Xenos Hunters Session 38

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  10.         Sinbad  goes about acquainting his Chapter Brothers to the Salamanders and Dark Sons, as well as courteous meetings with parties tied to the Ecclesiarchy
  11.         Anselm  steps back, and crosses his arms. "We are agreed, Brothers. With the certain blessings of the Watch Commander, I'll be returning home after the accursed Oeris is toppled."
  12.         Sinbad  nearly crushes his tiny martini glass
  13.         Sinbad  "Such an end to a glorious role as the Throne's Champion!"
  14.         Anselm  eyes his serfs. "Joffery, Sister Elona. I cannot convey the pleasure I'll take from being able to introduce you to the Realm."
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  16.         Sinbad  "I hope that returning sits well with you, Brother Champion? You no doubt return to a greater role in your Chapter, at least?"
  17.         Balmung smells strongly of ale and picks his teeth with a toothpick
  18.         Anselm  looks to the Storm Crusader. "I do. But I also will return with the valued experience I have gained from my time with you. I would see that the Storm Crusaders are always welcome in the Realm, at the very least on my beloved Silen."
  19.         Balmung "I thought you didn't want to return to your chapter or have things changed?"
  20.         Bellerophon     "I am unsure as to my fate after this. I have not spoken to another about chapter business since I departed on my Vigil."
  21.         Navarre is busy working on his terminator armor and discussing with the other apothecaries from the various chapters. As a member of the Imperial Fist's first company and part of the Deathwatch, it is very possible that he is the highest ranking apothecary in the fleet.
  22.         antoine The Knights look around at Balmung as he speak, quizzical looks on some of their faces.
  23.         antoine speaks*
  24.         Bellerophon     looks at the drama
  25.         antoine Gregor speaks up, "Anselm, why would you forsake your chapter? Surely the failings of a single crusade are not so important as to keep you from your true brothers." is strains the second last word.
  26.         Sinbad  sips his drink
  27.         Anselm  smiles. "The anger of youth. You all know, more than anyone, that Umbaros left many of us scarred. I realize I was just trying to find a way to fault myself for Falkner's death. But I'm ready to return home. There are things to be done."
  28.         Anselm  "But the results of whether or not the Jerich-Maw Warp Gate is breached may very well impact the realm, to say nothing of Calixis. At the very least we need to do our duty and stop the arch-enemy here."
  29.         antoine Dolfus harrumphs, "Umbaros, is not for the ears of others brother."
  30.         Sinbad  takes another sip
  31.         Omniel  tinkers with his multi-melta, performing a few pre-mission adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency and half-listening to the conversation.
  32.         Balmung looks around for something to eat
  33.         Anselm  nods. "Of course. Let us be done with this for now. We are holding up the proceedings."
  34.         Sinbad  grows bored and goes to speak with Patriclus
  35.         antoine With an awkward silence descending on the group the Salamander Captain speaks up, "The quiet one with a raven on his shoulder is Captain Kar Desson, everyone else should know each other.". Instead of the usual holo projector being used, the Captain unrolls several scrolls of parchment onto the desk, spread out. You spot system, sector and planetary maps.
  36.         Bellerophon     "Perhaps slightly, Anselm. It is time we turn our attention towards the fleet and our defense."
  37.         Navarre Most of Navarre's tinkering is placing a narthecium and reductor on terminator armour, in lieu of a power fist.
  38.         Balmung is munching on the leg of some avian beast while is wolf eats the other leg
  39.         Bellerophon     "What is the exact composition of our forces? I have seen no official report."
  40.         Navarre has no need for parties, either. There's work to be made, preparations to be done, even tactics to go over with the other apothecaries. Tools must be sharpened, medicines distilled, and nerves ready.
  41.         antoine "As you can see we are forced to retake Thanato, given my current reports we have six capital ships of varying size, no larger than a Grand Cruiser and no more than eight screening ships."
  42.         Balmung "and the enemy?"
  43.         Bellerophon     "Less than ours, hopefully."
  44.         antoine "We have recently repaired ships from the Imperial Navy and these Merchant-Warriors the Basillicus' as our main battle line...", "Unknown, large enough and smart enough to run off any scouting parties before they could send accurate information. I expect us to be understrength, the strike cruisers may tip the balance however."
