Weapons Addition Changelog

Jul 18th, 2017
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  1. Re-implemented ore generation.
  2. Upped the Handheld Lunar Laser energy cost; it is now 5x what it was before (500 from 100). Added more multi ammo weapons.
  3. New mission, new dungeons, more fixes.
  4. Some fixes to bugs, added a couple dungeons.
  5. Dungeon fixes and item fixes.
  6. Dungeons added. New npcs, and other stuff.
  7. Graphics changes.
  8. Microdungeons and a new dungeon added. Found on volcanic, scorched, and unknown planets, it is highly recommended that you do not approach the new dungeon unless you have tier 6+ stuff and LOTS of heals and help.
  9. Even more stuff. Completely reworked Nemesis, Supersword.
  10. More stuff! Experimenting with quests to guide those who need it.
  11. Many, many items added. Added a vehicle for experimentation purposes as of now. Will make obtainable when ready! Bunch of sprites changed. Made many things obtainable.
  12. Added some more items, attempting to finally fix some frames issues. Organized the folder (the mod may break! So please be careful and report any issues you think may be related to this mod).
  13. *Hopefully* fixed the Gun Sword causing lua issues. Added The Bee Burner [for those stupid bees in the Hell Hive (?) biome], crafted with a Flamethrower and some extra stuff.
  14. Fixed the Gun Sword's animation causing issues.
  15. Fixed some recipes being weird, finally fixed Lab Light placement being messed up. Added icons for everything that was missing an icon. Organized the recipes. Added Gun Sword (not a reference to another game!) [/spawnitem wa_rangedbroadsword]. The weapon may not work and cause issues, so be careful!
  16. Made almost everything obtainable (again).
  17. Added some perfect-themed items and objects, finally fixed nuke explosion image. Fixed Lab Light phasing into ground on some placements.
  18. Fixed issue with Sulfur Hexafluoride texture, fixed nuke explosion image.
  19. Liquids! (maybe work?), more objects, more items. Nuke Launcher added.
  20. Added some (hopefully) working objects, removed some stims, fixed some items, made almost everything obtainable without cheats.
  21. Added some weapons that could possibly do insane damage.
  22. Fixed the Experimental Weapons Station not showing up properly.
  23. Fixed another bug causing crashes where I left Dark Blue Stim's status effect name as "jumpboost".
  24. Fixed a bug where I defined an item twice in two different folders that was causing crashes on startup.
  25. (Sort of) overhauled the Experimental Weapons system. Added recipes for all experimental weapons and moved them to their own crafting station.
  26. Added some stims. Set some groundwork for overhauling the Experimental Weapons.
  27. Added Handheld Lunar Laser.
  28. Added Experimental Weapons Guide to default known codexes. Added some more tools/weapons. Added Steel Ladder, an object that can be placed anywhere, and is crafted with 3 steel beams at the Wooden Workbench and Industrial Workbench. Steel Beams are crafted with an iron bar and carbon at the Furnace (any tier).
  29. Added crossover items from Terraria. Added more experimental weapons. Fixed some weapons having improper stats. Made Energy Crystal Rifle easier to use.
  30. Made all experimental weapons obtainable.
  31. Added more experimental weapons.
  32. Added a bunch of weapons. A mech weapons has been added for experimentation. Added codex on Experimental Weapons.
  33. Added recipes for furniture items added in previous updates that were unobtainable without cheats. Added more furniture items along with their corresponding recipes.
  34. Added some more furniture items. Currently trying to figure out why ore distribution stuff is not working!
  35. Fixed spelling error with Protactinium (was protractinium).
  36. Added Cobalt, Palladium, and Protractinium to ore distribution. Added more decorative objects. Fixed bug with some decorative objects having invalid frame files.
  37. Added Large Particle Data Screen. Added recipe for converting Electrons back into Protons.
  38. Added some decorative objects and switches.
  39. (Released on community.playstarbound): Moved Particle Accelerator recipe to the Inventor's Table
  40. Attempting to fix bugs with wave cannons. Merged another mod I made called Sword Addon to Particle Accelerator Addon (I don't know why the content wasn't in weapons addon).
  41. (Released on Steam): Fixed bugs with adding secondary abilities to some weapons.
  42. (Pre-Release): Added more tiered weapons.
  43. Fixed some bugs that caused a crash at startup. I type too fast, apparently.
  44. Merged another mod I was working on called Weapons Addition into Particle Accelerator Addon.
  45. Quickly fixed an error where Proton to Electron ratio was 1:2, not 1:1.
  46. Removed test recipe for multiple outputs (didn't work). Fixed image for Shock Device. Added Handheld Flak Cannon and Handheld Energy Cannon. Added Electrons, which can be obtained by putting protons into a refinery at a 1:1 ratio (I would have it be a by-product of making protons, but multiple outputs didn't work, so I had to improvise. After all, protons are super cheap to make).
  47. Added Shock Device. Experimenting with a recipe having multiple output items. Fixed spelling error with changelog.
  48. Merged another mod I made called Status Guns into Particle Accelerator Addon. Added Handheld Heat Laser.
  49. Unorganized folder. Apparently that broke the mod.
  50. Added Cobalt and Palladium. Changed recipe for Status Pod. Added more items. Added weapons.
  51. Actually got around to organizing the folder.
  52. Added Cobalt and Palladium ores and bars (craftable with protons).
  53. Fixed bug with recipe for Particle Accelerator not showing up (entirely fixed).
  54. Changed sprite of Particle Accelerator. Fixed bug with recipe for Particle Accelerator not showing up (hopefully).
  55. Added recipe for Particle Accelerator. Added recipe for Protractinium.
  56. Added custom use sound. Fixed some sprites appearing with white around them. Protractinium and Protractinium Rod added.
  57. More recipes for Proton and other reagents added.
  58. More recipes for Proton and other reagents added. Fixed bug with Proton sprite showing white around it.
  59. Released on Steam as Friends-only.
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