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  11. Coming soon: Big load time improvements. Drake Buccaneer flyable.
  13. 3.0 is still an unknown length of time away. Popular speculation is July-December.
  15. 3.0 will make us finally a real game with full planets, cargo and an economy of sorts.
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  25. >I tried to buy the game, but there's so many packages I got confused
  26. The website was designed by monkeys with down syndrome, but you can exploit this to your advantage when buying in.
  27. There are two basic packages of the same value: the aurora and the mustang. BUY THE MUSTANG. Make sure you buy one that says Game Package on it, and is not just a ship. Now go into My RSI -> My Hangar -> My Gear and find your ship. Open it up and select Exchange for Store Credit, because wow, the ship you just bought is a real fucking stinker. Paradoxically, it is also worth more money in store credit. So melt that shit, and go back to the store. Now you have a choice to make: you can either buy the aurora MR, the other base ship, and have $5 sitting in your account for future use, OR you can plop down another $5 and buy the LN. This is the recommended avenue, as it gets you an excellent starter+ that is both very combat capable and able to haul cargo, and you shave five bucks off the price of buying it directly.  
  29. >the framerate sucks! I have [cutting edge GPU(s)] and I'm STILL getting [shitty FPS].
  30. yeah. the problem is server side and will likely get worse before it gets better, which is hopefully within a patch or two. For now, try some of these  other than that, all you can do is wait.
  32. >what's the difference between REC and aUEC?
  33. REC is "fake" money earned and spent in EA modes only; you can rent ships and upgrades for arena commander and star marine (not yet in SM, Coming Soon™!) with it, aUEC(alpha UEC) is "real" money for buying things in the persistent universe. REC spending can only be done on the RSI website.
  35. >where can I buy a better ship/ship guns with my aUEC?
  36. you can't yet. Coming Soon!™ in the mean time you can spend UEC (NOT aUEC, you won't get this back) on the website for ship armaments, or hang around the station pads and steal a ship that looks nice.
  38. >is there a /scg/ org?
  43. Chapter 1 -- Lord Zedd Discovers Pain
  45. Lord Zedd had been spending most of his time these days trying to figure
  46. out a way to rid himself of the Power Rangers once and for all.  Time
  47. and time again, they thwarted his attempts to take over the Earth for
  48. himself.  Each defeat left him more and more frustrated, and these
  49. defeats increased his anger at the Power Rangers and, consequently, his
  50. desire for revenge.  He had tried everything -- each monster was bigger
  51. and stronger, and yet it didn't matter.  Each time he thought he had
  52. created the ultimate monster, the six accursed teenagers would "morph"
  53. into action and somehow, some way, defeat him.  And it was at this
  54. point, just when Lord Zedd was at his lowest, feeling that perhaps the
  55. Rangers were too strong for him and that he should leave Earth alone,
  56. when he made a most horrific discovery.  While monitoring Earth's
  57. broadcasts one day, he discovered torture.
  59. To the participants in the NPR discussion panel, they probably thought
  60. they were doing a good deed.  The participants were regional
  61. representatives of Amnesty International, and were discussing the use
  62. and abuse of torture throughout the world today.  The concept was
  63. foreign to Zedd -- after all, beings such as him do not feel pain.  So
  64. he tapped into some of Earth's literature, and learned all about what
  65. torture was.  And it excited him.  This, he thought, was the ultimate
  66. device to use on the Rangers!  Subject them to torture, and that would
  67. destroy them once and for all!  He sent Goldar and some Putties down to
  68. Earth to gather all the literature they could find that would help him
  69. inflict pain on a human being.  They returned shortly with a series of
  70. books -- several anatomy books and medical texts, documentation from
  71. Amnesty, and shocking manuals from the CIA, KGB, and other agencies
  72. detailing how  to torture victims.
  74. Lord Zedd exulted when he saw the pile of books.  He knew just what was
  75. needed -- a new monster, more hideous and horrific than any he had ever
  76. created.  This new monster would be made from the books, and as such
  77. would have complete knowledge of torture.  Zedd laughed a great, hearty
  78. laugh and pointed his staff at the pile of books and chanted, "Behold!  
  79. I give you Tortura!"
  81. A bolt of lightning came from the staff and flew into the books.  The
  82. books melted together and began to grow -- and soon, there stood the
  83. horrible Tortura.  Tortura was six feet tall.  He had several colors on
  84. his skin, from the different covers of the books, so there were
  85. splotches of red, blue, green, and yellow on him.  His body was rubbery,
  86. the way all of Zedd's monsters were, but he seemed much more human-like
  87. than Zedd's other monsters.  Most striking of the human-like
  88. characteristics were Tortura's hands -- instead of the huge
  89. tentacle-like hands most of Zedd's monsters inevitably had, Tortura's
  90. hands were delicate and firm.  In other words, very well suited for the
  91. unspeakable work he was made for.
  93. Once Tortura stood there, Zedd looked at his handiwork and was quite
  94. pleased.  Now all that was left was to choose a Ranger for torture,
  95. although that decision had, in fact, been made as soon as Zedd had first
  96. discovered torture.  It would be Kimberly, the Pink Ranger.  She stirred
  97. emotions and feelings in Zedd that he didn't quite understand.  But what
  98. he did understand was that she was delicate and oh so sensitive.  Zedd
  99. was truly looking forward to subjecting petite and pretty Kimberly to
  100. Tortura's hideous skills.  It would be a truly marvelous revenge on
  101. those Power Rangers that he hates so much.
  103. From Sun May 11 13:43:50 1997
  104. From: (The Dark Ranger)
  106. Chapter 2 -- The Pink Peril
  108. It was late afternoon.  Kimberly was in the Angel Grove Juice Bar and
  109. Gym, practicing her gymnastics.  She was dressed in a pink leotard
  110. which showed off her body.  And quite a lovely body it was, too --
  111. firm and lean from years of athletic endeavors.  As she continued to
  112. work out, she was unaware of the horror that awaited her.
  114. Finishing her workout, she grabbed a towel and headed for the locker
  115. room to shower.  She took off her Ranger Power Morpher and put down
  116. her bag, and almost at once the room was filled with Putties, hideous
  117. foot soldiers for the evil Lord Zedd.  Before she had a chance to
  118. react, five of them lunged at her and grabbed her, holding her
  119. securely.  She struggled mightily against them, but to no avail.
  120. Then, there was a flash of light, and she was in the lair of Lord
  121. Zedd, and at the end of the room was Zedd himself.
  123. The Putties held her firmly before the hideous Lord Zedd.  "Ah, Pink
  124. Ranger," intoned the monster, "now I have you, and this is truly the
  125. beginning of the end for the Power Rangers!"  Kimberly struggled
  126. against the Putties, but they held her firmly.  She was afraid, but
  127. since she had been a Power Ranger she had learned to hide her fear.  
  129. "You won't get away with this, Zedd, " she said defiantly.  "The
  130. others will be here soon and you'll pay!"  
  132. "I think not, Pink Ranger, I think not!  And in any event, I've got
  133. something new planned for you.  Bring her to the chamber!" ordered
  134. Zedd.  The Putties dragged Kimberly down a dark and gloomy hall.
  135. "Where am I?" she wondered, "Where are they taking me?"  They finally
  136. arrived at a large door.  The door creaked open, and a voice intoned,
  137. "Bring her in."  Kimberly was dragged inside, and what she saw there
  138. filled her with more terror than she had ever felt in her young life.
  139. Her knees went weak, a shudder went through her, and it took every
  140. ounce of self control she had to not scream.
  142. The room was a torture chamber.  It was completely spotless -- the
  143. metal instruments glistened against the light, they almost looked
  144. sterile -- but it was filled with the most horrible instruments of
  145. torture she had ever seen.  And her terror was well planned --
  146. Tortura, being well versed in the psychological modes of torture as
  147. well as the physical, knew full well what the first sight of this room
  148. would do to Kimberly.  And the sight of Tortura himself, checking the
  149. implements of pain, sent pure terror through her.
  151. Tortura walked to Kimberly and looked her over.  "Remove her clothes,"
  152. he ordered, and the Putties quickly tore the clothes from Kimberly's
  153. body.  They also removed her shoes and all her jewelry.  Her hair had
  154. been tied back, but they removed the band and it now hung freely.
  155. Kimberly was naked before she even had a chance to gasp, and she
  156. wished desperately that she could cover her nudity.  She could feel
  157. the cold floor under her bare feet.  Tortura motioned to a chain
  158. hanging from the ceiling.  "Tie her here," he said, and the Putties
  159. dragged Kimberly into the center of the room and tied her arms over
  160. her head to the chain from the ceiling.  Kimberly was bound from the
  161. ceiling, and had to raise slightly onto the balls of her bare feet in
  162. order to relieve the pressure that was building on her arms.
  164. When she looked up, she saw that Tortura was standing right in front
  165. of her.  He put out his hands and cupped Kimberly's firm breasts and
  166. began to fondle them.  He tweaked her nipples with his thumbs as he
  167. squeezed her breasts. Kimberly was overwhelmed with shame and terror
  168. and turned her head away.  "What's the matter, Pink Ranger," mocked
  169. Tortura.  "Don't you like this?"  Tortura had correctly gauged
  170. Kimberly's response to this psychological torture -- she was
  171. humiliated and felt even more helpless and vulnerable than she had
  172. before.  Head turned away from the awful monster, she closed her eyes
  173. and was trying to think about something, ANYTHING but the creature
  174. that was fondling her naked body, when the offending hands finally
  175. stopped caressing her body.  She opened her eyes and saw that Tortura
  176. was standing before her holding a whip.  The whip was a form of
  177. cat-o'-nine-tails, and the very sight of it struck fear into the naked
  178. bound girl.  And that was the intent of it.  Zedd had the power to
  179. conjure up whatever devices Tortura wanted, and this was a very
  180. special whip.  Its construction was very carefully considered -- it
  181. looked fearsome and would deliver intense pain, but the lashes were so
  182. wide that they would not leave any permanent marks.  Indeed, only some
  183. bruises would remain once the whipping was finished.  Tortura held the
  184. whip in front of Kimberly's face so she could drink in the full terror
  185. of the device.  Kimberly had never been whipped or beaten before in
  186. her entire young life, she had not even been spanked by her parents,
  187. and she was filled with terror as Tortura ran the whip over her face,
  188. her breasts, and her nipples.  Then he stood before her, said "And now
  189. the fun begins!" and walked behind her.  Kimberly looked up into the
  190. ceiling and tried to prepare herself for what was to come, while her
  191. smooth back and firm, shapely ass were displayed and ready for
  192. punishment.
  194. Tortura brought his arm back and swung the whip.  Kimberly could hear
  195. it whoosh through the air and then her back exploded.  Her mouth went
  196. open in a silent gasp of pure agony, and then her back exploded again.
  197. She had never felt such pain in her entire life.  As a Ranger, she
  198. always had the special suit on, which softened all the blows to the
  199. point where she never really felt pain in the suit, just a pushing or
  200. pressure.  But the agony here was intense.  And once again, her back
  201. exploded in pain.  Her eyes began to fill with tears, and the blood
  202. rushing through her ears was blocking out most of the other sounds.
  203. She began to twist, desperately trying to avoid the blows, but Tortura
  204. would take careful aim, and strike her.
  206. The whip landed on Kimberly's shapely back and buttocks over and over
  207. and over again.  Kimberly continued to twist and writhe as her beating
  208. continued.  Although she was determined not to scream or cry, tears
  209. began to flow down her cheeks, and each time a blow landed a cry of
  210. misery would escape her lips. "The others will be here soon," she kept
  211. thinking to herself, for it was the only thing that allowed her to
  212. endure the whipping.  But each time she thought the whipping was over,
  213. and that Zedd's horrible laughter would stop, there was another
  214. hissing sound and then more pain.  Zedd came to Kimberly, grabbed her
  215. by the hair, and twisted her pretty face towards his.  "Enjoying
  216. yourself, Pink Ranger?" taunted Zedd.  Kimberly looked at him through
  217. tear filled eyes, and was trying to think of something clever and
  218. strong to say, but the whip landed and she let out a cry.  Zedd roared
  219. with laughter, and as Zedd held the miserable girl's hair, Tortura
  220. plied the whip again and again and again and again...
