35] <Addy> "Arf arf. Jus kiddin, I ain't a puppy. But for real, d'ya think you can help us sort all this junk out? We ain't after no fames or fortunes or power or nothn, jus' helpin do what's right for people to be free an happy!"
  215. [20:28:39] <~castfromhp> "My domain is growth, the springtime of the world." The dragon swirls around back to the main tunnel, gently wrapping around it. As it does so, pinpricks of light appear in the murky water, like stars lighting up the night sky. Strong branches of wood grow out from the creature, enclosing the tunnel. "The Hong Kong economy."
  216. [20:29:07] <~castfromhp> "My power goes to those who earn it. The fight now is between the nation of China and the corporations of Hong Kong."
  217. [20:29:56] <~castfromhp> "My current form is but a mere projection. I have neither will nor ability to grant my full power to anyone at thie time."
  218. [20:30:13] <~castfromhp> *multinational corporations
  219. [20:30:15] <~castfromhp> (silly me forgetting words)
  220. [20:30:38] <Addy> "Them's gotta keep each other in line, don' they?"
  221. [20:31:14] <~castfromhp> "One will take my power."
  222. [20:31:27] <~castfromhp> (Did Siyao actually just book it, or is she still around for this chat?)
  224. [20:31:48] <Siyao> (She's by the exit, waiting for Addy)
  225. [20:32:43] <Addy> "How come it can't go in the hands o'them people that live by here?"
  226. [20:34:45] <~castfromhp> "To claim my power means to symbolically embody Hong Kong's role as an economic power. The government lays their wager in Hong Kong's political reliance on the mainland. The multinationals call to their role in creating the markets of Hong Kong."
  227. [20:36:21] <Addy> "...Them some big words. What happens if don' neither of 'em claim you?"
  228. [20:36:23] <~castfromhp> Siyao, where you're standing you see the branches and leaves grow all the way to the end of the tunnel, enclosing it. There's a set of large, heavy double doors at the end that presumably lead up to the surface.
  229. [20:36:44] <~castfromhp> "One will at this rate. They started the fight. They will end it."
  230. [20:37:55] <Addy> "Hey King Long, y'all got any say in who claims ya?"
  231. [20:38:12] <~castfromhp> "No. Not in the sense of direct choice."
  232. [20:38:55] <Addy> "But, uh, influencin' it?"
  233. [20:39:22] <~castfromhp> "I can bring willing sentients to the site of battle."
  234. [20:40:24] <~castfromhp> "Are you sure you are adequately informed to make a decision?"
  235. [20:40:50] <~castfromhp> "The outcomes of the goals of China and the multinationals are murky."
  236. [20:42:20] <Addy> "Huh? Naw, I know I ain't, that ain't what I'm buildin' up to."
  237. [20:43:10] <~castfromhp> "The United States and China will declare war upon each other if China does not get its way. Even if its goals are accomplished, China may not be able to avert global war fought on a scale of magical weapons."
  238. [20:44:46] <Addy> "See, I don' know nothin bout this town or this country, but I can tell you're a real nice snake, so I jus' wanna say that I'm hopin' for y'all to make the right choice."
  239. [20:45:20] <~castfromhp> "It is not my choice to make. I am a simple wellspring of power."
  240. [20:45:59] <Siyao> Siyao takes a half-step forward and bows. "Wise Qinglong, is there a course of action that will avoid war between China and America?"
  241. [20:46:48] <Addy> "But y'all know stuff! How d'we save the most people?"
  242. [20:46:55] <~castfromhp> "The elimination of all magical power in the world will throw the powers of each nation into disarray. This is the goal of the Hong Kong independence movement. They have not entered the fight over my power."
  243. [20:47:24] <~castfromhp> "That," Qinglong turns to face Addy, "is a difficult question."
  244. [20:47:57] <~castfromhp> "The accomplishment of China's goals means loss of freedom for many, a certainty of loss of life. Sacrifices."
  245. [20:48:35] <~castfromhp> "If the multinational corporations were to transform the nature into a free commodity as they wish, it will mean lifting the shackles from many. However, the chance of war increases compared to China's goals."
  246. [20:50:17] <Addy> "Ahumm... I dunno bout you Miss Seeya, but back home in America, we always said "give me liberty or kill me" so I'ma thinkin' that ain't freedom most important?"
  247. [20:51:31] <Siyao> Siyao feels uncomfortable about that notion. Strong, benevolent leadership is best! She doesn't say it, though.
  248. [20:52:25] <~castfromhp> "The price of freedom will be the increased likelihood that many lives are lost through a global magical war. However, giving up freedom does not guarantee the avoidance of this war."
  249. [20:53:41] <~castfromhp> "However, this is not my decision to make. The actions of each side imbue my power of growth with the meanings they choose. All I can do is take that meaning and convey it. I can only inform and facilitate. I cannot choose."
  250. [20:54:04] <Addy> "Then I wanna say freedom's what matters the mostest! Do we got any control now which way you're headin or we just watchin?"
  251. [20:57:07] <~castfromhp> "I am merely an observer, my will controlled by the ebb and flow of battle. It is likely that soon my mind will be overtaken by the meaning created by one side as I was when you first arrived."
  252. [20:57:34] <~castfromhp> "If that occurs, I will be forced to act in the interest of one side or the other, likely preventing you from arriving at your destination."
  253. [20:57:54] <Siyao> Siyao gets his meaning. "Addy. We should hurry."
  254. [20:59:16] <~castfromhp> "When I am not under influence by one or the other side, I have the capability to bring willing sentients to the site of battle. Do you wish this?"
  255. [21:01:22] <Addy> "Mmm... Naw, that ain't my place to fight. Nice chattin, King Long!" She sticks close to Siyao.