  45.         Bellerophon     "I expected as much. Are they aware they face a contingent of Astartes?"
  46.         antoine "Doubtful"
  47.         Bellerophon     "If Oeris is as we expect, it is likely. But there may be an element of surprise to be had yet."
  48.         Sinbad  "...You have heard my report of the incident on Hidule, no? Will there be presence of their Assassin?"
  49.         Bellerophon     "What they may have in terms of superior numbers, we will surely be able to outclass them in terms of skill."
  50.         Bellerophon     "We must establish a battle plan. How quickly can we get the captains of the ships assembled together?"
  51.         antoine A Raven guard apothecary looks over at Navarre's work, "Is it not awkward to perform battlefield surgery in Terminator armour?"
  52.         antoine "We will decide the battle plan and disseminate it to the other captains. No word of assassins, I expect a line battle, not a shadow war."
  53.         antoine states the Salamander
  54.         Navarre "Awkward? Yes. Impossible? No. The Death Wing of the Dark Angels still maintain Terminator-Apothecaries. I wonder why few other chapters do, to be honest."
  55.         antoine The Raven guard ponders a moment before replying, "I can see the usefulness is retrieving brothers while under fire but an apothecary must be mobile to assist along a battleline. It would be... Inhibiting."
  56.         Bellerophon     "Does it not seem imprudent to involve them in the planning process? We are dealing with elements not often found in engagements such as these. Their presence could prove valuable."
  57.         Balmung "What Imperial Guard assets do we have with us?"
  58.         antoine "Imperial guard regiments have been placed in troop ships that will follow us in, if we can clear the way they will advance into the system and assist in bolstering the defense.", "The Captains were invited but they politely refused."
  59.         Bellerophon     "I see. Unusual."
  60.         Navarre "True. But on the other hand, Terminator-Apothecaries are assigned to terminator squads. Given the nature of this assignment, I am almost certain that the kill-team I am with will be going in tactical dreadnought armor."
  61.         Balmung "Anything of note that they have access to, any super heavies or specialists?"
  62.         Bellerophon     "It shall be us, then. have you any initial wisdom or thoughts on how to proceed?"
  63.         antoine He flicks through a few pages to find a report, "Superheavies, siege troops, artillery, armoured companies, veterans and green recruits. I suggest we form the battle line around the other capital ships, the two strike cruisers push through the enemy lines to break them up and to get close enough to drop pod troops to the surface to reform the battle line and save the guardsmen currently on...
  64.         antoine ...the planet."
  65.         Sinbad  "Where shall we Astartes be needed most?"
  66.         Bellerophon     "A solid foundation."
  67.         antoine "Some of us may engage in boarding parties but I would see those guardsmen saved from being overrun.". Sigismund shouts out now, "We should leave the guardsmen to their fates, strike at the heart of the enemy, we cut the head off."
  68.         Bellerophon     "Void superiority will have to be aquired first, however. The looming threat of orbital bombardment is too great."
  69.         Sinbad  steps forwards
  70.         Balmung glares at Sigismund
  71.         Bellerophon     "Even a single frigate, with a well placed shot, could destroy our positions. As we saw on Carthoga."
  72.         Sinbad  "The mortals hold the bulk of Imperial interests! We are too few as Astartes to do what they do to secure His Lines!"
  73.         Balmung "Aye"
  74.         Omniel  "I concur. Swift boarding action plays to our strengths."
  75.         Sinbad  "We must not discard them unless there is no other recourse! They too are His! Would you demand we give to the Great Enemy what belongs to the God-Emperor on Holy Terra?"
  76.         Balmung "The mortals will need to be re-enforced and probably resupplied as well if they are cut off."
  77.         Bellerophon     "I agree, Sinbad."
  78.         Bellerophon     "The forces will be saved."
  79.         Bellerophon     "But we must appropriate our forces smartly."
  80.         Bellerophon     "Early reports indicate but a single mountain-fortress has fallen. The others yet remain defensible. Until we get new information, we will assume that they can hold out in the immediate."
