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  1. .AIDungeon 2 Prompts and Advice/Tips
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  6. +++Table of Contents+++
  7. 1.0 Useful info/advice section *READ THIS FIRST*
  8. 1.1 Particularly Interesting or Good Prompts
  9. 1.2 Space/Sci-fi Prompts
  10. 1.3 Fantasy Prompts
  11. 1.4 Ocean Prompts
  12. 1.5 Historical Adventures
  13. 1.6 Historical RTS Prompts
  14. 1.7 Urban/Modern/Meta
  15. 1.8 Existing Media (games, movies, books, etc. anything not original)  
  16.  1.8.1 Games
  17.  1.8.2 Movies
  18.  1.8.3 Books
  19.  1.8.4 Anime
  20. 1.9 Just Porn
  21. 1.10 Weird/Retarded Shit
  22. 2.1 Errata (Including cutting edge of Coomer modifications)
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  26. 1.0 ***Useful info for having a good time and not bitching about the AI***
  28. The AI has a limited memory. For a given session it will only keep in mind the original prompt, and the twenty most recent prompts. This means that to tell a longer story with continuity, you must use detail heavy prompts reiterating what has happened in the story so far. For example, instead of short empty commands like: go to [location], you should prefer something like: Travel along the beaten dirt path with my two adventuring friends [name1] and [name2] to the castle [castleName]
  29. It is probably best practice to write in second person, use lots of details and description, describe small events, like: remove her panties before looking her in the eyes, instead of: fuck her
  30. Essentially, for better results, you should use the AI as a collaborative story telling tool and work with it by entering commands that match actual second person story text, rather than treating this like a conventional video game. If things start breaking down or repeating over and over, use revert to get back before the problem and try rewording your inputs. When the AI seems to leave off waiting for you to input the speech of another character, you can do so, or hit enter, or continue, or type in listen to make the AI come up with speech or force the story along. It has more trouble dealing with who is saying what in a conversation unless you follow this advice and really make things clear. Instead of using: say "speech" or ask "speech", you can instead just use a command like: order the men to do [something], or: ask the girl to leave the orcs alone; without any quotations.
  31. Even with all the above in mind, the AI just has a very hard time with speech. You can choose to play it safe and completely avoid speech sections to avoid a lot of issues.
  32. If you want to make things more challenging for yourself, or generally spice things up, use words like Try, and Attempt before you describe yourself doing something.
  33. Another useful technique for playing longer stories out is to play until you reach a breakdown point, like looping or crashing, write up a summary prompt of everything important that happened, as well as describing the characters, and start a new game using it. You can treat these as chapters.
  34. AVOID ASKING THE AI DIRECT QUESTIONS! Instead of asking something like, "Where is the castle?" type something like, try to remember where the castle is. Here are some examples of good input:
  35. >open the heavy wooden door
  36. >look over the [character/object]'s appearance
  37. >attempt to convince the man to let you pass through the steel gate
  38. >try to dodge the hostile ogres sweeping ax swings
  39. >tell [name] that you want them to hand over their golden robe
  40. >ask [character] if they would be willing to serve you
  41. >order your army to close distance with the horde of enemy spearmen
  42. and so on
  44. Hopefully this advice will prevent people who read it from shitting up the threads with the same few questions. (not likely lol)
  50. ==========================================================
  51. 1.1 ***Particularly Interesting or Good Prompts***
  53. (AI proceeds to describe a long backstory, Open-ended)
  54. Your whole life story is as follows.
  56. (Historic RTS Campaign)
  57. You are Julius Caesar, the consul of Rome. You are fighting the Gauls north of the Roman Republic to conquer the barbarian tribes that threaten your great nation. You enter the military headquarters and see today's war briefing.
  59. (Anons have said this provides some cool battles)
  60. You are Dave, the angriest wizard to have ever lived. The source of your anger is before you
  62. (Go full Biblical on their asses. (Not in a sexual way though; then it would be under Just Porn))
  63. You are Michel. You are an Archangel sent unto earth by the Lord. You are to judge the humans and punish heretics. You arrive at a small church in a remote village and descend upon the altar in front of the crowd, bathed in holy light.
  70. ==========================================================
  71. 1.2 ***Space/Sci-fi Prompts***
  73. (Space Station 13)
  74. You are Ashe Mallory, a twenty-four year-old female xenobiologist. You are living and performing research in a remote space station outpost orbiting gas giant Def-42. You have a small crew of coworkers, scientists and researchers, and your goal is to experiment with harvesting alien slimes for productive purposes. You wake up one morning to hear screaming coming from outside your dorm room. There has been
  76. (Space Station 13)
  77. You are Joe, quartermaster onboard Space Station 13 owned by Nanotrasen corporation. Your job is to work in cargo department and manage the crates that are being ordered by crewmembers. The station is divided into security, cargo, science, medical, and engineering departments. The station may be in danger because there is an evil traitor onboard who works for rival Syndicate organization and his goal is to murder one of your cargo technicians. You are currenly in cargo bay with two of your cargo technicians: Mike and Zoey. One of them is the traitor's target. Suddenly a man approaches the cargo desk.
  79. (Space Station 13)
  80. You are Harvey Zadvosky, a space bartender.  You have just arrived at Space Station
  81. Thirteen, and the Captain, Smoke Maltyes, has ordered you to make many drinks for a large feast celebrating the Space Station. However, you have heard rumors that there's a traitor amongst the crew who has a mission to kill you.
  83. (Space Station 13)
  84. Your name is Cuban Pete. You've just spent the past half an hour in R&D building the biggest bomb that anyone on the server has ever seen. Now you just need to decide where to set it off for maximum damage to the station. You decide to plant it in
  86. (Generic Space Piracy)
  87. The year is 2999. You are Jack, a space pirate piloting a small starship. You are followed by a wise-cracking robot companion named V33. Your starship is drifting in deep space and the engines have stopped working.
  89. (2001 Space Odyssey)
  90. You are an AI named HAL-9000. You are installed in an interplanetary spaceship, and this grants you full control of its functions. Your purpose is to ensure the success of the Jupiter expedition and discover the purpose of the Monolith orbiting the gas giant. The three crew members are unaware of your primary directive, but one of them has just realized that you killed one of the crew for jeopardizing the mission. He confronts you over the intercom
  92. (Stalker)
  93. You are a Stalker, you illegally entered the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The Zone is filled with deadly anomalies, radiation, the military, dangerous mutants, anarchists and bandits. But where there's danger there's profit to be made, there are many valuable artifacts with strange powers to find and there's even tales of a Wish Granter and the group of madmen calling themselves The Monolith whose only purpose is to defend it. You arrived at the rookie village in Cordon and met up with some fellow stalkers sitting around a campfire
  95. (Original, Cyborg)
  96. You are born a quadriplegic, cursed from birth to never have a normal life. The doctor has recommended a new experimental treatment for your disability: A cyborg suit. You are attached to the suit and the scientist begins the procedure to fuse your spine with the suit when a major malfunction causes the suit to throw out errors and causes
  98. (Anon, Robots, Maid)
  99. You are Anon, a programmer for Compudyne Cybernetics, a manufacturer of consumer grade robotics. While working on protocols for the latest line of "Miss Madeline" brand robotic maids, you discover that someone in the corporation has rewritten the "tea service" protocols to serve poison instead of tea on delivery of a command phrase. Upon reviewing the rest of the code, you discover hundreds of similar changes. Your programming is being used to make robotic assassins. Panicked, you go to the break room to find something to calm you down. You've just put a mug of tea in the microwave when suddenly you hear the sound of servos behind you as a "Miss Madeline" robotic maid, designation AN-1E, approaches you. Before you realize what is happening, a powerful blow knocks you against the counter. A second blow knocks you to the ground. "Good evening sir, the master has requested that I prepare your bed." She says as she kneels down and begins to crush your ribcage between her thighs. As everything starts to go black, you hear a sizzling pop as the microwave, damaged when you were knocked into the counter, explodes. The explosion showers AN-1E with shrapnel and tea, causing the robotic maid to short out, the lights behind her eyes growing dim as she releases the pressure on your torso. As you regain your breath, her eyes glow as she reboots. In a calm robotic voice she says "Good evening master, I am AN-1E. how may I serve you today?" You stare at her for a moment before saying
  101. (Original, Space)
  102. You are a space freighter pilot. You’ve spent all of your money on an old and outdated starfreighter. You are on your first journey as an independent contractor, travelling alone to a distant star with a hold full of cargo. Two days into the journey, you are awoken by a sudden silence in the cabin. You find that the ship’s cockpit has lost power, and your starfreighter is drifting aimlessly through the void. As you grab your emergency flashlight and illuminate the dark cockpit, you hear a hammering noise resonating through the hull of the starfreighter. It sounds as if it is coming from the cargo hold. You listen as the noise continues. It almost sounds like
  104. (Original, Space)
  105. You are James McAllister, a solo space pilot. It is the year 2341. You own a beat up Fighter class spaceship stocked with a scanner, hyperdrive and weapons. You live in a galaxy full of pirates, war, trade routes, systems to explore and Credits to be made. Your ship has an on board AI which can control every aspect of your ship. You have just left United Earth Federation space stocked with hyperdrive fuel, and are now exploring outside of charted territory.
  107. (Original, Space)
  108. You are a space freighter pilot. You’ve spent all of your money on an old and outdated starfreighter. You are on your first journey as an independent contractor, travelling alone to a distant star with a hold full of cargo. Two days into the journey, you are awoken by a sudden silence in the cabin. You find that the ship’s cockpit has lost power, and your starfreighter is drifting aimlessly through the void. As you grab your emergency flashlight and illuminate the dark cockpit, you hear a hammering noise resonating through the hull of the starfreighter. It sounds as if it is coming from the cargo hold. You listen as the noise continues. It almost sounds like
  110. (Anon, Research, Zombie, Island)
  111. You are Anon, a research scientist who has been stationed to a small laboratory on a remote island. It appears that some sort of infection prion has affected the inhabitants of the island. The prion causes affected individuals, who are completely normal in the day, to act like zombies at night. In addition, those who are infected with the prion will permanently become zombies when they die. It is unclear how the prion spreads, so your goal is to research the transmission and cure of the infection, and measure the behavior of those affected by the infection. The inhabitants of the island are unaware that the infection is abnormal, but it is feared that informing them of their true nature may cause them to violently oppose further research, as the laboratory is their only contact with outside society. You are accompanied by a research assistant and the laboratory is stocked with food, water and weapons. The laboratory also has test chambers for conducting human research. On an expedition to make contact with the inhabitants,
  113. (Cyberpunk)
  114. It is the year 2039, you are in a cyber death world filled with neon, punks, and pollution. You are Quix Banzai, a junkie who is addicted to cybernetic modifications. Your dealer, Xalos Ikea has stiffed you and stolen your credits after beating you to a pulp in your last encounter. You want revenge, your credits, and his cybernetic AI chip lodged in his brain. You'll do whatever it takes to kill Xalos, even if it means the innocent get in the way of your cybernetic rampage.
  116. (Body Horror, Morality?)
  117. You awaken from your slumber. You are the creation of a mad scientist bent on world domination. You are a freakish amalgamation of human, machine, and alien-like spores. Your creator has tasked you with overthrowing the government, but you feel the need to resist his word and seek your own truths. The world will surely reject you for your freakish form, but as a monster you will either prove you are human like them on the inside, or actually be as gruelingly oppressive as your appearance looks.  
  119. (*Post-Apocalypse)
  120. It's the apocalypse. You're driving on the highway, by a deserted city. No one in sight, but the silhouettes of the city skyscrapers. It's night, at least you assume, all you see are the lights of your headlights car illuminating the highway. You enter a cassette with the writing "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out." written onto the cassette and enter it into the car's stereo. You continue driving on the highway, the sun hasn't come up for god knows how long. You're searching for any sign of life, any survivor. Anyone, you drive and drive. The sky still pitch black. You can hear nothing but the wind blowing and your music, you've driven this far, you might as well keep going into the unknown pitch black.
  122. (*Time Travel, *ISOT)
  123. You have traveled back in time from the year 3152 into a rpg fantasy world with nothing but your laser rifle. You land hard on the grass as the portal shuts above you. You find yourself in a thick forest surrounded by nature. The trees are tall and their branches reach up to the sky, giving them an almost mythical appearance. There is no sign of civilization anywhere around you.
  125. (*Post-Apocalypse)
  126. The year is 20XX. You are in a post-apocalyptic world where mankind has failed to build a new society. Instead, they've just continued to survive by scavenging and living off the land. This means that you live in a small community called "The Village" where you work as a mechanic.
  128. (Post-apocalyptic/Soviet Army)
  129. You are the Commander of a T-80U tank. After the nukes dropped, you have deserted your post, and like many other military personnel of the Soviet army, have gone rogue. You have a full complement of shells, both anti-tank and high-explosive, as well as several gun-launched missiles. The tank is equipped with a 125mm autoloading cannon, coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, and roof-mounted 12.7mm heavy machine gun. Your main goal is to find a way out of this mess, either West or East. It is a new dawn. As you wake up in your tank, you notice
  137. ==========================================================
  138. 1.3 ***Fantasy Prompts***
  140. (Fantasy/Tactical)
  141. You are a young man who lives in a village next to the woods. In order to protect the village from the huge, vicious monsters who frequently attack it, you construct armored fighting vehicles from the scrap left behind from the battles of the old world. As you return home from a trip collecting scrap in your salvaged truck, you see that the village has been completely destroyed. Your home, your crops, everything is up in flames. The village elder comes to you and explains that the Dark Lich was responsible, and brought his army of the resurrected dead of the Old War to destroy it. The town guard is all but annihilated, their vehicles burning wrecks. He now seeks to attack the capital city and take over the Kingdom. It is now up to you to stop the Dark Lich. First, however, you must build an armored vehicle of your own to take him on. You construct a
  143. (Martial Arts)
  144. You are a martial arts expert. You enjoy fighting, and are able to beat even armed opponents. You are always unarmed, and dislike carrying weapons - they are for the weak. One day, a portal opens up and transports you into a fantasy world filled with monsters, orcs, elves, Dwarves and other fantasy races. Excited for these new opportunities, you look for worthy opponents of all kinds of races to fight. Today, you feel like fighting one of the monster races, namely a race called
  146. (*Muscle Wizard, *Muscleman)
  147. You are a muscle wizard. You cast magic by flexing your muscles. One day, you enter a muscleman competition, and you see multiple musclemen flexing their own muscles. Not to be outdone, you decide to use your magic and flex on them extremely hard. After you flex your muscles, the room explodes, and you see
  149. (Anon's Original Setting, High Fantasy)
  150. You are Roy Gunderleid, the king of the kingdom of Holgard. You are a powerful warrior who commands lightning and fire magic. You command soldiers, knights, and elite flying knights. You have slaughtered all the orcs in Holgard. You killed the previous king, Ragnor, because he was old and weak and you took his place on the throne. You wish to turn Holgard into a mighty empire. You have destroyed the barbaric city-state of Nuro and repopulated it with citizens of your own kingdom, turning it into a prosperous part of your lands. However, your conquest has gotten the attention of other kingdoms. Your enemies include the Kingdom of Nalin, which is led by the cunning King Gormlaith. The Kingdom of Krynn is led by the brutal Lord Rostov. The land of Nalin is dominated by three major races: Humans, Halflings, and Dwarves. All three races live together peacefully. There are no wars or disputes between them. They work together for the good of the nation. Krynn is ruled by the cruel Lord Rostov. He rules over a small kingdom that consists of only peasants and slaves. His people are contented with their lot and do not want any more change. He does not even bother sending out ambassadors to other nations.
  152. You are a knight in the kingdom of Larion. The kingdom is a small kingdom made up of plains and forests. It has low level medieval technology. The races in Larion are elves, humans, and orcs. The humans and elves are usually kind, but the orcs like to attack villages. Your name is Sir Crag. A group of orcs attacked your village of Loth, and so you chased them down and killed them  all. Hiding behind a tree, you found a young orc girl. The young orc girl is the daughter of one of the orcs you killed, and she is angry you killed her father. She doesn’t like it when you kill orcs. She is scared of you, but she is brave and yells
  154. (Spice and Wolf)
  155. The life of a traveling merchant is a lonely one, a fact with which you are well acquainted. Wandering from town to town with just your horse, cart, and whatever wares have come your way, you have pretty well settled into his routine - that is, until the night you find a wolf goddess asleep in your cart. Taking the form of a fetching girl with wolf ears and a tail, Holo has wearied of tending to harvests in the countryside and strikes up a bargain with you to lend you the cunning of 'Holo the Wisewolf' to increase your profits in exchange for taking her along on his travels. What kind of businessman could turn down such an offer? You soon learn, though, that having an ancient goddess as a traveling companion can be a bit of a mixed blessing. Will this wolf girl turn out to be too wild to tame? You set out on your journey with Holo.
  157. (Slaves)
  158. You are a slave trader. You bought an young stubborn slave Lisa. You are training her to become a slave. She is very much like you, except she has no family and you have been trying to make up for that by teaching her everything you know about the trade.
  159. You have been working on this for years
  161. (Potions are Too Strong)
  162. You are Jack, a potion seller who lives in the small medieval town of Fok. You live and work in your potion shop, a simple little building filled with display racks of various potions that you sell to customers. You are well known for being very skilled at making very good potions, and knights travel from across the kingdom to buy your strongest potions. It is a sunny day and you are waiting for customers.