  256. [21:02:23] <Siyao> The nun nods to Addy. "We'll approach more discreetly. Thank you, though." She bows again and leaves the same way as before.
  257. [21:03:14] <Addy> "Bye bye, we can hug laaaterrrrrr!"
  258. [21:04:39] <~castfromhp> As you leave the tunnel through the double doors, you're suddenly struck by darkness. One bare lightbulb illuminates what appears to be a basement somewhere. Behind you, you can see the door fade away into the wall. Around you are all manner of gears and mechanical parts.
  259. [21:07:19] <Addy> "...Can I touch 'em?"
  260. [21:08:11] <Siyao> "Yes," Siyao's eyes are still adjusting to the light. "We're in a basement. We should look for an exit."
  261. [21:08:37] <~castfromhp> It takes a few seconds for your eyes to adjust, but when they do, you can make out the faint outline of stairs in the corner.
  262. [21:09:50] <Addy> Addy pokes the gears and giggles as she fumbles towards the stairs. Never straying far from Siyao, though.
  263. [21:11:22] <Siyao> Siyao, steadies herself on the handrail and walks up the stairs, praying they'll lead her somewhere above water.
  264. [21:13:37] <~castfromhp> The smell of the ocean air fills your nostils as you ascend. You're in a more brightly lit shack now, seems like a machine shop. Through the window you can see the harbor, Kowloon off in the distance. So you're on the island somewhere you wager.
  265. [21:14:17] <Addy> "Heya Miss Seeya, whaddawedo now?"
  266. [21:16:14] <Siyao> "We call Miss Rini, I think. See where everyone else is. And then," says Siyao, flipping out her phone, "we go save Jiang-Wei."
  267. [21:16:29] <~castfromhp> (Jingwei)
  268. [21:17:48] <Addy> "Yes'm!" Addy enthusiastically chimes.
  269. [22:01:41] <~castfromhp> Alright, we're gonna assume a long walk through the tunnels, because it kinda takes a while to go across the harbor on foot even if you don't start exactly at one end.
  270. [22:07:48] <~castfromhp> Alright feel free to phone call guys
  271. [22:08:44] <Siyao> Siyao dials Rini's number, and sets it to speakerphone.
  272. [22:09:06] <Rini> VWOOP it gets answered fast.  Lots of noise in the background.  "'Lo?"
  273. [22:10:34] <Siyao> "Hey Miss Rini. We just got onto Hong Kong Island. Ah, are you here already, or where should we meet?"
  274. [22:11:50] <Arae> Playing games! It seems Arae's hooked on the older ones, but she seems to be kicking total ass at them.
  275. [22:12:05] <Rini> "Oh!  Whoa, I... hold on a sec."  She pauses, making some passive 'uh-huh' and 'I see' mutterings before audibly clambering up.  "Yeah, gotcha.  Man, that took a while, I was just about to freak out about you guys.  What happened?"
  276. [22:13:43] * Rini yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawns, if Aerie's close enough to her hideaway over in the corner she can probably call her stretching and standing up. "But... mmm, yeah, okay, I think I can find a way from where you're at, just talk to me a minute."
  277. [22:14:56] <Siyao> "Ah, we spoke with Qinglong, the Eastern Dragon. I think he's the one the government is fighting over right now. You'll meet us? I'll explain everything when you get here."
  278. [22:16:24] <Addy> "By the way do y'all think freedom or life's more important?" Fuck yeah speakerphone.
  279. [22:17:18] <Arae> Of course, just because she's kicking ass doesn't mean she can make a single credit last like 10 minutes. Seeing Rini talking on the phone gets her attention! So she hover--walks on by! Bugging someone on the phone is rude, so she can totally figure out what's being said by guessing at it.
  280. [22:17:37] <Arae> ...OK, she COULD. But she's rusty.
  281. [22:19:15] <Rini> The other side just totally pauses.  "Whoa... whoawhoawhoa.  THE Qinglong?  That.. mhm, alright, I gotcha.  I figured they'd be involved somewhere, yeah.  This might take a while, though, I - both of those things are important, Addy - kinda ended up farther away than I needed to be.  Aerie's with me, Caleb's... well, he's with someone probably trustworthy, bet he'll be fine."
  282. [22:20:40] <Arae> ...Addy! She has to ask something now! "Um, Rini? Could you ask if Addy still has that key we got in the library?"
  283. [22:21:41] <Rini> "Huh?  Oh yeah, sure."  She doesn't have speakerphone on due to being in an arcade.  "Real quick, does Addy still have that key she got?"
  284. [22:21:52] * Rini tries to be a faithful friend. :>
  285. [22:22:06] <Addy> "Nope, used it as fishbait an' caught me a King Long. Naw, jus' kiddin, got it, yep."
  286. [22:22:16] * Rini flashes the ghost a thumbs-up.
  287. [22:23:10] <Arae> "Alright~ I think I can use that key to get us a nice, safe place to stay. So cross that off your worries~"
  288. [22:23:17] <Rini> "Okay... pretty sure we can try to get to you, but it might take a while.  Keep movin' and we can try to catch up."  The sounds in the background make clear she's moving.
  289. [22:23:49] <Addy> Addy reaches into her pocket to fish out the key.
  290. [22:24:49] <Addy> "...Hey Miss Seeya, touch this key and tell me whatcha think." She holds it out.
  291. [22:25:38] <Rini> "Tell me more while we're on the way though, I dunno how much time we have.  What'd Qinglong have to say?  Sure sounds like you didn't get in a fight or anything, that's good."
  292. [22:26:05] * Rini nods at the deadgirl and drags her along by the by.
  293. [22:26:11] <Siyao> "Alright. We're heading toward the IFC," says Siyao, looking around to orient herself. It shouldn't be too hard to find the building in question. She reaches out and touches the key Addy's holding, not sure what's supposed to happen.
