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Second Life Furry SIM owners play "Little Hitler".

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  1. Second Life Furry SIM owners play "Little Hitler".
  3. This report was leaked to me from a public chat in Second Life that demonstrates the extreme nature of 'furries' once they gain even the smallest inkling of pseudo-power.  A former LL staff associate who ran an Info Hub years ago refers to them as 'Little Hitlers'.
  5. Details:
  7. "Bare Fur" furry SIM owner MichaelSean attacks Tiernan for no reason what so ever.  Decide if you ever wish to be CONTROLLED by such an entity and reconsider better places to relax without fear of being mentally raped by NaziFurs playing "Little Hitler" in Second Life.
  9. 12/12/15 - Merry Christmas, huh?
  11. [17:38]  Tiernan McLaglen: Howdy :>
  12. [17:38]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): hello
  13. [17:38]  Tiernan McLaglen: You are of the gerbil species? :>
  14. [17:39]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): uhmm... no
  15. [17:39]  Tiernan McLaglen: Oh, sorry.
  16. [17:39]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): I'm a cat
  17. [17:39]  Tiernan McLaglen: I'm not that good with mammals sometimes.
  18. [17:39]  Tiernan McLaglen: I see, OK, the tail threw me off. :>
  19. [17:40]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): because it's not big and floofy?
  20. [17:40]  Tiernan McLaglen: The colour, size, pattern.
  21. [17:40]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): it's not striped ..
  22. [17:40]  Tiernan McLaglen: I'm far more deep than most others you have ever met here I'm sure.
  23. [17:41]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): What's that have to do with a tail?
  24. [17:41]  Tiernan McLaglen: Everything, as these are my words, the words in which we are communicating with currently.
  25. [17:42]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): right ... Ok
  26. [17:42]  Tiernan McLaglen: Did I speak a mistruth to you?
  27. [17:43]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): Were you looking for a debate?
  28. [17:43]  Tiernan McLaglen: Seems you are. I am not.
  29. [17:43]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): Cuz .. Saturdays are my night off from debating
  30. [17:44]  Tiernan McLaglen: Good, then I shall hear no more from you. :>
  31. [17:44]  Tiernan McLaglen: Enjoy your evening.
  32. [17:44]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): One would guess that you don't much care for my sim
  33. [17:45]  Tiernan McLaglen: Passive-aggression. I see. You are attempting to fearmonger me while you are in a negative mood. That is sad. I mean well.
  34. [17:45]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): I find you to be insulting and dismissive .. a bore
  35. [17:45]  Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean): BYE, HAVE A BEAUTIFUL TIME! :D
  36. [17:45]  Tiernan McLaglen: Do whatever temporary fix makes you happy.
  37. [17:45]  MichaelSean Resident ejected and banned you from this land.
  38. [17:45]  You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.
  39. [17:46]  You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.
  40. [17:46]  You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.
  41. [17:46]  Teleport completed from http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bare%20Fur/255/1/80
  43. Note the male login name is portraying themselves as 'female' in both text and visual appearance as Michelle Monokarlsefni (michaelsean).
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