  222. Finally, the whipping stopped and Kimberly was allowed to hang, sweat
  223. running down her firm, naked body.  Two Putties each grabbed one of
  224. her legs, spread her legs, lifted her, and tied her ankles to poles.
  225. She was hanging horizontally, spread-eagled in mid-air.  Tortura
  226. approached her, and Kimberly trembled in fear.  Tortura held the whip
  227. in front of Kimberly's face.  Kimberly closed her eyes and turned her
  228. head away from the whip, but Tortura grabbed her by the hair, twisted
  229. her face to his, and roared, "Look at me!  Look at what's happening to
  230. you!"  He allowed the whip to run over her face, her shoulders, her
  231. breasts, nipples, and stomach.  Finally, he walked between her legs
  232. and began to stroke her cunt and pubic hair.  Kimberly moaned in agony
  233. and closed her eyes, once again turning her head away from what was
  234. happening to her.  Then, Tortura grabbed Kimberly's pubic hair and
  235. gave a yank.  Pain shot through her and her eyes popped open and she
  236. squealed.  Then Tortura drew back the whip.  
  238. "Oh, my God!" cried Kimberly as Tortura sent the whip into her cunt.
  239. Kimberly screamed a piteous scream of pain as the whip struck her
  240. pussy.  "Oh, God, oh God no Oh God AAAHHHH!  Tortura continued to whip
  241. away at Kimberly's virgin pussy.  Kimberly had thought that the pain
  242. she had felt from the earlier whipping was the worst that was
  243. possible, but this was a thousand times worse.  All pretense of
  244. strength gone, Kimberly began to scream and beg for mercy, but Tortura
  245. continued to whip away.  "Oh please no, no more, no AAAAHHHH!  Oh
  247. yet the vicious monster continued to sent the whip flying into
  248. Kimberly's cunt.  After seven strokes, Kimberly fainted.  Tortura
  249. called to Goldar, and the winged beast threw cold water into the
  250. helpless girl's face.  And once Kimberly was awake, the whipping
  251. continued.  The chamber became a living Hell for Kimberly, the intense
  252. agony she felt being compounded by her shame at being naked, and the
  253. horrible sounds of her screams mixing with the creatures' joyous
  254. laughter.
  256. Kimberly was given a total of fifty strokes in the cunt, during which
  257. the girl continued to scream in pain.  She fainted twice more, and was
  258. revived.  Finally, as she hung unconscious, the beating stopped.  Lord
  259. Zedd was exhilarated.  "More pain!  She must be tortured much more!"
  260. But Tortura was wiser that this.  
  262. "My Lord, we must let her rest.  I have plans to torture her for many
  263. more days.  Right now, this was more of a warm-up session that a real
  264. torture session.  She is very sensitive to pain, and if we were to try
  265. to inflict much more today, we may lose her.  Better to let her rest
  266. and recover and quake over what we have in store for her in the
  267. future.  Once she has regained some strength, we will continue the
  268. torture, only even more intensely."  Lord Zedd quickly recognized the
  269. wisdom in his creature's words.  Kimberly was awakened with more cold
  270. water.  She was cut down and dragged before Lord Zedd.  Her shame at
  271. being displayed naked before her enemy was overwhelmed by the agony
  272. that encompassed her back, ass, and cunt.  Zedd held Kimberly's head
  273. and turned her so that he could look in her face.  Her lovely face,
  274. covered in tears and so full of pain, sent waves of joy through Zedd's
  275. evil body.  "And now, Pink Ranger, it is time for you to rest.  We've
  276. made a modest beginning here today, haven't we?  I'm sure you enjoyed
  277. it as much as I did.  But this is only the beginning, my dear!  Sleep
  278. well, because the worst is yet to come!  Take her away!" And Zedd
  279. began to laugh, and his laughter rang in Kimberly's ears as she was
  280. taken away.
  283. From Sun May 11 13:45:24 1997
  284. From: (The Dark Ranger)
  286. Chapter 3 -- "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, Kimberly's Being Tortured!
  288. Kimberly was thrown into a small cage and the door locked.  "Sleep
  289. well, Pink Ranger, for there is more pain coming!  Finally we are
  290. getting our revenge!!  Ah, ha-ha-ha-ha!" mocked Goldar as he locked
  291. her in.  
  293. Once she was left alone, she threw herself down and began to cry,
  294. great heaving sobs.  Finally, she composed herself.  The other Rangers
  295. would save her, she thought.  Zordon, Alpha-5, and the others -- they
  296. had always been able to save one of them when they were in trouble.
  297. She had somehow managed to survive her ordeal today, and they would
  298. soon be here to rescue her.  The group had always succeeded in the
  299. past, and there's no reason to believe that this time would be any
  300. different.  They had to come and save her -- she wasn't sure how much
  301. more of this treatment she could take.
  303. Meanwhile, the other Rangers were beginning to wonder where Kimberly
  304. was.  They were all gathered in study hall when their communicators
  305. went off.  They ran outside to a secluded spot, and Jason called in.  
  307. "Jason here, Zordon, what's up?"  
  309. "We have a very serious situation," intoned Zordon solemnly.  "Alpha-5
  310. will teleport you here immediately."  And with that the five of them
  311. -- Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack, and Tommy -- were teleported to the
  312. command center.  When they got there, Alpha-5 was clearly in a very
  313. excited state.
  315. "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, what are we going to do?  This is terrible!
  316. Ay-yi-yi!"  the little robot said as he scurried to and fro.  
  318. "What's going on?"  asked Zack.  
  320. "Does this have anything to do with Kimberly?" asked Trini, hopefully.
  323. "Unfortunately, it does." said Zordon.  The five teenagers stood
  324. quietly and looked at Zordon's massive image.  
  326. "What's happened to her?" inquired Tommy, echoing the question on all
  327. the Rangers's minds.
  329. Zordon didn't mince words.  In situations like this, he felt it was
  330. best to be straight with the Rangers and hope they could handle it.
  331. "Kimberly has been kidnapped by Lord Zedd, and is being held in his
  332. lair."  These words sent shivers through the Rangers.  They knew that
  333. they had never been able to find Zedd's lair, and even if they could,
  334. they most likely would never be able to attack it successfully.  If
  335. Kimberly was being held there, then there may not be any way for them
  336. to rescue her.  
  338. "What's happening to her?  Why does he want her?" Jason demanded to
  339. know.  
  341. "I will tell you, but the answer is horrible. It will take strength,
  342. courage, and wisdom to be able to withstand this knowledge.  Look at
  343. the viewing globe and you will see what has been happening to her."
  344. They walked to the globe and the image that greeted them was Kimberly,
  345. naked, with her hands bound over her head.  Immediately, the sight of
  346. Kimberly's naked body gave Jason, Tommy, and Zack hard-ons, of which
  347. they were instantly ashamed and hoped that nobody else noticed.  But
  348. the scene soon shifted, and images of Kimberly being whipped filled
  349. the globe.  The Rangers were horrified at the site of Kimberly
  350. writhing in pain, and Trini buried her face in Tommy's shoulder.  The
  351. image faded, and Zordon spoke again.
  353. "Lord Zedd has created his most horrible monster yet.  The monster is
  354. Tortura, and it has a complete knowledge of how to torture a human
  355. being.  Lord  Zedd plans to continue to torture Kimberly in order to
  356. scare all of you away from being Rangers.  As of now, we don't know
  357. where she is being held, but Alpha-5 is working on it."  
  359. "I'll help!" cried Billy, and everybody nodded their consent -- Billy
  360. had often times in the past been able to work with Alpha-5 and
  361. together they were able to find things they thought couldn't be found.
  364. "There isn't much we can do for her now," continued Zordon.  "All we
  365. can do is to try to find her, and pray that she can remain strong."  
  367. "Oh, poor Kimberly, we've got to do something!  Oh, Kim..." Trini
  368. cried, her voice trailing away to sobs as she hugged Zack..  Jason and
  369. Tommy both approached the globe where Kimberly's image was last seen.
  372. "Hold on Kimberly," whispered Jason.  
  374. "Yeah, Kim," continued Tommy.  "We'll be there!"
  377.  Chapter 4 -- Kimberly's Torture Continues
  379. Kimberly couldn't remember when she finally was able to sleep or how
  380. long she was allowed to sleep, but she was rudely awaked by her cage
  381. being shaken.  It was Goldar hovering over her cage.  She was very
  382. sore and stiff from the previous day's punishment, but she was
  383. refreshed and had regained some of her composure, and so she tried to
  384. cover her nakedness.  Her cage was opened, and Goldar ordered a couple
  385. of putties to drag her out.  Held by the arms, she is brought down a
  386. long corridor until they reach a large door.  The door opened, and
  387. Kimberly was brought inside.  She tried to swallow her fear at seeing
  388. that she was back in the torture chamber, and Tortura and Lord Zedd
  389. were standing there waiting for her.
  391. Struggling in vain against her captors, Kimberly is put on one of the
  392. tables in the chamber and strapped down.  Her arms are strapped over
  393. her head, her ankles are spread apart and strapped to the end of the
  394. table.  Two thin straps hold her torso down -- one is just under her
  395. breasts and the other on her lower abdomen, between her belly button
  396. and her pubic hair.  She was completely exposed and helpless.  "Good
  397. morning, Pink Ranger, " Tortura taunted.  "Ready for our day's
  398. activities?"  Kimberly, through her fear, looked up at the monster and
  399. tried to be firm.  
  401. "The Rangers will be here soon.  You might as well just let me go and
  402. spare yourself!"  
  404. Lord Zedd threw back his head and laughed.  "I think not, Pink Ranger,
  405. I think not!" he laughed and then, turning to Tortura and seeing that
  406. the monster was prepared to begin the day's torture session, continued
  407. "Let the torture begin!"  
  409. The opening torture for the day was quite simple, but effective.
  410. Tortura took a long needle.  He put it in a flame until it was burning
  411. hot, and then delicately stuck the needle into Kimberly's flesh.
  412. Kimberly looked on with trepidation as the needle was heated, and she
  413. winced in pain as the burning hot sharp tip of the needle touched her
  414. tender flesh.  She bit her lip, determined not to give them the
  415. satisfaction of hearing her scream.  Tortura kept the needle red hot,
  416. and since it was a needle, it didn't leave any marks, but because it
  417. was sharp and hot, it caused searing pain wherever on Kimberly's
  418. lovely flesh it touched.  Tortura carefully stuck it in her armpits,
  419. her breasts, her nipples, her legs, her belly button, all over her
  420. firm lovely body.  Kimberly recoiled and twisted in pain as the needle
  421. inflicted its torture on her helpless body.
  423. Next, Tortura took a small electric prod and approached Kimberly with
  424. it.  Kimberly was lying helpless on the table, watching Tortura's
  425. every move with terror.  Tortura held the electrode before Kimberly's
  426. pretty face and spoke.  "Do you know what this is?  Well, I'll give
  427. you a hint... it isn't very nice.  Perhaps I should turn it on."
  428. Tortura twisted a switch on the probe and it began to hum.  Sheer
  429. terror shot through Kimberly's body.  "Now," said Tortura, "maybe I
  430. should show you what it does."  He leaned over to a piece of metal,
  431. held it close, and then pushed a button.  A jolt of electricity shot
  432. from the end of the probe to the metal.  Kimberly gasped in horror.
  433. "And now, my dear, for you..."  He mocked as he approached Kimberly.  