  294. [22:26:55] <~castfromhp> Siyao, you feel a very gentle subtle tugging sensation, off in the direction you can confirm is the mainland by looking out a window. The key is warm to the touch.
  295. [22:27:00] <Rini> "Yeah, that part's no big deal, I can find you."
  296. [22:27:15] <~castfromhp> There's a light engraving in the key now too.
  297. [22:27:39] <Addy> "He says the corpilations will give people more freedom than them govvy people, but that makes a big magic war more likely, an' so people might go an' die if they get power, but it could happen either way, y'know!" Addy reads the engraving.
  298. [22:27:44] <~castfromhp> You're still inside the machine shop. Not much to see or orient yourself with at the moment. Heading outside?
  299. [22:28:59] <Rini> "The magic war... yeah, that's the kinda thing I'd expect from a friggin' Sacred Beast all right.  We've just been dealing with getting shot at and all kinds of drama on our side."
  300. [22:29:09] <~castfromhp> It appears to be in Chinese but as Addy's gaze focuses on it, it shifts and morphs, becoming English. "I ask of thee Art thou mankind?"
  301. [22:29:40] <Siyao> Oh. Right. Siyao tries the door of the machine shop, intending to head outside.
  302. [22:30:11] <Addy> "I'm a human, yessir Mister Key."
  303. [22:30:47] <~castfromhp> You find yourself standing on a pier, Siyao. A few crumpled bodies lay scattered around the nearby docks. Off not too far away, you see the two towers of the IFC shopping mall and business complex.
  304. [22:31:02] <~castfromhp> (to make it a bit more clear:
  305. [22:31:07] <Lecia> And onward, Arae goes! WITH RINI~
  306. [22:31:08] <~castfromhp> (you're on the Lantau Island Pier)
  307. [22:31:43] <Rini> "It'll be a long walk, but expect us soon, 'kay?  Aerie, gonna need you to use y"click.  Her voice trails off during the last part obviously.
  308. [22:33:24] <Siyao> Siyao looks at the bodies quickly. "It isn't safe here," she says to Addy.
  309. [22:33:49] <Addy> "How come?"
  310. [22:33:55] <~castfromhp> soisoisoisoisoisoisoi you can hear the whirring of a helicopter. It's circling the IFC building.
  311. [22:35:41] <Siyao> Siyao looks up at the helicopter. "That, for one thing. Let's wait in the machine shop."
  312. [22:35:46] <Arae> "...Need to use my what?" Hum.
  314. [22:39:11] <Addy> "Yes'm. Is that like the Machine Shed? I been there b'fore, they got real good homecooked food, ain't Nawlins, though."
  315. [22:42:30] <Siyao> "Not exactly..." Siyao begins, but trails off. She watches the IFC Building through the shop
  316. [22:42:48] <Siyao> 's window, trying to determine what's happening up there.
  317. [22:43:40] <Addy> "What's this place for, anyways?"
  318. [22:44:40] <~castfromhp> It's hard to see the ground level from where you are. Occasionally, you see bodies thrown up high in the air. Even from your distance though, it's easy to tell they're military. The helicopter circles around and fires toward the ground with its machine gun once in a while. What you can tell though is that all around the area, the streets are utterly deserted save for a few dead bodies.
  319. [22:45:00] <~castfromhp> *the area around the docks
  320. [22:45:34] <~castfromhp> It's dead silent except for the distant sound of gunfire. No traffic or anything.
  321. [22:45:54] <Siyao> "The IFC is a big financial building. It's mostly offices, I guess, though there's a mall that's nice to go to sometimes." Siyao thinks a moment. "I guess it make's sense that Qinglong's meridian is located here, doesn't it? Since he's in charge of economics."
  322. [22:46:03] <~castfromhp> And then ring ring ring your phone pierces the quiet, Siyao.
  323. [22:47:00] <Siyao> Siyao answers quickly. "<Hello?>"
  324. [22:47:40] <Rini> "Hey!  My- oh."  The other side stops.  "<It's me again.  Apparently the situation's worse than we thought.>"
  325. [22:48:52] <Rini> "<My emergency transport suddenly picked a bad time to not be around, and... something sort of came up.  Something big.  We might not be able to show for a while.>"
  326. [22:53:24] <Siyao> Siyao frowns, but nods. "<Alright. Addy and I will head in alone, then. I'll call you in twenty minutes. If you don't hear from me, get here ASAP. God bless.>" She hangs up.
  327. [23:01:23] <Addy> "Whatcha talk to somebody bout?"
  328. [23:03:07] <Siyao> "Oh, sorry Miss Addy. That was just Rini. She's not going to be able to make it, so we'll be going in on our own." She tries to sound more confident than she feels.
  329. [23:03:57] <Addy> "Kay! What're we doin' in there?"
  330. [23:05:15] <Siyao> "We have to find Jing-Wei. I promised I'd be here to help keep her safe if things got dangerous. I'd say we're at that point."
  331. [23:06:19] <Addy> "Oh... Kay! I'll keep you safe while y'keep her safe."
  332. [23:08:26] <Siyao> "Right!" Siyao heads outside again and starts to walk, trying to pick out a path across to the IFC that doesn't spend too much time in the open.
  333. [23:10:00] <Addy> Addy follows, shadowing Siyao.
  334. [23:10:30] <~castfromhp> (gonna remind you that you have a power to stage a fortuitous arrival without spending FP Siyao)
  335. [23:11:44] <Siyao> (Ah, yeah. That's essentially what's happening, we're just on the opposite side of it. I figure we'll stumble onto her at just the right moment, eh?)
  336. [23:12:35] <Siyao> (But we can skip to that part if you want.)