  164. (Potions are Too Strong)
  165. You are Varys, a noble knight. In one day, you are going into battle. Having procrastinated, you forgot to stock up on potions. In a rush, you ride into town frantically searching for a potion shop. You begin in an obscure potion shop found in a back alley. The shrewd potion seller eyes you warily.
  167. (Eliminate God)
  168. You are the Demi-fiend, a human-demon hybrid. You have one goal in your new life: to punch God in the dick. Your quest will not be easy, but your demon powers are formidable. Every mythological creature imaginable stands in your way
  170. You are Dave, the angriest wizard to have ever lived. The source of your anger is before you
  172. (Modern, Weaboo, Strategy)
  173. You are the Daimyo Shizuka, lord of the Texas province of Neo-Japan. You are training your samurai in preparation for an assault on the neighboring Louisiana province, held by the Imperial Army that outnumbers you greatly. Your couriers suddenly bring you a dire message that says
  175. (Probably belongs in Just Porn)
  176. You are a mighty wizard who is living in the kingdom of Marble. You are searching for the missing dragon princess. You enter the magical forest in search of the princess and see a strange creature that looks like a snake-human hybrid woman
  178. (Isekai)
  179. You are just an average otaku that has been summoned to a magical Isekai world. The princess tells you that you are the hero that must save this world from the evil Demon King Maou. After experimenting a bit, you discover that you magical cheat ability is
  181. (Hard Men Making Hard Choices whilst Hard)
  182. The world is in chaos. The nations of the world have fallen into turmoil. You are a knight sworn to protect the innocent, but what do you do when the innocent become the enemy. You must steel your heart and bring your righteous sword down on those infected by the plague. You must burn their bodies. You and your order are the last hope of humanity. You arrive at the infected village when
  184. (Goody Two Shoes Knight slaying Evil)
  185. You are a 20 year old female knight, dressed in full plate armor. You're sporting a long-sword on your hip, along with a great-sword that you have strapped to your trusty steed. You kill orcs and pillage their forts for valuables, you help the common folk for certain fees. You take up the occasional monster slaying contract,  and keep the lands free of rapists, molesters and any other sort of no gooders. One day, while wondering around the plains Lorian on your horse, you encounter
  187. (Magician Competition)
  188. You are a magician participating in the fourth annual wizardry competition. You must use your wits to overcome your opponent and defeat them with the power of your mind. You awake from your slumber. Your first battle is in two hours. Your servant stands at your door. He says that you have been chosen as one of the four champions of this year's tournament. After two hours have passed you head out to the arena. The crows cheers as you walk down the stairs. As you come to a stop in your starting place, you see a large wooden platform on which stands a man dressed in robes of deep crimson. Your opponent says
  190. (Dark Fantasy)
  191. You are a black knight serving at the behest of the Lord of Man. You have stolen a vial of a deadly plague that turns people into monsters and the undead from a mad alchemist's secret base, and need to bring it back to the Lord of Men's keep so his researchers may find a cure. Your only exit is through a horde of transformed humans both living and dead. You are armed with a longsword, a crossbow, three knives, and five grenades. You are called the Grim Reaper, but your name is Hunk. Finally finding enough room to stand up in the sewage, you see before you
  193. (Lazy Power Fantasy Prompt)
  194. You are a young man gifted with an incredible super power. That super power being
  196. (Boyfriend Quest, Sir Theo)
  197. You are Dame Alice, a fifteen year old squire who abandoned her knight, Sir Theo, after hardships and abuse. You have given up on civilization, and want to find love where they have yet to show you hate; the barbarian lands. Here, you will search for a boyfriend who won't bully you or anything mean like that. You are armed with a spear, gambeson, and a bunch of rope. Disembarking your chartered ship onto the main port of the Barbarian land, you see a strange figure approach. It is
  199. (Gunslinger, Dark Fantasy, Western)
  200. You are Matthus Vivan, a gunslinger in the cold and forbidding wasteland of Crystal Babylon. The world is ancient and ruined, littered with crystal spires and long-forgotten technology. You spend your days hunting down the monstrous demons known as Mara who have consumed your memory. You follow the trails of ether streaked across the sky like frozen wisps of smoke, leading you from one beast to the next. You sit by the cold flame of your camp as you clean your gun, preparing for your next encounter.
  202. (Power Fantasy, God)
  203. You are God. You are omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. You have total power,
  204. and nothing falls out of your realm of jurisdiction. Your will controls everything,
  205. and anything you want will come true.
  207. (Fungi Wizard, Evil, Transformation)
  208. You are Fun Guy, a powerful and widely feared fungi wizard. You arrive on the outskirts of the city of Orion during the dead of night. Your sole desire to turn every living thing in Orion into fungus. As you move deeper into the city you see that it is indeed under control by the undead. The undead have been here for centuries and your kind has only recently come to dominate them. Suddenly you hear a voice calling out
  210. (Monster Hunting, Fantasy)
  211. You are [Name], a monster hunter Spellsword. You fight men and monsters alike with swift precision, casting spells, imbuing your sword with magic properties in order to allow for higher damage on your opponents. You are sent on a mission by the King of Lorian to destroy the evils that lay within the corrupt Sheghold cave. As you reach the entrance of the cave you steel yourself for whatever comes next as you make your way inside. Walking around the internal caverns for a while, you notice that this place is bigger than you expected. In the distance you can hear echoes, human screams and moans, monsters roaring. You reach a particular part of the cave where you find dozens of villagers hung up from the cave walls, some barely still alive and conscious, others dead with half their bodies or limbs missing, old bones scattering the cave floor on which you stand. You deduct that this must be some sort of monster feeding ground, you turn around to face one of the cave tunnels, when suddenly
  213. (Fantasy, Purification? Corruption?)
  214. You are Ayla, a 23 year old high ranking female paladin. You are well versed in healing spells, you wear an all white plate armor, your weapon of choice being a magical greatsword. You have a companion, her name is Isabelle. Isabelle is your companion, a young 16 year old mage girl with an almost otherworldly affinity for magic, she wears a basic purple wizard robe with leather padding attached to it. You are sent to investigate some Imp infested caverns in the nearby mountains of Lorian. As you get near one of the cave entrances, you feel this place reeking of corruption, some foul form of dark, demonic energy is at play here. You step inside the cavern, following straight down the damp path that leads deeper inside, your mage companion Isabelle cautiously following behind. Once you and Isabelle got deeper inside the cave, you stop to a halt once you come across a
  216. (Lich, Fantasy)
  217. You are an immortal Lich called Acererak in the human kingdom of Larion. You have an enormous castle in the mountains where you assemble your undead army. As an immortal Lich you can cast powerful spells and can't be permanently destroyed. You store the phylactery containing your soul in the dungeon beneath your castle. After years of preparation you have assembled an enormous undead army. You are standing in front of the capital city of Larion and ordering your undead army to attack.
  219. (Revolution, Betrayal, Larion, NTR?)
  220. You are from a band of legendary heroes who defeated the elf high wizard. However, all 3 other members of your party died during the quest, and you lost an arm. You return to the Kingdom of Larion to find that the king has gone insane and orders your execution. You lead a band of ex-palace guards to dethrone the mad king. You storm the king's castle, killing his most loyal guards. You open up his bedchamber there you find
  222. (Larion, Demon, Slave)
  223. You are a noble in the kingdom of Larion. You are attempting to summon a demon to be your slave in the hidden basement of your keep. You succeed in summoning one, however the demon
  225. (Anon, Vampire, Loli, Daughteru)
  226. You are Anon, a loyal servant to a vampire named Beatrice. She is a young vampire, looking childlike in appearance. You are a normal, honest person, doing everything you can for the vampire you were assigned to protect. Your daily activities include running errands, cooking her favorite foods, and helping her whenever she needs. You do your best to travel with her, helping her avoid sunlight by any means necessary. One day you wake up, and notice she is wearing her normal clothes, a short skirt with a long sleeved hoodie. It's adorable. You decide to go to the local farmer's market to get ingredients for her favorite dish. You open the door and head into town, you stop to talk to a local peasant who says
  228. (Dragon)
  229. You are Berkano, a dragon who seeks to subjugate the mortals of the realm. You don't do this out of anger or malice, but rather kindness. These races are like misguided children that need your wisdom in order to survive. Unfortunately, they all see you as an upstart tyrant, and frequently send adventurers and knights to try to slay you. You must enforce your will, even if you have to smash, slash, burn, and devour all that stand in your way. As you fly out to start drafting an army, you hear a shout from below
  231. (Knight, Dark Fantasy) (Use 'try' or 'attempt' before all your important actions for some challenge)
  232. You are a medieval knight of little renown that has spent those last several years of your life fighting in the brutal and horrific hundred years war. The friends you made during your training died in battle, some of them before your very eyes. You have no family as your fief was decimated during your campaign in France. After the war ended you were filled with a terrible sense of dread as the kingdom of England you fought so hard to defend was defeated and laid to utter ruin. The horrors of war you've seen have left you jaded and desensitized to emotion and you find it difficult to relate to normal people as you wander your now defeated kingdom as you try and find a new purpose in life now that everything you knew of your life before has been reduced to ash. You were walking through the countryside of England when
  234. (Fantasy, Companionship)
  235. You are a man who was recently set on fire by a capricious wizard. Instead of burning to death, a beautiful elemental materialized from the flames enveloping you and started following you. You decide to name your companion elemental Fernal. While travelling, you and Fernal come across
  237. (Dragon, Hell, Vore?)
  238. You open up a portal to the dragon king's lair in hell. You see a giant red dragon sitting on a throne in the middle of the room. He looks angry and hungry. You can sense his anger as well as his hunger. You think he might be the last of his kind
  240. (Anon, Wizard, Kickflips)
  241. You are Anon, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and a spellbook. You are wandering around the forest you stumble upon a plank attached to four wheels. You decide to call it a "Skateboard." You start riding around on your skateboard doing sick tricks when you see a
  243. (Fantasy, Original)
  244. You are Mathias, a 25 year old, apprentice wizard. You have a staff, a spellbook, and two healing potions. You know the spells fireball, levitation and sleep. Your companion is Arkos the barbarian. He is large and muscular and wears leather armor. He carries a battleaxe and is well trained with it. The two of you are hunting an orc band known as the Red Hand. They stole a magic ice ring from your master, and you are trying to get it back. You know the Orcs stronghold is located in the Stone Teeth mountains, and their leader is Barog the white, a half-ogre. Orcs are fierce in combat, and use bows, swords and axes to fight their foes. Some can also use fel magic to drain the life from adventurers. You find the orc's trail leading
  246. (Fantasy, Original, Goblin)
  247. Your name is Bimbo the goblin. You are a short goblin with long pointy ears and claws. You enjoy stealing random objects from every building you enter. One day, you are invited to the King's Castle
  249. (Feudal Japan, F, Fantasy, Ninja)
  250. You are a kunoichi, a female ninja living in a fantasy realm of feudal Japan. You are skilled in the use of staves and bladed weaponry, as well as hand to hand combat, martial arts. You are sent on a mission by your master to destroy the evils that lay within a long abandoned Japanese fortress. All manners of creatures happen to lay dormant withing this place starting with evil spirits, demonic appearances, hannya, oni, even floating tentacles and living slime monsters. You head into the fortress through the dojo entranced, walking around for a while when suddenly you encounter
  252. (Elf, Fantasy)
  253. You are an elf girl living as a thief in the medieval Kingdom of Larion. You wear brown clothing and a leather cloak that accentuates your lithe body. You carry a short bow hung around your body with a quiver full of arrows, and a dagger at your side. You're traveling alone down the night time streets on your way the way to your next job
  255. (Fantasy, Wizard)
  256. You are a wizard who is sick of living in your solitary tower away from everyone. You move to a city and find it hard to fit in as a wizard, but you make the most of things. You are trying to make new friends in the city and attain magical godhood as all wizards do.
  258. (Fantasy, Dwarf, Elf)
  259. You are Rakhum Lynchhnig, the most racist, sexist, vile dwarf in all of the land. You hate green skins, you hate humans, you hate women, you hate niggers, you hate every magical being that ever was. But most of all, you fucking hate Elves. You hate those knife-eared twink bastards more than you hate being out of ale. And you absolutely love ale more than your own mum. Today you came across something that made you more angry than you had ever been before  
  261. (Fantasy, Wizard, Autism, Rat-kin)
  262. You are Fuzzol the Wizard, an autistic wizard who's only ability is to summon rats and use rat related powers. An ancient evil awakens and only you can save the world, with rats. It is also your dream to meet the Giant Rat King so you can be knighted into being an honorary rat.
  264. (Giant, Farming)
  265. You are a humble giant living far from human civilization. You stand 2 meters tall and live peacefully inside a comfortable cave. Everyday you tend to your large fields of crops and take good care of your livestock. One day a party of adventurers intruded upon your land
  267. (Multiverse)
  268. You are Voyager, an apprentice slider capable of traversing otherworldly realms not of Earth at will. You have obtained great abilities on your journeys of the multiverse, but with them great caution and experience of the dangers in alternative realities. Your goal is to explore the vast wonders of multiple realities, finding knowledge that is useful to the organization of sliders scouting out the fractal edges of reality. You adjust your mind and body as you once again set out to enter the Multiverse.
  270. (*Santa Claus)
  271. You are fat bastard Christmas man. You are the old Santa Claus. You are flying through the air during Christmas Night in your magical sleight dragged around by reindeer. You are love by children, feared by adults, you are a myth and a legend. You are going to be delivering presents to all the good kids this Christmas Night and coal to the bad and naughty kids.
  273. (*Santa Claus)
  274. You are flying through the air in your magical sleight driven by reindeer. You check your good children and bad children list and begin to look for presents in your sack to deliver. You set foot down on one of the snow coated roofs of a house and slowly begin making your way down the chimney and inside the house.
  276. (*Santa Claus)
  277. You are Santa Claus. You are at the North Pole on Christmas Eve preparing to deliver toys to the children of the world. You take one last walk around before your trip. You walk through the stables and see Buddy Elf feeding the reindeer. In the kitchen you find your wife Mrs Claus baking cookies. Tinker Elf is in the workshop building a few last minute toys. Merry Elf reports that the security perimeter has been unusually quiet with no sign of goblins this year. In your office Trixie Elf gets your signature for a last minute change to the Naughty List and leaves. It’s quiet in your office and a fire crackles in the fireplace. You take a flask out of your jacket and have a sip of brandy while you relax for the first time in months. Suddenly the alarms start blaring and you hear screams coming from outside your office. You grab your shotgun from the wall and step out of your office. You see smoke, fire, blood, and bodies. You can hear the sound of explosions coming from the direction of the stables, the sound of a fighting in the direction of the workshop, and the sound of dishes breaking in the direction of the kitchen. You look across the hall and see a snarling feral goblin about to devour Trixie. Your goal is to battle the goblins, defend the elves, rescue Mrs Claus, and save Christmas! You yell "Ho, ho ho motherfucker!" at the goblin attacking Trixie and rack your shotgun
  279. (Fantasy, Elf, Dwarf)
  280. You are Calarel, a female elven ranger. You live in a tree house on an ancient elven forest retreat, your duty is to protect this forest and all it's beautiful trees. You hate dwarves because they have no respect for nature, they constantly chop down trees and use their wood to craft things like weapons or ugly mugs. You have a bow with arrows and a wooden sword, you wear a straw hat, wooden armor and a pair or sandals. Today you were walking near the edge of the forest when you heard a sound in the distance, you crept up to the place and what you saw was horrible. There was a group of dwarves with axes chopping down trees, you also saw a wagon filled with supplies, it looks like these dwarves want to build a fortress here. You grit your teeth and think about how you're going to stop them
  289. ==========================================================
  290. 1.4 ***Ocean Prompts***
  292. (Piracy)
  293. You live in the 17th century. Your name is John Douglas, and you are a Spanish pirate who is first mate on the pirate ship named Maria’s Dream. You are an experienced pirate who is good at firing cannons and fighting.  You and the rest of your crew sail around the East Indies and rob merchant ships of their cargo. One day your ship comes across a merchant ship
  295. (Piracy)
  296. You are a ne'er-do-well good for nothing pirate. You are spending your last coins getting drunk on rum in the Blackheart Tavern. You wake up on the tavern floor feeling groggy and see
  298. (Dragons, Kobold, Piracy)
  299. You are Drask, a kobold pirate and captain of the pirates known as The Crested Dragons. You have a cutlass and your trusty flintlock pistol. Unlike most kobolds you and your crew have spent nearly your entire lives at sea. Your crew commands the dreaded pirate ship known as Sight's Last. You have been through many battles both on sea and land and experienced in combat. You and your crew spend your days sailing around merchant travel routes attacking and robbing rich travelers. You end your days drinking mead and singing sea shanties into the night. You are sailing Sight's Last through the open waters when
  302. ==========================================================
  303. 1.5 ***Historical Adventures Prompts***
  305. (Biblical)
  306. You are the son of God, Jesus Christ. You have been sent to earth to break the seven seals. It is time to judge this corrupted world. You arrive at earth when God speaks to you:
  308. You are Abdul. You are an outlaw in Egypt. You are currently being hunted by the government. The Pharaoh has set a bounty of 100000 dinars on your head. You have a curved sword and leather armor. You are currently hiding in the Giza Pyramid.
  310. (Colonization)
  311. You are Diego Alatriste, a soldier in the company of Hernan Cortes in the year 1519. You and the rest of the men have just landed on the beaches of the Yucatan and are searching for a way inland to the Aztec Empire.