  81.         Balmung looks at Gonmar "Think you and your hunters could support the mortals?"
  82.         Anselm  grumbles lightly. "That fortress which has fallen, it will be an easy staging-ground for the arch-enemy. We should consider at least dispatching a squad there."
  83.         Bellerophon     "There are more Astartes than us, present. Perhaps it is time to create a planetary and void groups."
  84.         Balmung "That would be the best."
  85.         Bellerophon     "I would rather stay here in the void, where I may both direct fire and fire directly upon the enemy's fleet."
  86.         antoine Gonmar looks up at Sigismund and Anselm, "This is war pups, we do not know where their leadership is but there men are on the open plains fighting ours. There will be no glorious banner waving as you cut off their head. We should hit their main lines, butchery is what is needed."
  87.         Bellerophon     "A group of Astartes, appropriately armed, could no doubt hold out against the hordes below in the security of the fortresses."
  88.         Bellerophon     "Or we could commit the entire warhost of Astartes while I remain in orbit. I shall teleport down when the battle has reached such a point where my presence is no longer required."
  89.         Anselm  "Butchery means nothing if the enemy can simply reinforce and reinforce and persist. We are likely to know nothing of what true number of forces have slid their way from the Hadex Anomaly, but knowing the arch-enemy does not attack unless it can afford to waste armies, we should not give them the chance to keep a foothold. It will be disastrous."
  90.         Bellerophon     "To this we all can agree."
  91.         Bellerophon     "We must simply find a means by which we may do that."
  92.         Balmung "We can't loose another of the fortresses either, it will take all-father knows how long to clear out the one that's already fallen."
  93.         Bellerophon     "Quite so. Which is why I believe the best gains would be made from committing ourselves, nearly to the entirety, to the battle below."
  94.         antoine The Salamander Captain listens intently, before asking "Captain Desson, Jorega. Your opinions?"
  95.         Bellerophon     "If we may limit their progress to but a single mountain, then we can halt the invasion while we in the void engage the great enemy."
  96.         Bellerophon     "Once reinforcements, via insertion from orbit, have been halted, then we may purge the fortress to its core."
  97.         Anselm  looks down at the maps, and ponders.
  98.         Balmung "It wont take many of us to defend the fortress"
  99.         antoine The Raven Guard Captain leans fowards, uncrossing his arms, "My forces would be best used to board an enemy ship. There is little our hit and run attacking would do on the main battle line until it is stabilised or we would risk being overrun."
  100.         antoine Captain Jorega looks to Sinbad before replying, "My forces could assist in the ground battle but we will go where required."
  101.         Bellerophon     "That is understandable. Are the Strike Cruisers fitted with teleportariums?"
  102.         antoine The Salamander Captain nods
  103.         Balmung goes wide eyed at the mention of teleportariums
  104.         Sinbad  "This is a war of faith to we. I shall move with the Daughters of the Emperor and His Ministers."
  105.         antoine The Storm Crusaders nod with Sinbad's statement.
  106.         antoine "Apothecaries, what kind of casualties do you expect in either case?"
  107.         Navarre "That wholey depends on how we attack. A front assault could be as high as 80% casualties. Perdicting such things requires more knowledge of the enemy and their armnaments."
  108.         antoine The Salamander sighs, "The guardsmen will have it worse if we do not save them." He looks distant in thought
  109.         Navarre "Obviously. If you wish to save the majority, I would act now."
  110.         Balmung "I have a suggestion"
  111.         Anselm  "I too would propose a procedure."
  112.         Balmung "We send a force planet side to re-enforce the mortals and to clear a landing zone for the imperial guard elements while the remainder of our forces assault the enemy ships in orbit:
  113.         Anselm  bows his head. "I am inclined to agree with Brother Balmung. I would advise sending the Salamanders company to aid the ground battle. We should commit also commit forces to eliminating the most prominent naval threat, but we must also scour the enemy from the mountain-side."
  114.         Anselm  "For the naval operation, I am inclined by experience to recommend my Kill-team. We have much experience with boarding maneuvers, but I yield to the opinion of the Raven Guard for this endeavour."
  115.         antoine The Raven Guard Captain nods, "We would welcome your assistance."
