pixivUtil changelog

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  1. 20101202b:
  2. - by Nandaka:
  3.   - add additional checking for suspended user
  5. 20101024:
  6. - by Nandaka:
  7.   - Fix error when dumping html.
  8.   - Change exit behaviour, no need to press enter twice if you select exit.
  10. 20101005:
  11. - by Yavos:
  12.   - added commandline-option: <-n number> to temporarily overwrite config-settings for <numberofpage>
  13.   - added new options in config.ini (for details see readme.txt)
  14.     (<createDownloadLists>, <downloadListDirectory>, <startIrfanView>, <startIrfanSlide>, <IrfanViewPath>)
  15.   - added commandline-option <-i> to automatically start IrfanView with list of downloaded Images
  16.     (this option only takes effect when <startIrfanView> and <startIrfanSlide> from config.ini are not set True)
  17.   - images will get the extension <.pixiv> until they are complete (prevent incomplete image-downloads)
  18.   - fix: all downloaded images will be added in DB (until now it was limited to images downloaded by member_id/list of member_ids)
  19.     (note: you can reset it again by setting <Yavos = False> in sourcecode line 27)
  20.   - added feature: when (directly or indirectly) set in config.ini pixivUtil will create lists of your downloaded images in <Downloaded_on_YYYY_MM_DD.txt> (using date when pixivUtil is launched)
  21.   - added feature: start IrfanView when exiting pixivUtil (Slideshow will be started before normal IrfanView-Window)
  22.   - added feature: typing <-all> in menu will temporarily activate/deactivate pagelimit set in config.ini (it will set commandline-option <-n 0>)
  24. 20100908:
  25. - by Nandaka:
  26.   - Updated find by tags.
  27. - by Yavos:
  28.   - added commandline-OptionParser.
  29.     (new options: -x, -s <number>, arguments may be passed in combination with -s).
  30.   - removed <'> from forbidden symbols list.
  31.   - ending dots <.> in foldernames are removed automatically.
  32.   - added html-encoding for <&#039;> -> <'>.
  33.   - special directorys for every member_id in list may be specified now.
  34.   - directorys like rootDirectory in config.ini don't need an ending <\> anymore.
  35.   - images by member_id can be downloaded automatically via commandline: <-s 1 (member_id(s))>.
  36.   - images by image_id can be downloaded automatically via commandline: <-s 2 (image_id(s))>.
  37.   - images by tags can be downloaded automatically via commandline: <-s 3 (tags)>.
  38.   - list can be downloaded automatically via commandline: <-s 4 (listfile)>.
  39.   - DB-Manger can be loaded via commandline: <-s 5>.
  40.   - programm can exit automatically when operation finished via commandline: <-x>.
  41.   - fix: output of imagelist in DB-Manger did not work when there are less than 10.000 pics.
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