  435. Kimberly shook with fear as the monster approached her.  "No, oh, no,
  436. oh please no no no don't no don't ..." Tortura brought the probe close
  437. to Kimberly's stomach near her lovely belly button.  "No, please no
  438. don't no please AAAAAHH!" Tortura pressed the probe to Kimberly's
  439. smooth, firm stomach and pressed the button.  A searing, burning pain
  440. shot through Kimberly and she screamed in agony.   Torture moved the
  441. prod to her armpit and held it there for a moment, savoring Kimberly's
  442. terror.  "Oh, no, please" she begged, "please no no oh God no no
  443. AAAAHH!!  OOHHH NOOO!!  AAAAHHH!"  The prod sent its jolts of pain
  444. through Kimberly's armpit.  Tortura moved the prod all along
  445. Kimberly's lucious, firm body, shocking her on her arms, her stomach,
  446. her legs.  During her torment, she writhed and screamed in pain.
  447. Tortura then went to Kimberly's bare feet.  The prod caused tortured
  448. shrieks of agony to come from the helpless girl as the prod did its
  449. horrible work on her tender feet and supple toes.  Then, Tortura went
  450. to Kimberly's right breast.  He let the cold prod run along her
  451. breast, and tweaked her tender brown nipple with it.  "Oh my God, no,
  452. please no, no no no more no more I can't stand anymore, please no no
  453. no" she whimpered, as she gazed at the prod with terror-filled eyes.
  454. "Please no more no AAAAHHHH!!!"  The prod did its work on her tender
  455. nipples.  Kimberly felt like her body was being ripped apart, and she
  456. strained with all her might against the straps that held her firmly to
  457. the table.  Tortura worked the prod all around both her breasts,
  458. paying particular attention to her nipples.  Finally, Tortura placed
  459. the prod on Kimberly's clitoris.  "Oh, my God, no" whimpered the
  460. miserable girl, feeling the cold prod on her most sensitive area.  
  462. "Prepare for intense pain, my dear," taunted Tortura, and he pressed
  463. the button that sent waves of pure agony through Kimberly.  She
  464. strained mightily at the bonds holding her firmly, with pitiful
  465. screams of misery pouring from her open mouth.  Lord Zedd roared with
  466. laughter at her suffering and she mercifully fainted away from the
  467. pain.
  469. Cold water was thrown on Kimberly's face and she awoke with a start.
  470. She could feel that her bondage had changed slightly -- her arms were
  471. no longer bound over her head, but were now strapped tightly at her
  472. sides, and that a strap was over each of her hands, holding them flat.
  473. As soon as she was fully awake, the pain from the day's torture came
  474. rushing back, and she began to moan and gasp.  The sight of this
  475. lovely girl, the Pink Ranger who had caused him such trouble,
  476. suffering so much was pleasing to Lord Zedd.  "I am being well
  477. revenged on the Pink Ranger," he thought. "I can hardly wait to see
  478. what Tortura has planned for her next!"  
  480. Tortura slid a small rolling table next to Kimberly's head.  "Look
  481. what's next, my dear," the monster said.  Kimberly turned her head and
  482. saw a series of shiny, metal pins.  Tortura lifted one and held it
  483. before the naked girl's terrified eyes.   He then grabbed Kimberly's
  484. hand and held the ring finger of her right hand firmly.  He began to
  485. slide the needle under her fingernail.  As soon as the needle entered
  486. the sensitive pad under her fingernail, Kimberly began to cry out in
  487. pain.  
  489. "OH GOD OH NO NO AAAHHH!!" shrieked the helpless girl as Tortura
  490. finished sliding the needle under her fingernail and performed the
  491. same task on her middle and index fingers on her right hand.  Kimberly
  492. was wild with pain, screaming and begging for mercy as Lord Zedd drank
  493. in her voluptuous agony.  Tortura, finished with her right hand,
  494. rolled the table around to the other side.  Kimberly saw that he was
  495. going to her other hand, and desperately, but vainly, tried to close
  496. her hands to escape or something, anything to avoid the pain.  Tortura
  497. knew that the psychological torture he was inflicting by making her
  498. wait and dread the next torture was almost as effective as the actual
  499. physical pain itself.  Soon, despite the screams which echoes off the
  500. walls of the torture chamber, Tortura has inserted needles into the
  501. same three fingers on Kimberly's left hand.   "PLEASE! NO MORE NO MORE
  503. Kimberly's cries of agony echoed off the walls of the torture chamber
  504. as the needles were slowly inserted.  Then, Tortura went to the end of
  505. the table, where her feet were bound.  Kimberly looked, in horror,
  506. through her tears and saw Tortura stroking her lovely toes.  "Oh, God,
  507. please no, you can't no please I'll do anything just please no more
  508. .. "   She wiggled her pretty toes, but Tortura grabbed the fourth
  509. toe on her left foot (the one next to the little toe).   Kimberly
  510. gasped in horror as she felt the cold and clammy skin of the monster's
  511. hands hold her delicate bare foot. As soon as she felt the icy point
  512. of needle under the nail of her tender toe terror overwhelmed her and
  513. she started begging, "Oh, God, please no, have mercy, please oh please
  514. have mercy..."  Lord Zedd, hearing the girl's pitiful cries, waved
  515. Tortura to halt.  
  517. "God, you say?" mocked the Lord.  "I am your God now!  I control what
  518. happens to you!  And I say 'Continue the torture!' " he intoned,
  519. waving to Tortura to resume.  
  521. Kimberly shrieked "NOOOOO!!! AAAHHHH!  as Tortura slowly and carefully
  522. pushed the needle under the toenail., "OHHHHH GOD NO MOOORE
  524. Kimberly sobbed violently, gasping for air between screams.  Tortura
  525. then went to her shapely middle toe, and Kimberly's screams of pain
  526. resume as he began to slowly push a needle under that toe, and then
  527. goes to the toe next to the big toe, then back to the little toe, and
  528. finally inserts the needle under her big toenail.  Kimberly writhed
  529. and twisted, screaming in pain while the hideous creature held her
  530. delicate toes and slid the needle into the tender flesh under each
  532. AAAHHHHH!!"  
  534. Lord Zedd, watching intently, laughed in evil joy at the girl's
  535. misery.  "Hurt her more!  More pain!  She must suffer more!" cries the
  536. monster.  Tortura smiled evilly and goes to Kimberly's other lovely
  537. foot and inserted needles under all her toes.  The insertion of the
  538. needles was exquisitely slow -- Tortura managed to drag out Kimberly's
  539. agony to an incredible level, keeping her almost at the limit of human
  540. endurance.  
  544. NO MOOOOAAAAHH!!!" Kimberly's agony overwhelmed her very being -- she
  545. screamed and thrashed wildly, desperately throwing herself against the
  546. straps, twisting her feet and wiggling her toes, trying to get away.
  547. But there was no escape -- the straps held her firmly, and Tortura's
  548. strong hands and fingers held her lucious toes firmly in place for
  549. torture.  Kimberly's screams of agony and Lord Zedd's laughter filled
  550. the room.
  552. Finally, all the needles had been inserted.  Kimberly lay strapped to
  553. the table, moaning and panting.  Sweat dripped from her body, her hair
  554. was splayed all over her face.  Her finger and toenails were burning
  555. fires of agony with the nails in them.  Tortura went to her hands, and
  556. clipped the needles that were sticking out of her fingernails into a
  557. metal contraption something like a clamp.  The moving of the needles
  558. caused a wave of pain to shoot through her fingernails, and Kimberly
  559. moaned.  Lord Zedd and Tortura hovered over the helpless girl.  
  561. "What now, Tortura?" inquired Zedd.  
  563. "You will see," bowed Tortura.  
  565. Zedd stroked Kimberly's face with his hands.  "Ah, Pink Ranger, I am
  566. being splendidly revenged, don't you think?  Don't you agree this is
  567. fine payback for all the trouble you've caused me?" taunted Zedd.  
  569. Kimberly looked up through her agony and was about to speak when the
  570. pain in her hands began to get extreme and she began to gasp and cry.
  572. STOP PLEASE STOP AAAHHHH!"  The metal clamps that held the needle were
  573. now burning hot, and so the needles had turned red hot and were
  574. burning her nailbeds.  Kimberly was in agony, her head thrown back and
  575. screams emanating from her mouth.  She twisted her hands, but that
  576. only twisted the needles under her fingernails.  Tortura let her burn
  577. for a while, and then removed the clamps.  Then he pulled the needles
  578. from her fingernails.  Through the haze of pain, she could hear
  579. Tortura telling Zedd that he didn't want to overly torture her nails
  580. yet, as he had more plans for them.  Kimberly whimpered in complete
  581. misery at hearing this.
  583. Kimberly lay panting and gasping on the table.  She was beginning to
  584. think that the torture was over, if they would only remove the needles
  585. from under her toenails where they continued to send waves of pain
  586. through her entire body.  Tortura went to her feet, which gave her
  587. hope, but instead he attached small electrodes to each of the needles
  588. which stuck out of her toes.  Kimberly began to tremble in horror at
  589. what may lay in store for her.  Tortura took two clips and approached
  590. her crotch.  "No, oh God no you can't oh no please no no no no I'll do
  591. anything no please oh no don't" pleaded the miserable girl, but
  592. Tortura just smiled and clipped the electrodes to each wall of her
  593. virgin cunt.  Her cunt was already sore from where she had been
  594. whipped previously, and each clip hurt as it was attached.  Tortura
  595. fastened the other end of the clips to a machine, turned it on, and
  596. Kimberly was filled with terror as she heard it hum.  
  598. "Wait!" commanded Zedd.  "I want her friends to see this!"  So saying,
  599. he waved his staff, and the image of the other Power Rangers, at the
  600. command center, filled the room.
  602. At the command center, the other Rangers were busy trying to locate
  603. Kimberly when her image was displayed in the viewing globe.  "Look!"
  604. cried Trini.  The Rangers were all able to see Kimberly and the state
  605. she was in.  They were horrified as Zedd filled the image.  
  607. "Watch well, Rangers!  Watch well!!  Look, Pink Ranger, there are your
  608. friends!!"  He pointed to the image and Kimberly finally saw them and
  609. began to shriek at them.  
  611. "Oh, God, Tommy, Jason..  please!! You've got to save me!  Please save
  612. me.. don't let them do this to me anymore, I can't stand it!  Please
  613. guys you've got to save me, you've got to save me, don't leave me here
  614. don't let them hurt me anymore...   AAAAAHHHHH!"  The switch was
  615. thrown and electricity coursed through Kimberly's body, her toes and
  616. her cunt.  She shrieked in agony, her head flopped from side to side,
  617. and Zedd began to laugh uproariously.  The Rangers watched in horror
  618. as Kimberly's naked body writhed in pain.  Tommy tried to rush the
  619. image but of course, to no avail.  Then Kimberly sank back onto the
  620. table as the shocks ended.  "Please..." she gasped "Help me, please
  621. for the love of God help me don't let them hurt me anymore don't leave
  622. me help me please AAAAHHH!  AAAAHH!!  AAAAHHH!!!"  The electrotorture
  623. had begun again.  Tortura was modulating the shocks so that each toe
  624. took turns getting shocked.  Her body flailed wildly at her bonds. Her
  625. pitiful screams of agony cut through all the Rangers like a knife.
  626. Her supple toes wiggled as the shocks went through them.  
  628. "Good-bye, Rangers!"  laughed Zedd.  "See you soon!"  
  630. The image faded, but Kimberly's torture continued unabated, as the
  631. searing, tearing agony coursed through her cunt and abused toes  Her
  632. pretty head whipped from side to side as she screamed and shrieked in
  633. pain.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to the suffering
  634. girl, the pain overwhelmed her and she fainted.  Tortura decided that
  635. she had had enough and needed to recover, so he removed the clips and
  636. the needles and sent her back to her cage to recover for the night.