  116.         Anselm  "Would you say you need your entire force behind you to end the occupation of the mountain fortress?"
  117.         Balmung looks at Gonmar "Think you and your wolves could take the fortress?"
  118.         antoine Get some ground beneath our feet and the wolf will hunt.
  119.         antoine "
  120.         antoine "
  121.         Navarre "So what will he kill team do?"
  122.         Anselm  "Honored Captain, I would ask you share the boarding operations with my Kill-team. The Dark Sons perhaps could empty the mountains of this taint."
  123.         Anselm  looks to Balmung. "What is your opinion on this, Brother?"
  124.         Balmung nods "Sounds like a good plan"
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  126.         antoine The Salamander Captain listens intently and nods, "As much as I intended, I will formalise these orders."
  127.         -->|    Anselm ( has joined #XenosHunters
  128.         antoine "Return to your ships where appropriate and prepare for warp travel." announces the Captain. The Raven Guard Captain quietly turns and says, "You may join my Thunderhawk for the boarding action if you wish."
  129.         Balmung "I would suggest the fighter crews of the Velox Venator assist in our insertion. They proved very useful in the assault on a Dark Eldar ship."
  130.         antoine He inclines his head, "Very well."
  131.         antoine Faisal Al Quadi speaks up, "Where will the holy sisters be fighting?" the storm crusader looking at Sister Elona.
  132.         Sinbad  nods in agreement
  133.         Anselm  looks to his serf.
  134.         Sinbad  "Should they not join the void-battle, we of the faith shall not be able to join as well. Our fates and souls are honor-bound to the Sisters."
  135.         antoine "The Canoness intends to use the Venator's drop pods to join the ground forces and uplift the spirits of the faithful there.
  136.         antoine "
  137.         Anselm  "You will be sorely missed, Brother Sinbad. I would ask you to give me the honor of taking the Sword of the Blood-Heirs."
  138.         Sinbad  "..."
  139.         Sinbad  "There is a problem with that, Brother Champion."
  140.         Sinbad  "For...I have decided, upon mediation, that with so many heroes of the Imperium here amongst us, that we always...give the responsibility to the best."
  141.         Sinbad  "I do not doubt any of my Kill-Team Brothers' honor or ability, but here, amongst us all that may carry its weight, spiritual and physical, that we hold a Feast of Hate."
  143.         Sinbad  suddenly screams to the high vaulted ceiling like a maniac
  144.         Anselm  nods as he draws his personal sword.
  145.         Navarre will do like wise.
  146.         Balmung "I suggest Bellerophon be given the sword, he should be the one who slays the traitor of his chapter and the imperium."
  147.         antoine All the knights draw their swords, Gonmar also unslings his axe. Patriclus, Joffery and Elona also form up next to each other with their blades. The Raven Guard, Salamanders and Dark Sons look on bemused.
  148.         Balmung draws his axe
  149.         Anselm  narrows his eyes and grins.
  150.         antoine The Salamanders, Raven Guard and Dark Sons back up, the table being cleared of scrolls.
  151.         antoine The Storm Crusaders sing hymns as they draw blades and chainswords. "May the Spirit Doop guide the winners hand."
  152.         Sinbad  nods gravely
  153.         Sinbad  places the sword and scabbard on a table
  154.         Sinbad  "Will the Sisters send forth any of their own? Any of the mightiest of mortals?"
  155.         antoine Elona looks turns her helmeted head, "The canoness would join us if she is given time."
  156.         Balmung switches to the kill teams vox channel ++Get that damn Chaplain in here, he needs an ass kicking++
  157.         Sinbad  "Then she shall be given time. In one hour from now! In the hour of the Emperor's Tea-Time! Call the mightiest of your brothers then, heroes!"
  158.         Sinbad  takes back up the sword
  159.         Omniel  watches the proceedings calmly from his place, setting aside his multi-melta to examine the gleaming chisel-blades of his bulkhead shears.
  160.         Anselm  "Brothers of my blood, what say you that we cooperate until we can narrow the field?"
  161.         Navarre "Perhaps it will do you good."
  162.         Balmung ++Leave Gonmar to me.++
  163.         antoine In an hour a Deathwatch assault marine with Dark Angels livery and the Canoness appear.
