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  1. ------Rules------
  3. We dislike rules, but because some people are being dicks,
  4. we have to enforce a couple for the better of the community:
  6. -Don’t ask to go on air when it’s not your turn.
  8. -Don’t ask if you can test out in-between slots.
  9.  Testing out shit generally means a prolonged
  10.  period of the radio being offline, which makes
  11.  people stop listening and consequently miss the
  12.  next show.
  14. ------FAQs------
  15. Q: Who is currently DJing?
  16. A: To find out the current DJ type “.dj”.
  18. Q: What song is playing?
  19. A: To find out what song is currently being played type “.np”.
  21. Q: Can I make a song request?
  22. A: It never hurts to ask! However, please keep in mind that while
  23.    our DJs do tend to have expansive music collections, they
  24.    don’t have every song ever released, so it's very possible
  25.   that they don’t have the one you want, and downloading it whilst
  26.   streaming will use up their connection and thus decrease the
  27.   quality of the stream.
  29. Q: Can I be a DJ?
  30. A: Sure! Send a PM to either lnternet, Climaxia or Twee.
  32. Q: But I don’t think I have good enough technology or technological knowledge!
  33. A: Don’t worry! It’s extremely easy and we have a guide written
  34.   that will guide you through the whole process. And don’t worry about
  35.   having a shitty connection either; it doesn’t take much bandwidth to stream.
  37. Q: No one is currently playing…can I go on?
  38. A: Yes!
  40. Q: When I try to broadcast using SAM Broadcaster I get “error 200”…
  41. A: This error simply means that someone else is already broadcasting.
  42.   Go back to the channel and sort out your timing or get them to stop
  43.   if it's supposed to be your timeslot.
  45. Q: When I try to broadcast using SAM Broadcaster I get "error 10061"...
  46. A: This error means that the server can't be connected to. Our server
  47.   is always up and running so it is likely that you entered the server
  48.   details wrong whilst setting up the program.
  52. ------Broadcasting Tips------
  53. - Don't play all the same genre/artist. Mix it up a bit!
  54. - Make sure you use your own name whilst broadcasting (you can set
  55. it in SAM Broadcaster) so that people know which DJ is playing
  57. ------Additional Info------
  58. If you’re having any kind of technical problems, just ask about it in
  59. the channel and someone should be able to help you. If no one is responding,
  60. PM one of the ops (someone with “@” in front of their name).
  62. If you have a site-specific problem or question,
  63. PM temazcal since he’s responsible for the site.
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