  638. Kimberly was thrown into her cage, and locked in.  She was fed and
  639. watered, and the left alone.  Misery overwhelmed her and she began to
  640. cry, great weeping sobs.  Why is this happening, she thought, why why
  641. why?  The pain from her ordeal continued to remind her of her fate as
  642. the poor girl cried pitifully until exhaustion overtook her and she
  643. finally fell asleep.
  646. From Sun May 11 13:46:33 1997
  647. From: (The Dark Ranger)
  649. Chapter 5 -- More Pain for Pink
  651. Tommy had to be held back from tearing the command center apart.
  652. "We've got to do something!" he cried.  "Don't you know where she it
  653. yet?"  
  655. "No, Tommy, we don't," intoned Zordon.  "You have got to remain calm.
  656. Part of Zedd's plan is to cause dissent and fear among you Rangers.
  657. You must remain in control!"  
  659. "Control?" screamed Trini.  "Control?  Did you see her?  DID YOU SEE
  661. SOMETHING!!"  
  663. "Calm down," said Jason, trying to control his own raging emotions.
  664. "We can't help Kimberly this way.  If we all stick together, we'll be
  665. able to save her."  Jason's words we logical, and a sense of calm
  666. settled over the room and Trini broke down into hysterical sobbing.
  667. "Any luck tracking her down, Billy?" asked Jason hopefully.  
  669. "Negative," said the Blue Ranger.  "There seems to be no way to be
  670. able to ascertain her spatial coordinates."  Tommy erupted at Billy's
  671. verbosity.  
  673. "Can't you just speak NORMALLY for once in your life?" he screamed.
  674. He grabbed Billy and started to shake him.  "I'M SO SICK AND TIRED
  675. .."  he trailed off.  "Oh, God, Billy, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean
  676. it..."  
  678. "I know Tommy," said Billy, reassuringly.  "I'll keep working."  
  680. "Yeah," piped Zack, who had been comforting Trini, "we'll find her.
  681. And Lord Zedd will pay for this!"  
  683. "Zack is correct," said Zordon.  "We must remain firm and committed
  684. and strong.  This is our greatest challenge yet, but I am certain you
  685. Rangers can overcome it."  Jason and Tommy both muttered their
  686. consent.  They'd find her.  And they'd have their revenge.
  688. Morning arrived, or what Kimberly assumed was morning.  There were no
  689. windows in the room she was being kept in, and she was pretty sure she
  690. was even on Earth any more.  She lay in her cage, the torture of the
  691. day before having faded to a dull ache over her body.  The tips of her
  692. fingers and toes still hurt very badly, and her cunt, which had been
  693. shocked so badly, burned.  The hope of being rescued was the only
  694. thing keeping her going.  The other Rangers had seen her -- she had to
  695. believe that Lord Zedd was so pleased with what was happening that he
  696. may have slipped up.  Although Zordon and Alpha-5 had always had to
  697. spy on Zedd, never had he been so brazen as to broadcast his
  698. activities.  They would be able to use that to find her, she knew it!
  699. But just then she realized they had seen her -- Jason, Tommy, Zack,
  700. Billy, and Trini, all of them, had seen her naked and being tortured.
  701. She was overcome by a new spate of crying, tears flowing down her face
  702. not from pain or fear, but from shame.
  704. It was in the middle of this last burst of tears that Zedd and two
  705. Putties entered the room.  Kimberly struggled to get control of
  706. herself.  "Ah, Pink Ranger, crying again?  It pleases me to see you
  707. crying.  I so enjoyed your tears last evening!  I can't remember when
  708. I enjoyed any sound as much!" taunted Lord Zedd, and Kimberly groaned
  709. inwardly at the thought of the monster listening to and enjoying her
  710. crying.  "Of course, there is another sound I enjoy more than your
  711. crying -- and that's you screaming in pain!  And now, I am going to
  712. enjoy that sound some more!  Putties!  To the torture chamber!"  On
  713. command, the Putties opened Kimberly's cage, and despite her protests
  714. and struggles, grabbed her, and dragged her down the corridor to the
  715. dreaded torture chamber.
  717. Lying strapped to a table, Kimberly looked on in fear as Tortura
  718. brought a soldering iron close to her face.  "Here, Pink Ranger, feel
  719. this!" he said and touched the iron to her cheek.  She let out a cry
  720. and turned her head away, but the iron was cold.  "Oh," laughed the
  721. monster, "I guess I forgot to plug it in.  Well, let's take care of
  722. that!"  And so saying, he plugged the iron into a wall socket.  He
  723. picked up the iron and held it near Kimberly's face.  "Look at it,
  724. Pink Ranger, can't you feel it heating up?  Soon, it will be doing
  725. it's work on your body... soon you will feel the pain from this simple
  726. device!  Very, very soon, my pretty, this device, which is oh so
  727. small, will be causing you quite a great deal of pain.  Can you
  728. imagine the pain you'll be feeling?  Ha-ha-ha!"  Kimberly was awash in
  729. fear as the monster taunted her.  She lay in her bonds, squirming,
  730. trembling, visibly trembling in terror as Tortura taunted her.  "Think
  731. it's hot enough?  Let's see!"  said Tortura as he brought the iron
  732. near her breast.  
  734. Kimberly could feel the heat approaching her flesh and began to beg.
  735. "No, don't do that, no no don't no nooooAAAAAAH!!!  AAAHHHH!!
  736. NOOOO!!! OH GOD!!!"  The pain of the burn was excruciating.  Tortura
  737. moved the iron to her armpit, which was already wet with sweat, and
  738. burned her.  Kimberly shrieked in agony as the iron worked its torture
  739. on her.  The iron was small, so it left only the tiniest mark on
  740. Kimberly's body as it burned.  This was deliberate on the part of
  741. Tortura -- he wanted to preserve her beauty for a little while longer
  742. at least.  "No, please no more I can't staaAAAAAAAHHHHND!! AAAHH!!  OH
  743. GOD OH GOOOOAAAAAAAAHHH!!  AAAHHH!!"  Tortura used the iron on her
  744. stomach, inside her belly button, on her breasts.  He tweaked
  745. Kimberly's lovely brown nipple, and then placed the burning iron
  746. directly on it.  "AAAAHHH!!!  NOOOOO!!! AAAHHHH!!!"  Kimberly's
  747. screams were music to Lord Zedd's ears.  The sight of this lovely
  748. naked girl squirming in agony filled him with joy.  Kimberly shrieked
  749. and screamed and writhed and begged for mercy.  Tortura went to
  750. Kimberly's beautiful legs and burned the inside of her thighs.  Then
  751. her went to her bare foot.  He began to stroke her lovely, naked foot.
  752. Kimberly twisted her foot and wiggled her toes, trying to keep her
  753. sensitive foot away from the monster.  Tortura grabbed her foot and
  754. placed the iron right in the center of her tender sole.
  756. miserable girl screamed in pain, desperately trying to twist her foot
  757. away from the monster.  Tortura grabbed her foot and held it firmly so
  758. the toes were pointed towards him.  He grabbed her foot and held her
  759. middle toe securely.  He took the iron and placed it directly under
  760. the nail and held it there.  Pain shot through Kimberly like she had
  761. never felt before.  "AAAAHHHHH!!" The most piteous and loud scream yet
  762. escaped her throat and she strained wildly at the straps, thrashing
  763. her head, trying, desperately trying to move her toe away from the
  764. pain giving iron, but still Tortura held the iron to her lovely toe.
  765. Kimberly's delicate toenail began to turn brown, and Kimberly's
  766. screams finally gave way to silence as, overwhelmed by suffering, she
  767. passed out.
  769. Cold water splashed onto Kimberly's pretty face and she awoke slowly.
  770. As soon as she awoke, a Putty grabbed her head and held it firm with
  771. its steely grip.  Tortura was standing over her and grabbed her cheeks
  772. with his left hand, holding her head firmly.  He carefully squeezed
  773. the sides of her mouth until her mouth opened, and then he put his
  774. fingers over her jaw and held her mouth open.  Kimberly hardly
  775. struggled -- she was so weak she let the monster do what he wanted.
  776. At least, she thought, he's not hurting me now.  Then Tortura lifted a
  777. shining instrument and held it before her eyes, and Kimberly began to
  778. squeal.  She struggled gamely to move her head or to close her mouth,
  779. but the Putty held her head firmly and Tortura's strong fingers held
  780. her mouth open.  The dentist's drill which was in Tortura's hands
  781. whirred to life, and the sound sent a bolt of horror through every
  782. fiber of Kimberly's being.  "Now, open wide!" taunted Tortura and,
  783. holding Kimberly's pretty mouth open, he inserted the drill into her
  784. mouth.  Muffled pleas for mercy escaped the miserable girl's mouth,
  785. which turned to screams of the purest agony as the drill cut into one
  786. of her teeth.  Steam rose from the tooth that Tortura was drilling,
  787. and Kimberly screamed and screamed in pain.  Tortura was, of course, a
  788. master, and he drilled with excruciating slowness into the girl's
  789. tooth.  Kimberly's pain was beyond belief, she thought she may go
  790. insane, or that her throat would be ripped raw from the screams that
  791. came from it, until finally, Tortura had drilled through the enamel of
  792. her tooth and drilled directly into the nerve of the tooth.
  793. Kimberly's body was racked with an intense bolt of agony and she
  794. mercifully passed out.
  796. Cold water brought Kimberly back to the living Hell she was now in.
  797. Her tooth throbbed intensely, and as she lay strapped to the table,
  798. she closed her eyes and rolled her head back and forth.  I can't stand
  799. anymore, she thought.  She just wanted to die, please God let me die,
  800. anything to stop the horrible torture.  She then felt Tortura playing
  801. around with her crotch.  Kimberly opened her eyes and saw that the
  802. creature held a single wire in his hands.  He inserted the wire deep
  803. into her urethra.  "OH MY GOD" gasped Kimberly as she felt the wire
  804. invade of this most private of holes.  Then her crotch exploded, as
  805. Tortura flipped a switch and  electric shocks coursed through
  806. Kimberly's most sensitive areas.  Kimberly screamed and thrashed as
  807. this unexpected agony raced through her.  But Tortura was far from
  808. done with Kimberly's lovely crotch -- when the shocks stopped, she saw
  809. that he held both the soldering iron and the electroprod in his hands.
  812. AAAHHH!!"  Tortura worked on Kimberly's clitoris and the lips of her
  813. cunt with both the electric prod and the soldering iron, and this
  814. these areas had been tortured previously with the whip and electric
  815. shocks, they were even more sensitive to pain that usual.  Each new
  816. abuse of Kimberly's sensitive genitals caused shrieks of pain to
  817. emanate from the miserable girl's throat and echo against the walls.
  818. And, of course, Lord Zedd was a happy observer to the torture scenes,
  819. always mixing his hideous laughter with Kimberly's screams of pain and
  820. unanswered cries for mercy.
  822. Kimberly lay on the table, panting and gasping.  Sweat dripped down
  823. the entire length of her body.  Her small but shapely breasts heaved
  824. as she sucked in all the air she could get.  In the haze of agony that
  825. was her very being, now, she heard Tortura called her name.  "Pink
  826. Ranger," he intoned.  "See what I've got for you now."  She turned to
  827. look at the monster, and she gasped in horror and began to pull wildly
  828. at her bonds.  Tortura stood before her, and had removed the
  829. "clothing" that had covered the monster's crotch.  A huge, bluish
  830. penis jutted out from there.  It was gigantic -- a hideous permutation
  831. of what Tortura knew a male organ to be.  Kimberly thrashed and
  832. struggled like a wild woman, for she knew what was in store for her.
