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  1. [01:22:38] TheDeadlyTriker: Hi can i start a ga?
  2. [01:23:24] +Wyrx: sure
  3. [01:23:28] TheDeadlyTriker: /lg TheDeadlyTriker|Pikajéw|077671|5215-5928-2898 | Self-Obtained Blue Sky the Shiny Tyrantrum - Jolly - [[item: Great Ball]] - Rock Head - 31/31/31/X/31/31 - In honor of Walter White, who cooked up some mean Blue Sky | 1
  4. [01:28:18] +Wyrx: I really cant have that last part man lol
  5. [01:28:23] +Wyrx: cant really include drugs
  6. [01:28:29] TheDeadlyTriker: no worries can remove if u want
  7. [01:30:36] TheDeadlyTriker: ik greatball is not possible but im not sure if it was illegal trait, the tyrunt was bred and hatched legally
  8. [01:30:47] +Wyrx: where did the parent come from?
  9. [01:30:53] TheDeadlyTriker: i edited the parent
  10. [01:30:59] TheDeadlyTriker: only the pokeball
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