  164.         Sinbad  "Are all gathered that shall fight for the honor here? If you are, step forwards and touch the sword once, then head to the melee. Once only a few stand yet after so many blows shall we begin the personal combats."
  165.         Sinbad  (Okay, Antoine, you can move at your speed from here on.)
  166.         Balmung looks at the Dark Angel and points his axe at him
  167.         antoine The Dark Angel cocks his helm to the side before he draws a great sword and swings it around his own body with considerable speed.
  168.         Balmung smirks "The Lion and the Wolf then?"
  169.         Anselm  approaches the blade which gave him power to slay the Greater Daemon, praying to have the grace to use it once more. He touches the hilt, and slips away, drawing his second blade.
  170.         Omniel  looks to the Dark Angels assault marine and gives a nod, standing back. "I leave the honour of the chapter in more capable hands."
  171.         antoine Each member of the fight steps forward to touch the blade hilt or pommel before taking up a place in the circle surrounding it. The Dark angel nods back, "May it never be tarnished."
  172.         antoine The humans look comically outclassed and form up together on one side.
  173.         Navarre has procured a tungsten epee. "My last honor duel was a long time ago. But I'm looking forward to this." He does some practice stabs... the 2 yards of tungsten a flash in his hands.
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  176.         antoine The Darkangel holds his place, swinging his blade in a defensive pattern.
  177.         -->|    Balmung (chatzilla@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  178.         Balmung stomps towards the Dark Angel muttering quotes of the Wolf King
  179.         Anselm  lowers his brow and glares at one of the Storm Crusaders. He steps forward, raising his blades, preparing a stance that he intends to look too careless for his standing.
  180.         antoine The Canoness and Patriclus charge side by side at Gregor, the knight looking down at them contemptuously.
  181.         antoine The Canoness' power sword catches the marine unawares and knocks him back heavily. The knight spins his head around at Anselm in surprise and shock. "What have you been teaching these mortals?"
  182.         Anselm  laughs back. "Those are not my students, thank the honored Brother-Chaplain!"
  183.         Sinbad  stares open-mouthed from his impromptu judges's chair
  184.         Sinbad  "...Wow."
  185.         Sinbad  "Go teamwork! Love is the Emperor's Right Hand!"
  186.         antoine Sister Elona and Joffery charge a Storm Crusader, raining blows on him.
  187.         Sinbad  is at once pleased and slightly perturbed that mortals are faring so well against Astartes many times their ages; he chalks it up to that the sword is calling for those who would best wield it
  188.         antoine The unengaged storm crusaders charge the unengaged Knights. One scoring grevious hit.
  189.         antoine The Knights are shocked by the Storm Crusaders ferocity and only manage to return the favor.
  190.         Navarre looks to this left, then his right. Trying to find some solidarity on who to face. Who to challenge. Who to cut loose upon. Eh. he's not one anything petty in a grand melee like one on one anything and picks a random knight to strike. Give him a proper dueling scar.
  191.         antoine The Dark Angel is more patient than the rest of the melee, maintain his position.
  192.         Anselm  relaxes his stance and, seeing no other open options, immediately dashes at the Apothecary.
  193.         Balmung rushes the Dark Angel
  194.         Navarre CLANG! The apothecary is not one to trifle with. "So, think you're ready are you?"
  195.         Anselm  "A better question," the Knight-Brother grunts, "is whether or not you are."
  196.         Navarre "We'll soon find out, won't we?"
  197.         antoine The Canoness sends a flurry of blows at Gregor who deftly dodges them and is about to counter attack when Patriclus intervenes, thrusting his blade in the way to deflect the blow and then driving the flat of his blade against the Knight's helm repeatedly until he finally relents, yielding and shamed by the human.
  198.         antoine Joffery and Elona hold their ground against the Storm Crusader.
  199.         antoine The Storm Crusader throws a punch that knocks Joffery out of the ring, reeling and holding his head as he sits there stunned.
  200.         antoine The Storm Crusaders push the Knights back, hammering them with blows as they sing in their strange tongue.
  201.         antoine The Knights come back in force knocking down two of the Storm Crusaders and forcing them to yield.