  833. She was a virgin, of course, but she knew about the "facts of life."
  834. She had been starting to think that Tommy, or maybe Jason, would be
  835. her first.  Not this monster.  But even more terrifying than the
  836. thought of being violated by the monster was the size of the
  837. creature's member.  Kimberly was sure she wasn't going to be able to
  838. stand it, it couldn't possibly be able to fit inside her, and besides,
  839. Tortura had spent much of the past few days torturing her genitals so
  840. they were aflame with agony as is, so she could only shudder at the
  841. thought of what they would feel like with the monster's member inside
  842. her.  Tortura approached her, and in the background she could see that
  843. Lord Zedd was watching, and savoring, every second.  
  845. "No, please no no no you can't no please no no.." whimpered Kimberly
  846. as the monster mounted her naked, bound body.  Soon its face was right
  847. in front of hers, and he lay on top of her.  "No, you can't no no
  848. please please God have mercy no please no oh God oh God oh God..  oh
  849. noooooo! OOOH!  OOHHHHH!!!"  She felt the tip of his cock push at the
  850. lips of her punished cunt.  Pain shot through her as the burns and
  851. shocks were rubbed by the tip of his cock.  Then, with one mighty
  852. shove, Tortura rammed the giant cock into Kimberly's cunt, tearing
  853. through the hymen, and began to pump back and forth.  Kimberly put her
  854. head back and screamed a scream of such pure pain and terror that Lord
  855. Zedd thought he might die from pleasure.  Kimberly's cunt was so
  856. punished that the pumping of Tortura cock inside her caused waves of
  857. unmentionable agony to shoot through her entire body.  Combine the
  858. pain with the mental anguish Kimberly felt and you have a most
  859. exquisite torture.  Tortura pumped and pumped and pumped and Kimberly
  860. screamed and screamed and screamed.  She felt like his cock was
  861. tearing her apart, that he was splitting her wide open and tearing her
  862. limb from limb.  There was nothing else in her life but the giant,
  863. hideous cock rubbing inside her tortured cunt and the agonizing,
  864. relentless pain.  Lord Zedd leaned in close to the suffering girl's
  865. face and began to laugh and taunt her.  
  867. "Suffer, Pink Ranger!  Feel the pain!  Ah, ha ha ha ha!"  Zedd's
  868. monstrous laughter continued, mixing with Kimberly's screams that
  869. continued to ring off the walls of the torture chamber as Tortura
  870. continued to pump inside her.  Tortura, of course, could not ejaculate
  871. (the rape was simply something he felt would be an effective torture,
  872. and it was), so he simply continued to pump inside her until he felt
  873. she had reached the limit of her pain endurance.  And when that
  874. happened, he removed himself from her cunt.  Kimberly's screams
  875. stopped and she collapsed back on the table.
  877. Through her tears and the pain, she heard Tortura say "Turn her over."
  878. She could feel herself being held down and turned over, so she was
  879. bound face down, with her smooth, perfectly shaped ass sticking up.
  880. Tortura went before Kimberly's tear streaked face.  He held the
  881. dreaded electric prod in his hand.  Kimberly whimpered at the sight of
  882. the prod.  "Remember this?" taunted Tortura. "Where can I use it now?
  883. Where, oh where?" he continued, standing up and walking towards
  884. Kimberly's ass.  She couldn't see where he was going, but she gasped
  885. in terror as she felt him fondle her ass.  Then, to her complete
  886. horror, she felt the probe enter her asshole.  Tortura slid the prod
  887. as deep into Kimberly's anus as it would go.  
  889. "Ready, my dear?" he laughed.  
  891. "No, don't!" cried Kimberly.  "Please don't oh pleAAAAAIIIEEEEHHH!!!
  892. AAAAHHH!!! AAAAHHH!! AAAEEEIII!!!"  The pain of the electric shock
  893. coursing through Kimberly's tender anus was as intense as anything she
  894. had yet endured.  Tortura kept it up for a long time, until Kimberly
  895. was on the verge of passing out.  Then the shock suddenly stopped.
  896. Kimberly lay face down, praying that it was finally over, when she
  897. felt Tortura on her back.  She could feel his giant cock rubbing
  898. against her anus, and she went wild.  She struggled and screamed and
  899. thrashed and begged.  But she felt the monster's hands grip her
  900. buttocks, and with a mighty push the tip of his cock entered her ass.
  901. Kimberly's eyes bugged open as her asshole stretched to receive the
  902. end of Tortura's cock.  The pain was so great that it took Kimberly by
  903. surprise and she didn't even scream, just gasp.  "Oh, GOD!  OH GOD! NO
  905. AAAHHHHH!!!"  She couldn't believe that her narrow anus would be able
  906. to fit the creature's cock, it just couldn't fit!  Tortura slowly
  907. pushed his giant cock inside Kimberly's ass as Zedd roared with
  908. laughter.  Each inch the creature's member entered into the lovely
  909. girl's ass increase Kimberly's pain to a level she didn't think
  910. possible.  "It can't fit" thought Kimberly through her terror.  It was
  911. going to tear her apart, she would split open!  He pushed and pushed
  912. until he was finally fully inside her.  She struggled desperately,
  913. trying to expel the monstrous cock from her ass, but to no avail.
  914. Then he started to pump and pump and pump.  Kimberly's screams of
  915. agony and terror were truly pitiful to behold -- she twisted and
  916. writhed and drooled and screamed and begged and cried... her life had
  917. become pain and humiliation and terror -- there was nothing else but
  918. the horrible feeling of the cock in her ass, the humiliation, the
  919. horrible sound of Zedd's joyous laughter, and the intense, searing,
  920. unbearable pain...  She prayed for death, anything ANYTHING but what
  921. was happening to her now!  Finally, mercifully, after what seemed an
  922. eternity to the helpless suffering girl, pure pain overwhelmed her
  923. senses and she passed out.  Tortura decided she had had enough for the
  924. day, and she was sent back to her cage.
  927. From Sun May 11 13:47:56 1997
  928. From: (The Dark Ranger)
  930. Chapter 6 -- Can She Stand Any More?
  932. Back at the command center,  Billy and Alpha-5 continue to scan
  933. computer readouts hoping to find Kimberly's position.  Meanwhile, the
  934. other Rangers paced the floors.  Jason walked over to Billy.  
  936. "Any luck?"  
  938. "Negative, " the Blue Ranger responded.  "Despite our hopes that
  939. Zedd's last transmission would have given us an opening with which to
  940. divine his coordinates, we have met with unmitigated failure thus far.
  941. But we have some more ideas, and we'll continue."  Trini spent most of
  942. the past days crying, but now she was under control.  
  944. "Zordon, can you show us how she is?  Can you show us what's happening
  945. to her now?"  The large face of  Zordon looked down on the  Rangers.  
  947. "It is best if you don't know.  Zedd is looking for Kimberly's fate to
  948. dishearten and break up the Rangers.  We must continue our efforts to
  949. find her and rescue her..."  
  951. "No," interrupted Tommy.  "We need to know."  The other Rangers
  952. agreed.  
  954. "But it is horrible, even more horrible than before."  
  956. "We need to know," said Zack, and the other nodded their agreement.  
  958. "Then look into the viewing globe, but be prepared for what you see,"
  959. intoned Zordon.  They looked in the globe, but only for a second,
  960. because that was all they could stand.  The scene displayed was
  961. Kimberly being fucked by Tortura.  Kimberly was screaming in pain, and
  962. Lord Zedd was leaning close to the girl's face and was laughing and
  963. taunting her.  
  965. "STOP IT!" screamed Trini and the image faded, and Trini collapsed
  966. into great, wailing tears.  "Oh, God, Kimberly..." Trini cried.  The
  967. others were just silent as the image confirmed their worst fears, and
  968. they wondered, in horror, what could possibly happen next to their
  969. poor beautiful friend...
  971. Consumed in agony, Kimberly lay in her cage waiting for the inevitable
  972. entry of the Putties to take her back for more torturing.  She was
  973. certain she couldn't stand any more, and wasn't sure her friends would
  974. be able to get to her in time.  Her plan was simple -- she would give
  975. up.  Lord Zedd obviously wanted her to stop being a Ranger, and wanted
  976. to stop the others from being Rangers as well.  And she'd give it to
  977. him.  Willingly.  Suddenly, as she lay in the cage, the commotion
  978. started and the Putties entered the room.  The door to her cage was
  979. flung open, and two Putties grabbed her by the arms.  Before her she
  980. saw Lord Zedd, in all his infamous glory.  With a mighty effort, she
  981. tore free from the Putties and threw herself at the Lord's feet.  The
  982. Putties went to grab her but Zedd waved them off, and listened to what
  983. the miserable girl was saying.
  985. "Please, Lord Zedd, please, I can't take anymore, please I'll do
  986. anything, please no more, I'll do anything please please please I'll
  987. give up being a Ranger I swear I will please no more no more..."
  988. whimpered the battered girl.  All resistance was gone, she felt she
  989. couldn't stand another session of torture.  Lord Zedd lifted her head
  990. to face him.  
  992. "You'll give up being a Ranger?" he asked.  "And you'll convince the
  993. others to give up as well?"  
  995. "Yes!" cried Kimberly, hope swelling up inside her.  "I will!  I swear
  996. I will!"  
  998. "Very well, then, Pink Ranger," said Zedd.  "Perhaps I have achieved
  999. my purpose here.  Putties!  Follow me!"  
  1001. Kimberly's face lit up with hope as the Putties grabbed her.  They
  1002. followed Zedd down the now familiar corridor and Kimberly began to
  1003. tremble.  Soon, the door to the torture chamber was in sight, and
  1004. Kimberly's knees buckled at the sight of it.  But they walked right
  1005. past it!  Kimberly had never felt such joy in her life!  She almost
  1006. choked with pleasure, it was going to work! It was going to work!  He
  1007. was going to let her go!  Tears of joy filled her eyes, and they
  1008. finally came to a door she hadn't seen before.  Probably the way out,
  1009. she thought.  Zedd opened the door and, with a flourish, bade her
  1010. enter.  The Putties dragged her inside, and as she entered the room
  1011. she threw back her head and screamed.
  1013. Before her stood Tortura and the torture chamber.  Zedd had simply
  1014. brought her to another door to the same horrible room.  Kimberly
  1015. looked to Zedd, who was savoring her misery.  "NOO!!  Please, Zedd,
  1016. just kill me.  You've always wanted to kill us, so just kill me, kill
  1017. me, for God's sake, just kill me and be done with it!" cried the
  1018. terror stricken girl.  Zedd walked over to her and grabbed her by the
  1019. hair and put his face close to hers.  His words filled her with dread
  1020. as he said,
  1022. "Kill you?  My dear Pink Ranger, my pretty Kimberly, before now that's
  1023. what I wanted more than anything, to see you dead.  but now I feel
  1024. decidedly differently.  Right now there's nothing I want more than for
  1025. you to be alive -- alive so that you can suffer and feel the pain that
  1026. we've planned for you.  Ha ha ha ha ha!"
  1028.  Tortura approached her with a syringe.  "No, no, no..." struggled
  1029. Kimberly, unable to twist free of the Putties, as the needle entered
  1030. her arm.  She moaned softly as Tortura pumped the liquid into her.  It
  1031. burned slightly.  
  1033. The Putties dragged Kimberly over to a table and began securing her to
  1034. the table with straps, and as they did, Tortura turned to Zedd and
  1035. explained "That was a stimulant.  Today we begin tortures that are far
  1036. more painful than what we've done previously, I want to make sure that
  1037. she stays awake long enough to fully appreciate them."  
  1039. "So, it will increase the intensity of her suffering?" gloated Zedd.
  1040. "Excellent!"  
  1042. "Of course, " continued Tortura, "it will not keep her awake
  1043. constantly.  I figure we will many times reach a level of pain which
  1044. will cause her to pass out.  But the stimulant should allow her to
  1045. withstand significantly more pain than without it, and will minimize
  1046. the chance that she will go into shock.  This is especially important
  1047. since today we begin serious mutilations."
