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  1. Heatherbarns: Hi Bunny
  2. Heatherbarns: we are in the living room
  3. LadyHonoka: hi Bunz :)
  4. Heatherbarns: oooo rub right here
  5. Heatherbarns: points
  6. Heatherbarns: softly ok
  7. BunnyHoneyDarling: Hullo lady people!
  8. LadyHonoka: hi Bunny welcome back
  9. Heatherbarns: Hi HI come in
  10. Heatherbarns: we are just petting my kitty
  11. BunnyHoneyDarling: Are you both being playing with Miss Heathers pussycat?
  12. BunnyHoneyDarling: /me gigglesnorts
  13. LadyHonoka: hehe
  14. Heatherbarns: mmhmm
  15. Heatherbarns: so soft
  16. Heatherbarns: and so warm
  17. BunnyHoneyDarling: And furry?
  18. LadyHonoka: wanna pet it Bunny?
  19. Heatherbarns: mmmmm
  20. BunnyHoneyDarling: /me tilts her head, considering the offer
  21. Heatherbarns: gotta be gentle
  22. BunnyHoneyDarling: I am not being for real sure if you are being meaning the cat or Miss Heathers cunny!
  23. Heatherbarns: and pet softly
  24. LadyHonoka: why not both?
  25. Heatherbarns: giggles
  26. BunnyHoneyDarling: /me gigglesnorts
  27. LadyHonoka: try it
  28. BunnyHoneyDarling: Mayhaps I could just watch a bittle, I am not being having clean hands!
  29. Heatherbarns: ok
  30. Heatherbarns: lays on the rug and grabs my ankles
  31. BunnyHoneyDarling: /me eyes wide
  32. Heatherbarns: ooooo rub me down there
  33. Heatherbarns: Owwwwwww
  34. LadyHonoka: oh my
  35. Heatherbarns: you spank me so hard
  36. Heatherbarns: pushes my butt up to you
  37. BunnyHoneyDarling: /me whispers, "Miss Honoka, your booby milk is being leaking!"
  38. Heatherbarns: lets you touch me there
  39. LadyHonoka: <rubs your butt> yes it is a little
  40. BunnyHoneyDarling: Daddy!
  41. Heatherbarns: hi Kinetick
  42. BunnyHoneyDarling: /me flaps her small hand, waving
  43. LadyHonoka: hi hi
  44. BunnyHoneyDarling: Miss Honoka is being smexing on Miss Heather!
  45. BunnyHoneyDarling: You are being just in time to watch with me!
  46. Heatherbarns: owww harder mommy
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