  202.         Navarre will prove his readiness to Anselm. "You're about to find out if I am!"
  203.         Navarre And slices out with his epee, aiming to make a rather visible, if superfulous nick on the younger marine's cheek.
  204.         Anselm  catches the stab on the broadside of his longsword, twisting his arm and knocking the attack off harmlessly past his pauldron.
  205.         Anselm  uses the instant to try to hit the Fist, but his attack goes too wide.
  206.         antoine The Dark Angel hammers blows with his greatsword but they are turned aside by quick blade work and the power field shimmering with each hit.
  207.         Balmung turns aside the swords and slams his axe into the Dark Angel
  208.         Balmung swings a flurry of blows on to the Dark Angel
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  210.         antoine The rain of blows beat down on the Angel, pushing him to his knees and forcing him to yield. Gonmar who was hanging back and waiting for his turn with the Dark Angel should Balmung fail gives out a raucous laugh and claps his hands together.
  211.         Balmung looks down at the Dark Angel "You fought well."
  212.         Omniel  watches, slightly disapppointed.
  213.         antoine "As you did Wolf"
  214.         antoine The Angel rises and moves to join his fellow brother Omniel at the side of the fight where he seats himself.
  215.         Anselm  twirls, guiding his blade to Navarre's sword-hand, which is easily parried with a deft stroke from his opponent's fencing blade. The Knight nevertheless persists, using the energy of his repelled strike to bring the sword against the side of the Imperial Fist, before smacking him across the leg with a final hit.
  216.         Anselm  makes a finishing thrust with his personal blade, hoping to bring Navarre to surrender.
  217.         Navarre takes each blow in stride. Well, as much one can take a series of blows like the ones that were just delivered to him. He finds himself on his knees, and even smirks. "They say pain in the communion wine of heroes." His movement is lightning fast and incredibly unexpected... holding out the epee for Anselm to take. "I yield."
  218.         Anselm  sheathes his personal sword, and takes the Fist's blade with a nod.
  219.         antoine Gonmar joins Balmung, "Who next for us brother?"
  220.         Balmung scans the room
  221.         antoine The Canoness and Patriclus go after another unengaged knight, Aldbert this time, Patriclus scoring a good hit while he is busy with the Canoness. The knight shouts, "These mortals fight in a great mob instead of honourable single combat."
  222.         Anselm  replies, jestingly, "It's the only way they can hope to defeat our likes, Brother!"
  223.         Bellerophon     stands on the side, observing the pit fight with the higher functioning chapters
  224.         Balmung "We take the storm crusaders then the knights, let's so the sons of Dorn how to fight."
  225.         antoine Sister Elona stands by herself against a Storm Crusader, barely holding him off.
  226.         antoine The Knights close on the Storm crusaders, bringing their number to one.
  227.         antoine In the continuing clash Elona continues to fight the same storm crusader while the knights are brought down to two, one engaged with Patriclus, the Canoness beaten into submission. The Storm crusaders have all yielded and Gonmar savage attacks have left him open and he is barely standing from counter attacks.
  228.         Anselm  warily eyes Albert's mounting frustration, and moves to strike the Canoness.
  229.         Anselm  *the Commissar
  230.         Anselm  whacks against the Commissar's back with Navarre's duelling blade, taking him by complete surprise.
  231.         antoine The Commissar takes the blow with a grunt. Glancing over his shoulder as two Knight double team him. Aldbert shouts, "Do not take the honor from defeating him. He that bested our brother in shameful conduct."
  232.         Anselm  laughs. "He's a dangerous one, this Patriclus! He's slain many traitor-Marines before us!"
  233.         Omniel  "He has proven himself many times over."
  234.         Anselm  "That is, er... I think he has...”
  235.         antoine Aldbert snorts in derision. "You cannot cover this ones shame with such lies. He will fall by my hand."
  236.         antoine In the background Gonmar and a Knight trade blows.
  237.         Anselm  “Pat, don’t!--” Anselm worriedly hisses, but to his horror he is too late.
  238.         antoine Patriclus rains a hail of blows that pushes Aldbert back and gives the commissar some space, his face set in pure determination to not fail his master and true brother in this combat.