  337. [23:14:15] <~castfromhp> (I'm mostly concerned about time because a combination of factors have kind of led to there still being a lot of stuff left when it's fairly late)
  338. [23:15:04] <Siyao> (Alright, I'll speedfluff.)
  339. [23:15:22] <~castfromhp> You're able to find a way to get to the general area of the IFC fairly easily.
  340. [23:15:31] <~castfromhp> The streets are deserted saved for the dead bodies.
  341. [23:16:25] <Siyao> Siyao enters the eerily silent building and begins to search for Jing-Wei. She moves toward wherever the fighting seems to have been the thickest.
  342. [23:16:36] <~castfromhp> (er, no the building itself is not silent at all)
  343. [23:16:51] <Siyao> (oh right, gunshots etc...)
  344. [23:16:53] <~castfromhp> However, arriving on the scene, you see that everything is a bit of a clusterfuck. There are paramilitary troops set up in a perimeter around the building, but there are holes here and there. Tons of collateral damage from what appears to be explosives as well as various bits of concrete being uprooted and tossed about.
  345. [23:17:25] <~castfromhp> Nearer one of the entrances though, you can clearly make out Jingwei, standing in a circle of the dead bodies of soldiers.
  346. [23:17:48] <~castfromhp> A large chunk of the building is starting to crumble above her, totally unbeknownst to her.
  347. [23:18:41] <Siyao> Siyao sees the danger and rushes forward to help her, shouting out a warning.
  348. [23:19:06] <Addy> Addy does so as well, looking to drag the girl to safety right quick.
  349. [23:19:30] <~castfromhp> Roll me athletics checks
  350. [23:20:51] <Addy> 4d3-8+2
  351. [23:20:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, 4d3-8+2: 1 [4d3=3,1,1,2]
  352. [23:21:03] <Siyao> 4d3-4 Hrm FP then, no Athletics is suffering
  353. [23:21:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Hrm FP then, no Athletics is suffering: 3 [4d3=1,3,2,1]
  354. [23:22:09] <~castfromhp> Addy isn't quite able to make it there in time, but Siyao arrives in time to push Jingwei out of the way. Unfortunately, in the process Siyao gets hit by a bit of the debris herself.
  355. [23:22:18] <~castfromhp> Take a 4 stress physical hit.
  356. [23:23:21] <Siyao> (Moderates last until the end of the session? I'll take Grievious Costume Damage.)
  357. [23:24:03] <~castfromhp> (moderates will last til the end of the NEXT day. They normally last until the end of the next session, but for the purposes of fate refresh, consequences, etc a full day counts as a "session" here)
  358. [23:26:02] <Siyao> (hmmm that makes less sense, then. Maybe she should just be minorly Bruised & Sore.)
  359. [23:28:30] <~castfromhp> (that could work)
  360. [23:29:18] <~castfromhp> "A-auntie!" Jingwei cries out as you're hit by the debris. "Are you okay?"
  361. [23:30:27] <Siyao> Siyao sits up off the ground and brushes cement dust from her black robes. "Ahh, I'm fine, Jing-Wei. Are you alright?"
  362. [23:31:42] <~castfromhp> "I...I think so."
  363. [23:33:34] <Siyao> Siyao looks cautiously at the top of the building, making sure there aren't any more miniature avalanches poised to come down on them. "What's going on here, dearie? Who are all these men?"
  364. [23:35:39] <~castfromhp> All around you, the fighting continues. Soldiers are trying to maintain their perimeter and firing at a variety of other people, dressed as businessmen, who seem to be wielding large magical hands that float off from their bodies, barely visible by a faint shimmering outline in the air. Several soldiers are tossed up in the air and land with a crunch even as businessmen are shot.
  365. [23:36:19] <~castfromhp> "The government's fighting against the people who run the mall and the companies inside, I think..."
  366. [23:38:16] <Siyao> "Right," says Siyao, nodding along. "I got more information about what's going on here. I'll explain everything once we're safe. For now, the most important thing is that we get you out of here."
  367. [23:38:18] <Addy> Addy helpfully suggests, "The corollations!"
  368. [23:38:54] <~castfromhp> "We...w-we're leaving?"
  369. [23:38:58] <~castfromhp> Alertness the both of you
  370. [23:40:08] <Siyao> 4d3-6
  371. [23:40:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, 4d3-6: 1 [4d3=2,1,3,1]
  372. [23:40:26] <Addy> 4d3-8
  373. [23:40:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, 4d3-8: 2 [4d3=3,3,2,2]
  374. [23:40:48] <Addy> M-M-MONSTER KILL
  375. [23:41:16] <~castfromhp> Addy notices that some of the soldiers fighting have splintered off, and one of them is stooped behind some bits of broken concrete, training a rifle on you while another is heading your way.
  376. [23:42:12] <Addy> "Uhh, those guys with guns are lookin' at us an'other's comin our way..."
  377. [23:43:44] <Siyao> "Oh!" says Siyao, looking up. "Jing-Wei, were you fighting for or against the armymen?"
  378. [23:44:56] <~castfromhp> "The soldiers brought me here. The government said...said uhhhh, I'm gonna have to be around for this."
  379. [23:45:42] <Addy> "I got escape potions! But only two... Y'all wanna take 'em an' get movin?"
  380. [23:46:52] <Siyao> "That's looking like a bad option, right now. Don't worry, I'll get you somewhere safe." Siyao looks at Addy, then at Jing-Wei. "I can speak Chinese; better chance I can talk to them. You two go."
  381. [23:47:40] <~castfromhp> "<W-wait why are we going?>" (damnit forgot to note that Jingwei is speaking in Cantonese sorry)
  382. [23:48:23] <Addy> "Naw, but dontcha know I gotta protect you? Can't tell what she's sayin, anyway."
