The Darkman Begins

Dec 20th, 2018
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  1. Frufru had never been one to be afraid of the dark unlike most kids her age. To tell you the truth Frufru was more afraid of looking poor or not having friends more then she was of the dark but then again she had never seen the things that go bump in the night.
  3. It was a normal night like any other. Frufru was in her bed fast asleep when a loud thump sound woke her up. Frufru took off her sleeping mask and looked around her room. Her eyes still adjusting to the light that was coming from her closet…..wait she didn't leave the closet light on. Did one of her parents come back early from their business trip to check up on her? She shook the thought out of her head since she didn't have the best relationship with them. She considered the possibility of someone breaking into to her house but then if that was the case then why didn't the alarm go off?
  5. Frufru removed the cover from her body revealing her dark blue pajama dress which had little white frills on the sleeves. She put on her house shoes and walked over to the closet to turn the light off. When she opened the closet door she noticed that the light switch was still in the off position. She flipped the switch to see what would happen... nothing.
  7. "Stupid light, I'll have one of the maids fix it in the morning." She said while yawing to herself.
  9. She started to walk back to her bed when the light from the closet when out. She turned back to the light switch and started to flip it on and off but to no avail. She decided that this was too much for her to handle so she when over to the door to wake up one of the maids to fix it for her. When she tried to open the door the handle wouldn't move. She started to panic and started to bang on the door.
  13. Just then she felt something tap her on the shoulder. She turned around to she what it was and when it fully came into view she froze up in fear.
  15. Before her stood a tall lanky black figure with large red eyes. The figure looked directly down at her, it reached out one of it's arms and before she knew it she was back on her bed completely naked. The Figure was standing above her with it's penis fully erected. It was about 8 inches long. Frufru was terrified as she was still trying to process what was going on and the one thing that kept ringing in her head was "RAPE RAPE RAPE!"
  17. She tried to move but she was being held down by the creature's hands.
  19. "Please no, I not ready to be a mother yet!" She cried out as she tried to wiggle her way free but to no avail. The Creature used it's knees to spread her legs apart and started to rub the head of it's penis against her soft virgin pussy which started to get wet out of excitement. Frufru wanted to close her eyes but was unable due to the creatures hypnotic stare. The only thing she could do was look down at the creatures massive wang as it started slowly go inside of her.
  21. "Look i'll give you whatever amount of money that you want, Just please don't do this!" She yelled at the creature with tears rolling down the side of her face and for a moment it looked like the creature was considering to let the rich girl go. Frufru let a small smile slide across her face before the expression of the creature changed from relaxed to angry as it slammed it's cock into her tight virgin pussy, Tearing it like piece of paper. A bit of blood came out as Frufru let out a loud scream as she threw her head back in pain.
  23. The Creature just blinked before it pushed itself deep inside of her, Balls deep inside of her. Frufru felt the dick push against her stomach as well as it's balls slapping against her ass which felt strange to her.
  25. "OH MY GOD TUMMY IS STARTING TO HURT! PLEASE STOP!" She screamed with even more tears going down her face.
  27. The Creature just ignored her as it started to pump itself in and out of her like piston. While Frufru was in a quite bit of pain, She also couldn't deny the pleasure that also came with it. The size, The Texture, The Excitement of being raped by something that wasn't even human. The Bow was right, Humans are boring. Frufru's screams of terror turned into moans of pleasure as she decided that the best thing to do was just to let it happen. I mean after all she didn't have super strength like Lotta.
  29. Her eye's started to focused on the creature which she decided to dub it "The Darkman."
  31. Suddenly she was able to blink and before she knew it, She and the creature were off of her bed and were in the middle of the hallway as it held her in a full nelson position with the pain of her legs being pulled back mixing well with the pleasure of her pussy being pounded by it's massive cock.
  33. The wet slapping sound complemented the sounds of the night as the only other sounds that could be hear where the crickets chirping from outside which when well with Frufru's pants as she felt like she was going to explode as the creature kept up the pace as he looked over at the girls faces which had a mix of fear, pleasure, pain, and joy all mixed together in a small white cute package.
  35. "OH GOD YES! PLEASE FUCK ME FASTER!" She yelled out, Not caring if anyone one heard or even caught them in the act.
  37. The creature happily complied with the girls request as it sped up it's pace with its balls jiggling and slapping against her ass. Frufru looked down as she felt herself close to cumming soon.
  39. Suddenly the monster pulled itself out of Frufru. She didn't understand what was happening until she saw that his penis was expanding to the point where it was thicker than it's own legs. She just smiled at this and said " You better not slow down because of the size of that thing because that would be like totally lame!"
  41. It just blinked at her and started to slam her down on it's massive cock. If Frufru thought that it hurt pushing against her stomach before then she haven't felt nothing yet! With her legs being spread apart and the size of it's massive shaft.
  43. Frufru felt like she was going to die this way. By being fucked silly by some monster that just decided that it wanted to fuck her to death or at least that's what she thought was going to happen to her however it really didn't matter since the main recurring thought that overshadowed the others was "OH GOD YES! OH GOD YES! OH GOD YES!" Over and over again.
  45. Maybe she would die but if she had to go this way then to her it would be worth it or at least in her current state of mind it would.
  47. The Creature kept up it's pace until without warning it started to fuck her faster and harder until it unloaded every inside the small girls womb. Frufru had never had someone cum inside her so the experience was completely new to her with the warm sticky juices flowing inside her with her belly expanding to the point where she couldn't even see her own two feet.
  49. Releasing the girls arms, She fell to the floor and placed her hands on her belly and started to rub it. "Is this what being pregnant feels like? To have another person inside of you?" Before she could question it further in the blink of an eye they were back in her own room. She was sitting on top of the creature as it was laying down on her bed, She noticed that it's cock was still inside her so she decided ride it. Raising herself up and down in a rhythmic motion while also holding on to her enlarged belly.
  51. This was also the first time she was properly face to face with the creature and got a much better look at it's face.
  53. The Creature did in fact have a mouth but because of how pitch black it's skin was, She was unable to see it fully. It also had no ears, hair, or even a nose. What was this creature and why was it here? Who knows but the only thing that mattered to Frufru right now was draining all it's cum inside of her.
  55. It looked up at her and decided that she had her fun but now it was time for it to be back in control. It grabbed her hips with it's cold black hands and started to slam her down like a rag doll.
  59. Her hair that was once neat and clean was now all messy and had a bit of dirt on it. The bungle in her stomach was being moved around as it's large dick was slamming into it fast and hard. It let out a loud screeching sound as it unloaded even more into the girl's already full womb.
  61. Her belly which was full of cum started to pour some out of her bellybutton. Frufru couldn't tell if she was pregnant or not but what she could tell was that she would never want to be fucked by anything else but by that creature, The one that raped her, The one who had filled her up, The one she dubbed "The Darkman".
  63. It pulled itself out of her and watched as some of the cum started to pour out of her once tight pussy. It stood up straight. Frufru looked at at it, It was almost 7 feet tall and had long lanky limbs, It placed a hand on her belly and pushed down with enough force to push almost all of the semen out of her once tight pussy.
  65. She started to breathe heavily with one arm covering part of her face. It looked down at her and with the blink of an eye the creature was gone. Frufru had a million questions running through her mind.
  67. "Was I just raped? Why did I start enjoying it? Am I a whore for enjoying it? What happened to my pajamas? What are we going to call our baby?"
  69. The next day Frufru requested that her maids take her to the drug store. She needed to know if she was truly pregnant and if so was it a boy or girl.
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