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  1.  - Green UI flickering regardless of settings is hard on the eyes. Photosensitivity setting does not disable this
  2.  - White text is hard to read against white sprite in pause menu
  3.  - Upgrade station humming sets completely different tone compared to the game before it
  4.  - Background music floor 1 too upbeat to match enemy visuals
  5.  - Didn't regard the room south of level 1's spawn as new room to enter until combing through the level twice and finding nothing to open the nimbus door. Thought the map indicated the last room of the tutorial
  6.  - Razor is one of the greatest weapons I had the pleasure of killing with for a long time
  7.  - Boss font hard to read. Especially prominent with Ringleader: not enough time to decipher the name before the fight starts
  8.  - Often found myself wishing to be able to swap back to the default version to conserve ammo. Wasting dozens of vulcan bullets to open item /weapon containers was unsatisfying
  9.  - Hitboxes very forgiving. Sometimes I had the feeling that a projectile had definitely hit me though
  10.  - Collision boxes for dropped items very small
  12.  Very enjoyable game, definitely worth money. Gute Arbeit!
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