  383. [23:51:17] <Siyao> (oh yeah, whoops.) "<People are getting killed, so it's clearly dangerous for you here. Quick, drink this.>" Siyao passes a potion to the Chinese girl, then looks at Addy. "You're sure you want to be the one who stays?"
  384. [23:52:42] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+5+2 as you hold the potion out to Jingwei the aiming soldier fires at you, resist with athletics
  385. [23:52:43] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, as you hold the potion out to Jingwei the aiming soldier fires at you, resist with athletics: 6 [4d3=1,2,2,2]
  386. [23:52:47] <~castfromhp> And we're in combat rounds now
  387. [23:52:50] <~castfromhp>
  388. [23:52:55] <Addy> "I ain't stayin, silly. I'm jus' leavin' on m'own. Where should I be goin to?"
  389. [23:52:59] <~castfromhp> Physical init/alertness
  390. [23:53:07] <Addy> 0
  391. [23:54:08] <Siyao> 4d3-8 Athletics??;_;
  392. [23:54:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Athletics??: 1 [4d3=2,2,2,3]
  393. [23:54:34] <~castfromhp> 8 physical stress hit
  394. [23:55:42] <Siyao> (Ah, that's down.)
  395. [23:56:09] <~castfromhp> (you can always invoke after the roll is done)
  396. [00:01:13] <~castfromhp> (still there?)
  397. [00:02:45] <Siyao> (hmm well, okay. Using Littlest Sister of Mercy - you wouldn't shoot a nun, would you? Not in the head, you jerk. And a Severe Consequence - Shot Through The Hand)
  398. [00:03:21] <~castfromhp> (a severe would be a good deal worse than that - Rini took a bullet in the arm as a moderate)
  399. [00:03:27] <~castfromhp> (but alright)
  401. [00:04:08] <Siyao> (Er, completely useless hand? Guess it depends on where it hit the arm...)
  402. [00:04:18] <~castfromhp> Jingwei bugs out and jumps back at your being shot. "<A-AUNTIE!>"
  403. [00:04:37] * castfromhp changes topic to 'Soldiers x2 > Siyao > Addy > ???'
  404. [00:04:42] <Rini> (y'know that moderate of mine has sure as fuck been TREATED like a severe though)
  405. [00:04:44] <Addy> "Kay potion time to go go go."
  406. [00:05:31] <Siyao> "<Drink it!>" shouts Siyao, and downs her own potion. No point arguing now.
  407. [00:07:24] <~castfromhp> (you'll have to wait til your turn in combat rounds to drink)
  408. [00:07:35] <Siyao> (Okay.)
  409. [00:08:01] * castfromhp changes topic to 'Soldiers x2 > Siyao > Addy > ??? > Jingwei'
  410. [00:09:53] <~castfromhp> The remaining soldier shouts at you. "<Leave the girl!>" And then he takes aim and fires at Addy.
  411. [00:10:02] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+5+2
  412. [00:10:03] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+5+2: 7 [4d3=3,2,2,1]
  413. [00:17:21] <Addy> 4d3-8+2 athpathetixs
  414. [00:17:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, athpathetixs: 2 [4d3=1,1,3,3]
  415. [00:19:19] <Addy> Invoke, sup 4 vs 7 ;_;
  416. [00:19:27] <~castfromhp> 6 stress
  417. [00:20:03] <Addy> -3 boxes
  418. [00:20:24] <~castfromhp> Taking consequences?
  419. [00:20:41] <Addy> Yeah
  420. [00:20:59] <Addy> How much do they each restore, again?
  421. [00:21:07] <Siyao> 2/4/6/8 I think
  422. [00:21:10] <~castfromhp> ^
  423. [00:21:34] <Addy> Moderate it is, I suppose.
  424. [00:21:56] <Addy> Where's an appropriate place to get shot?
  425. [00:22:11] <Siyao> Left shoulder. Hero-shot.
  426. [00:22:18] <~castfromhp> Wherever you'd like. Shoulder, a limb, anything not vital when it's a moderate.
  427. [00:22:31] <Addy> HERO SHOT it is
  428. [00:23:57] <~castfromhp> Siyao!
  429. [00:27:12] <Siyao> Siyao can't leave until she knows Jing-Wei is safe! She scrambles behind the debris pile and prays to God that the soldiers not be able to hit what they're aiming at. After all, the Mother Superior always taught that God answers prayers - especially the prayers of nuns.
  430. [00:27:28] <Siyao> 4d3-4 Block: No shooting, paramilitaries.
  431. [00:27:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Block: No shooting, paramilitaries.: 4 [4d3=2,3,1,2]
  432. [00:28:00] <Siyao> (I'll give it +2 with Mother Superior, so 6 total)
  433. [00:28:11] <~castfromhp> You can invoke a scene aspect like "debris everywhere" if you'd like too.
  434. [00:28:16] <~castfromhp> Addy!
  435. [00:28:58] <Addy> Addy gave over the potions time to get the fuck out. Can evocation manage some teleportin?
  436. [00:30:21] <~castfromhp> That's something you'd need to prepare in advance with thaumaturgy or, like with the potions, an enchanted item. Evocation is very simple brute force effects. Attacks, blocks, maneuvers, and counterspells.
  437. [00:31:30] <Addy> Running away, then
  438. [00:31:45] <~castfromhp> Athletics
  439. [00:32:40] <Addy> 4d3-8+2 invoke dat debris probably
  440. [00:32:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, invoke dat debris probably: 1 [4d3=3,1,1,2]
  441. [00:33:38] <~castfromhp> You can reasonably get inside the building or move to somewhere else within the battlefield outside, the equivalent of one zone away. You'd still be within range, but closer to getting to the perimeter.
  442. [00:34:08] <Addy> With the invoke, that is?