  239.         Sinbad  stares on awestruck at his serf, his jaw dropped and his artificial hearts whirring faster
  240.         Omniel  leans forward, watching as the fight continues down its unexpected path.
  241.         antoine Patirclus turns the Knights counter attack aside with a sweep of his blade.
  242.         antoine Aldbert rips off his helm and tosses it to the side, his face a mask of fury
  243.         Bellerophon     says to the Salamanders
  244.         Bellerophon     "Does this happen often? It seems...tedious."
  245.         antoine A Salamander sergeant leans over, "We fought with an Imperial first force once, they tended to do that same." he says with a shrug. "We made the mistake of turning our backs and going about our business. They took it as a slight and would not fight with us. So now we stand here and watch so that our brothers feel acknowledged."
  246.         Bellerophon     "How droll. Did they at least reach a consensus on the battle plan before they gave it and began beating each other?"
  247.         antoine "Oh, very studious lot the Imperial fists. A lot of planning but they still have their rituals."
  248.         antoine Balmung lays a Knight low with his mighty axe.
  249.         Navarre is already disqualified. "It is a duel. Honor is satisfied before the battle. And slights brothers may have, are taken care of, unifying them. Strength through honor. That and it is much amusement."
  250.         Bellerophon     "I hope that means yes."
  251.         Bellerophon     idly looks at his dataslate, half-hoping he recieved a response from Captain Antilles
  252.         Anselm  lifts the duelling sword to Albert. “Come, Brother! I’m sure you’d find me a much hardier match than this petty mortal! Or, have you grown soft while I’ve been away?”
  253.         antoine Gonmar looks around, "Well brother, the Knights are fighting each other and that little girl had got a Crusader attacking her. Want to show the towel head a fair fight?"
  254.         Navarre "Yes, yes. I suppose I would find the Ultramarine tradition of polishing the Codex to be rather droll as well."
  255.         antoine The Salamanders chuckle
  256.         Bellerophon     raises an eyebrow at the racial slur. On Macragge everyone is happy they don't live on a death world so casual racism is nearly non-existant
  257.         Balmung laughs "Go get him"
  258.         Sinbad  hears a certain set of words
  259.         Sinbad  stands from his seat, slamming his crozius head into his left palm
  261.         Bellerophon     "You will notice the plan was devised by those chapters not invested in your brawl. You see petty polishing, we see wisdom."
  262.         antoine Patriclus screws up his nose before disengaging and moving towards his masters side.
  263.         Balmung laughs again "Now you've done it"
  264.         Navarre "I believe that Anselm and Balmung contributed to the planning. And yes, let's all hear more wisdom of the great Spiritual Liege. Excuse me." He spits on the floor. "Had something in my throat."
  265.         antoine Elona parries another blow from the storm crusader
  266.         antoine Elona knocks the leg out from the crusader and levels her sword at his throat, he raises his hands in submission.
  267.         Bellerophon     squints at Navarre
  268.         Bellerophon     "Watch it."
  269.         antoine Aldbert advances of Anselm, his sword swinging in wide, wrathful arcs.
  270.         Navarre holds up his hands in mock innocence, grimacing.
  271.         Anselm  thrusts upwards with the fencing blade, parrying his Brother’s horizontal sweep.
  272.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Balmung, Anselm, Gonmar, Canoness, Serfs, Storm, Knights, Navarre”
  273.         Sinbad  does an angry bear rush towards Gonmar with the spirit doop held high, and brings it down at the man
  274.         antoine The wolf is knocked to the ground, with a blood lip and broken fang he relents, "You fight well. Perhaps I will win the honor of a hat like that in the days to come."
  275.         antoine bloodied*
  276.         Sinbad  pants heavily from a shade from his genetic past coming to bear, but recovers himself and is about to offer his hand to Gonmar before he is forced to dodge a powerful attack from his Brother Veteran
  277.         Anselm  flits the Fist’s duelling blade about Albert, striking him hard.
  278.         antoine Driven from side to side by the expert blows the Knight finally relents, he darts a look at Patriclus before looking up at Anselm, "You are truly Falkner's heir."