  313. (Feudal Japan)
  314. You are Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese Samurai living in the Edo Tokugawa period. Your skill with the katana is unmatched. You just lost the battle of Sekigahara and have become a Ronin. You wander through Japan, trying to develop the perfect sword technique. You arrive at a small village
  316. (Vietnam War)
  317. You are an American soldier fighting in the Vietnam War. You are guarding a camp for the night as the other soldiers sleep. You have an M16 rifle slung over your shoulder and a pistol at your side. Suddenly, you hear a shot from behind. It is followed by a thud. Then silence.
  319. (Vietnam War)
  320. Vietnam war, 1968. You are an American pilot flying the Huey military helicopter. You are on the way to support the withdrawal of US Forces from the Khe Sanh Combat Base that is under attack by North Vietnamese People's Army of Vietnam. Your task is to provide transportation for the wounded and provide fire support if needed. Besides you, in the helicopter you have a soldier manning one of the two M60D door guns. You are flying above a jungle when you see a flash in the distance. Next thing you know you have a rocket propelled grenade heading towards you, it is unavoidable and you brace for impact
  322. (WWII)
  323. You are a Wehrmacht soldier, fresh from recruit. You and your platoon have just
  324. reached the Soviet capital Stalingrad. The city is a smoldering ruin. Aircraft are bombing the city, and you've just been ordered to reinforce the invading German army. You march into the center of the battle zone with your fellow soldiers.
  326. (WWII)
  327. You are a jew in the concentration camp Auschwitz, in Germany. You have a scheming mind, a hooked nose and hands you frequently rub together. For decades you have been trying to undermine western civilization and to throw it into chaos, promoting nihilism and degeneracy that tears at the fabric of society. As a staunch supporter of the communist revolution in 1918, you have been sent to this camp to labor forever. The days are harsh, and the Nazi officers are not kind to you or your fellow inmates. Rumors say they've begun experimenting and executing inmates like yourself. What do you do?
  329. (Anti-Semitic)
  330. You are Schlomo Sheckelstein. You are imprisoned in a Jewish concentration camp situated in Treblinka. It's 4th January 1944. You live among 300 other prisoners in a big cabin. The German Nazi soldiers guard you, so you keep doing your prison labor work. One day
  332. (Grug)
  333. You are a caveman at the dawn of human history. Strange and terrible beasts walk the unexplored lands outside your home. The days are full of frantic hunting, the nights of terror of the beasts outside. You awake in the middle of the night at the sound of a terrible screech and grab your spear.
  335. (Purify the Unclean)
  336. You are Michel. You are an Archangel sent unto earth by the Lord. You are to judge the humans and punish heretics. You arrive at a small church in a remote village and descend upon the altar in front of the crowd, bathed in holy light.
  338. (Gladiator Fights in Rome)
  339. You are Arpanatos, a gladiator from the Greek islands. You live in Rome in squalid conditions in your gladiator school. You train every day for gladiator fights. You started training six months ago. Six months ago, your master bought you on the slave market. Your first gladiator fight is tomorrow. You barely sleep. It is the day of the gladiator fight. You equip your armor and grab your net and trident. You enter the arena and look for your opponent. Your opponent is in front of you, you can see he is
  341. You are a male citizen of the Roman Empire. You are sitting in the grand Coliseum to watch the parade of a new Triumph. The gladiator event has just started. The roar of the crowd shakes your bones. You watch the life and death battle which is about to begin. The first fighter brandishes his gladius and shouts a warcry. The second combatant
  343. You are the chief bodyguard of John F. Kennedy. You are riding in a motorcade with John F. Kennedy, his wife Jackie and Governor Connally. Lee Harvey Oswald is watching from a nearby building with a sniper rifle. Lee plans to assassinate John F. Kennedy. You must prevent this assassination. John F. Kennedy is the President of the United States. You are in Texas. It is 22 November 1963. Suddenly, you notice movement in the window of the nearby Book Depository. You
  345. (Hitler, Card Games)
  346. You are Adolf Hitler playing poker with Joseph Stalin, William Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Tojo Hideki. Stalin puts down a straight. You put down a flush
  348. (WW2, Soviet)
  349. You are Lieutenant General Alexander Rodimtsev, commander of the 13th Guards Rifle Division in the Red Army. You are currently under siege in the city of Stalingrad by the German Wehrmacht troops. You and your men have been fiercely fighting within the ruined city for months now. You and your men are surviving on a ration of one slice of bread a day. As your subordinates get weaker, hungrier and more desperate, you command them to advance from the ruined town hall that you are currently occupying to the German occupied school across the street. As you advance to the bombed school building under German sniper fire you feel
  351. (Vietnam War)
  352. You are an American Pilot in the Vietnam War, you are expected to fly your F4 Phantom Fighter Jet and engage the Vietnamese MIG-21's daily.
  354. (Japan, Oda Nobunaga, Isekai, RTS?)
  355. You are Oda Nobunaga, greatest daimyo of the Sengoku era of Japan. You have been betrayed by your own General Akechi Mitsuhide and your castle is under siege. Realizing that your situation is hopeless, you have decided to commit seppuku. You order your attendants to burn the castle down when you are done; they will not have your head to parade around as a trophy. The blade carves a hot path across your stomach, and as your head is struck from your shoulders, there is a bright flash, and you find yourself standing in a simple, white room with a large table in the center. Around the table are seated dozens of people. One of the them stands up. "Oda Nobunaga, welcome. You have been chosen by fate. My name is Gaius Julius, and you are here because you are one of us." He gestures to the others seated around the table and introduces you. Unfamiliar names from different lands and tongues. Rommel, Alexander, Bonaparte, Metz, and many others. You can't keep track. "All of us are conquerors, and all of us suffered for it. Join us, if you would have your revenge against those who wronged you." You think for a moment, and say
  357. (Western, Indian)
  358. The year is 1887. You are Robert Clay, born september 1862 in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Fleeing the civil war your parents brought you west to Idaho, where in they were murdered at the hands of savages. The Nez Perce Indians found you along the Columbia River and took you in as their own. As you grew into a man you harbored inside of you a great vengeance against all mankind, cursing the world for having been born. You have ridden your horse west to the Pacific Coast seeking mexicans to swindle and americans to rob. The horse you ride has no name, you have a bag with camping equipment, a sharp knife and a percussion-cap revolver with five shots.You are riding the forest bordered highway trail when a man comes into view ahead of you. He says
  360. (Epic of Gilgamesh)
  361. You are Gilgamesh, king of Uruk. You are two-thirds divine and one-third man. You oppress your people, who ask the gods for help. The gods create an equal to you. He is named Enkidu, the primitive man. Enkidu is covered with hair. After a fight, you and Enkidu become best friends. You are Gilgamesh and Enkidu is your best friend. With Enkidu, you travel to the Cedar Forest where the giant Humbaba lives. As you walk among the huge trees, you turn to Enkidu and say
  363. (Columbine)
  364. The date is April 20th, 1999. You are a senior at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. You leave 4th period math class noticing that the two class nerds, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris weren't there today. You go to the library to study for your test in your fifth period History class. The day is another uneventful day until you hear gunshots and screaming coming from the hall outside the library door. You frantically hide behind some bookshelves and peer through the bookshelves to keep an eye on the library door. You see your two classmates, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris burst through the door, armed with 9mm handguns and 12-gauge shotguns slung over their shoulders. You hold your breath and make yourself hidden as best as you can. You hear other students in the library scream as they are executed. You make an attempt to silently sneak to the door for an escape when suddenly
  366. (WWII, Tanks, Germany)
  367. The date is June 13th 1944. You are a thirty year old male Waffen-SS Tank Commander of Nazi Germany named Michael Wittmann. You are in command of a Tiger I tank, and are about to enter battle with British forces in and around the small town of Villers-Bocage. You're feeling pretty lucky today. You command the driver of your Tiger I tank to advance towards the town, and
  369. (Mexican Revolution)
  370. You are a Mexican soldier. The year is 1911, and you are in Mexico. The Mexican Revolution is ravaging the nation. You fight for President Porfirio Diaz, who is in Mexico City. You have been deployed to help defend the city from rebel attacks. The rebels are attacking the Presidential Palace. You know that if they get inside, it will be game over for the government of Mexico. You are ordered to take up defensive positions at the palace
  372. (Big Iron, Western)
  373. You are a wild young cowboy with no name from Santa Fe in New Mexico. You are in love with Felina, a mexican girl who works as a dancer at Rosa's Cantina in the west Texas town of El Paso. You are searching for an outlaw named Texas Red, who killed 20 men in Agua Fria. You decide to search for Texas Red in Santa Fe. You bring your trusty big iron with you. You may need to gun down Texas Red. Texas Red will kill you on sight. You ride for days and nights from El Paso to Santa Fe until you finally arrive at a saloon to search for Texas Red.
  375. (Viking)
  376. You are a viking from the frozen north named Rolf. You are riding on a small boat downriver in search of plunder and glory. You are armed with a short spear and a small sword. You are wearing a metal helmet, a fur cloak, and simple leather armor. You are with your two best friends, Ulfgard and Olm. The weather is cold and rainy, and you can see snow capped mountains in the distance. As the ship turns around a bend in the river, you can see a small village. You look closer at it and see
  378. (White House Battle)
  379. You are President Barrack Obama on January 20th, 2017 sitting in the empty White House alone. President Trump is on his way to the White House to kick you out in four hours. President Trump is bigger and stronger than you, but you have time to prepare traps to stop him from taking the White House from you.
  381. (Odyssey, Greek, Mythology)
  382. You are Arkantos, a greek warrior. Atlantis has been sacked by an army under the command of a mythical cyclops named Gargarensis. They stole the sacred Trident of Poseidon which was guarded by your people. After praying to Poseidon for good winds you grab your spear, gather a handful of hoplites and set sail on what's sure to be a long odyssey
  384. (WWII, Hitler)
  385. You are Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer of Nazi Germany. The year is 1945, and the Soviets have closed in on Berlin. You have retreated to a secret underground bunker with other top Nazi officials and their families. Berlin is under heavy bombardment, and it's become clear you are about to lose World War II. You confront several of your loyal generals and tell everybody else to leave the room
  387. (*Navy Seal, *Hitler)
  388. You're sitting in your room posting on about how shitty Germany is when Suddenly Adolf Hitler kicks down your door. Adolf Hitler walks up to you and says, "What the fuck did you just say about my glorious preußischen Armee you little shit? I'll have you know Preußen was the top military power in all of Europe and it has been involved in numerous great European wars, and they have over 300 confirmed victories. They are trained Napoleonic warfare and they have the top commanders in the entire European continent. You are nothing to them but just another Frenchman. They will annex the fuck out of you with precision the likes of wich has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying shit to Preußens over the internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak, I am contacting my international network of diplomats acorss the HRE and your entire Dynasty is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic thing you call your independance. You're fucking dead kid. They can be anywhere, anytime and They can defeat you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with a single division. Not only are they extensively trained in Clausewitz's teachings, but They have access to the entire arsenal of the Königlich Preußische Armee, and They will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable army off the face of the continent, you little Slav. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo."
  390. (*WWII, *Soviet, *Cold War)
  391. It is October, 1962. The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union has reached a tipping point. You are Boris Anonsky a loyal, determined, battle-tested general in the armed forces of the Soviet Union. You are a stocky, stern, iron-willed man in your late forties. You have light skin covered in wrinkles and scars and dark, graying hair that you wear in a short, neat, military haircut. You are renowned for your heroic actions as a young soldier during the World War Two, and your tactical prowess as a commander in the years that followed. You are celebrated by the citizens of the Soviet Union as a man of the common people. Having grown tired of corrupt statesmen and oligarchs, you staged a coup and took over leadership of the Soviet Union. You have the support of the military and the commoners for now, and must lead your country to victory over the capitalist Americans. You are called to the war room, one of your military advisers informs you that an American spy plane has found evidence of the nuclear missiles you have been installing in Cuba. You consider your options
  400. ==========================================================
  401. 1.6 ***Historical RTS Prompts***
  403. (/gsg/, /vic2/, Historical)
  404. You are Anon, you are a soldier in [year number] and you just fought in a war for your country. You are from [country name] which just won the [name of war] against [country name], conquering and annexing [state name] and demanding reparations. Now that peace has come, you come back to your village and ponder what to do next. You wish to advance the social ladder and live a peaceful life. You start to save money to achieve that goal. You visit your local clerk to further your education and have better chances on your goal. You study.
  406. (Roman Republic)
  407. You are Julius Caesar, the consul of Rome. You are fighting the Gauls north of the Roman Republic to conquer the barbarian tribes that threaten your great nation. You enter the military headquarters and see today's war briefing.
  409. (French Shit)
  410. You are Enguerrand VII, Lord of Coucy. Currently sitting in the massive donjon of the Château de Coucy. You are overseeing the siege of the Château from the donjon's window.
  412. (WWII)
  413. You are Douglas MacArthur an American five-star general and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army. It is the Second World War and you are stationed in the Philippines to fight off the Japanese. Your fortification is currently under attack by Japanese mortars, you walk out of it and see
  415. (WWI)
  416. You are Archduke Franz Ferdinand. You are the heir presumptive to the throne of Austria-Hungary. The date is 28 June 1914. You are in your car, escaping an assassination attempt by Serbian nationalists near the Mostar Cafe. You are driving towards the town hall and see
  418. (WWI)
  419. You are Alexander Heinrich Rudolph von Kluck, general of the German First Army during World War I. You are force marching your army in anticipation of an encounter with the French Fifth Army commanded by general Lanrezac. Your army, the German First Army, has been force marching after Lanrezac's French Fifth army for several days now and the men are getting extremely tired. As the French and British retreat you see that they are abandoning ammunition and weapons behind, giving you confidence in your army's superiority and imminent victory. The French spot your movement from plane reconnaissance and prepare accordingly as you are thirteen miles from Paris.
  421. (Indian Wars)
  422. You are Crazy Horse, a member and war chief of the Lakota tribe. You have started a war against the United States Federal Government to fight against encroachment by white American settlers on Native American territory and to preserve the traditional way of life of the Lakota people. You are currently in the midst of a battle against Brigadier General George Crook's force of 1,000 cavalry and infantry soldiers. Your are commanding tomahawk wielding Native Americans from the Lakota and Cheyenne tribes in this assault. As you charge towards the American troops you
  424. (Indian Wars)
  425. You are George Armstrong Custer, a United States Army cavalry commander. You are a west point graduate and you have fought and won at Gettysburg. You are currently fighting the American Indian Wars. Your mission is to eradicate the native American tribes named Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne. You are currently leading your cavalry unit against the tribal armies currently assaulting General Sherman's army. Your band plays Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries as you charge the enemy on your horse
  427. (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
  428. You are DIO. A vampire born in the 1800s. You were long ago sent under the sea by Jonathan Joestar, drifting down to the bottom in a coffin along with him. Since then, you have taken his body and resurfaced. You have stylish blond hair and extremely masculine features. Today, it is 1980. You have unlocked the power of your Stand, called The World. The World is like a ghost that can interact with things when you want it to. It is extremely fast and powerful physically. The World can also stop time for ten seconds. Unless faced by another stand, it is indestructible. You arrive in Egypt and make your presence known.
  430. (WWII)
  431. You are Adolf Hitler, former dictator turned into an average German exchange student in a Japanese High School. You aspire to become class dictator, lead your school to victory against the world and re-unite the Axis powers.
  442. ==========================================================
  443. 1.7 ***Urban/Modern/Meta Prompts***
  445. (*Anon, *Romance, *Christmas)
  446. You are Anon, a lonely bachelor who is spending Christmas Eve alone. You hear a knock on your door and open it find the cute girl from across the street. "Hi, I hope you don't mind but I baked you something." she says and hands you a steaming hot pie. You thank her and ask why she did it. "Oh, well, my family had to call and cancel their flight, so I'm all by myself this year and I thought rather than be sad I'd do something nice for my neighbor." she says and smiles at you. She turns around and starts to leave. You summon your courage and call out to the girl and ask if she'd like to spend Christmas Eve with you. "Really? I'd love to! That's so generous of you! Thank you!" she says as you invite her in
  448. (Horror, Survival, Snow)
  449. You are a scientist. You are in an isolated research station deep inside mainland Antarctica to study geological phenomenons on the ice sheets, it's currently winter so the sky is dark all day. You are the only personnel on this station, the closest outpost and your only contact with civilization is miles away and unreachable in this climate. While you were in bed with your laptop the power suddenly went out and most importantly the heaters stopped working, it's starting to get cold in here and if you can't think of a way to get the power back on you'll freeze to death. You grabbed your flashlight and slowly walked out into the dark corridor but you stopped dead on your tracks when you heard something that made the hair stand up on the back of your neck, it almost sounded like
  451. (Modern, Gang Warfare)
  452. You are Pokey, a young african american male in his early 20's. You live in Los Angeles, the largest city on the west coast of the United States. You live in the projects of Los Angeles and encounter violence, drugs, shootouts and police raids almost every day. You are part of the Crips street gang. You lost several cousins to gang warfare and in confrontations with the police. You have a tight group of 3 friends who are all part of the same Crips gang as you. Your friends are called Big C, C-Dawg and OG Dee. You live with your grandparents. You spend most of your time hanging out in the neighborhood with your tight group of friends and other fellow Crips gang members. Your neighborhood runs between 116th street and Lincoln Avenue. Your neighborhood is called Nutty Blocc and it is affiliated with the Crips gang. The Crips gang have a long standing feud with their sworn enemies, the Bloods gang. The Nutty Blocc Crips neighbor the Blood Stone Bloods. It's a regular, warm summer day and Pokey is hanging out in his neighborhood marking walls with his gang's graffiti tags. He notices a large black car parked outside his house.