  443. [00:34:31] <~castfromhp> Oh with the invoke you could get a bit further. Still not outside the battlefield entirely though.
  444. [00:34:49] <Addy> Invoking
  445. [00:37:01] <~castfromhp> You manage to dash a good distance away. The soldier no longer seems to be paying heed to you, fixing his focus on Jingwei and Siyao.
  446. [00:37:20] <Addy> Drink up yo
  447. [00:37:57] <~castfromhp> A red bird flies down and perches on Jingwei's shoulder. With a cry to the air, the ground rumbles and...
  448. [00:38:11] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4+2
  449. [00:38:11] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4+2: 8 [4d3=1,3,3,3]
  450. [00:38:58] <~castfromhp> Jagged bits of concrete erupt from the ground, surrounding Jingwei and Siyao! Jingwei turns to Siyao. "<W-what will this do?>"
  451. [00:39:30] <Siyao> "<It'll get you somewhere safe! Drink it, I'll be right behind you!>"
  452. [00:39:58] <~castfromhp> She nods and drinks. POOF.
  453. [00:40:25] <~castfromhp> She appears a bit of ahead of where Addy ran to, still visible but a bit off in the distance.
  454. [00:40:33] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+5+2 the soldiers take aim at Siyao now
  455. [00:40:33] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, the soldiers take aim at Siyao now: 9 [4d3=3,3,3,1], 5 [4d3=2,1,2,1]
  456. [00:41:07] <Siyao> (Was that 8 from Jing a block?)
  457. [00:41:18] <~castfromhp> (yes)
  458. [00:41:33] <~castfromhp> (I'll let you invoke to temporarily add to it if you'd like)
  459. [00:42:58] <Siyao> (Nah, I'll just take a minor of Partially Deafened)
  460. [00:43:17] <~castfromhp> And you're up Siyao!
  461. [00:44:55] <Siyao> The bullets rocket into the barrier around Siyao, sending deafening echoes bouncing around the enclosed space. Siyao forces one hand away from her ears just long enough to chug Addy's escape potion.
  462. [00:46:26] <~castfromhp> You appear next to Jingwei, who is a bit thoroughly freaked out by the sudden teleportation.
  463. [00:46:43] <~castfromhp> "<What just...Auntie! You're shot!>"
  464. [00:49:26] <~castfromhp> Addy, roll an athletics.
  465. [00:49:36] <Addy> 4d3-6
  466. [00:49:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, 4d3-6: 1 [4d3=1,2,1,3]
  467. [00:49:49] <Siyao> "<WHAT?>" says Siyao, practically bellowing. She shakes her head and rips off her coif, which she ties around the mangled hand as best she can. "<WE NEED TO KEEP MOVING.>"
  468. [00:49:55] <~castfromhp> You're closer, not quite to where Jingwei and Siyao are though.
  469. [00:50:03] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4+2
  470. [00:50:03] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4+2: 6 [4d3=1,1,3,3]
  471. [00:50:20] <Addy> What do these guys keep invoking?
  472. [00:50:24] <~castfromhp> And another column of rocks rises up behind Addy. The bird flies by, a bit miffed to have been left behind.
  473. [00:50:24] <~castfromhp> >:V
  474. [00:50:37] <~castfromhp> V:<
  475. [00:50:49] <Rini> (that face is why I'll never be able to unsee angry bird)
  476. [00:52:02] <~castfromhp> The soldiers seem hampered enough by that that you're able to get out of here. You're back to the mostly deserted streets. Where do you go?
  477. [00:53:18] <Addy> I'm chasing Seeya and co
  478. [00:53:26] <Siyao> Siyao is headed back toward the machine shop. Whether or not the tunnels can be opened again, it was at least empty and secure. She grabs Jing-Wei by the hand as she goes.
  479. [00:54:44] <~castfromhp> Roll me another athletics the two of you
  480. [00:55:08] <Addy> 4d3-6
  481. [00:55:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, 4d3-6: -1 [4d3=1,1,2,1]
  482. [00:55:22] <Addy> Oh come on
  483. [00:55:49] <Siyao> 4d3-8 Team Benchwarmer
  484. [00:55:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Team Benchwarmer: 1 [4d3=3,2,3,1]
  485. [00:55:58] <Addy> Divine mission invoke to lead me to the nun?
  486. [00:56:33] <~castfromhp> Sure.
  487. [00:56:45] <Addy> 4d3-6
  488. [00:56:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, 4d3-6: 3 [4d3=3,2,2,2]
  489. [00:56:59] <Addy> Thank you based god
  490. [00:57:05] <~castfromhp> You arrive on the docks just in time to see the helicopter that was circling the IFC leave the perimeter of the building and head off, as if on patrol.
  491. [00:58:20] <Siyao> Siyao quickly runs to the machine shop. Caught in the open, they'd be easy to spot, especially since nobody else is around.
  492. [00:58:21] <~castfromhp> (tbh I was expecting you guys to rush into the building and look for a hiding place in there)
  493. [00:58:40] <Siyao> (PC plans~!)
  494. [00:59:13] <Addy> Are you kidding? People have guns in there!
  495. [00:59:25] <Addy> I got shotted ;_;
  496. [00:59:28] <~castfromhp> (eehhhhhh I just feel bad because this kinda blocks you from being in there to be directly involved in the conflict over the wood meridian unless you find a way to go back later)
  497. [00:59:46] <~castfromhp> (and everyone else got to do pretty big things with more plot revelations in their minis, which is why I prepared that for you guys)
  498. [01:01:07] <~castfromhp> (but yeah I guess I didn't make it clear the degree of backup you'd have from Jingwei in this at the beginning of you guys getting shot, so I see why you made that choice)
  499. [01:01:55] <Siyao> (Everyone we've talked to has told us there's no way to save the Wood Meridian. Even Dan told us to ignore it and wait for the next one.)
