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  3.       She was caught by surprise when she found herself pressed back down to the bed, rather than fight what was going she just let it happen. Her face was bright red but she let out a small sigh before giving SOPMOD a small pat on pack. "It does feel nice, and I'm sure in time I'll grow to enjoy it...but right now sleep calls me too." A small smile was on her face just as she closed her own eyes and drifted back to sleep.
  4. Sopmod grinned. "Well.. I love to cuddle." What she didn't say was that no one would cuddle with her. If Ouro liked it to, then this would be a plus. Personal cuddle buddy. Picking up the covers she pulled them back up around the other and pushed her back against the bed and she went down as well and wrapped arm around Ouro securely. She had put the covers back around the girl cause she wasn't 100% if she could stop herself from exploring. This way they could just cuddle. "Im tired Ouro, so im going to sleep. Cuddling is nice..and warm and its something I love, so maybe you will to." Sop offered a soft smile before closing her eyes.
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  6. (Me to lol, been nodding for a while.. Ill post a quick ender of the scene then
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  8.      (Aye, I am a bit tired.)
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  10. (If your tired or busy we can stop if you want.
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  12.       Nodded her head a bit. "Yep, I am sure about this, and I can't wait to learn more not just about but you and AR15 as well/" She said all off that with a smile on her face, she was rather eager to see where this would go in the future.
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  14. Fall asleep over there?
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  16. There was visible signs of her relaxing when Ouro accepted what had happened, she had missed the red eyes glowing part so that was probably a good thing. When the girl had spoken 'in fact' the inflection made her look up to listen more closely. That was it? She loved Leader and Commander..and Ar.. so that should be easy! "Really! I mean.. are you sure?" It almost sounded to good to be true to Sopmod. "I know lots about it so im sure I can help you out. And Im sure 15 does to.. I mean.. you... you where the enemy. But she showed you mercy for some reason and now..well. I know enough about what happened." Sop giggled, "But thats okay, She trust you so I do to. I know she wouln't make any bad decisions." .... right? -e-
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  18.       Her eyes glowed bright red for a moment as she looked over SOPMOD, she had a small frown on her face at first but it faded away as she heard the reasoning behind it. Her look softened just a bit as she calmed her self down, she was upset sure but she also saw an opportunity in this. "Well, SOPMOD, while I am upset about the kiss it's...not that huge of a deal in fact." A little smile had come across her face by now. "I see this as something of an opportunity to learn more about I wouldn't mind you joining in the group. "
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  20. you two*)
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  22. All she could do as smile, it was obvious that she was pleased with what the girl was saying. Releasing her breast she looked away again, her fingers fidgeting with each other. "Ouro.. I.. I kissed AR15 earlier today.." There was that pause as if waiting for a reaction, "I asked her.. I mean she didn't have to but I think she felt sorry for me cause I really wanted it.." Now she was trying to defend 15, she didn't want Ouro to get mad or anything.. "She..she said Id have to talk to you and that you'd have to agree before letting me join you tow.." Slowly she gazed up to Ouro, she hoped she wasn't upset. "You see, I.. I really like AR15, but, Im sure I could like you just as much to!" Most of that was spoken a little fast but she had to just get it all out or she might not have been able to.
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  24.       Well SOPMOD seemed nice enough to her so compliance wasn't that hard for her to follow through with. She blinked a bit as the doll moved closer towards her. It was a fair bit interesting to see her in such away, blushing and all..."Ah thank you, SOPMOD....You're fairly beautiful yourself." She looked down to see SOPMOD's rather lovely breasts being smooshed together for her...they are quite the sight to see! "I do, they look really soft!"
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  26. and pushing them up a bit. "D-do you like them?" -e-
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  28. This would be the second time today she was shocked. Receiving compliance twice, surely there world was tearing itself apart somewhere. The hue on her cheeks deepened but she didn't look away, no infact she moved a bit closer. Sop had only gotten a kiss from 15, and now she wandered which one was the better deal. She liked 15 but she hadn't seen her mostly naked. "Wow..I.." Those perky chest, that long black hair of hers, amber red eyes.. "Your beautiful Ouro.." The glow about her face intensified as she looked down and slowly pulled down the zipper of her own top. She rarely wore anything under it so when the zipper came free the jacket parted, revealing her own ample and perky chest. Sopmod felt it was only fair after all, but.. she had never simply shown them off before. It was then she remembered what AR15 had told her earlier, that she would have to get Ouro to agree with joining the duo to make a threesome. Slowly she raised her hands to chest, smooshing them together and pus
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  30.       her eyes went wide as she heard that, it was one matter to show AR15...there was a level of trust there. However showing her body to SOPMOD ? Well..she did seem nice enough. "Ah..Fine...but only my upper half." she said shyly letting go of the blanket to reveal her perky chest underneath.
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  32. Her own face had a tinge of pink but that could be blamed on the embarrassment probably. And then... then she wasn't sure what came over her, "Well, let me see.." Her left hand was lightly tugging at some of the covers still on the bed as she said that.
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  34.       She blinked a bit as she heard that question, and assumed it to be a sort of rhetorical question since she already knew why she was here. Her face wen beet red as she realized the indecent way she looked underneath the covers. "I-I am naked...whats it matter to you SOPMOD? " She said with a huff of embarrassment as she pulled the covers up a bit more to hide herself.
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  36. Her sneak attack didn't go as planned. She "Ahhhh" 'ed when the other had done the same thing, Her own sneak attack had reversed and she scared herself at the same time! Her arm was extended, pointing at the girl as she moved back a bit. "O..Ouro! I..uh.. What are you doing here?" She knew why she was there but in the heat of the moment that was all she could think to say, then she noticed something else.. "Ouro, are you naked?" blink blink.
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  38.       To say the past couple of days were, eventful would be putting it lightly. First she gets defeated an captured by AR15, and the next day they just...fall in love and let her sleep in AR15's room. Never mind the rather exciting time they had, still she needed a bit of rest to get her mind back in shape. She didn't even notice anyone enter the room until she was pounced on by SOPMOD! "Ahh, is this some form of sneak attack?!?" she yelled out of surprise as she was woken up by that pounce! She sat up and panted a bit holding the covers to herself.
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  40. (Unsure of your posting preference but dont match if you don't wanna)
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  42. A handful of covers. She spared one more glance around before flinging the covers up and sliding in under them, practically pouncing on the form underneath.. Maybe it was the darkness that obscured the color of this person hair.. (End, Sorry that was a bit longer than I had thought it would be)
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  44. It had been really nice spending time with AR15 earlier today. And that kiss they shared.. oh it was everything she had dreamed about. That of course brought up the next problem and that was 15 wasn't exactly single anymore. It was a bit of a shock to learn it was with Ouro but she shouldn't be to surprised, she had thought it a bit suspicious when she met the girl earlier. 15 had told her that Ouro would have to agree to her joining in if anything further where to happen and Sop respected that even if she was a bit saddened at not getting Ar15 first. Sighing lightly she made her way down the hall.. wait. Wasn't that 15's room? Quietly she pushed the door open and could see a form laying under the covers on the bed sleeping. A soft giggle escaped her lips, oh she was gonna get 15! If Sop had been thinking clearly she would have remembered that Ar15 had said she had left Ouro in her bed but that was hrrrrrrrrsss ago. Silently she creeped up to the bed and clutched a handful (C)
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