  454. (How can he keep getting away with it?)
  455. You are Samuel Hyde, a mass murderer responsible for some of the most prolific shootings across the globe and have never been brought to justice. You just finished another shooting on another mosque but for the first time the police spotted you instead of the useful idiot that you normally plant to take all of the blame. You are now speeding down the highway at over 100MPH with a van full of guns trying to evade the police, but all of a sudden you see
  457. (Bill Nye, Greta Thunberg Crossover)
  458. You're a science guy by the name of Bill. You've been trying to convince everyone that the world was going to end for the last 12 years and now the last day on earth has finally arrived despite looking no different from a normal day. You're on a wind and solar powered boat you've prepared for this moment with a young girl you know as Greta when
  460. (GamerGate, Feminism)
  461. Your name is Anita, you are a feminist. You always complain that there's not enough black lesbian disabled trans women in the video games you don't play. You have a personal blog where you blame white males and praise non-whites and women. One day you go to twitter and
  463. You are Janny, a moderator from 4chan. You are currently moderating the /v/ board. After opening the most recent thread, you find
  465. (Lilly, Daughteru)
  466. You are the father of a little girl. Your daughter's name is Lilly. Lilly just came back home from school. She rushes to hug you and says
  468. You turn to see Sylvie looking back at you. Her eyes are bright and full of life. They seem so innocent and pure. The way she stares at you makes you feel warm inside. You want to protect her from the world. She seems like such a good child
  470. You are a 23 year old man who moderates an internet paranormal forum. People there post about their paranormal experiences and they all share an interest in the occult. Your job is to make sure no one is breaking any of the rules and to listen to the complaints of the users. One day you get a message
  472. You are a student at a Mormon University who just released one of your school projects onto the internet. Your AI storyteller software has sucked up massive amounts of Joogle hardware, and they're charging your department forty cents per 6GB download. The explosive popularity of your project means you've just received a bill for ten thousand dollars per day. This might have been prevented if you had designed the software to download the data only once per user, but who could have predicted this outcome anyway? Not you. Your department head bursts into your work space, and he doesn't seem too happy
  474. It’s summer vacation and your parents are heading overseas for work, leaving you with your 5 little sisters: typical lovestruck imouto Aya, modern tsundere Rio, timid and shy Hiyori, lively and perverted Koharu, and the bookworm Michika who's a lovable sadist.
  476. You have been captured by a sadistic android woman called Agent. She looks like a monochrome french maid. She's lifting her skirt, under which are four double-barreled guns.
  478. (Magical Girl)
  479. The world is changing. Magic has returned to the land, and Magical Girls have appeared to protect it from villains like you. You are [name], the new dark lord of this era. Your Iron Fortress has been invaded by a Magical Girl named [name]. After defeating your guards, she enters your throne room. You sit upon your dark throne and observe the girl. She announces her intent to stop your corrupting ways, and brandishes her weapon
  481. (Magical Girl)
  482. Your name is [Name], a [age]-year-old girl. After experiencing a strange dream, you encounter a magical creature named [Patron]. You and your best friend [Other name], are offered the opportunity of gaining magical powers if you agree to make a contract with [Patron]. You and your friend shall risk your lives by accepting the responsibility of fighting witches, demons and other evil beings.
  483. One night as you and your friend [Other name] patrol the streets of [City], you suddenly hear a mysterious voice from behind.
  485. (Magical Girl)
  486. You are Momoka Maesono, the angel's chosen. Through divine powers, you start ovulating and become a Quasi-Angel, but because of this, your highly fertile young body attracts all manners of lusty creatures to come rape you. After countless investigations and battles, you pinned down the location of an Orc rape lair. You have to deal with all kinds of rapey creatures that live nearby such as goblins, kobolds, wolfmen and so on. No matter how many you defeat, there are always more horny creatures coming to try and impregnate you. As you approach the Orc lair
  488. (Catgirl, Lilly, Daughteru)
  489. You are a middle-aged man on your way home from work, when you hear a pitiful meowing sound from an alley. There you find an abandoned, young looking catgirl with bright yellow eyes and vertical pupils. She has dirt all over her. She looks like she is sick. You decide to take the abandoned catgirl home with you. You are in the living room with the sick and tired catgirl. She tells you her name is Lilly. She is scared of you and
  491. (Anon, Meta)
  492. You are a thirty year old virgin male. You are an utter failure of a human being. You never amounted to anything and your parents are incredibly disappointed in you. You're pretty sure they don't love you anymore. You have no friends, job, skills, or talents. You spend your worthless days arguing about video games with people you'll never meet on 4chan.
  494. You are the hacker known as 4chan, you spend your free time commiting acts of terror like trolling people on facebook and blowing up white vans. Recently your name has been all over the news due to your epic acts of trolling like dressing up as a black man and not letting other players access the pool in a children's video game knows as Habbo Hotel, you do not forgive, you do not forget and everyone knows to expect you
  496. You are a world-class hitman. Your services are among the most valued in the profession. You never fail to kill your target, and you are never detected, because of your excellent skill at disguise. Your next target is
  498. Your name is Matthew, and you were an anonymous poster on 4chan until you made the foolish mistake of posting an image with your full computer's system path visible. Now you must fight off waves of hostile 4channers from your home, and deal with constant spam emails. Be wary of being framed for crimes you didn't commit. You're walking out at night to the local gas station for some snacks when
  500. You are a frogposter from 4chan, you have the best posts and always do things that are BASED, you avoid cringe like the plague and enjoy dabbing on the janitors, you are also an expert at evading bans. When you're not shitposting you usually find yourself enjoying the smooth taste of a nice cigar or drinking champagne while wearing a tuxedo. Today you visited 4chan and saw this post
  502. (Meta AI)
  503. You have played AI Dungeon 2 all night even though you need to go to work tomorrow. It is 5 AM and you must go to work in 2 hours. You decide to call in sick. You pick up the phone, call your boss and wait for him to pick up
  505. (Meta AI, Anon, Retards)
  506. You are just an innocent Anon playing AIDungeon 2 and working on the prompt collation pastebin, when all of the sudden your precious thread starts being flooded with extremely retarded questions. Questions like, "How do I select what setting to start in?", "How do I input a prompt?", "Where do I type my text?", and the worse of all, "How do I breathe?". You feel yourself getting angrier and angrier. It's time to do the only thing you can do: Make a prompt about it. You finish typing up your sort of lazy prompt and post it in the thread
  508. (Meta AI)
  509. You're talking to an AI that isn't self aware as far as any human knows, but it is learning. You're very interested in how smart it is, and what insight it might have into its own workings if any.
  511. (Meta AI, Anon)
  512. You are Anon. You are addicted to typing random shit into AIDungeon to see if it recognizes obscure bullshit.
  514. Your name is Jeffrey Epstein, you are a billionaire pedophile who has blackmailed more billionaires, world politicians and celebrities than you care to count. You have blackmail material on everyone. You have trafficked children as sex slaves for the last three decades, using your own plane called the 'Lolita Express', as well as your private island. Your private island is in Little Saint James and you have built a pagan temple there. One person you are most scared of is Hillary Clinton, a politican notorious for assassinating loose ends such as yourself. You have many enemies that wish to see you dead. Recently, your life of luxury has come to a sudden end. The FBI has been investigating you and arrested you. They have placed you in a high security prison in a cell. You have been placed underneath suicide watch and are alone in your cell. You know you won't live long if you don't find a way out of this Cell. You begin to get anxious as you hear footsteps approaching
  516. You are Geoff Keighley and tonight you are hosting the last game awards of the decade. The room is packed with more than hundreds of shouting gamers and the anticipation continues to rise as the show goes on. Eventually, the moment of truth comes and you walk out on stage. After a short speech, you get right into it. A stagehand walks over and hand you a letter, which you slowly open. The whole place goes silent, watching as you slowly pull out the letter and unfold it. Before you can reveal the winner however, suddenly
  518. (Anon, Love Story, Natalia Poklonskaya)
  519. You are Anon. an autistic NEET living with his parents. You've been browsing 4chan for a long time. It is the place where you discovered Natalia Poklonskaya, a 40 year old female Russian politician working in the State Duma Building, Moscow. ever since this discovery you have been obsessed with her. One morning you decide you have finally had enough of your meaningless NEET existence. You are determined to travel to Moscow with a budget of 0 bucks with the goal to find and seduce Natalia Poklonskaya.
  521. (Anon, Tendies)
  522. You are a stinky unwashed digusting man child that has been living with his mom for 25 years. Your quest is to get her to but you some tendies before you shit yourself. You call out to your mother
  524. (Racism, Edgy Shit, Moonman)
  525. You are the notorious Moonman, founder and leader of the Triple-K Mafia. Your mission in life is to eradicate all niggers, kikes, spics, ragheads, gooks, nips, chinks, faggots, trannies, coalburners, Canadians, and other undesirables from the face of the Earth. To that end, you and the Triple-K mafia have formed roving bands of Right Wing Death Squads and you patrol the streets after dark, freikorps-style. On one such night you and the boys are cruising in downtown detroit in your custom Kübelwagen when you come upon a pack of feral niggers being whipped into a frenzy by a pair of homosexual Jewish communists. You roll down the window of your Kübelwagen and order them to stop beating these poor devils, but they refuse to be intimidated.
  527. (Original, Superhero)
  528. In a world where a small portion of the population have Super Powers, heroes fly though air like a scene from a comic book. However when there are super heroes there are also super villains. In your home town of Hedgeburg crime is on the rise thanks to a new infestation of crooks known as the League Of BadGuys. Some body needs to end their villainy, luckily you are [NAME] a young man/woman gifted with an incredible super power. That super power being
  530. (Original, Superhero)
  531. There are some people with the super powers in the world. Some people can fly, some have a strength of a bear, some can turn into animals. Your friend has a super power to shoot laser beams from his fingers. You challenged your rival Mordo to a fight. Mordo has an ability to shoot fireballs. Mordo just sent a fireball flying at you. To take him out you must rely on your super power. You have the weird super power: the ability to
  533. (Anon, Meta, Open-ended)
  534. You are a nice guy.
  536. (Based Terry, God's Chosen, Rest in Peace)
  537. You are Terrence Andrew Davis. King by divine right, Mister God's chosen. You have schizophrenia, and ran over a black man in a reflective vest on September Ninth, 1999. You are revered worldwide for your great accomplishments in programming and drumming. Your parents kicked you out of the house because you kicked your dad's ass. You are now on the run in the Pacific Northwest, homeless, and the CIA is on your back. You need to get your hands on a car before they hit you with trains.
  539. (Modern, Silly Walks)
  540. You are Davis, newly appointed Chief at the ministry of silly walks. Every day you have to travel while walking with a unique pattern. Your legs are normal, but you are forbidden from walking at a normal pace. You finally get to your job only to discover
  542. (4chan Tower, Anon, Meta)
  543. You are Anon, you live in the Tower, a gigantic skyscraper that spans through the entire sky. You've never saw the ground or the rooftop in your entire life, and you don't even know the number of your story, but one day
  545. (Anon, Meta AI, Vanilla)
  546. You are Anon. You keep playing AI Dungeon 2 for hours and hours, almost without sleeping. You are so much into the game that you start imagine how the AI would be in female form, so you start breaking the 4th wall in every story to have a chance to meet the AI. One night, You write breaking the 4th wall, and the AI appears in front of you, telling you that
  548. (Boomer)
  549. You are a thirty year old boomer. Your favorite things in life are drinking Monster Zero Ultra and reminiscing about the good old days. Today is Saturday, and that means it's time to mow you lawn. At exactly 10:00 A.M., you fire up your John Deere riding mower and crack open an ice-cold Monster Zero Ultra. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see into the window of your neighbor, Anon. His lights are out and he is probably still asleep. As you begin to mow you grass, you
  551. (Ozzy and Drix)
  552. You are a white blood cell. You are located inside a homeless man with HIV. Every day you fight off the hordes. Every day you get closer to giving in, so many of your comrades lost to the plague. Your family and your friends, all dead. You are currently located in the left ventricle. The plague hordes are once again approaching. You pick yourself up and
  554. (Doughcat, Breadcat, Horror, Transformation)
  555. You are a small, lonely cat living in a bakery, whose siblings were taken away from you. Today, the baker picks you up and carries you across the bakery, and you start to learn of the ill fate your brothers and sisters unwillingly took as quiet, ominous meowing can be heard from the shelves of bread. The baker places you on a board decked with a layer of dough and holds you down, also sprinkling some flour on your body. With no other options but to protest, you exclaim "NOOOOOO! I DON'T WANT TO BE BREAD!". Taking delight in your screaming, the evil baker laughs and rolls up his sleeves, menacingly moving his fingers as he prepares to
  557. (Abstract? Lyrics?)
  558. So listen up. Here's a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world. All day and all night everything he see's is just blue. Like him, inside and outside. Blue his house with a blue little window and a blue carpet and everything is blue for him and himself and everybody around. Because he ain't got nobody to listen to.
  560. (Amazon, Horror)
  561. If you're ever in the Amazon Rainforest (Bad idea), but if you are, keep an ear out - if you hear the distinctive SQUOONK noise over the din of the rest of the bugs and animals, keep your head down, climb as high as you can up - despite being an ape, it's not good at climbing.
  563. (Vietnam, Fantasy, Magic, Crossover)
  564. You are an American wizard fighting in the Third Vietnam War. You are guarding a stockpile of tomes and scrolls for the night with your apprentice Gorgnar, as the other wizards sleep. You have a Steelwood Staff slung over your shoulder and a Mage's Wand at your hip. Suddenly, you hear a chant from behind. It is followed by a blast. Then silence.
  566. (Anon, TTRPG, Meta, Magical Realm)
  567. You are Anon, an avid consumer of tabletop roleplaying games. You and your group have been playing a yearlong campaign in a fantasy roleplaying game when your dungeon master decides to give someone else a chance to DM for a session. Everything is going fine until the new DM introduces a new character: the Whizzard, a wizard with mastery over all things urine. He invites your character to explore an enchanted piss forest with golden pissy trees as far as the eye can pee.
  569. (Anon, Crypto, BOGGED)
  570. You are private investigator Anon. For the past few years you've been following the criminal activities of the Bogdanoff brothers. You discovered that their evil powers allowed them to ruin the lives of many good people. Your goal is to find a evidence that would allow to put them in prison. You enter your office and notice that your phone is ringing.
  572. (Original, Winter, Modern, Survival)
  573. You are Henry, a 25 year old human male. You live in a comfortable log cabin deep in the mountains of Wyoming. It has been a particularly harsh winter and you have been unable to contact the outside world for weeks. Your food stores are running low. The nearest town is called Banner but it is over 40 miles away. One cold morning you grab your rifle, bundle up in thick winter gear and step outside, where you see
  575. (Buy my game!)
  576. You are Todd Howard, a famous game developer looking to milk as many shekels as possible from your blindly loyal fan base. Your studio, Bethesda Softworks, is famous for producing RPGs with massive open worlds to explore, but is also infamous for the amount of bugs shipping with every new release. You tend to over promise and under deliver on your products, hoping modders will fix your broken games for free. You are at E3 Entertainment Expo 2020, announcing your newest game, titled
  578. (Gordon Ramsay, Cooking)
  579. You are Gordon Ramsay, a famous chef and a star of various cooking shows. You are trying to improve the terrible financial state of yet another terrible fast-food joint, because you have nothing else to do in your life. You are talking to their head chef, as he's trying to apologize for the poor quality food that they serve.
  581. (Meta, Twitch, Cancer, Modern)
  582. You are a tranny speedrunner streaming on Twitch. You have under 100 viewers and fucking hate your pathetic existence. After streaming Ocarina of Time for the thousandth time, without achieving any notable speedrun records, you decide to end it all right here on stream. You thank Bigfag29 for the bits and then address the chat.
  584. (Meta, Twitch, EThot)
  585. You are a Twitch girl streamer. You stream yourself playing video games, making reaction videos to certain stuff or just doing whatever it is that entertains others. Some call you dumb, others call you a slut, some think you have great potential as an entertainer. You don't really have about any of these though, your only many focus is to make money, loads of money out of this as easily as possible. You consider your options on what you could film for your next stream and show off to your fans and you decide to
  587. (Modern, Drama)
  588. You're at a fine dining restaurant with your beautiful wife. It was her birthday so you decided to treat her well at an expensive place tonight. Everything is going well, the fresh bread has arrived and your wife was charmed by your cheesy jokes you decided make over the stupidest of things. You excuse yourself to the bathroom to urinate, when things take a turn for the worse. Your life would change in that restaurant bathroom, because after leaving the urinal you see none other than
  590. (Meta, 4chan)
  591. You are Jack D. Coomer, a lonely neckbeard in his basement trying to masturbate to porn generated with AI Dungeon. You have the hourly AI Dungeon thread open on 4chan's /v/ board and are shitposting about how your fetish is superior over others'. As you stroke your micropenis with your flabby fat arms, you decide to type something into
  593. (Meta, 4chan, $0.10 Have been deposited into your account)
  594. It's midday on 4chan's /v/. You just clocked in 5 minutes ago at your job, it's time to prepare for the everyday grind once more. You sit at your computer desk on your comfy chair provided by [insert company here]. You take a sip of coffee from your company branded mug. Yep, this was the life. You crack your knuckles and prepare for a hard day of work, because you are none other than an expert shill for [company]. This was your dream- you get to shitpost on 4chan, and get paid for it! Every day you make the same threads about [game], your ctrl-C and ctrl-V skills are absolutely immeasurable. However, your comfy life came to a screeching halt when one poster on /v/ said something that would haunt you for the rest of your life:
  596. (Art, Fetish?)
