Pirates IRC APR'18 Changelog

mruno May 24th, 2018 45 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. April 2018 Changelog
  4. 27Apr
  5. Changes:
  6.     Added a Quiet event where the ship comes upon a monster and if anyone types a command while the ship is near the monster, it will attack
  7.     Added a way to see auctions that have ended over the past 24 hours with: !P AH Past
  8.     Disease should now spread from pirate to pirate easier
  10. 21Apr
  11. Changes:
  12.     Added additional pirate stats to
  14. 20Apr
  15. Changes:
  16.     Added overall pirate stats to the website:
  19. 19Apr
  20. Changes:
  21.     Cooldowns shown for Cap'n Rumor and skills
  22. Fixes:
  23.     Cap'n being penalized when top 2 or 3 other pirates are not onboard when "Cap'n Limiting" is enabled
  25. 17Apr
  26. Fixes:
  27.     Messages for Cap'n tries to change course to a place already sailin'
  28.     Low pop ship channel topic fixes
  30. 16Apr
  31. Fixes:
  32.     Elixir prices in the market
  33.     !P Aye correctly remove from Rusty list. It will not clear from the dbase until the next season starts
  34.     Correct smells distracting you when underway
  35.     Recommended chest trap at markets
  37. 15Apr
  38. Changes:
  39.     Added number of items must be sold to the msg: "Sell some items to the market"
  41. Fixes:
  42.     Unable to use a skill book to advance in a skill even more than max number of skill had been reached
  44. 13Apr
  45. Changes:
  46.     Rounds have been renamed as Seasons
  47.     Added a Mimic event. Can be triggered randomly or when messing with chests. Mimics are from Dark Souls
  49. Fixes:
  50.     Swordsmanship and marksmanship swag messages incorrectly sent during a duel when the weapon is broken
  53. 12Apr
  54. Changes:
  55.     Added !P Top Flood. Count for top flooders will begin today.
  56.     Added flood achievement Since pirates who flood will get brigged, they will not earn doubloons for these achievements
  57.     Time added for when Cap'n can perform !P CAPTAIN EMPLOY during ship tasks cooldown at a port
  59. Fixes:
  60.     Port taxes after a raid timeout
  61.     msg confirmation when using !P Counter
  62.     Bounties not being deducted from the person placing the bounty in some instances
  65. 11Apr
  66. Changes:
  67.     Added !P Port Claimed <other ship>
  69. Fixes:
  70.     When sailing or anchored, !P Port STATUS
  72. 10Apr
  73. Fixes:
  74.     Rare weapons dbase issues
  75.     Rare weapons could be repaired in some instances
  77. 09Apr
  78. Changes:
  79.     Added auction house achievements and tasks
  80. Fixes:
  81.     Trader task when buying goods
  83. 08Apr
  84. Changes:
  85.     Bot ship (The Revenge) now has a chance to claim a port
  86.     Reward for the ship that controls the most port has been halved
  87.     Added a protection tax for ports. If a port is claimed by a ship and the ship returns to the port, the ship will get a protection tax from the port. Ships must be gone longer than 1 hour to earn the tax
  88.     Added Dead achievement fer pirates that have been dueled too much in a day
  89.     Used fruit will now have a chance to increase stamina if not player is not diseased
  90.     Coins in markets now limited to 1 per pirate
  91. Fixes:
  92.     Bot will no longer target itself in a prank
  93.     Independent ports' previous factions being lost
  94.     Player status gender inconsistencies
  95.     !P AH List and !P AH Bid inconsistencies
  97. 07Apr
  98. Changes:
  99.     Reduced brig time for ship flooders from 5 mins to 2 mins
  100.     Captcha question will change if a player answers incorrectly after more than a few tries
  102. Fixes:
  103.     Bounties will no longer be posted if a player onboard is not high enough of a level to duel
  104.     Captain command reminders for Cap'ns less than level 5
  106. 06Apr
  107. Changes:
  108.     Added a max number of skills you can learn with skill books (4)
  109.     Round bonuses can only be chosen once. IE if you chose the Diplomat round bonus once, you will never be able to choose it again.
  111. Fixes:
  112.     !P Bored dig
  114. 04Apr
  115. Changes:
  116.     Increased chance for bot to post item to auction
  117.     Added highest bidder to !P AH List
  119. 01Apr
  120. Changes:
  121.     A player's chosen round bonus, if any, will be shown in !P Info <player>
  122.     Auctions reduced to 24 hours
  123.     Brig Bribe Vouchers now act like other vouchers; they must be used n' not just be in your chest. Use !P Vouchers to see what vouchers are active
  124.     Cap'n level will be random in !P Top on April's Fools
  125.     Added player Task at round 11 'round bonus'. if players have not used the bonus
  126.     Round bonuses are active for player who have played more than one round: !P Bonus
  127.     Added faction name when docked at a port
  128.     Added visibility to raw rep points in !P Rep
  130. Fixes:
  131.     !P Ships Near not showing ships when all ships are moored at the same port (event)
  132.     Task infect completed when urinating and infecting a player with a disease
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