  1049. Bound to the table, Kimberly looked around in terror.  Next to her was
  1050. a brazier filled with red hot coals.  She could feel the heat emanate
  1051. from the brazier.  Tortura lifted a poker from the coals and brought
  1052. it near Kimberly's face.  Her eyes went wide with terror.  Tortura
  1053. slowly brought the iron closer to Kimberly's armpit.  "Oh, God, no no
  1054. no please no you can't no no AAAHHH!! AAEEII!!  AAAHHH!! NO MOOOORE!!
  1055. AAAHHHH!"  The iron sizzled as it burned Kimberly's delicate armpit.
  1056. Tortura removed the iron -- it left a charred burn mark where it had
  1057. been.  He walked to her other armpit, but stopped at her forearm and
  1058. put the burning iron on Kimberly's forearm.  "AAAHHH!! AAAIIIEEEHH!!"
  1059. Shrieks of pain were torn from the helpless girls' throat.  The
  1060. burning iron is brought near her tender thighs.  "OH GOD NO MORE NO
  1062. AAHHH!!!!"  Kimberly was burned several times on her thighs, on her
  1063. side, her arms, her stomach...  Kimberly screamed and screamed and
  1064. screamed in agony as Tortura continued to burn her flesh.  Tortura
  1065. then grabbed Kimberly's left breast and squeezed it, causing the
  1066. nipple to stand out.  Kimberly's screams ceased and she looked in
  1067. horror at her sensitive breast being squeezed in the monster's hand.
  1068. Tortura brought the iron close to her nipple.  Kimberly could feel the
  1069. heat approaching her nipple and began to whimper.  "Oh, God no I'll do
  1070. anything please no please no more please God mercy no no no no more
  1071. please don't hurt me anymore please I can't stand it pleEEEEAAAAAHHH!"
  1072. Tortura placed the sizzling iron on the tip of her nipple, and
  1073. Kimberly's body arched in agony as her screams resumed.  Her then
  1074. leaned over to the other breast, and despite the girl's pitiful pleas
  1075. for mercy, burned the tip of her other tender nipple the same way.
  1076. "AAAAHHH!!  AAAEEEIIII!!!"  Kimberly thrashed in her bonds as the
  1077. screams of agony poured from her throat.  "AAAAHHH!!!  AAAHHH!! NO NO
  1079. Kimberly's screams of agony were music to Zedd's ears.
  1081. Tortura put the iron down, and Kimberly stopped twisting and screaming
  1082. and lay panting in her bonds.  Sweat dripped down her entire body, her
  1083. throat was parched from screaming.  She couldn't believe that she
  1084. hadn't passed out yet, since the pain seemed even more excruciating
  1085. than before.  Of course, it was the stimulant doing its work on her.
  1086. Tortura rolled a table next to her bare stomach.  On the table were
  1087. some scalpels and some different types of pliers.  Turning to Goldar,
  1088. who had been watching the torture, he commanded "Hold her head -- make
  1089. her watch!"  The winged monkey nodded and strolled to Kimberly's
  1090. pretty head.  He grabbed it in his strong hands and lifted it so that
  1091. she had a clear view of her smooth, firm stomach.  Tortura lifted the
  1092. scalpel and held it lovingly before Kimberly's terrified eyes.  
  1094. "Oh, my God..." whimpered the terrified girl, "What are you going to
  1095. do?  Please don't hurt me anymore, I'll tell you anything you want
  1096. I'll do anything please please I can't stand anymore plea...."  Her
  1097. voice trailed off into great sobs.  Zedd approached the miserable
  1098. girl.  
  1100. "But, my dear, we won't need to know anything!' tainted the horrible
  1101. creature.  "All we want from you is for you to suffer.  And I think
  1102. Tortura is going to make sure that happens!  Ha-ha-ha-ha!!"  With
  1103. Zedd's horrible laughter filling her ears, Kimberly moaned, closed her
  1104. eyes, and tried to turn her head away, but Goldar held her head firmly
  1105. and screamed in her ear "WATCH, PINK RANGER!  HA-HA-HA!!"  Her eyes
  1106. popped open and she saw Tortura holding the scalpel near her stomach.
  1110. AAAAHHH!!!  AAAIIIEEE!!!"  Tortura carefully made a pair of parallel
  1111. cuts about an inch apart, delicately slicing through all the layers of
  1112. Kimberly's skin.  Kimberly's shrieked in agony as he cut.  He then
  1113. connected on end of the cuts with another slice.  He then used the
  1114. scalpel to loosen the very end of the cut so her could grab the skin
  1115. with a pair of pliers.  He waited until Kimberly's screams died down
  1116. to pitiful whimpers.  He then chanted, "Kimberly!  Look down here!"
  1117. Goldar held her head so she couldn't turn away, and she looked with
  1118. horror filled eyes at Tortura, holding the end of the flap of skin
  1119. with the pliers.  
  1121. "OH GOD NO!!!" cried Kimberly, and then pain the likes of which she
  1122. couldn't believe possible tore through her stomach, for Tortura began
  1123. to pull, and pulled the flap of skin off with quick jerks.  Kimberly
  1124. screamed and screamed and screamed.  Once Tortura had removed the
  1125. skin, he covered the exposed flesh with a painful, but effective,
  1126. antiseptic to prevent too much infection.  Then he let Kimberly rest
  1127. for a few moments, to regain some of her strength for the next ordeal.
  1129. Tortura took a pair of pliers and the soldering iron and went to the
  1130. end of the table, where Kimberly's pretty feet were bound and
  1131. helpless, ready for whatever torture was prepared for them.  Tortura
  1132. began to stroke her feet and play with her toes.  Kimberly began to
  1133. twitch her feet and wiggle her toes, trying to move them away from
  1134. Tortura's hands.  Tortura grabbed her left foot and held it firmly.
  1135. Kimberly began to gasp, breaths coming in short bursts as she tried to
  1136. brace herself for whatever horror was to come.  Tortura took the
  1137. pliers, push them against the end of the little toe on her left foot
  1138. and firmly grabbed the tiny nail.  Kimberly could feel the cold steel
  1139. on the end of her toe and began to whimper, "Oh, God, oh God no God no
  1140. please... aaahh!  AAAHHH!  OH GOOOODDDD!!! NOOOOO!!! AAAAEEEIII!!!"
  1141. Tortura had reached around and immobilized her lovely toe and then,
  1142. with a quick jerk, wrenched the tiny toenail out.  He held the toenail
  1143. up and showed it to Kimberly who was screaming in pain.  Holding the
  1144. nail in front of the quivering girl's face, he taunted, "Now, for
  1145. number two!"  He went back to her left foot and went to the next toe.
  1146. Kimberly's pitiful attempts to wiggle her toe away from the pliers
  1147. were humorous to Tortura and Zedd, and this time, instead of wrenching
  1148. the nail out, Tortura pulled with exquisite slowness until the nail
  1149. was removed.  Kimberly's agony was unbelievable, she screamed and
  1150. screamed.  Tortura then removed the next two toenails on her left foot
  1151. in much the same fashion, grabbing them with the pliers and slowly,
  1152. exquisitely slowly, pulling them out.  "OH GOD NO NO AAAHHH!!
  1153. AAAHHH!!! PLEEAAASSEE NO MORE NO MORE AAAHHH!"  Kimberly's couldn't
  1154. believe the pain she was feeling.  Her screams and pleas were more
  1155. pathetic then ever.  She thought several times during her suffering
  1156. that she must surely faint, she surely couldn't physically stand the
  1157. agony, but the stimulant that Tortura had given her was keeping her
  1158. awake, and ready for pain.  Tortura then took the soldering iron, and
  1159. slowly used it to burn the exposed beds where Kimberly's toenails used
  1160. to be.  Besides causing excruciating agony to the miserable girl, it
  1161. also staunched the flow of blood.  Now all that was left on her left
  1162. foot was the big toenail.  Tortura took a metal nail file, like the
  1163. one Kimberly used to use to file her nails, and, laying it flat, began
  1164. to slide it under her big toenail.  Kimberly began to shriek and
  1165. scream hideously as the pain shot through her nubile young body.  Once
  1166. the file had started to make its way under her toenail, Tortura took a
  1167. small hammer and began to slowly tap the end of the file, continuing
  1168. to drive it under the nail.  Kimberly had been shrieking and twisting
  1169. in pain up until now, but when Tortura started driving the file deep
  1170. under her toenail, Kimberly really began to go out of her mind.  Words
  1171. could not describe the agony she was feeling, nor the pitiful screams
  1172. that came from her ravaged throat.  Once the file was deep under the
  1173. nail, Tortura grabbed her toe, and pushed down on the file, until
  1174. Kimberly toenail began to pop up out of its socket.  Kimberly's
  1175. screams increased and were so loud it almost seemed the room was
  1176. shaking from them.  Once the nail was popped up a little, Tortura
  1177. grabbed it with the pliers and jerked it out.  The pain so overwhelmed
  1178. Kimberly that she gasped, her screams captured in her throat and then,
  1179. despite the stimulant, passed out in a dead faint.
  1181. Cold water and smelling salts brought Kimberly back to life.  "I'm
  1182. glad you're back, Pink Ranger," taunted Lord Zedd as he stood over her
  1183. bound naked body.  "We've got so much more planned for you, and I'd
  1184. hate for you to miss it!"  Kimberly's voice was raspy, the pain
  1185. overwhelming her very being.  
  1187. "Please no more, Zedd, please I'll do anything no more no more kill me
  1188. just let me die no more please no more... OH GOD!" Kimberly felt
  1189. Tortura fondling her right foot.  She desperate struggled, twisting
  1190. her foot and wiggling her toes in an almost comical attempt to escape.
  1191. To add to the monsters's mirth, Tortura pretended to not be able to
  1192. grab her foot, which made Zedd roar with laughter.  But then Tortura
  1193. grabbed her bare foot, and Kimberly began to cry and whimper, for she
  1194. knew what was next.  She screamed and screamed as the monster removed
  1195. her toenails.  Each of her smaller toes were immobilized, and the
  1196. monster grabbed the tiny nails and slowly pulled them out.  Kimberly's
  1197. screams were beyond words -- she truly thought she was going to go
  1198. insane with agony.  But Tortura had a few new tricks for the helpless
  1199. girl.  After removing the toenail from the fourth toe, the one next to
  1200. the little toe, he grabbed her lovely toe with the pliers and began to
  1201. squeeze and twist.  Waves of pain were sent through Kimberly's entire
  1202. body as she heard a tiny crack when he broke the toe.  The removal of
  1203. the toenail from the middle toe, pulled out of its socket with
  1204. excruciating slowness, followed immediately.  Kimberly continued to
  1205. scream, begging for mercy, pleasing for them to stop the torture.
  1206. Then the next toenail was pulled from Kimberly's lovely supple toe.
  1207. For the big toe on her right foot, Tortura once again drove the nail
  1208. file under the toenail.  Kimberly's screamed and screamed and screamed
  1209. as he tapped the file under the delicate toenail.  But this time, he
  1210. pushed down on the file and continued to do so until the nail
  1211. completely popped out of its socket.  Then he immediately burned the
  1212. exposed beds, where delicate, lovely toenails used to sit, with the
  1213. soldering iron.  Kimberly had virtually screamed herself hoarse.  She
  1214. screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed.  Never
  1215. had she ever felt such pain in her life.  And the stimulant, doing its
  1216. hideous work, kept her awake and attentive during her entire ordeal.
  1217. Zedd was in ecstasy as he watched the Ranger suffer.
  1219. Kimberly was allowed to rest again, for a short while, to recover her
  1220. strength, while Tortura prepared the next ordeal.  While Kimberly was
  1221. writhing and moaning and whimpering, Tortura went to her hands and
  1222. strapped them securely to the table.  Then he called to Goldar to hold
  1223. her head so she can watch what he's going to do to her hands.  He sat
  1224. at her left hand, and Goldar held her head in that direction.