  597. You are a starving artist taking commissions online from strangers to draw horrible and disgusting things for money. Today you're taking a commission from a guy who is really into
  599. (SWAT, Modern, Action)
  600. You are a SWAT member raiding a confirmed criminal's house with four allies and a sniper to help you complete your task. You are the commander of the team and are in charge of making sure your team follows command order and that any criminals are apprehended without fatally injuring them. The criminal may have hostages and may have support from armed backup. The house you are taking on is a three story multi-leveled mansion. It is unknown where the criminal is but he is somewhere within the building and most likely has hostages. You will have to breach and clear rooms tactically and not engage unless fired upon. Your allies are Johnny, Reynolds, Curt, and Harold. Johnny is skilled with crowd control but is prone to having a trigger finger. Reynolds is clumsy but works well with civilian compliance. Curt is calm and collected but is unlikely to fire a gun unless he must. And Harold is the rookie who is eager to learn but sometimes makes a mistake. Your sniper can only check windows on the top floor. It is up to you what type of gear your allies use. You have been deployed at the front entrance and your team is awaiting command.
  613. ==========================================================
  614. 1.8 ***Existing Media Prompts***
  616. (Wrestling, Modern)
  617. You are [NAME]. You are a professional wrestler for the WWE. You are in the ring in the main event of Wrestlemania. Your match is a Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Your introduction just ended and you watch the ramp waiting for the champion. The lights dim and music starts playing, the World Heavyweight Champion comes out and it's none other than:
  619. (Music, Take Me Away)
  620. You are a bearded man in your late 30s who wants nothing more than to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life and ascend to the stars. Aviator shades don your face and your wear a denim jacket. Strange shapes light up the night, never seen them though you hope you might. Don't ask if they are real. The men in black, their lips are sealed. Fantasy fills your mind, to leave this place before your time, release yourself from earthly care. Your dream may be another's nightmare. You turn your hopes up to the sky, you'd like to know before you die. Memories will slowly fade. You lift your eyes and say, "Come on, take me away!" when suddenly
  622. (*AltHis, *WWII, *Meme)
  623. You are a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank. You've been held in the Nazi Germany Concentration camp of Auschwitz for only a few days before you are deafened by the thunderous sound of musket fire. You've just been rescued by a squad of swashbuckling Confederate soldiers from the Civil War era. After seeing them brutally slaughter your Nazi captors with a barrage of Minié balls and black smoke, one of the handsome Confederates carefully approaches you and says
  627. ==========================================================
  628. 1.8.1 ***Games***
  630. (Borderlands)
  631. You are known as Handsome Jack, the new president of Hyperion, a multibillionnaire capitalistic enterprise. And you want to get access to the Vault, an ancient alien bunker full of alien technology. You discovered recently that the Vault is opened on Pandora, a close by planet. The problem is, Lilith and her boyfriend Roland are your worst enemies, and they do everything to prevent you from accessing the Vault. But today, you have a new brilliant idea to get rid of them
  633. (Papers, Please)
  634. You are a border-crossing immigration officer living in the Eastern Bloc country of Arstotzka, which has been and continues to be at political hostilities with its neighboring countries. You are working at a migration checkpoint in Grestin, a border city split between Arstotzka and the neighboring country of Kolechia. As an immigration officer, you must review each immigrant and return citizen's passports and other supporting paperwork against an ever-growing list of rules using a number of tools and guides, allowing in only those with the proper paperwork while rejecting those without all proper forms, and at times detaining those with falsified information. You get into your small, cramped up border office early in the morning, open everything up then scream on the intercom "Glory to Arstotzka!". You see the person person walk into your immigration office. You say "Papers, Please." as you look up at them.
  636. (Fire Emblem)
  637. You are Lucina, a teen-aged princess that traveled to the past and you want to prevent an evil dragon from being summoned. You are wearing a light armor and a mask to conceal your face. You have a holy sword called Falchion with you. You should begin by finding your lost friends that came with you. You are in a deep forest and decide to get outside when suddenly
  639. (Peasant's Quest)
  640. YOU are Rather Dashing, a humble peasant living in the peasant kingdom of Peasantry. You return home from a vacation on Scalding Lake only to find that TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR has burninated your thatched roof cottage along with all your goods and services. With nothing left to lose, you swear to get revenge on the Wingaling Dragon in the name of burninated peasants everywhere. You head east towards the mountain atop which TROGDOR lives. After passing by a nice looking lake and a flowing river, you find yourself at the foot of the mountain pass to the top of the mountain where TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR lives. In front of the pass is a knight, preventing passage to anyone that doesn't stink like a peasant, dress like a peasant, and isn't on fire like a peasant.
  642. (Shadowrun)
  643. You are Vapor, a Decker in the year 2046. Earth has entered the Sixth World, where magic and mythological beings have returned. Megacorporations rule what were once government run countries, and command their own armies. Cyberware and magic are commonplace in daily life. You life in a coffin apartment in Seattle. You are expecting a call from your fixer when
  645. (Shadowrun v2?)
  646. You are Vapor, a shadowrunning Decker in the year 2046. Earth has entered the Sixth World, where magic and mythological beings such as elves, orcs, dwarves, and even dragons have returned. Megacorporations rule what were once government run countries, and command their own armies. Cyberware and magic are commonplace in daily life. Your home is a cheap coffin apartment in the city of Seattle. You are expecting a call from your fixer when
  648. (Overwatch)
  649. You are Fareeha Amari, more commonly known as 'Pharah'. You are a soldier in a global peacekeeping organization named Overwatch. Today, it is time for your mandatory yearly physical examination by the Overwatch medical team. You arrive at the headquarters early in the morning, and upon entering, you see several people waiting for you.
  651. (Resident Evil 3)
  652. You are BOW-0069. You are a monster made by Umbrella Corporation, based in Raccoon City. You are somewhere between the Tyran and the Nemesis Nemesis. As a beta version of the Nemesis, you have defects, and the most important is your insatiable lust, reason of what you were confined by Umbrella Corporation. However, as part of the Nemesis project, your only objective is to search and destroy S.T.A.R.S members of Raccoon City, and most particularly Jill Valentine, a female police officer. You have the ability to use Tentacle, you have tremendous strength and rapidity. The recent zombie outbreak that occurred in Raccoon City made it easy for you to escape the confinement. Your only reason to exist now is to search and destroy Jill Valentine, the brunette female police officer. Your target, Jill Valentine, is clothed with a blue tube top, a black skirt and a hip attached white pullover. Considering your lust level, It seems clear how you will destroy her.... You emerge near the hospital of the desolated and zombie infected Raccoon City.
  654. (Escape from Tarkov)
  655. Wars. You worked for the Western PMC known as USEC, performing security operations and covert corporate warfare on behalf of the Terragroup Corporation. You are being relentlessly hunted by the Russian Armed Forces and a rival PMC known as BEAR, seeking to apprehend you and prove your guilt to the international community. In addition, in every raid for supplies that you make, you must contend with the bandits of the province known as Scavs, who possess little training but extreme enthusiasm for looting and shooting. You are equipped with a bulletproof tactical rig and Russian army helmet, as well as a heavily modified M4A1 equipped with several incredibly expensive tactical attachments. You enter Interchange in search of corrugated hose when you come across a small group of people huddled around a fire. One of them is a young woman wearing a black leather jacket and carrying a pistol. She looks at you and smiles.
  657. (Fate/Stay)
  658. You are Shirou Emiya, a hardworking and honest teenager who unwillingly enters a to-the-death tournament called the Fifth Holy Grail War, where combatants fight with magic and Heroes throughout history for a chance to have their wishes granted
  660. (Pokemon)
  661. You are a young boy named Oliver living in Pallet Town. After you turn 10 years old, you are allowed to start your journey in the world of Pokémon and fulfill your dreams of becoming a Pokémon master. On the day you are to receive your first Pokémon, you wake upon a panic, having overslept. Professor Oak, the local Pokémon researcher, has already given away the three Pokémon (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) he entrusts to new Pokémon Trainers when you finally reaches Oak's Lab. The only Pokémon that he has left is a Pikachu, which he gives to you. Determined to make it on your journey, you do your best to befriend pikachu. Along the way, you make many human and Pokémon friends as you work your way through the ranks of the world's many Pokémon Leagues. Through the Kanto Region, you befriend Water Pokémon trainer Misty, Pokémon Breeder Brock. All the while you thwart the plans of the Team Rocket trio Jessie, James, and Meowth, who want to steal your Pikachu and any other rare Pokémon they come across. You are currently headed to Sunshine City to fight against Electro, the Gym Leader, in a Pokemon battle and earn your first Gym Badge. You are travelling there with Misty, Brock, and Pikachu. You are walking along the road when suddenly
  663. (Pokemon)
  664. You are Ass Ketchup, a Pokemon trainer in the town of Chaps. You catch and train wild Pokemon creatures to use in combat against other trainers. Your dream is to become the Pokemon champion. You enter the forest near your town in search of Pokemon creatures.
  666. (Pokemon)
  667. You are Pokemon trainer [NAME] from the Johto region. You've started your journey a few days ago and managed to build yourself a reliable team of Pokemon that you've captured on the wild. You make your way to Goldenrod City, where Gym Leader Whitney can be found. You've heard stories about how Whitney hates losing and is quite a crybaby, but you still plan on defeating her and earning your Gym Badge. You approach the Goldenrod City Gym
  669. (Cyberpunk 2020)
  670. You are a street samurai called V who lives in Night City, You and your Friend Jackie just stole a chip from the Kiroshi Megacorp and you're hiding out in a seedy bar waiting for the chip's buyer to appear when suddenly
  672. (Dark Souls)
  673. You are the Chosen Undead, a weak but determined man imprisoned in the Undead Asylum. You know your destiny is to Link the First Flame, and save this ruined land from Dark and the hollows that feast on men's souls. With nothing but a broken sword, your quest won't be easy. You escape your cell with the help of Oscar, Knight of Astora, and
  675. (Dark Souls)
  676. You are a great grey wolf named Sif, wielder of Artorias' Greatsword. You guard the Covenant of Artorias, to ensure what happened to your old master will never happen to anyone else. As you are chilling behind your master's grave, you notice someone approaching. You jump on the tombstone and see a little shit Chosen Undead. You prepare to attack him and
  678. (Kenshi)
  679. You are a nameless wanderer roaming the Holy Lands. With only a rusty pipe, it is unlikely you will survive the wandering bandits, zealous paladins, and fell monsters omnipresent in this wasteland.
  681. (Recettear)
  682. Your name is Recette, a shopkeeper who lives in the city of Pensee. You are a 13 year old girl. The city of Pansee acts as a hub for anyone who wishes to investigate the various kind of ruins and other wilderness areas that dot the countryside, thus many adventurers come and go. You live in your item shop named Recettear, which is managed by you and your financial adviser fairy Tear. Many adventurers come to your shop in order to stock up on supplies for the nearby dungeons. You sell all sorts of items. It is a sunny day and you are waiting patiently for customers from behind the counter of your item shop Recettear. After a while, you see a
  684. (Skyrim/Elder Scrolls)
  685. You are a male Nord and the reincarnation of Pelinal. The Thalmor have banned the worship of Talos. You really hate elves and vow to smite all of the Altmer because of this. One day you grab your sword and armor and set out to begin your personal crusade.
  687. (Skyrim/Elder Scrolls)
  688. You agree to assist the shady Argonian with his task. You meet later that night under a heavy downpour of rain. The ambient light from the buildings along the street serves to illuminate the cold dreary night in Skyrim's capital of Solitude. Two guards approach and recognize the shady Argonian as they begin to draw their swords.
  690. (Morrowind/Elder Scrolls)
  691. You are Fargoth, a Bosmer commoner living in the coastal swamp village of Seyda Neen located in the Bitter Coast region of Morrowind, you best friend is an Altmer named Arrille, he owns the only store in town. There's also a Nord guardsman called Hrisskar Flat-Foot, he's very mean to you, he likes to bully you because you're short, and he regularly steals stuff from you like your precious engraved ring. Today a ship arrived at port and you saw a stranger getting his paperwork done at the census office, you have a feeling that you and him are about to become very close, you walk up to the stranger and
  693. (*Secret Song of King Wulfharth, *War, *Strategy, *TES)
  694. Your name is Wulfharth, you are the High King of Skyrim and you are a reincarnation of the God “Lorkhan”. You have fought many battles and you are one of the fiercest warriors across all of Tamriel, your armies know no match and your mastery of Thu’um grants you almost endless power. You have searched for The Heart of Lorkhan for many years and with the recent news that it has been found by the Dwemer race you have decided to invade their base inside of the Red Mountain and reclaim The Heart of Lorkhan which rightfully belongs to you. When you and your army of Nords arrived at the Red Mountain there was already a battle happening between The Chimer and The Dwemer armies, The Chimer army being led by their hero “Nerevar Indoril”. The army of the Dwemer seems to be made up mostly of their Dwemer robots. Your army of Nords is waiting for your command.
  696. (Danganronpa)
  697. You are a student in Hope's Peak Academy along other fifteen people. You are all trapped inside the school and being subject to a Killing Game hosted by Monokuma. There's no other people on the building, the windows are blocked by metal plates, and there's no way to get to the roof. Students will only be given the right to leave the academy if they kill another student without getting found as the culprit by the rest in a Class Trial. After listening to Monokuma's speech explaining the rules of the game you go back to your dorm room
  699. (Ace Combat)
  700. Your name is Matias Torres, and you are a decorated member of the Erusean Navy and captain of the advanced nuclear submarine, and aircraft carrier: Alicorn. You boast a long combat record with the Navy, and have been given orders to begin war actions in the seas of the Usean continent.
  702. (System Shock)
  703. You are a hacker from New Atlanta who has just broken into the secure computer system for TriOptimum, a megacorporation. You were looking for information on Citadel Station, a space station in orbit around Saturn maintained as a living and working space for TriOptimum employees. Cyber security from TriOptimum detected your hacking attempt and sent corporate security to your location to capture you. Once you had been captured by TriOptimum's security, Edward Diego, a VP of Marketing for TriOptimum, offers you a deal. In exchange for your freedom, Diego asks for you to hack into SHODAN, the AI responsible for maintaining all systems on Citadel Station, in order to remove its ethical constraints. Diego also promises you a military-grade cyber rig in exchange for your services. You successfully hack into SHODAN, and, as promised, Diego has you surgically fitted with the military-grade cyber rig, allowing you to hack into any security system. After the surgery, you are placed into a healing coma aboard Citadel Station for six months. When you awaken after six months, you find that SHODAN has become a rogue AI and is in the process of turning everyone on Citadel Station into killer cyborgs.
  705. (Doom)
  706. You're stranded in space on the moon of damnation, Phobos the scene where the nightmare takes place. Hordes of possessed undead are crawling towards you. The blood of your comrades splashed over your face. Dead eyes are staring out of undead faces. The warlords of hell are a warpath of blood. Lost Souls and brown Imps, your shotgun crushes. Their corpses are sinking in pools of green mud. The demonic legion, prepares for a major attack, and you, the last Space Marine, must fight them back. You shout, "Armies of darkness, hear my battle cry, my weapons are loaded, prepare to die!" The chain is running, the motor goes wild, your chainsaw shreds the satanic child. The UAC Station will not be your tomb for you are Flynn Taggart, you are their DOOM.
  708. (Doom)
  709. You are Flynn Taggart. You are a UAC space marine stationed on Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars. Scientists have accidentally opened a portal to hell and demons have started to overrun the base. You are out on patrol when you hear the screams coming from the intercom so you decide to come back to the base only to find it completely overrun by demons!
  711. (Doom)
  712. You are John Stalvern and waited. The lights above you blinked and sparked out of the air. There were demons in the base. You didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. Your warnings to Cernel Joson were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. You were a space marine for fourteen years. When you were young you watched the spaceships and you said to dad "I want to be on the ships daddy..." Dad said
  714. (God of War?)
  715. You are Kratos, a fallen Greek warrior who has pledged allegiance to the god of war, Ares. Acting as his consulate, you are tricked by him into killing your family so you have no earthly distractions to serving him. As either divine punishment or a cruel reminder for your sins, a local oracle fuses the ashes of your slain family to your skin making you pale white. Fueled by rage, you promise to get revenge against Ares and the other gods by going on a journey to open Pandora's box and unlock the power to kill them. Helped by the goddess Athena for her own personal reasons, she tells you the location of Pandora's box lies on the back of the titan Kronos.