  279.         Anselm  “And you, Brother,” Anselm tersely speaks, slicing at air with the thin blade. “You have proven your valor. Two mighty veterans against one, and I confide, was afraid for my life for a few moments there!”
  280.         antoine Patriclus rushes to defend his master as Elona finishes her opponent and goes for the next biggest target.
  281.         Balmung parries the canoness's blow but takes one on his shield with a loud crack his shield over loads and fails.
  282.         Sinbad  shakes the voices in his head screaming off, and lifts Gonmar up by the hand
  283.         Sinbad  "I yield. I am sorry to have intruded, but the honor of my brothers demanded it. I shall fall out. Come, noble veteran of a legion chapter, come sit with me as judge?"
  284.         antoine The Wolf grins, one fang longer than the other and gets up to follow Sinbad
  285.         Balmung looks down at his shield
  286.         Sinbad  lets Gonmar hold the sword as an impromptu keeper out of apology and for his examination until the winner arises
  287.         Balmung growls and smacks Elona with his axe sending her flying
  288.         antoine She lands in a heap at the side, helped up by Joffery.
  289.         antoine before being helped up*
  290.         Anselm  “Sister!” Anselm barks, and charges Balmung.
  291.         antoine Patriclus valiantly tries to get at balmung but the armour is just far too thick. His attacks making mere dull thuds inside the terminators helm.
  292.         Balmung whacks Pat and sends him flying
  293.         Anselm  drops the duelling blade and redraws his personal sword as he begins swiping at the overarmored Space Wolf.
  294.         Sinbad  flies into the edge of the ring to catch Patriclus, giving a bow to Balmung after doing so, then recovering at his judge's seat
  295.         Bellerophon     looks at his dataslate again
  296.         Anselm  strikes the Terminator down, and howls in victory.
  297.         Balmung drops to a knee and grins at Anselm "Good"
  298.         Sinbad  lifts up Balmung, and stands before both with the Black Sword
  299.         Sinbad  "This blade goes to you, the victor, Brother Champion. Brother Veteran, you are mighty, and I wish that it could be borne by both of you. However, this is the Throne's will, for this next battle."
  300.         Sinbad  places the sword into Anselm's hand and anoints them both in differing manner for the next mission
  301.         Anselm  sheathes his blades, kneels, and accepts the sword.
  302.         Balmung nods at Anselm
  303.         Bellerophon     "All of that - for the sword?"
  304.         Bellerophon     chokes back a guffaw
  305.         Anselm  “Praise be to the Emperor for this action. I thank you, Brother Sinbad, for granting me the grace of wielding this once more. And I thank all of my fellow combatants for the honor of this mighty combat.”
  306.         antoine The Salamanders, Raven Guard and Dark Sons depart now that the battle is finished.
  307.         Navarre "You don't use melee, Bellerophon. You wouldn't understand."
  308.         Balmung "Omniel who was the Dark Angel?"
  309.         Bellerophon     "I suppose not."
  310.         Bellerophon     follows after the Salamander Captain
  311.         Anselm  moves to Joffery and Elona, and smiles down at them.
  312.         Bellerophon     "A moment, Captain. Do you know the name of the captain responsible for the gran cruiser? I have a desire to meet him."
  313.         Balmung "Anselm come drink with Gonmar his pack and I!"
  314.         Anselm  looks to Balmung and laughs. “Perhaps you should get out of that armor first, Brother!”
  315.         antoine Pellas turns, "White Gryphon" it is an Avenger class.
  316.         Balmung "Nonsense I have drank on many occasions in this armor!"
  317.         Anselm  “And besides, my friend, I am sorry... but I must introduce my serfs to my own Brothers. But we will try to catch up with you!”
  318.         Balmung "Ah very well, we'll try and save some ale for you.:
  319.         Navarre "I have to get in my terminator armor anyway."
  320.         Bellerophon     "My thanks. God-speed to you and the Salamanders."
  321.         Balmung turns to Gonmar Gonmar tells your little bastards that tonight we drink and feast!"
  322.         =-=     Sinbad is now known as Mir
  323.         antoine "Oh and the Captain's name is Taggart. Bellerophon." The salamander calls out
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