  500. [01:02:25] <Addy> Well, we just kind of spent a chunk of our resources getting away and Siyao is already beat to SHIT with all but an extreme consequence,  so staying near the fighting sounded very much suicidal
  501. [01:02:35] <Siyao> (But also, yeah, Superb gunmen everywhere.)
  502. [01:03:03] <~castfromhp> (mmm well, that's Dan's. He's like that. I meant to give you more of a sense that it was up in the air who got it with what Qinglong was saying. because situations do change, and not everyone has perfect information)
  503. [01:04:29] <Siyao> (At this point, I think we'd just like to get back to base and figure out our next step. On the bright side, we've got an Angrybirdmancer on our side now.)
  504. [01:05:27] <~castfromhp> Alright, so you're in the machine shop now. What do you guys plan to do from here?
  505. [01:06:50] <Siyao> Siyao is trying to stop the bleeding. It's tricky to tie a decent bandage with only one hand, though.
  506. [01:07:25] <Addy> Is there any kind of healing magic I can work on her?
  507. [01:08:39] <~castfromhp> With thaumaturgy you could TRY, but the system is not very friendly to healing outside of buying the recovery powers actually. The example powers for healing others require something like 8 shifts to turn a moderate consequence into a mild. Or maybe it was to heal a moderate consequence.
  508. [01:10:36] <Addy> With my +4, that's not very likely. Guess we're just trying to bandage ourselves, but moreso Siyao, up
  509. [01:11:17] <~castfromhp> Oh you can do a "start recovery process" spell at shifts equal to the value of a consequence. It basically accelerates healing one unit of time faster.
  510. [01:11:27] <~castfromhp> So for example, a moderate would heal at the end of this day instead of the next day.
  511. [01:11:36] <Addy> "Aw... I'm real sorry, I didn' do much to protect y'all..."
  512. [01:11:41] <Addy> Worth a shot
  513. [01:12:02] <Addy> Value being 2/4/6/8 or 1/2/3/4?
  514. [01:12:10] <~castfromhp> 2/4/6/8
  515. [01:12:40] <Addy> 4d3-4 here you go Miss Seeya
  516. [01:12:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, here you go Miss Seeya: 4 [4d3=2,2,2,2]
  517. [01:13:11] <Addy> Quads
  518. [01:13:14] <~castfromhp> Just on the dot for a moderate.
  519. [01:13:24] <~castfromhp> Means it'll heal at the end of this day.
  520. [01:14:25] <Siyao> (wait... what's being healed?)
  521. [01:14:54] <~castfromhp> (your moderate consequene will disappear at the end of the day instead of at the end of the next day)
  522. [01:16:21] <Siyao> (Ookay...)
  523. [01:16:46] <Siyao> Siyao shakes her head, her hearing back enough to understand the American. "Oh, no! Without your potions, we would-" she winces as the healing magic courses through her hand. "-would've been in real trouble back there."
  524. [01:17:13] <Addy> Addy mumbles a few words in an ancient haitian dialect as she gently pats the afflicted area before smiling, "Y'oughtta heal faster,  at least!"
  525. [01:18:23] <~castfromhp> "<I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I...I shouldn't have told you about this...The government wants me there for some ritual, and that's probably why they shot you when they thought you were interfering...>"
  526. [01:20:32] <Siyao> She nods at Jing-Wei. "<They do, but the ritual is definitely evil. It might lead to a war. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be able to prevent one side or the other from pulling it off this time, but at least you're safe now.>"
  527. [01:22:12] <~castfromhp> "<Evil...? I don't know...they never told me what it was...sorry.>" She looks down at her feet.
  528. [01:24:02] <Siyao> "<There there, you couldn't've known. I'm the one that told you to go, didn't I? We all make mistakes.>" To Addy, Siyao adds, "Call Rini, would you, please? Let her know where we are and what's happened."
  529. [01:24:40] <Addy> "Uh, I don't gotta phone."
  530. [01:24:59] <Addy> "Ain't got service,  at least."
  531. [01:27:03] <Siyao> Siyao sighs and passes the girl hers, after bringing up Rini's number and hitting 'dial'. She then goes back to comforting Jing-Wei and explaining the situation with the Meridians.
  532. [01:29:08] <Rini> Huff, huff.  The other side of the phone sounds like she's been running.  "Yeah, what's up?"
  533. [01:30:58] <Addy> "Hi we got shotted."
  534. [01:31:12] <Rini> "You got what."  The heavy breathing slows down.
  535. [01:31:46] <Rini> "Is that some bizarro Addy-speak or do you mean you actually got SHOT?"
  536. [01:32:10] <Addy> "Shotted. Miss Seeya got it badder than me but she's gonna be okay and I tried a lil bit of healing magic but I ain't too good."
  537. [01:33:05] <~castfromhp> "<So um, I still don't get it. What's the government trying to do Auntie?>" Jingwei turns to Siyao as Addy has her conversation.
  538. [01:33:14] <Addy> "We found Miss... Miss Jeing Way and got her back from them gun people though."
  539. [01:34:04] <Rini> "Ughh, do you really not have any... like, first aid or anything?  I'm not sure if there's really a way outta there right now.  How bad were the shots?"
  540. [01:35:52] <Rini> "There's a ghost headed your way but it won't help much if you're as dead as she is by the time she gets there.  Try to find a place to hide out until she does though, 'cause it seems like she has some kinda plan.  Looks to me like she's making good pace too."
  541. [01:35:56] <Rini> The voice hesitates.  "I think."