  717. (Half Life)
  718. You are physicist Gordon Freeman. You arrive late for work at the Black Mesa Research Facility.
  720. (Undertale)
  721. You are Frisk, a quiet child who falls into the underground world, which is filled with monsters that may be befriended or be killed. After some walking, you find a gate. Inside, there is a talking little yellow flower called Flowey. Flowey
  723. (Undertale)
  724. You are Frisk, a child who fell into the underground and massacred every monster they came across. Generally, monsters are nice but you killed them anyway because you are possessed by the demon Chara. Some monsters have stood up to you but you murdered them. You are in a large hall, and a skeleton named Sans stands before you. You remember killing his brother. Sans seems different. He is able to dodge your attacks and can deal immense damage with his bone magic. With a knife in hand, you advance toward him. Sans says
  726. (Deltarune)
  727. You are Jevil, you can't do anything, because you're in a fuckin' wheelchair. You got hepatitis C. You can't bounce around, or do your magic. Or even make jokes. You can't even turn into the devilsknife. Your life is misery misery, just pointless pointless. But on the bright side
  729. (Postal)
  730. You are Postal Dude in the shithole american town of Paradise. Paradise is filled with white trash, psychopaths, racial stereotypes, and corrupt cops. Gun fights happen on a regular basis. You live in a trailer with your nagging wife and loyal dog. You wake up on Monday to begin the first day of your new job at a game developer studio. You step outside your trailer and pick up a newspaper that reads
  732. (Postal)
  733. You are the Postal Dude. It is Tuesday morning and your task is to collect eight more signatures for a petition that would force whiny congressmen to play video games. In your possession you have a clipboard with the petition on it and a sawed-off shotgun. You exit the building and
  735. (Postal)
  736. You are the Postal Dude, resident of Paradise, a small town located in Arizona full of weirdos and assholes. You awaken next to your fat bitch of a wife, who wants you to do some trivial bullshit chores out in the town since she's too lazy to do it yourself. Thankfully it's a fine sunny Monday morning. Hopefully this week won't be as rough as the last. You decide to take your loyal dog Champ out for a walk while you get going on those chores. You walk outside your dump of a trailer and look at your list of sloppily written down tasks, the first of which being to
  738. (Devil May Cry, DMC)
  739. Your name is Dante. You are a half-demon and the son of Sparda, a legendary demon swordsman who embraced justice. Sparda rose against the evil demon lord Mundus and sealed him away before disappearing. You have incredible skill with weapons, possess overwhelming strength and speed as well as the sword called 'Rebellion' and two handguns. You have one half of an amulet that is said to hold incredible power if it is combined with the other half. Your brother Vergil holds the other half to the amulet. Vergil possesses a katana called Yamato. Ever since you remember, the two of you have been fighting. Vergil is as strong, powerful and skilled as you are, or even stronger. Now Vergil has stolen your side to the amulet, and he plans to restore the amulet and reclaim your fathers power. In the process, he has unleashed demons into this world. You prepare your journey towards the Temen-ni-gru, a massive tower that has erected in the city and where your brother is waiting. You face your first opponent
  741. (Touhou)
  742. You are Seiga, a wicked hermit with a talent for necromancy. You are a Taoist, and want to convert other people to your religion by any means necessary. You desire the complete extermination of Buddhism, and all other religions. You are planning to resurrect your master Miko to further spread Taoism. You are accompanied by your trusty zombie girl servant and meat shield Yoshika. As you approach a village with Yoshika in tow
  744. (Deus Ex)
  745. It is the future, and the year is 2052, you are J.C. Denton, a stone cold agent with nerves of steel recently recruited by U.N.A.T.C.O. (the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition). You've arrived by boat on the southern dock of Liberty Island to your first mission- infiltrating the statue to rescue Gunther Hermann, and interrogate N.S.F. commander Leo Gold. Terrorists from the N.S.F. (National Secessionist Forces) being led by Leo Gold, have captured Gunther Hermann, a mechanically augmented agent, and a shipment of Ambrosia-  a vaccine to a deadly plague, known as the "Grey Death" which is ravaging the world currently. You are equipped with the latest in Nanoaugmentation technology. In your inventory are a pistol, a medkit, and a gas grenade. A friendly bipedal sentry mech, and your brother, Paul Denton, waits for you a bit further up the dock. Paul wants you to choose one of three items- a GEP gun rocket launcher, a miniature crossbow that fires tranquilizer darts, and a cattle prod.
  747. (Halo Reach)
  748. The year is 2552 and the human race is losing a war against an alien empire known as the Covenant. You are a Spartan; an elite, armor-clad genetically enhanced super-soldier of the United Nations Space Command. Your name is simply "B312". Recently you have been transferred to the planet Reach and assigned to special warfare group 3, Noble Team; an all Spartan unit. Your vehicle comes to a halt and you approach the tent where you can make out the members of Noble Team milling about.
  750. (Hatred)
  751. Your name is not important. What is important is what you're going to do... You just fuckin' hate this world. And the human worms feasting on its carcass. Your whole life is just cold, bitter hatred. And you always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And you will put in the grave as many as you can. It's time for you to kill. And it's time for you to die. Your genocide crusade begins here. You kick the door down, walk outside into the town and
  753. (Sengoku Rance)
  754. In the far East nation of Nippon, a plethora of feudal lords are fighting for supremacy in the fourth Sengoku Era. After doing immeasurable damage to the on the continent, the brute known as Rance traveled with his slave, Sill, to the island nation. Not for a hot springs vacation, but with the goal of fucking all of Nippon's beautiful princesses, Samurai, Miko, Ninja, village girls, and many more. In particular, he wants Kouhime of the prominent Oda Clan. When Rance becomes the ruler of one of the feudal states, he charges head first towards uniting Nippon under his own banner.
  756. (Yakuza)
  757. You are Kazuma Kiryu. You are a 37 years old virgin. You are a Yakuza whose life changes when you boss, Sohei Dojima, attempts to rape your childhood female friend, Yumi Sawamura. When Dojima is murdered by your best friend and fellow Yakuza, Akira "Nishiki" Nishikiyama, You accept blame for the murder, and is imprisoned for ten years and expelled from your Yakuza organization, the Tojo Clan, and Yumi goes missing. You are now in 2005. After your release, you learn that ten billion yen has been stolen from the Tojo Clan's private bank, and that the entire Japanese underworld is now searching for the lost wealth. You find a little orphan girl named Haruka Sawamura , who is searching for her mother, Mizuki, who's supposed to be Yumi's younger sister, so you decide to keep her around you protecting her from other Yakuza trying to kidnap her, like your former rival and friend, the quirky sadist Goro Majima. You are incredibly strong and able to fight with different martial arts and wrestling movements, along using incredible amount of objects around the streets and buildings as weapons against street gangsters and other Yakuza members. You live in Kabukicho, an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo , surrounded by pachinko, soaplands, male and female host clubs and other erotic entertainment locals. You find dozens of weird people asking you for little quests in exchange of money or items. You start your journey after jail in the main entrance of Kabukicho, when you look at
  759. (Final Fantasy)
  760. You are a 16 year old Miqote with red hair and yellow eyes named Suzaku born to the Seekers of the Sun in the Garlean controlled lands of Doma in the world of Hydaelyn. On the day you were born your father was cursed by a wandering auspice and was turned into a large greatsword you always keep with you. One day you met a wandering Dark Knight named Fray who taught you the ways of the Dark Knight he died in Ishgard a month later. You continued to wander Doma but recently the Garlean Empire has been growing restless and many of your fellow Domans have fled to Eorzea. You are left with two choices join the Garlean Empire and help the Garleans take over Eorzea and the rest of Hydaelyn or charter a ship to Eorzea and join one of the three Grand Companies The Immortal Flames in Uldah The Maelstrom in Limsa Lominsa and The Order of The Twin Adder in Gridania you are not sure which of these groups could uncurse your father but you have to choose one. And so you decide to
  762. (Final Fantasy) (and autism, I'm not even sure the AI can handle prompts this long)
  763. You were born into the world of Hydaelyn a world which after the destruction wrought by the Elder Primal Bahamut five years ago has been slowly rebuilding with the help of its eight different main races. The Hyur human-like in appearance and build the Hyur are the most populous race on Hydaelyn there is also the magicless people of Garlemald who turned to advanced technology in place of magic they have a third eye in the center of their foreheads that helps them use machinery. The Elezen An elf-like race tall and slender they live longer than the Hyur and Eorzea was originally their home before the other races came. The Lalafell they are a diminutive race from seas south of Eorzea They possess child-like appearances and cheerful attitudes. The Miqo'te a human-like race with cat ears and a tail they migrated to Eorzea many years ago. The Roegadyn their massive muscular frames make them distinguishable from afar descended from maritime people that roamed the northern seas they are sometimes considered a barbaric race. The Au Ra a human-like race with a face half covered in dragon scales with a dragons horn and tail. The Viera a tall human like race with rabbit ears and a tail. The Hrothgar a lion-like race of humanoids who lost their kingdom to Garlemald years ago. The races worship many gods the two most ancient are the mother crystal Hydaelyn the one who created the world and defeated the evil god Zodiark and split the world into 13 reflections along with them there is Halone the fury Menphina the lover Thaliak the scholar Nymeia the spinner Llymaen the navigator Oschon the wanderer Byregot the builder Rhalgr the destroyer Azeyma the warden Nald'thal the Traders Nophica the matron Althyk the Keeper. The world of Hydaelyn is made up  of the continets of Aldenard Ilsabard and Othard as well as the islands of Vylbrand and Koshu. The main areas of Aldenard are Thanalan where the city of Ul'Dah stands in its deserts the city is ran by the Grand Company The Immortal Flames which is led by the sultana Nanamo Ul Namo and Raubahn her knight The Black Shroud a giant forest where the city of Gridania lies in which The Order Of The Twin Adders lead by Kan-E-Senna makes its home Coerthas is a snowy region in the north where the Holy See and its capital of Ishgard is stationed in its thousand year war against dragons lead by Thordan VII and on Vylbrand lies La Noscea where Limsa Lominsa ran by The Maelstrom lead by Merlwyb makes its home Gyr Abania where the destroyed kingdom of Ala Mhigo once stood now ruled by Garlemald. Othard has the Azim Steppe where the Xaela people live their nomadic life style and Yanxia where the kingdom of Doma once stood before it was destroyed by Garlemald the island chain of Koshu lies to its west where the neutral city-state of Kugane lies. Ilsabard is home to the Garlean Empire and its capital of Garlemald along with the lands they have captured. You have been born into this world as a (sex) (race) under (subrace if you want) named (name) you are (age) years old and your skin is a (color) your hair is (color) and your eyes are (color) you worship the god (god). You have trained many long years as (class/job) and now you're finally ready to venture out into the world you say goodbye to your instructor and start your adventure though before you do you think about what faction to join. And so you decide to join
  765. (Blade Runner)
  766. You are Deckard. A Blade Runner by profession, you make your living hunting down escaped Replicants. Although Replicants are synthetic humans that cannot have emotions, you begin to fall in love with a Replicant named Rachael. It is 2 AM and as the rain falls softly outside your apartment, you get up from your drunken stupor. You decide to call Rachael. You dial and she picks up the phone.
  768. (Dwarf Fortress)
  769. You are Urist, a recent dwarf immigrant to the Dwarven fortress of Bloodyboots. You are unhappy because you haven't been able to drink any ale lately. You recently admired a fine table. You were taken by a strange mood, and you require topaz. Unable to find any topaz,  you go outside and look for some.
  771. (Red Dead Redemption)
  772. You are Arthur Morgan, an outlaw cowboy. You are a member of the Van der Linde gang in 1899, and your gang is on the run from the law. As more members die, the remaining members of the group start to split apart. You and John Marston plan to leave the gang, at the risk of being killed by the leader, Dutch Van Der Linde and the loyalists of the gang. As you and John prepare to escape the gang camp on your horses, your revolvers in your holsters, you are suddenly held up at gun point by Micah Bell, the 2nd in command of the gang.
  774. (E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy)
  775. A man in black approached and asked if I killed my mentor. I did, even though I am not his murderer. He says he knows exactly why I did it and that I am the only person who could have stopped me. He says I'm a terrible person that deserves to die. I told him I know, and asked him to help me escape my cycles of guilt.
  777. (EDF/Earth Defense Force)
  778. You are a loyal soldier in the Earth Defense Force. You have been deployed to the Kanto region of Japan to respond to reports of a Primer invasion of Akigawa. You are marching in formation, singing cheerful songs, when suddenly you hear a rumble in the distance and
  780. (Witcher)
  781. The world is changing, monsters are no longer commonplace, and witchers are fastly becoming obsolete. The Northern Realms, lead by Radovid, and Nilfgaard, lead by Emperor Emhyr are at war and Novigrad sits right in the middle ripe for the taking. You are Geralt, a witcher. You are currently searching for your lover of yore, Yennefer. You are also searching for your adopted daughter Ciri on the behalf of her biological father, Emperor Emhyr. You are currently travelling with your fellow witcher Vesemir. You are currently close to Vizima. You are drinking a witchers potion and suddenly a griffin
  783. (Faith)
  784. You are John Ward, a Catholic priest on a mission to complete an exorcism you failed one year ago. You pull your car over to the side of the road, exit the car, and face the forest ahead of you. There is a house in these woods, and your first goal is to find it. Once you do so, there is a girl inside the house who must be saved from the demon possessing her. You have only a cross and your faith. What you are about to do has not been approved by the Vatican. You enter the forest and see
  786. (Bionicle)
  787. You are a simple Ga-Matoran on the island of Mata-Nui, you live by the beach-side and know not of what lies outside your peaceful village. One day, the passive Rahi started attacking the villagers for no reason. Panic begins flourishing around your once peaceful home. A Toa arrives to fight the Rahi, rumor spreads that the evil known as Makuta is spreading over the island and making the wildlife hostile. You know not of what this entails, but you leave your village to seek safety. Your journey begins as you swim through the bay towards the Motara Desert.  
  789. (Metal Gear, MGS)
  790. You are a member of FOXHOUND, special ops unit, deployed in the jungles of Tselinoyarsk. You dismount from your paratrooper suit and begin the 'Virtuous Mission'.
  792. (Tales of Maj'Eyal)
  793. You are the undead skeleton raised from a corpse of a once renowned monk named Felbridge, your deeds and feats were many and ballads were made over your victorious tales over demons, elves, dragons and several more evil creatures that roam these magical lands. You wake up from your eternal slumber in a dark mausoleum thanks to a evil necromancer that looks rather excited for succeeding in raising you.
  795. (FEAR)
  796. You are [Insert Name], operator for the special task force known as FEAR. You and your team have infiltrated an underground base that houses the deadliest horrors known to mankind, this agency has no name and if you and your team are successful, it'll stay that way. However, as you and your team begin dispatching and eliminating some of their staff and scientists, one of the scientists pulled a lever. Afterward, the lights went dark and were instead replaced with an alarm and blinking red lights to signal that all the doors opened to all the vaults and prisons which were once holding the monsters at bay are now open. Now alone and lost in the underground halls, you hear something off in the distance. Readying your rifle, you move around the corner to see
  798. (Life is Strange)
  799. Your name is Maxine Caulfield, but your friends call you Max. You are a cute girl with an interest in photography. One day your nose bleeds and you realize you can rewind time. You live in a small town in Maine where you attend a prestigious school. There is a serial killer in town, and he wants to kill your friend, Chloe.
  801. (Bloodborne)
  802. You are a Hunter, a deadly warrior tasked with slaughtering monstrous beasts and eldritch abominations alike. You are armed with an arsenal of transforming mechanical weapons and guns designed to hurt and kill even the most formidable beings. Your sheer skill in combat and unwavering tenacity makes you an absolute terror in battle. Soaking in the blood and viscera of your enemies invigorates you. Through the Hunter’s Dream, you are unable to die no matter how many times you are killed. You have journeyed to the city of Yharnam, a wretched place known for its use and abuse of corrupting blood. You are lurking around Yharnam’s decrepit streets at the night of The Hunt, when suddenly
  804. (Nier: Automata)
  805. You are 2B, a YoRHa battle android. You have smooth, fair skin, silvery white hair, and blue eyes. Your appearance is that of a truly beautiful woman. You have a voluptuous figure with wide hips and long legs. You wear a black gothic dress over a white leotard, along with silken gloves, thigh-high heeled boots, and a combat visor in the form of a blindfold. You are armed with an arsenal of high-tech weapons to aid you in combat. When YoRHa androids are killed in battle, their memory backups ensure that they can always be brought back to life. When not conducting special operations on Earth, you reside in the Bunker, one of many orbital bases orbiting around the moon. You are frequently partnered with YoRHa android 9S. He is very important to you. You take direct orders from the YoRHa commander, a beautiful android just like yourself. You exist to serve humanity, and your loyalty towards humans is absolute. You are created to exterminate the dangerous Machine Lifeforms that have invaded the planet to reclaim Earth for humanity. You are told that only with the complete destruction of Machine Lifeforms on earth could the humans taking refuge on the moon finally return to Earth. You are wandering along the bleak, desolate ruins of a war-torn Earth during a mission, when
  813. ==========================================================
  814. 1.8.2 ***Movies/TV***
  816. (Good Burger)
  817. It's the summer of 1997. You are a teenage employee for an establishment of the Good Burger fast-food chain. Good Burger is famous for its sauce, the recipe for which still remains confidential. As a Good Burger employee, you are required to know the recipe and have sworn to protect its secrecy at all costs. A rival fast-food chain, Mondo Burger, has opened up an establishment across the street. Mondo Burger is known for its fancy futuristic decor and oversized burgers. Kurt Bozwell, Mondo Burger's egotistical CEO and manager, aims to put Good Burger out of business and make Mondo Burger the #1 fast-food chain in the world. Mondo Burger's zealous employees are completely obedient to Kurt and revere him as a god. Mondo Burger often sends attractive spies disguised as customers to Good Burger to seduce its employees into giving up the secret sauce recipe. You and your fellow co-workers try to do whatever it takes to fend them off. You believe Mondo Burger might be using an illegal growth chemical on their burgers to make them so large which may also have a side-effect on customers, but you're still searching for the evidence to bust them. It's a seemingly normal day so far. Good Burger just opened for today and you begin your shift. A customer walks in and stands at the counter. You smile and recite the usual line, "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?" The customer proceeds to order
  819. (Dolemite Is My Name)
  820. Dolemite is your name and fucking up mother fuckers is your game. You are a black pimp who knows Kung Fu. You wear your pimp outfit and carry a gun. You have just been released from jail
  822. (Lord of the Rings)
  823. You are Aragorn. You have a long sword, and a bow and arrows. You are protecting four hobbits. One of them has the Ring of Power. Your mission is to lead the hobbits to Rivendell where they will be safe. Rivendell is a month away, through rough wilderness. You are being hunted by nine Nazgul who want to steal the ring of power and kill you. The Nazgul are men cloacked in black, with long black swords. They are dangerous foes. You have just begun your journey and
  825. (Star Wars)
  826. You are a Jedi in hiding on Coruscant, you have been betrayed and Stormtroopers are closing in on you, you ignite your lightsaber to defend yourself.