  1225. Kimberly, miserable and unable to resist, watched helplessly as
  1226. Tortura approached her hand.  He grabbed the little finger on her left
  1227. hand, took the pliers, and slowly removed the fingernail.  Kimberly's
  1228. shrieks of pain start anew.  He then took the scalpel and sliced
  1229. through the layers of skin at the base of the finger, and slowly
  1230. peeled the skin off.  Kimberly's screams of pain were incredible -- in
  1231. a sense, Zedd was amazed that the girl could still scream that loudly.
  1232. But the pain was overwhelming everything else in Kimberly's being, she
  1233. was literally consumed in agony.  Tortura then took a knife and began
  1234. to scrape away the flesh from her finger.  Kimberly couldn't believe
  1235. the agony as he took the knife to the exposed flesh.  Finally, as the
  1236. bone of her finger began to show through, Tortura took a large clipper
  1237. and snipped off her finger near the knuckle.  Quickly, he took a red
  1238. hot poker and burned the exposed segment, cauterizing the wound to
  1239. prevent the loss of too much blood.  Kimberly, being kept awake by the
  1240. stimulant, screamed herself hoarse, and then finally the pain and
  1241. shock overtook even the stimulant's power and she passed out.  Once
  1242. again, she was revived with cold water, and she lay in her bonds,
  1243. shaking in agony, whimpering pitiful pleas for mercy.  Lord Zedd was,
  1244. as always, watching the proceedings with the keenest of interests,
  1245. laughed with glee as Kimberly's suffering hit new heights.  He decided
  1246. it was time to share his joy with others.
  1248. The command center was full of activity.  Billy and Alpha-5 continued
  1249. to scan printouts trying to locate Kimberly, and the other Rangers
  1250. paced the floor, feeling totally helpless.  Then Trini, who had been
  1251. sitting in a chair trembling, pointed a finger at the side wall.  
  1253. "Look!" she cried, and the Rangers looked and once again, Kimberly's
  1254. image filled the viewing globe.  The sight of her ravaged body shocked
  1255. all the Rangers into silence, and then the awesome figure of Lord Zedd
  1256. filled the globe.  
  1258. "So, Rangers, look on in horror at your fallen compatriot!  The Pink
  1259. Ranger has been abused and tortured beyond anything you pitiful
  1260. mortals may have ever envisioned!  I am being well revenged!  But this
  1261. is not the end!  Oh, no!  So long as you remain Power Rangers, each of
  1262. you will suffer a similar fate.  Let's watch and listen and Tortura
  1263. works on your delicate friend!"  With that, Tortura went to Kimberly's
  1264. right hand and began the slow process of removing the pinkie on that
  1265. hand.  The same hideous routine was used on this hand that was used on
  1266. the left hand -- Kimberly's fingernail was pulled out, the skin
  1267. removed, and the flesh hacked away until finally Kimberly's finger was
  1268. snipped off and the open wound cauterized with a sizzling iron.  As
  1269. soon as Kimberly felt Tortura's strong hands grip her finger, she
  1270. began to go crazy.  
  1274. NO NO AAAHHH!!! AAAHHH!!!"  The Rangers were unable to turn away from
  1275. the horrible sight of their friend being mutilated before them.  As
  1276. the torture was progressing, Zedd filled the image again.  He motioned
  1277. to Goldar to cover Kimberly's mouth, to muffle her screams of agony so
  1278. that he could speak to the Rangers.  
  1280. "How do you like that?  Wouldn't you like to feel Tortura work his
  1281. magic on your bodies?  Trini, wouldn't you like to replace Kimberly on
  1282. the table?  And you boys -- look how Tortura treats the lovely
  1283. Kimberly's fingers.  Imagine what he's do to your penises and balls,
  1284. eh? Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!  Yes, he'd remove them very, very slowly!  Can you
  1285. imagine the agony as you are slowly castrated?  If you remain Power
  1286. Rangers, all this will happen!  Look well upon the fate of the Pink
  1287. Ranger -- it is up to YOU as to whether you suffer the same fate!!"
  1288. And with that, his image faded.  
  1290. The Rangers stood silently in the command center.  The sight of
  1291. Kimberly's torture and the threats that Zedd made to them had stunned
  1292. them into shocked silence.  Zordon tried to speak.  
  1294. "Rangers, you must be strong.  Together we can defeat Zedd."  Jason
  1295. tried to speak, but couldn't think of what to say.  The remaining
  1296. Rangers looked at each other, as Billy silently puts down the computer
  1297. printout he had been holding.  
  1299. Meanwhile, back in the torture chamber, Kimberly had passed out when
  1300. the red hot iron burned the stump from where her finger had been
  1301. amputated.  Tortura decided that she had had enough for this session,
  1302. and she was carried to her cage where she was allowed to rest.  She
  1303. was woken, and was relieved to see that she was in the cage and not in
  1304. the torture chamber.  She felt like her entire body was consumed with
  1305. agony.  Her hands were aflame with pain, and her toes were so full of
  1306. pain that standing or walking was impossible.  After she was fed and
  1307. watered, she was given a sedative, so that despite the agony that
  1308. threatened to overwhelm her, she fell fast asleep.
  1312. From Sun May 11 13:48:58 1997
  1313. From: (The Dark Ranger)
  1315. Chapter 7 -- The End is Near
  1317. Kimberly was awakened by the shaking of her cage.  She looked up and
  1318. saw Goldar and two Putties.  She immediately curled herself up into
  1319. the fetal position and began to whimper and tremble.  She didn't have
  1320. the strength to fight anymore, and her body still ached horribly from
  1321. the torture.  Her body still hurt where she had been burned, her hands
  1322. ached where her thumbs had been removed, and the tips of her lucious
  1323. toes, now bereft of the lovely toenails that used to be there, were
  1324. aflame with pain.  Goldar and the Putties grabbed her lovely naked
  1325. body and dragged the whimpering girl down the hall to the torture
  1326. chamber, where Tortura and Lord Zedd awaited their victim's entrance.
  1327. They held her before Tortura and Zedd -- she needed to be held since
  1328. standing or walking was pretty much impossible considering the
  1329. condition of her feet and toes -- and Tortura took a hypodermic needle
  1330. and gave her another injection.  Today's injection was an even
  1331. stronger stimulant than the one she had been given yesterday.  
  1333. "No more," whimpered Kimberly, her voice reduced to a low hoarse by
  1334. the constant screaming.  "Please no more no more please..."  Her voice
  1335. trailed off into sobs.  
  1337. "No more?" roared Zedd, grabbing the sobbing girl by the hair.  "But
  1338. we've got so much more planned for you!!  Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"  With that,
  1339. Tortura motioned to the Putties, and Kimberly was dragged to a table
  1340. and securely strapped in.  
  1342. Kimberly's eyes were filled with terror as she could see Tortura
  1343. making arrangements.  She couldn't see what he was doing, but every
  1344. fiber of her being was filled with terror.  She then heard a
  1345. "whooshing" sound, and then Tortura turned around and Kimberly's eyes
  1346. went wide with horror.  Tortura stood before her with a lit blowtorch
  1347. in his hand.  "OH GOD!" cried Kimberly, unable to even conceive what
  1348. the torch would do to her delicate flesh. "YOU CAN'T!  NO NO NO NO!!
  1349. OH GOD NO AAAAHHHH!!!"  Tortura swiped the open flame against her
  1350. armpit and the miserable girl screamed in agony.  Tortura produce
  1351. stripes of searing agony as he passed the flame over Kimberly's
  1352. armpit, arms, and thighs.  He then went to the screaming, writhing
  1353. girl's bare feet.  Grabbing her right foot in his hand, he waved the
  1354. torch over the top of her toes, burning them horribly.  Kimberly's
  1355. screams were indescribable -- and when Tortura waved the flame over
  1356. the top of the toes on her left foot, her screams of agony got even
  1357. more pitiful.  Tortura gave her a few moments to appreciate the pain,
  1358. and then her grabbed Kimberly's naked foot and put the flame on her
  1359. sole.  Kimberly's agony exceeded anything she had felt before as the
  1360. torch's flame burned the tender bare sole of her foot.  The flame was
  1361. positioned on every delicate toe, every sensitive crevice of her naked
  1362. foot -- not a single inch of Kimberly's beautiful bare foot was
  1363. neglected.  The sole of the foot contains many pain receptors, and the
  1364. burning had them all aflame.  Kimberly's face was contorted, she
  1365. almost didn't look human as she screamed and screamed and screamed in
  1366. pure agony.  Finally, what was once a lovely, shapely pink foot was
  1367. now completely charred black, almost unrecognizable.  Only the
  1368. stimulant kept Kimberly awake and out of severe shock during the
  1369. torture, since the pain she was feeling was far beyond what she could
  1370. endure, and she was still screaming in agony from her foot when
  1371. Tortura went to work on her other foot.  This one he was a little
  1372. slower with, to make her appreciate the torture even more.  Each toe
  1373. was slowly burned until it turned from its usual lovely pink color to
  1374. a charred black.  Then her heel was burned to black, and finally her
  1375. instep and the rest of the sole of her foot.  Kimberly thrashed and
  1376. twisted, totally consumed with agony.  There was nothing else in her
  1377. life, it seemed, but pain, pain, and then more pain.  Every time she
  1378. thought there could not possibly be any more pain, that she had felt
  1379. it all, there seemed to always be a higher leak of pain, a peak past
  1380. which there could not possibly be any more pain, but then Kimberly
  1381. would reach that point and yet there would still be more pain and more
  1382. pain...  Tortura and Lord Zedd stood back and admired Tortura's work.
  1383. Kimberly's mutilation was proceeding nicely.
  1385. Kimberly was allowed to rest for a short while.  Her screams died down
  1386. to whimpers and gasps, and she lay on the table, moaning in misery.
  1387. Her feet were two balls of pure agony, she almost couldn't think, but
  1388. she snapped back to life when she felt Tortura strong hands grab her
  1389. right hand.  "NO!!!" she shrieked as her held her hand firmly and
  1390. grabbed hold of the fingernail on her ring finger.  With a firm yank
  1391. the nail was removed, and shrieks of pain tore from Kimberly's throat.
  1392. The nail of her middle finger was next, and after that he grabbed her
  1393. middle finger with the pliers and twisted it back until the bone
  1394. snapped and her finger was bending backwards towards the back of her
  1395. hand.  Kimberly's screamed in agony, and her screams continued as
  1396. Tortura removed the nails from her index finger and thumb.  Examining
  1397. the lovely girl's mutilated hands, Tortura decided to torture her
  1398. hands more, so with the pliers he broke the three remaining fingers on
  1399. her hand.  And then it was on to her left hand.  Kimberly's thrashing
  1400. and screaming continued, and didn't abate when Tortura removed the
  1401. fingernails from the remaining fingers on her left hand.  However, on
  1402. this hand he took a pair of clippers and snipped off her fingers.  Of
  1403. course, Tortura made the amputations last a while -- he snipped each
  1404. finger at each joint, so it took two or three snips to completely
  1405. remove each digit.  Then he cauterized the stumps with a hot iron.
  1406. Pain almost overwhelmed the effects of the stimulant being use on
  1407. Kimberly, and she began to go faint.  In order to prevent this, the
  1408. torture was stopped, and Kimberly was given some water and allowed to
  1409. rest for an hour or so.  During this time, she was given another shot
  1410. of the stimulant.  She would need it for what Tortura had planned for
  1411. her.
