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  1. Notes for the Town Hall Meeting:
  3. Personal Feelings:
  5. 1.  Lack of community involvment.
  6. 2.  Locking of threads
  7. 3.  More active administrators
  8. 4.  Poor communication between admins and community
  9. 5.  Misuse of authority by some admins
  10. 6.  Conduct of some administrators 
  11. 7.  Too many admins that may be 'dead weight'
  12. 8.  Lack of interest in performing admin duties
  13. 9.  Poor decision making resulting in negative outcomes.
  14. 10. A need for outsourcing opinions to more than just a small clique
  15. 11. Little to no say for Supporting Members within the ARMA2 Community
  16. 12. Some volunteers assisting the Admins with little to no gratitude
  17. 13. Game Officer non-existent in community, both game and involvement
  18. 14. Admins should not admin while inhebriated
  19. 15. Lack of respect shown to mission makers, lack of support, red tape and annoying delays for renowned mission makers
  20. 16. Lack of respect to new players
  21. 17. Making decisions without having a high participation and community involvement resulting in rash decisions
  22. 18. Some admins lacking in the technical abilities
  23. 19. The GO and XO believe they are above their own rules
  24. 20. Lack of foresight by some admins and lack of cohesion throughout the current admin team
  25. 21. Lack of leadership by admins
  26. 22. The status of Pathfinders and elitism
  27. 23. Unprofessional behaivor by some admins
  29. Community Gripes:
  31. 1.  Player misconduct because of lack of players and leadership
  32. 2.  Spending too much time not playing
  33. 3.  Immature players
  34. 4.  Player conduct in general has become less than standard
  35. 5.  Supporting Members often questioning why they are paying to have no say
  36. 6.  Too much elitism and cliques, distancing from being community based
  37. 7.  Community members feel there is a lack of direction with the mod-packs
  38. 8.  Should be more votes on some decisions via forums
  39. 9.  Long time members do not enjoy playing here anymore
  40. 10. If Supporting Members do not agree with a change their opinion should not be disregarded
  41. 11.
  44. Technical Gripes:
  46. 1.  Broken missions
  47. 2.  Mod management and YOMA tools not being properly maintained and difficult to use
  48. 3.  The addition of GL4?
  49. 4.  Lack of information for updates and reasoning
  50. 5.  MANDO missle interfering with advances in ACE
  51. 6.  Rapid succession of updates cause stability issues; require more testing
  52. 7.  Renaming/adding folders without telling people, changing URLs without properly informing community
  53. 8.  General lack of expertise on the mod side of implementation
  54. 9.  Missions being over-played due to lack of variation
  55. 10. Lack of foresight
  56. 11. Removing of content without reasoning
  57. 12. Failure of understanding ACE updates and the importance of Hot Fixes
  58. 13. Little to no testing of extra add-ons to good effect
  59. 14. Require a new user config tutorial
  60. 15. The consistent introduction of new content without the information for proper installation and reasoning behind the decision
  61. 16. Tempo of updates is too quick, unless it is a required update, updating during the week should not be an option
  62. 17. Need more support for Mission makers
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