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Adventure Time Bronwyn Teen Pregnancy Fic

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Jan 30th, 2017
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  1. It was a sunny Saturday morning, and Finn and Jake were just finishing up breakfast when Jake got a call on his cell phone. He flipped it open and held it to his ear.
  3. "Yo!" He called out, reclining in his chair.
  5. "Hello, dad. Do you have time to speak?" came the voice from the other end of the line. It was Kim Kil Whan.
  7. "Sure, anything buddy!"
  9. "It's... Somewhat private."
  11. "Oh... Don't worry about it." Jake lowered the phone. "Finn. A little privacy, please?"
  13. "Sure thing, boss!" Finn said, before getting up from the table and sliding down the ladder of the tree house.
  15. "It's just you and me now, what's the haps?" Jake said, a little worried.
  17. "It's Bronwyn again, I'm afraid." said Kim Kil Whan. "She's been acting very strangely lately. I've barely seen her at all and she's been acting so secretive. I'd try to investigate things myself, but I'm playing golf with some business associates I'm attempting to close a deal with."
  19. "You can count on me, son! I'll get to the bottom of this!"
  21. ---
  23. Later, in the forest, Jake was approaching the skate park where he and Bronwyn had had a showdown not too long ago. Staying hidden, he peeped his eyes out from behind the brush. Sure enough, there she was, sitting on the edge of the skate ramp. "I knew I'd find you here." Jake whispered to himself. But the longer he watched, the more confused he became. Bronwyn wasn't skating at all. She was just sitting there, wearing a very loosely fitting sweater. "Strange..."
  25. Jake sat down in the dirt and morphed himself a reporter's hat and notebook, and morphed his ear up large so he could hear what was going on. The fox kid did a grind along the side of the pipe, and dropped in. At the bottom of the pipe he followed up with a kickflip.
  27. "Did you see that, momma Bronnie?" the fox called up to her.
  29. "Shut up." she said with a laugh, her cheeks turning pink.
  31. "Momma Bronnie?" Jake whispered to himself, looking on with puzzlement. He continued to watch as the other kids skated around Bronwyn. He kept staring at her sweater. She was sitting at an angle to him, but something didn't look quite right. Eventually, he saw her put a hand on her stomach. What he thought was a puffy sweater was actually filled out by a large pregnant belly.
  33. Jake gasped in horror. "Oh my glob. Oh my glob. Bronwyn is... is..."
  35. "Is what?" came a voice from behind Jake.
  37. Jake whipped his head around, and he could see the skunk from the skatepark was standing just behind him. He was clutching a skateboard.
  39. "I- uh-" Jake stuttered.
  41. "Bronwyn!" the skunk called out. "Your grandpa is spying on you!"
  43. Bronwyn's eyes turned wide, and her cheeks flushed deep red. "What?!" she called out, her heart racing.
  45. Jake was backing away from the skunk, still on the ground. "It's not what it looks like, man, I was just, uh, looking for my lost contact!" Eventually he backed all the way into Bronwyn, who was now standing above him. He could see her burgeoning belly clearly now that he was below her.
  47. "What are you doing?!" Bronwyn yelled, her voice losing its monotone demeanor as she became more and more enraged.
  49. Jake clambered to his feet. "Me?! What are you doing, Bronwyn?" He poked her pregnant stomach.
  51. "It's none of your business!" She shrieked, grabbing her tummy and turning away.
  53. "It is one hundred percent my business! I am your grandpa!" Jake said, angrily. As the sounds of their conversation died down though, he could hear her sobbing softly. "Hey, woah... Don't cry. It's going to be okay." Jake said, putting a hand on her shoulder and stepping closer.
  55. "Don't tell dad." Bronwyn said with a sob, teardrops landing onto her sweater.
  57. "How could I not, honey? We can't just keep this a secret forever."
  59. Fresh tears flowed from Bronwyn's face. "No! He'll hate me! Just let me raise my babies in peace!"
  61. "Look," said Jake, wrapping an arm around his granddaughter, "just tell me who the father is and we can keep this secret for a while. I want to know what happened."
  63. Bronwyn sniffed, the stream of tears slowing. "Promise you won't be mad?"
  65. "I promise." Jake said, crossing his finger across his heart.
  67. "Okay." Bronwyn said with an exhale. "It was Finn."
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