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  1. Some would describe Arkesh as having moments of beauty, with its rolling red sands, rocky mountains and ancient temples adorning the landscape, but these moments pass and the realization that Arkesh can be a harsh, unforgiving environment becomes clear. Despite its beauty, the sands of Arkesh are still home to many dangerous creatures and the sandstorms still a danger to any caught in them.
  2. Until 800 years ago, the desert country of Arkesh was under the domination of Shazzar The Everburning, a colossal red dragon whose power was absolute. Shazzar's rule was unopposed for centuries, until one day the people of Arkesh heard a pained bellowing roar followed by moments of silence before torrents of flame engulfed the country, killing thousands. Those that survived emerged and they saw that the sands of Arkesh had been stained red by the flames, which would later give Arkesh the moniker "The Ruby Desert". The people remained diligent and went about their work, in fear of incurring Shazzar's wrath, but time passed and the desert remained silent, the people came to a conclusion "Shazzar was gone." Many celebrated this, glad to finally be free of the dragons tyrannical rule, while a handful of others remained faithful to Shazzar, declaring that the ruby sands were his promise to return one day and cleanse this land of those that turned their backs on him. The flames had devestated Arkesh, attempts to rebuild were difficult and slow. But 5 years after the disappearance of Shazzar, a man named Kinrath Jazir came to Arkesh, possessing unnatural strength and leadership, he was able to inspire loyalty in others. The people had been ruled over for so long that they required a strong hand to guide them and Kinrath seemed more than willing to fill that role. Using his influence, he began constructing a capital in the center of Arkesh which would later become known as "Al-Sajinn". To this day Sovereign Kinrath still sits on the throne as the head of Al-Sajinn, though suspect of his unnatural lifespan, his rule is still respected by the people.
  3. Though Al-Sajinn lies in the center, the nearest port town, Almina, is to the far west, past the harsh wasteland and the raging sandstorms, neigh impassable on foot without extensive preparations.  Though your destination may be the same, your reasons for going there are your own. The journey from Almina to Al-Sajinn is roughly 3 weeks and with only 2 days remaining, you should be there before you know it...
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