  1413. Kimberly lay panting on the table, still securely strapped in.
  1414. Tortura approached her naked body, and she began to gasp and tremble.
  1415. Her voice was a low rasp, reduced to this by the enormity of her pain.
  1416. "Please... no more... no more.. oh God please no more..." the pitiful
  1417. girl whimpered.  Her lip trembled and she shook with fear as Tortura
  1418. began fondling her right breast, tweaking the delicate, brown nipple.
  1421. "Let's rough things up a bit," taunted Tortura and he took a piece of
  1422. sandpaper and began to rub it on Kimberly's nipple.  At first, the
  1423. pain wasn't that bad, but shortly the rough paper scraping away at the
  1424. exposed flesh of the nipple sent waves of pain through Kimberly.  She
  1425. began to thrash and moan, but Tortura continued to run and rub until
  1426. her nipple was a mass of blood and exposed flesh.  Putting down the
  1427. sandpaper, he picked up a scalpel, and before Kimberly's horrified
  1428. eyes carefully cut a circle around the nipple, slicing through the
  1429. layers of skin.  
  1431. "NO!!!  PLEASE!! NO  OH GOD OH GOD!!!" cried the terrified girl as
  1432. Tortura sliced down from the nipple to the base of her breast, making
  1433. six slices so that if one looked down on her breast the slices made it
  1434. look like a pizza.  Tortura sliced very carefully, only cutting
  1435. through the layers of skin.  He then, using a pair of pliers, grabbed
  1436. a flap of skin next to the nipple.  He began to pull, and as he pulled
  1437. the skin, he carefully ran the scalpel where the skin met her flesh,
  1438. delicately removing the skin.  Words cannot describe Kimberly's pain
  1439. as each of the six flaps were removed, skinning her breast, nor could
  1440. words describe Lord Zedd's joy at this newest mutilation.  Tortura
  1441. then began the slow process of removing her breast.  Tortura worked
  1442. with exquisite slowness -- using the scalpel, he removed a chunk from
  1443. Kimberly's breast and then would burn the exposed wound with a burning
  1444. iron to minimize the flow of blood.  Kimberly's agony truly surpassed
  1445. anything imaginable -- the pain had gotten so great she could no
  1446. longer scream, her mouth was wide open in soundless agony, her
  1447. beautiful face contorted.  It took Tortura a long time, but finally,
  1448. the breast was removed.  Kimberly had almost gone insane, the pain had
  1449. replaced everything else in her life, there was just pain and pain and
  1450. more pain.  And then Tortura went to her remaining breast.  Once
  1451. again, six slices are cut down the side of the shapely breast.  But
  1452. this time, Tortura works UP from her torso to the nipple, removing the
  1453. flaps of skin but leaving them attached at the nipple.  Kimberly
  1454. thrashed and squirmed and cried out -- the agony had far exceeded her
  1455. capacity to withstand the pain, and only the powerful stimulant kept
  1456. her awake and alert.  Once the flaps had been removed, Tortura grabbed
  1457. them and pulled them up.  With a tearing sound, and an almost inhuman
  1458. shriek of pain from Kimberly, Tortura pulled off the flaps of skin and
  1459. Kimberly's lovely nipple came with it.  Immediately, Tortura took a
  1460. handful of salt and rubbed it into the exposed flesh of her breast.
  1461. Then he took a garden claw, and sank the teeth of the claw deep into
  1462. Kimberly's breast.  Kimberly's cries of agony continued as he pulled
  1463. up, ripping her breast apart and leaving only shreds of flesh where a
  1464. lovely, firm young breast once stood.  Kimberly was thrashing in
  1465. agony, and Tortura once again took up the torch and used the flame to
  1466. burn the remnants of Kimberly's breast to stop the bleeding.  
  1468. Continuing to torture Kimberly, Tortura then went to her crotch.
  1469. Finding her clitoris, Tortura brought the sizzling iron to play on the
  1470. sensitive organ.  After he had burned the delicate organ, causing more
  1471. excruciating pain for the helpless writhing girl, Tortura took a
  1472. fishing hook, which had strong string attached to it, and carefully
  1473. slid the hook through her clitoris.  Kimberly's face was contorted
  1474. beyond recognition as she twisted in hideous agony.  Tortura held the
  1475. thread up, causing the clitoris to stretch.  Finally, Tortura gave it
  1476. one strong jerk and the hook tore through the delicate organ.
  1477. Kimberly's body was consumed with agony as blood began to spurt from
  1478. her mutilated clitoris.  Her agony was increased as Tortura cauterized
  1479. the wound by burning her mutilated organ with a red hot poker, and
  1480. then, Tortura spread the lips of her vulva and with one strong move,
  1481. pushed the red, hot sizzling iron into Kimberly's cunt.  Kimberly went
  1482. stiff with agony and then, despite the stimulant, passed out.
  1484. Cold water brings Kimberly back to her senses.  Lord Zedd is standing
  1485. over her, laughing.  "Welcome back, my dear" gloated the monster.
  1486. "Look what's next for you! Ha-ha-ha!"  Kimberly looked at Tortura and
  1487. saw that once again, the monster's cock was protruding.  But this
  1488. time, Kimberly noticed that the cock was rough.  Indeed, Tortura had
  1489. changed his cock to be have a surface much like sandpaper.  Tortura
  1490. mounted Kimberly's body, and as soon as the tip of the rough cock
  1491. touched Kimberly's ravaged cunt, she began to scream in agony -- well,
  1492. scream is probably the wrong word.  Kimberly's throat was torn raw
  1493. from her screams, so just gasps of pure anguish came out of her
  1494. throat.  Tortura continued to pump away, each thrust mutilating
  1495. Kimberly's already despoiled genitals.  Blood came out with each
  1496. thrust, and Lord Zedd was loving every second.  Kimberly's head was
  1497. twisting from side to side, but Tortura grabbed it and held it firm.
  1498. While he was fucking her, he began to snip away her right ear, piece
  1499. by piece.  By the time he had finished removing her ear, Kimberly's
  1500. struggles were beginning to fade.  She was beginning to fade, and
  1501. since he had one more torture session left for her, Tortura quickly
  1502. unmounted her and turned her over on her stomach.
  1504. On her back, Tortura rams the sizzling iron deep into her ass.  By
  1505. this time, Kimberly was almost gone, and the indescribable agony the
  1506. burning sent through her caused her body to jerk.  Tortura mounted her
  1507. and forced his rough cock into her asshole.  A cry of pain escaped her
  1508. mouth, and Zedd grabbed her by the head and held his head close to her
  1509. suffering face.  
  1511. "Do you have anything to say, Pink Ranger?  Any special thoughts?"  
  1513. Kimberly tried to speak, but the agony that was her entire life
  1514. prevented any intelligible sound from escaping her lips.  Tortura
  1515. continued to fuck her ass, and the pain was too much for her to bear.
  1518. "Well," taunted Zedd, "since you have nothing more to say, let's make
  1519. sure you have nothing more to say!"  And with that, Tortura grabbed
  1520. Kimberly's tongue and sliced a good chunk of it off.  Now blood was
  1521. gushing from her mouth, her cunt, and her ass.  Zedd looked into the
  1522. miserable girl's face and began to laugh.  Laugh a horrible laughter
  1523. of sadism and evil joy.  With the laughter ringing in her ears,
  1524. Kimberly's body gave a couple of convulsions and then was still.
  1526. Tortura stands up, and he and Zedd look over the ravaged body of the
  1527. Pink Ranger.  "She has gone into severe shock, my Lord.  Soon she will
  1528. die.  We could try some more stimulant, although it may not work, and
  1529. try to boil her in her own blood.  That way we could try to squeeze
  1530. the last bit of pain out of her."  
  1532. "No," said Zedd, as his eyes were glued to the naked, mutilated girl
  1533. who trembled slightly and moaned quietly.  "My greatest triumph is yet
  1534. to come!  I have finally become victorious!  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"  
  1536. And with that horrible proclamation, Zedd held up his hands, exalting
  1537. over Kimberly's tortured frame, and the miserable girl went into
  1538. convulsions, gave two or three jerks and then was still.  
  1540. Lord Zedd held up his hands and proclaimed "Behold!  The Pink Ranger
  1541. is dead!"  Cries of "Hail, Lord Zedd!" rang from the hall, as his
  1542. minions cheered on their leader in his moment of glory.  Standing over
  1543. the mutilated corpse of the Pink Ranger, Zedd drank in their praise,
  1544. and felt ready to take on his rightful place as ruler of the universe!
  1548. From Sun May 11 13:50:15 1997
  1549. From: (The Dark Ranger)
  1551. Chapter 8 -- The End of The Power Rangers?
  1553. "I think I may have something!" proclaimed Billy, as he and Alpha-5
  1554. surveyed the latest series of printouts.  "At the least, it gives us a
  1555. few places to look!"  
  1557. "Way to go Billy!" exclaimed Tommy.  And all the other Rangers shared
  1558. his enthusiasm.  
  1560. "Now we'll get Kimberly and kick some butt!" cried out Zack, ready for
  1561. battle.  
  1563. "Let's go now, " said Trini, "I can't stand the thought of poor Kim
  1564. being there another second."  
  1566. "You got it guys, " said Jason, and standing up straight, he said
  1567. "It's morhpin' time!"  But before the Rangers had a chance to activate
  1568. their power coins, Lord Zedd's voice filled the hall.  
  1570. "You are too late, Power Rangers!  Behold!  I give you The Pink
  1571. Ranger!  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"  And with that, a flash of light
  1572. filled the room and Kimberly's body appeared.  Besides the ravaged
  1573. corpse, Zedd also sent all the body parts that had been removed from
  1574. her, so her toenails, bones and bits of flesh from her fingers, her
  1575. tongue, the pieces of her ear, and the flesh that was cut from her
  1576. breasts were littered about and on her body.  Kimberly's pretty face
  1577. was contorted in agony with her eyes wide open.  Blood was all over
  1578. her; in fact, even though there was no beating heart to pump it
  1579. through her body, it continued to seep from her mouth and from several
  1580. of her wounds.  
  1582. At the sight of Kimberly's body, Trini collapsed onto the floor in
  1583. tears, and began to whimper, and Billy threw up.  There was no doubt
  1584. what had happened to the poor girl.  Alpha-5 began to run around the
  1585. room chanting "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, Kimberly's been tortured to death!
  1586. What are we going to do?"  And then Zedd's voice filled the air and
  1587. his image filled the viewing globe.  
  1589. "Here is your precious Pink Ranger!  And if any of you tries to get in
  1590. my way again, the same fate will be waiting for you!  Our torture
  1591. chamber seems so lonely now that the Pink Ranger is gone!
  1592. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!"  Silence filled the command center.  Even Zordon
  1593. didn't know what to say.  
  1595. It took a long time for the other Rangers to stir.  Jason stood up and
  1596. tried to think straight.  "What are we going to tell Kim's parents?
  1597. What will we tell anybody?  My God, look at her!  How can we get her
  1598. buried?  Zordon, what can we do?"  Zordon looked down at the
  1599. crestfallen Rangers.  
  1601. "There is nothing we can do.  We can clearly not let anybody see
  1602. Kimberly's body.  We must destroy it, and then find a new Pink Ranger
  1603. to fight Zedd."  
  1605. "A new Pink Ranger?!?"  cried Trini, regaining her senses.  "You just
  1606. can't REPLACE Kim!  And how are you going to prevent the same thing
  1607. from happening to us?  No, I can't do it anymore!" and with that Trini
  1608. threw down her power coin and communicator and ran from the center.  
  1610. Zordon could sense that the same thoughts were going through the rest
  1611. of the Ranger's minds, and so he spoke.  "Go now, rest, and mourn the
  1612. loss of our dear friend.  Later, I will call you back, and if you no
  1613. longer wish to wear the colors of the Power Rangers, I will
  1614. understand, and we will transfer the power to others."
  1616. Are the Power Rangers finished?  Had Lord Zedd finally won?  Or will
  1617. they regroup and save the world?  Stay tuned!
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