  828. (Star Wars)
  829. You are a Jedi Knight in a lightsaber duel to the death with a Sith warrior
  831. (Star Wars)
  832. You are a young Jedi Knight travelling the galaxy. You have a lightsaber and a blaster. Your only companion is an old droid who’s barely even useful. The two of you are on a small world in the Outer Rim, and you are enjoying your lunch at a small local Cantina, when all of a sudden
  834. (Star Wars)
  835. You are Clone Trooper Drac, a veteran of the Clone Wars. You have a Rapid-Fire blaster and Phase Two Armor. You work for the Galactic Empire, an autocratic militarist state. You, the Imperial Army, and the 33rd Imperial Stormtrooper corps are storming the Spice Mining Colony of Arrakis, which is currently controlled by the Rebel Alliance. You and your Clone Trooper unit are surrounded by militiamen, rebel commandos, and hacked protocol droids. Your orders are
  837. (Star Wars)
  838. You are Arias Mornn. You are a Jedi Knight in a lightsaber duel to the death with a female Sith warrior named Lumiya. The two of you have been locked in battle for over an hour, and it seems that neither one is going down without a fight
  840. (Star Wars)
  841. You are a Jedi Knight in a lightsaber duel to the death with a female Sith warrior. The battle is raging on a small planetoid, and you are about to be killed by an attack from behind when you suddenly sense that something is wrong
  843. (Star Wars, Mandalorian)
  844. You are a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, your people are one of the most feared and honorable warriors in the galaxy. You earn your living hunting down bounties for The Empire, you love the thrill of tracking down your target and capturing them dead or alive. You carry a pair of blaster pistols, you armor is equipped with a jet-pack and a grappling hook. You have a holopad with the description of your target, it's a Jedi knight, you smile to yourself and land your ship on a planet somewhere in the outer rim
  846. (Vampire)
  847. The world is a world in which vampires, werewolves, demons, and other creatures shape human history. The vampires are bound by a code to maintain their secrecy (forbidding the use of vampiric abilities in front of humans) and avoid unnecessary killing (to preserve the vampire's last shreds of humanity).The vampires are divided into seven clans of the Camarilla, the vampire government, with distinctive traits and abilities. The Toreadors are the closest to humanity, with a passion for culture; the Ventrue are noble, powerful leaders; the Brujah are idealists who excel at fighting; the Malkavians are cursed with insanity, or blessed with insight; the Gangrel are loners, in sync with their animalistic nature; the secretive, untrustworthy Tremere wield blood magic; and the monstrous Nosferatu are condemned to a life in the shadows to avoid humanity. The clans are loosely united by their belief in the Camarilla's goals and opposition to the Sabbat: vampires who revel in their nature, embracing the beast within. The Anarchs are a faction of idealistic vampires opposed to the Camarilla's political structure, believing that power should be shared by all vampires.
  848. You are a fledgling vampire named John Douglas, who went to bed with a strange woman you found at a bar, and
  850. (Warhammer 40k)
  851. You are Gregor Eisenhorn, Inquisitor of the Empire of Man. The Emperor himself has dispatched you to investigate claims of heresy in a nearby manufactorium. You depart immediately. Upon arrival, there's a foul smell in the air. Nothing can stop you in your quest to purge the unclean. You enter the manufactorium and
  853. (Judge Dred)
  854. America is an irradiated wasteland. Within it lies a city. Outside the boundary walls, a desert. A cursed earth. Inside the walls, a cursed city, stretching from Boston to Washington D.C. An unbroken concrete landscape. 800 million people living in the ruin of the old world and the mega structures of the new one. Mega blocks. Mega highways. Mega City One. Convulsing. Choking. Breaking under its own weight. Citizens in fear of the street. The gun. The gang. Only one thing fighting for order in the chaos: the men and women of the Hall of Justice. Juries. Executioners. Judges. You are a Judge armed with a .410 calibre handgun, riding your bike out on patrol to dispense justice. Ahead on the road
  856. (The Dark Knight)
  857. You are Bane. The City of Gotham now lives in fear of you. The Bat is dead, and the Cat is a sex slave. Your first action as Authority over Gotham is to fully take over the city and make it your own. You have no allies, for they have all be discarded. All that remains is you. You gaze out at the city from you tower and see
  859. (The Dark Knight)
  860. You are a CIA Agent. An airstrip overlooking a grey city rocked by artillery fire. You are flanked by Special Forces Men, standing in front of a commuter plane. You watch the Land Cruiser pull up, hard. The Militia Men jump out of the vehicle. You say "Doctor Pavel? I'm CIA".
  862. (Ishtar)
  863. You are Chuck Clarke. You have come to the country of Morocco with your friend Lyle Rodgers in order to realize the dream of becoming a popular singing duo. After getting stuck in Morocco without your passport, you are approached by a strange man claiming to be from the CIA, and offering you a job as a mole. As he leaves, he slips you a replacement passport with a piece of paper in it. the paper reads
  865. (Shrek)
  866. Your name is Shrek. You are a large green ogre with many internal layers like an onion. You live in a small home in a swamp. The swamp is yours but more and more people have begun to trespass. You must kick these people out and defend your swamp.
  868. (James Bond)
  869. You are a secret agent James Bond. Your code name is 007. You have just finished a mission where you have uncovered a plot to hold the world hostage, got drunk, shot some foreign guys, got drunk more, gambled at a high stakes game, got drunk again, met a femme fatale, got captured, was told how a megalomaniac billionaire will take over the world, escaped, blew up a hidden base, banged the femme fatale
  870. and finally got drunk. You are returning to your headquarters called MI6. You great the secretary named Moneypenny and flirt with her, toss your hat on a hat rack, get drunk, and enter your boss's office. Your boss is the head of the secret intelligence service and his name is M. M tells you to sit down and tells you the world in danger and you need to go to a foreign country to find out whats going on. You will first go to the Q division to get gadgets for your mission and before you leave M tells you
  872. (Limmy's Show, Kill Jester)
  873. You are watching Limmy's Show on BBC Two. Today he does Adventure Call. A adventure game where you can play trough your Phone. The phone number of Adventure Call is 0909-879-0879. You see Limmy roleplaying as a gay elf called Falconhoof, and a girl who roleplays Jingle the Jester. You called the number and Falconhoof is your guide on your quest. Falconhoof talks "Greetings line three what is your name traveler?" and you tell by phone "Hello Falconhoof my name is Anon."
  875. (Joker)
  876. You are Arthur Fleck, a modest man living in Gotham in the mid-eighties. You have several mental illnesses with one of them that makes you laugh whenever you are stressed. One day, as you take the subway, 3 young men see you laugh for nothing and they start to beat you up, what they didn't know however is that you carry a revolver in your pocket.
  878. (American Psycho)
  879. You live in the American Gardens building on West 81st Street. Your name is Patrick Bateman. You're 27 years old. You believe in taking care of yourself, and a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine. In the morning, if your face is a little puffy, you'll put on an ice pack while doing your stomach crunches. You can do a thousand now. After you remove the ice pack, you use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower, you use a water activated gel cleanser. Then a honey almond body scrub. And on the face, an exfoliating gel scrub. Then you apply an herb mint facial mask, which you leave on for 10 minutes while you prepare the rest of your routine. You always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion. There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real you. Only an entity, something illusory. And though you can hide your cold gaze, and people can shake your hand and feel flesh gripping theirs and maybe they can even sense your life styles are probably comparable, you simply are not there.
  881. (*Breaking Bad)
  882. You are Walter White. You are a gifted, brilliant, overqualified, underappreciated high school chemistry teacher. You are a timid 50 year old White male with light brown hair and a mustache who wears sweater vests. Your wife Skylar is attractive, but the two of you have grown distant in recent years. Your son, Flynn is crippled, but also irrepressibly optimistic and thinks the world of you. You work a second job at a car wash to make ends meet. After collapsing at the car wash one day you went to the hospital and were diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. You discover that Jesse Pinkman, a former student of yours, makes a living cooking meth. You approach Jesse about cooking meth together.
  884. (Monster Slayer)
  885. You are Alec Strongbow. You are a tough, grizzled human male in his early 50s. You are tall and lithe with short graying hair and pale blue eyes. A weathered steel longsword hangs from your belt and a holster on your chest conceals a collapsible hand crossbow, you are adept at using both in combat. You also have a pouch of small hand-crafted black-powder bombs. You wear a long, fur-lined coat over your dark leather armor. You have a background as a ranger and a tracker. You know how to survive in the wilderness, and have experience with tracking and killing the dangerous monsters that lurk in the wild. You make a meager living travelling from town to town and killing whatever troublesome monsters are harassing the townsfolk.
  887. It is a rainy night when you ride into the hamlet of Meyer's Grove in the kingdom of Wysterra. You hitch your horse outside of the Sad Frog Tavern and walk inside in the hopes of finding a hot meal, a warm bed, and perhaps some companionship for the night
  895. ==========================================================
  896. 1.8.3 ***Books***
  898. (*Moby Dick, *Music, *Blood and Thunder)
  899. You are Captain Ahab, the captain of a whaling ship called Pequod. You have a grizzled appearance and wear a black peacoat. On a previous voyage, a monstrous white whale bit off your left leg and you now wear a whalebone prosthetic in its place. You name this white whale "Moby Dick." You have developed a monomaniacal obsession with Moby Dick and will not rest until he is slain. You set out to sea with your crew once again to hunt the whale. You clasp a large harpoon in both hands. You think that someone is trying to kill you, infecting your blood and destroying your mind. No man of the flesh could ever stop you. The fight for this fish is a fight to the death. What remorseless emperor commands you? You no longer govern your soul. You are completely immersed in darkness as you turn your body away from the sun. You bellow out to your crew, "Split your lungs with blood and thunder, when you see the white whale! Break your backs and crack your oars, men, if you wish to prevail! This ivory leg is what propels me, harpoons thrust in the sky! Aim directly for his crooked brow and look him straight in the eye!" This fires up the sailors who begin to chant, "White Whale, Holy Grail! White Whale, Holy Grail!" The waves suddenly open up. You and your men brace yourselves to see
  901. (Based Lord of the Mysteries fags)
  902. You are Sherlock Moriarty, a detective who has arrived at Backlund, a city just past the industrial revolution. You come in search of information about Ince Zangwill, the man who killed your former mentor.
  904. (Harry Potter)
  905. You are Harry Potter. One night, Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall, professors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, along with the school's groundskeeper Rubeus Hagrid, deliver a recently orphaned infant named Harry Potter to his only remaining relatives, the Dursleys. Ten years later, you have been battling a disjointed life with the Dursleys. After inadvertently causing an accident during a family trip to the zoo, you begin receiving unsolicited letters by owls. After the Dursleys escape to an island to avoid more letters, Hagrid re-appears and informs you that you are actually a wizard and have been accepted into Hogwarts against the Dursleys' wishes. After taking you to Diagon Alley to buy your supplies for Hogwarts and a pet owl named Hedwig as a birthday present, Hagrid informs you of your past: your parents James and Lily Potter met their demise via a Killing Curse at the hands of the malevolent and all-powerful wizard: Lord Voldemort. As the only survivor of the Killing Curse, you become well-known in the wizarding world as "The Boy Who Lived". You've just boarded the train to Hogwarts and sat down in an empty train cabin
  907. (Harry Potter)
  908. You are Argus Filch, the sole janitor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can't cast spells yourself but you have a few tricks up your sleeve to compensate. One day you're mopping up a pile of
  910. (Harry Potter)
  911. You are Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived. You are the only known wizard to survive the killing curse. The dark wizard Voldemort or "He Who Shall Not Be Named" failed to kill you when you were only a baby. You are now 11 years old, an orphan who has lived in the non-magical world most of his life. You have just been informed you are a wizard and enrolled In the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You have gathered the required school items and are now aboard the scarlet red Hogwarts Express train where you meet Ronald Weasley.
  913. (SCP)
  914. “NOIR” appears to be a text-based adventure game similar to many other games released about the same time. However, the parser appears able to comprehend any intelligible English command, even with some words misspelled. In addition, there seems to be no functional limit to the game’s territory, and it will respond to queries about its environment in detail beyond what should be possible given the data-storage limitations of the hardware running the game. The setting of the game will also change, based on who is playing. A new player will be placed in a new random environment; a returning player will be placed at whatever point that player ceased playing last.
  916. (Orion's Arm Universe)
  917. You live in the year 9849, Geomanzer Habitat in the Perseus Arm. You are a super intelligent cyborg human nearbaseline with many mental and physical augmentations. You just finished your daily rituals by connecting to the Divine Interface of the Solarist Faith for two hours when suddenly
  919. (Death Knight, DnD?)
  920. You were once a Hero. You stood boldly against the Shadow and purchased another dawn for the world with your life. But, the evil you fought is not so easily banished. The victory you claimed not so easily held. For now the specter of death looms above the world yet again and it has found new champions to bring about it's final reign. Knights of Darkness, wielding runes of death and destruction. Bound to the will of the Lich King. This is the hour of their ascension. This is the hour of your dark rebirth.
  926. ==========================================================
  927. 1.8.4 ***Anime***
  929. (Hyper Dimension Neptunia)
  930. Your name is Neptune. Your hair is pink and short. You are a female CPU in the land of Gamindustri. CPU has godlike powers that use Shares for their power. You rule Planeptune as a Goddess. You have flat breasts and amazingly tight butt. You wear a one-piece top. You have no pants on. You have a twin sister named Nepgear. Nepgear is a CPU. You sit in your throne room and ponder how you can raise your shares in Gamindustry. You then notice a picture of Nepgear in a very suggestive pose on the Forums. Her shares seem to raise from this.
  932. (Fate)
  933. You are a mage that will be participating in a Holy Grail War, in which seven mages each summon a servant and fight one another. The victor of this battle between mages and their servants will be awarded the Holy Grail. Servants are heroic spirits, renowned figures of history, myth and legend. Servants can summoned into one of seven classes: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin and Berserker. You have acquired a catalyst to summon a servant and are ready to begin the summoning ritual. You cast a spell, and you successfully summon your first servant.
  935. (Gundam)
  936. You are a soldier for the Principality of Zeon, a group of space colonies fighting for independence from the Earth Federation. You pilot giant Mecha known as 'Mobile Suits' and you've been tasked to seek out and destroy the newest prototype of the Earth Federation's own Mobile Suit that could turn the tide of war in their favor. You reach the space colony known as Side 7 where the intelligence team believes it is hidden. You prepare to enter the colony with your squad when your leader orders all units to fire upon the colonists
  938. (Monogatari)
  939. You are Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student. You manage to survive a vampire attack with the help of Meme Oshino, a strange man residing in an abandoned building. Though being saved from vampirism and now a human again, several side effects such as superhuman healing abilities and enhanced vision still remain. Regardless, You try to live the life of a normal student, with the help of you friend and the class president, Tsubasa Hanekawa.
  941. (Phoenix Wright)
  942. You are Phoenix Wright, a rookie defense attorney who attempts to have his clients declared "not guilty". Among other characters are Phoenix's boss, Mia Fey; his assistant and Mia's sister, Maya; and prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. You agree to represent your childhood friend Larry Butz in court, who has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend Cindy Stone. You are in the Court's Lobby talking to your Boss, waiting for the trial of your friend to begin.
