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  2. NoobxD: Hello Is blocking as CT allowed if you're not laddercamping?
  3. NoobxD: I want your answer about it :)
  4. Julia Sheer - Hostis Elite: It's not allowed no, blocking as ct is prohibited, doesn't the rules make that quite clear? Oo
  5. NoobxD: NoobxD: Hello, I has this question once again.
  6. NoobxD: Is blocking as CT allowed if you're not laddercamping?
  7. MONTYX - yes its ok to block as ct
  8. NoobxD: Zedd said to you to say that?
  9. NoobxD: I hope you knew that the rule is "Blocking as CT - allowed" "Laddercamping in mention to block.... - unallowed"
  10. Julia Sheer - Hostis Elite: Zedd said to you? Lolwat, first of all. It's "Did Zedd tell you to say that" and second of all, no, he didn't. The rules are quite clear, perhaps with different types of logic the rules tend to look different, but as I see it, blocking as ct is not allowed, perhaps if you accidentaly got of the ladder a bit to slow or simmilar to the blocking as t rule there are exceptions
  11. Julia Sheer - Hostis Elite: and unallowed isn't even a word :|
  12. NoobxD: How your logic is opposite of the rule "Blocking as CT - allowed". Gotta be pretty stupid if that's your logic. Dunno if I should respect you anymore. You're at the same level with smartness with Zedd..?
  13. NoobxD: And stop being such a grammatic-nazi. I don't care how I speak here. It's not an english essay.
  14. Julia Sheer - Hostis Elite: Well, the rule changing was made because people were blocking ts to death all too much, thuss came the poll, and with that the rule became a bit blurry, since it's up to each and every admin to interpret the rule themselves with a common base that blocking as ct is  not allowed, some might say it's okay and some might say it's not, but you have asked montyx, he said that it's okay, you asked me and Zedd and we said that it isn't, and if you are so smart, you should know that if 66% of the votes are on one of the 2 options, that's the one you go by. And I'm not being a grammar-nazi, I'm just curious since you complain about other peoples english skills and what not, yet you don't seem to have any at all yourself :|
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