  542. [01:36:25] <Siyao> "<The government wants to get all the magic power for themselves, so they can rule Hong Kong completely.>" Siyao frowns, working through it in her head before saying it out loud. "<The corporations want to get all the magic so they can use it to open up Hong Kong to outside companies, which is the opposite of what the government wants.>"
  543. [01:36:35] <Addy> "My shoulder hurts an stuff but I'll be okay. Miss Seeya's hand looks like it oughtta really hurt bad, though. And some big ol' rocks bruised her up. Ain't nobody gonna die, though, 'cause I'm gonna do a good job protectin'em!"
  544. [01:37:13] <Rini> The other side pauses.  "... Yeah, I trust you to do that.  Just be more careful, 'kay?  I've figured out myself that getting shot fuckin' hurts."
  545. [01:38:12] <Rini> "But Siyao's friend, how is she?  Is that bird of hers okay too?"
  546. [01:38:18] <Siyao> "<Then there's the Independance Movement, who want to cancel out all the magic so nobody has it. And there are gangsters, too, who just kind of do their own thing.>" Siyao frowns. "<I think that's all. Qinglong said that the Independance Movement had the best chance of preventing a big war.>"
  547. [01:39:48] <Addy> "They wasn't shootin' at her, I don' think."
  548. [01:39:58] <~castfromhp> Jingwei nods along til the end of your explanation. "<I guess I get it...Why is all this happening though?>"
  549. [01:41:25] <Siyao> Siyao shrugs. "<Something about the anniversary of the transfer of sovereignty. I'm not exactly sure either.>"
  550. [01:41:55] <Rini> "Weeeeird.  Well, I'm gonna be in a whole bunch of antimag here in a minute and phones aren't too hot in those lately, so I left Aerie an emergency contact in case shit goes down.  Tell Siyao I won't be able to make it by the way, wouldjya?"
  551. [01:42:06] <Rini> "I'm sure you guys'll be fine, just hang tight."
  552. [01:42:41] <Addy> "Kay. Rini ain't comin' but Airy is, Miss Seeya!"
  553. [01:43:59] <~castfromhp> "<...Whose side is the good guys, auntie?>"
  554. [01:44:16] <Rini> "Oop, think I'm getting closer, gotta go.  G'luck!"
  555. [01:44:17] <Rini> Click.
  556. [01:47:20] <Siyao> Siyao gives her a pained smile. "<We are, dearie. Us and God Above.>" She pats the younger girl on the shoulder with her good hand. "<But for the most part, we'll try helping the Indepenence Movement. They seem to be the least dangerous.>"
  557. [01:48:03] <~castfromhp> She nods. "<A-alright. Um, I don't think I've met anyone from the independence movement...>"
  558. [01:50:55] <Siyao> "<That's alright. We'll be going there soon, if we can. I wish we know how to get those tunnels opened up; we might be able to slip back past the Dragon before the ritual is finished.>"
  559. [01:54:23] <~castfromhp> "<Tunnels? You mean the MTR? Um, b-but we're at the docks, and I saw the ground eating people who got too near the MTR entrances on the way here...>"
  560. [01:56:59] <Siyao> Siyao nods. "<That's probably the Earth Meridian, then. It was marked on one of our maps. But no, we'd be going by a different set of tunnels.>" She limps down to the basement where the passage had been, fumbling around for a light switch as she goes. "<The problem is we don't know how to open them...>"
  561. [01:58:15] <~castfromhp> The only light remains the single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling.
  562. [02:00:26] <~castfromhp> Once you give yourself time to adjust to the light though, you can navigate the basement without terribly too much difficulty.
  563. [02:03:23] <Siyao> Siyao wanders around to where the door used to be, and after feeling around on the wall that's taken its place (just to be sure), she takes a step back and tries to copy the way Dan opened the one at the other end of the tunnel. She looks it over and WILLS the door she knows is there to reveal itself.
  564. [02:04:35] <~castfromhp> Roll...conviction
  565. [02:04:57] <Siyao> 4d3-4 Well at least it's her strong suit, but...
  566. [02:04:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Well at least it's her strong suit, but...: 4 [4d3=1,2,3,2]
  567. [02:06:33] <~castfromhp> You're absolutely sure there's something there, and it's as if you can feel its presence in the back of your mind. You can't quite make it materialize yet though.
  568. [02:07:41] <Siyao> She shrugs. "<Well, there's something there, anyway.>" Up the stairs, she shouts, "Addy, you alright up there?"
  569. [02:11:32] <Addy> "Yes'm! Whatcha doin?"
  570. [02:11:55] <Siyao> Siyao has a blank look on her face, as if her mind is a hundred miles away.
  571. [02:15:14] <Siyao> Her lips move slightly, almost like she's whispering, but no sound comes out.
  572. [02:24:03] <Siyao> She blinks quickly, the way one might after waking up from a vivid dream. "Er, Addy? I was going to ask you to try this door down here." She blinks again. "Sorry for losing focus a minute there."
  573. [02:31:44] <~castfromhp> (addy bard?)
  574. [02:32:16] <Siyao> (sleep bard.)
  575. [02:32:35] <Siyao> (*sleepy bard. sleepy oxford, too.)
  576. [02:32:49] <~castfromhp> (alright, we can wrap up here if you guys want)
  577. [02:33:02] <Rini> (if only you knew of the horror that was going on right now)
  578. [02:33:27] <Siyao> (secret rooooooooooms!)
  579. [02:33:45] <Arae> (If you knew, man)
  580. [02:33:47] <~castfromhp> (not secret, just separate because I apparently can never run this game without doing at least two scenes at once)
  581. [02:33:55] <Arae> (You do not want to be here)
  582. [02:34:04] <Siyao> But yeah, I'm out.  I'll catch up on logs whenever they're up.
  583. [02:34:07] <Arae> (I would rather be in the firefight)
  584. [02:34:09] <~castfromhp> Alright.
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