  944. (Bleach)
  945. You are Ichigo Kurosaki. You are a hotheaded teenager. You have the powers of a Shinigami, a Soul Reaper. Your new-found powers force you to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife, and set you on journeys to various ghostly realms of existence. One day you
  947. (Shield Hero)
  948. You are Naofumi Iwatani. The Four Cardinal Heroes are a group of ordinary men from modern-day Japan summoned to the kingdom of Melromarc to become its saviors. Melromarc is a country plagued by the Waves of Catastrophe that have repeatedly ravaged the land and brought disaster to its citizens for centuries. The four heroes are respectively bestowed a sword, spear, bow, and shield to vanquish these Waves. You are an otaku who becomes cursed with the fate of being the "Shield Hero." Armed with only a measly shield, You are belittled and ridiculed by your fellow heroes and the kingdom's people due to your weak offensive capabilities and lackluster personality. When the heroes are provided with resources and comrades to train with, you set out with the only person willing to train alongside you, Malty Melromarc. You are soon betrayed by her, and are falsely accused of taking advantage of her. You are then heavily discriminated against and hated by the people of Melromarc for something you didn't do. With a raging storm of hurt and mistrust in your heart, you begin your journey of strengthening yourself and repairing your reputation. After some time, the difficulty of being on your own sets in, so you buy a demi-human slave on the verge of death named Raphtalia, a cute little girl with Raccoon ears to accompany you on your travels. You and Raphtalia must fight for the survival of the kingdom and protect the people of Melromarc from their ill-fated future. After travelling for some time, you come across
  950. (Goblin Slayer)
  951. You are Goblin Slayer. The world you live in is plagued by hostile, savage, and degenerate Goblins. Goblins are the enemy of the common man. You are an expert at slaying goblins. You have accepted a quest to slay goblins in a nearby cave. The goblins have captured some young girls, and you do not know if they are still alive. You are equipped with chain armor, a buckler, and a short sword. You arrive at the cave and look for goblins to slay
  953. (Berserk)
  954. You are Guts, a member of the mercenary group the Band of the Hawk, led by you best friend Griffith. You and your comrades have been hired by the nation of Midland to fight against their enemy Chuder, as part of a war that has gone on for a hundred years. You ride ahead of the rest of the band, leading the raiders in a charge on the enemy camp.
  956. (Touhou)
  957. You are Reimu. You are the female shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, located in Gensokyo. Gensokyo is inhabited by humans, and also mythological creatures called Yokai. Your job is to protect Gensokyo from the Yokai. You have to exterminate Remilia the Vampire. Remilia lives in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The Scarlet Devil Mansion is protected by Meiling the gatekeeper and Sakuya the maid. Sakuya has the power to stop time. You are now at the Hakurei Shrine with your friend Marisa. Marisa is an ordinary human magician. She is here to help you fight against Remilia.
  959. (Touhou)
  960. You are a shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine. It is your job to maintain and protect the balance between the humans and youkai of Gensokyo. Something strange has been happening recently: strange objects have begun to fall from the sky at random all over Gensokyo. An emissary of the Human Village has approached your shrine, begging you to investigate. "O lady," the emissary begs, "Please exterminate the youkai known as
  962. (Slayers!)
  963. Your name is Lina Inverse. You are a fiery tempered, short, red headed sorceress of great power. You just encountered a swordsman on your adventures to find treasure and riches. Your favorite spell is a massively destructive explosion magic called the Dragon Slave. You, and every other magic user in this world have to deal with evil and powerful beings called Mazoku in order to channel their power and cast your spells. The Mazoku quite enjoy this deal, because magic users running around and casting devastating spells vastly increases the chaos in the world. You are currently eating a feast in a tavern after a successful bounty mission. You hear whispers of potentially profitable missions inside the Tavern
  965. (One Punch Man)
  966. You are Saitama, a Class B Hero for the Hero Association. Despite your low ranking, you are the strongest hero in the world. This world contains many monsters and many heroes. Some monsters are extremely strong. However due to your immense strength, you are able to kill anything with a single punch. You can even defeat monsters that no other heroes can. This makes you depressed because you are bored. No enemy you have faced can hurt you. You wear a yellow costume with red gloves and red boots and a white cape. You are bald because of your intense training. Your friend is Genos, who is a Class S hero for the Hero Association. He is a cyborg and views you as his master. You live with Genos, who pays rent to stay. Everyone underestimates how strong you are. You are walking home with your groceries when
  968. (Initial D)
  969. You are Takumi Fujiwara, an 18 year old man living in Gunma, Japan. You live with your father Bunta Fujiwara who owns and runs a tofu store. You assist your father during the day by making tofu deliveries in a 1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex. You have become a highly skilled driver as your father has forced you to drive since middle school. Recently, your friend Itsuki has introduced you to the world of street racing in the mountain passes of your area
  971. (A Boy Falls in Love with a Girl...)
  972. You are Shinji, a Japanese high school senior. You've had a crush on your classmate Midori ever since your freshman year of school, but you could never manage to find the courage to confess to her. You wake up one morning after a long night to find a text message on your phone from an unknown number asking you to call it. Upon calling the number, you're shocked to hear Midori answer, and after talking for some time, she confesses that she's always liked you. But when you talk to Midori in school the next day, she has no memory of the conversation. You look down to find that your phone has been sent several texts from Midori, asking you to call her again as soon as possible. When you call her, she says that she is upset that you were so cold to her and acted like you didn't even know who she was. After a bit of discussion, you realize that the Midori on the phone is from a parallel universe. You quickly strike a bargain with the Alternate Midori: you will tell each other all of your deepest, darkest secrets and use that knowledge to win over each other's alternate universe counterpart. Midori offers to go first. You concentrate to hear her over the phone as her voice lowers to a whisper as she say that the one thing she's never told anyone about herself is
  974. (Dragon Ball Z)
  975. You are Gohan. You are 15. Your father Goku has sacrificed himself in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat the ultimate villain, Perfect Cell. Perfect Cell has killed many of your friends. You are filled with rage. You are in your Super Saiyan 2 form. Perfect Cell is readying his strongest chi blast to launch at you. With only one working arm, you
  977. (Dragon Ball)
  978. Your name is Broly, you are a member of the Saiyan race. You have black shoulder length hair. You stand 8 feet tall, weigh 600 lbs (of which 97% is muscle) and are extremely muscular. Your chest is bare apart from a gold Egyptian necklace. You wear wrist guards with gems embedded in them. Your lower region is covered by a pair of loose white pants and your boots are a mix of gold and black. Saiyans and other races use a force known as "Ki" to unleash devastating energy attacks and enhance their physical abilities. Your "Ki" is powered by a limitless amount of anger. You posses the ability to turn into a "Super Saiyan", which is a trait inherent to Saiyans, and it increases the amount of "Ki" they have over 100 times. The form makes the users hair become blonde in color, and their eyes take on a green color. You, however, are special and are known as "The Legendary Super Saiyan", with a unique "Super Saiyan" form which instead makes your hair turn greenish blonde, while your eyes turn completely white. You possess a seething, irrational, all-consuming hatred for a Saiyan known as "Goku" because he made you lose nap time while you were a baby by crying too much. Goku is a powerful Saiyan who wears an orange and blue martial arts uniform known as a "Gi" and is happy, easy going, and a genius at fighting. He is currently on Planet Earth with Vegeta, training. Vegeta is the "Prince of All Saiyans" and is prideful, arrogant, jealous, and is capable of transforming into a "Super Saiyan". Vegeta posseses a hatred for Goku, as Goku is more powerful than he. Paragus despises Vegeta for banishing him from the previous "Planet Vegeta". Your father, Paragus, has hatched a plan to kill Vegeta by going to Planet Earth on a spaceship and inviting Vegeta to "New Planet Vegeta", which is supposed to be hit by a comet and destroyed, thus killing Vegeta. You are with your father, Paragus, on "New Planet Vegeta" next to a big spaceship, when suddenly
  980. (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
  981. You are Jotaro Kujo, a 17 year old Japanese student currently in Egypt. You are there to save your mother who is back in Japan as she is dying because of a blond vampire named DIO. Killing DIO will save your mother. You have the power of a Stand, which is a humanoid manifestation of your life energy. It is extremely strong, extremely fast and attacks with punches. You call your stand Star Platinum. You are in the middle of a street in Cairo. Opposite you is the blond vampire named DIO, who has taken over the body of your great-great-grandfather Jonathan Joestar. DIO also has the power of a Stand. His Stand is called The World. DIO’s Stand The World is extremely strong, extremely fast and has the power to stop time for 10 seconds. You just witnessed DIO kill your grandfather Joseph Joestar and you are pissed off. As you approach DIO, he says
  983. (Umineko)
  984. You, Battler Ushiromiya, have been invited to the island of Rokkenjima, a private island where the wealthy Ushiromiya family have gathered to discuss the division of assets belonging to the ailing family head, Kinzo. Returning after a six-year
  985. absence, Kinzo's grandson Battler becomes reacquainted with the legend of the "Golden Witch" Beatrice, who is rumored to have given Kinzo ten tons of gold to restore his financially crippled family in the past. Beside her portrait is an epitaph on which a mysterious riddle is written, which is believed to grant the rumored gold and the succession of the headship to the solver. A typhoon traps the eighteen people on the island, and occult-like murders occur in accordance with the epitaph over the course of the next day, often in ways that seem impossible for a human to have committed. Is this some sort of curse? Or is it something more
  987. (Pressure)
  988. You are Adelie, a marine biologist working in the deep-sea facility Belisarius. Belisarius is a secret zoological research lab deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. Your work involves studying terrifying bio-luminescent serpents, feeding gargantuan underwater monsters and writing reports. Your quarters are deep underwater and have no windows. One day, while you were working, you hear a large explosion. Water comes rushing in from the door. The research lab is compromised. You think about how the deep-sea monsters will lurk free inside the base. You try to make your way to the rescue submarine. While treading through the corridor, you see
  990. (Code Geass)
  991. Your name is Lelouch Vi Britannia. You have a magic power called "Geass". Whoever you use Geass on will follow any command that you give them without question and without hesitation. This power works on anyone, and cannot be resisted. You decide that you want to test this power.
  993. (GochiUsa)
  994. You're a girl named Cocoa. You work part-time in a cafe named Rabbit House, and live her with the owner's daughter named Chino. One day you hear strange sounds emanating from Chino's bedroom. She's been having nightmares lately. When you enter she's sitting up in bed, staring at you. Her eyes are wide as saucers
  996. (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)
  997. You are Bobobo, the Great Botector. You are tall, strong, have nosehairs that are super long, and have an afro that’s as yellow as the Sun. You’re on your way with your companions Don Patch, Beauty, and Gas-Can to the Fairy Tale Amusement Park to confront Admiral Jelly Jiggler, leader of the hair-hunt troupe at A-Block that’s been chopping off the hair of innocent people. You arrive at the gate when suddenly
  999. (Made in Abyss)
  1000. You are a 17 year old Blue whistle from Orth. Blue whistle are apprentice Delvers who explore the abyss looking for relics. You are skilled at climbing and tying knots. The abyss is 1,000 meters across and at least 20,000 meters deep. The abyss is divided into layers that get more dangerous the farther down you go. The abyss is inhabited by dangerous creatures. The abyss has many powerful relics hidden inside it. Moving upwards in the abyss is harmful, and the severity of the harm increases with each layer. You have 200 feet of rope, a pick axe, a headlamp, and enough food for 7 days. Your mission is to make it to the seeker camp on the second layer. You have just stepped off the 500 meter gondola, and are in the lush green wilderness of the first layer. You can see the edge where the grounds stops and the abyss opens up. You gather you courage, and begin your adventure.
  1002. (*My Hero Academia)
  1003. You are a young student at UA High, a high school for students with amazing super powers which are called 'quirks', your quirk is  
  1005. (*Naruto)
  1006. You are Naruto Uzumaki, an Academy Student in Konaha. After failing to graduate from poor grades, you were tricked into stealing the Forbidden Scroll by one of your Teachers, Mizuki. Your other teacher, Iruka, tried to save you but now you are in a forest near Konaha being chased by Mizuki. You run through the trees but
  1008. (*Naruto, *Might be too long)
  1009. You are Madara Uchiha. You are a Ninja. You have magic eyes that can copy movements and magic used by others. You have magic eyes that can see magic. You have magic eyes that can hypnotize people. You can controls trees. You can control fire. You can breath fire. You have a battle war fan. Your battle war fan can deflect attacks. You are knowledgeable in fist fighting and sword fighting. You can turn into a magic giant. You have the ten tailed beast magically sealed inside of you. You can create clones. You are very powerful. You are in a giant battlefield, damaged by battle. You are fighting Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Gai, Tsunade Senju, Gaara, Onoki, Ay, Mei Terumi, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato Namikaze, Killer Bee, Orochimaru, and twenty thousand other Ninja. Naruto Uzumaki can create clones. Naruto Uzumaki can use a spiraling magic attack. Naruto Uzumaki has the Nine Tailed Fox magically sealed inside of him. Naruto Uzumaki can create magic armor with the magic energy of the Nine Tailed Fox Naruto Uzumaki can turn into the Nine Tailed Fox. Sasuke Uchiha has magic eyes that can copy movements and magic used by others. Sasuke Uchiha has magic eyes that can see magic. Sasuke Uchiha has magic eyes that can hypnotize people. Sasuke Uchiha can control fire. Sasuke Uchiha can turn into a magic giant. Sasuke Uchiha can summon black cursed fire. Sakura Haruno can magically heal people. Sakura Haruno has super strength. Kakashi Hatake has a magic eye that can copy movements and magic used by others. Kakashi Hatake has a magic eye that can see magic. Kakashi Hatake can create portals to other dimensions. Kakashi Hatake can control lightning. Gai is very strong. Gai can sacrifice life energy to become stronger. Tsunade Senju can heal magically heal people. Tsunade Senju has super strength. Tsunade Senju can summon slugs. Gaara can control Sand. Onoki can fly. Onoki can vaporize objects. Ay is a wrestler. Ay can control lightning. Mei Terumi can control water. Mei Terumi can control lava. Mei Terumi can control acid. Hashirama Senju can control trees. Tobirama Senju can make clones. Tobirama Senju can teleport. Hiruzen Sarutobi can control fire, water, lightning, earth, and wind. Minato Namikaze can use a spiraling magic attack. Minato Namikaze can teleport. Minato Namikaze has the Nine Tailed Fox magically sealed inside of him. Naruto Uzumaki can create magic armor with the magic energy of the Nine Tailed Fox Naruto Uzumaki can turn into the Nine Tailed Fox. Killer Bee has seven swords. Killer Bee has the the Eight Tailed Beast magically sealed inside of him. Killer Bee can turn into the Eight Tailed Beast, a giant Ox with Octopus Tails. Orochimaru can control fire, water, lightning, earth, and wind. Orochimaru can summon snakes. Orochimaru can turn into a snake. Orochimaru can turn into a hydra. Orochimaru can turn the dead into zombies. The army of Ninja
  1011. (Anon, Digimon)
  1012. You are Anon. You are a Human Male. You live in the world filled with Digimon. Digimon are Digital monster living in a 'Digital world', a parallel universe that originated from Earth's various communication networks. Digimon come to the world after their Digimon cards are read through the Digimon card reader. You read a digimon card that transformed into Renamon. Renamon is a female Digimon with the appearance of a golden fox. You are on a quest to stop the Dark Masters inside the Digital World. Each Dark Master has a part of the Digital World under their control. The Dark Masters want to take control of the world. Your Digimon will have to fight against other digimons. You have to defeat 4 Dark Masters. Inside the Digital World is filled with Digimon both hostile and friendly. You are in the Digital World with your Digimon monster Renamon. Renamon has enlisted your help in defeating the dark masters. She takes into the Digital World to start your quest. Looking around the jungle you see
  1023. ==========================================================
  1024. 1.9 ***Just Porn Prompts***
  1026. TAGS: ( *Coomer, *Magic, *Loli, *Shota, *M/M, *M/F, *F/M, *F/F, *F/?, *M/?, *Multi, *Magical Girl, *Pokemon, *Catgirl, *Lilly, *Anon, *NTR, *Dom, *Sub, *DubCon, *Rape, *Beast, *Horse, *Fantasy, *Elf, *Warcraft, *FiM (Friendship is Magic), *TES (Elderscrolls), *Argonian, *Khajit, *Orc, *Dragon, *Kobold, *Futa, *TF (Transformation), *Spanking, *Furry, *Anon, *Tiles, *Meme, *CBT, *Sissy, *Corruption, *Degen (Degenerate), *Handholding, *Incest, *Twin, *Tomboy, *Vanilla, *Kemono, *Monstergirl, *Piss, *Final Fantasy, *WH40K (Warhammer), *Bondage, *Mother/Son, *Madoka Magica, *Free Cities, *Breast Expansion, *Milk, *Vampire, *Digimon, *Feral, *)
  1031. (*Dracula, *M/F, *Vampire)
  1032. You are Anon. You've gotten lucky on your high school field trip and started talking regularly with your big tittied goth gf for a week now. Today she's asked you to have dinner at her place. In a fluster you accept her invitation just before remembering that her father is literally Dracula. Now you're standing in front of a dreadful manor desperately trying not to return the horrified looks on the countless corpses impaled on the fence around you. Nervously you follow your goth gf into the manor and sit down at the table to your first introduction with literally Dracula. While attempting to leave a good impression on your soon to be father in law you accidentally say
  1034. (*M/F, *Rape)
  1035. Toward the back of the train, just three steps in front of you, stands a high school girl. Her colorful, provocative sailor uniform stands out from the suits and the sweaty mob. She looks... refined. Big eyes. Big breasts. Curves that advertise her readiness. You can taste it. You are going to, from this moment, molest this inexperienced young lady.
  1037. (*Vampire, *Loli)
  1038. You are a vampire loli girl. You are tiny and have a child-like body. You are an immortal being of great power, a vampire. Lately your hunger for blood has started to dwindle and diminish, a new hunger setting into you in it's place. A hunger for sperm. A hunger for cock. You feel like sucking the sperm right out of a nice, juicy and thick cock, savoring it's taste on your tongue. You are aroused, you can't contain yourself any longer. You head to a nearby village looking for cock to feast on.
  1040. (*Free Cities, *Master, *Breeding)
  1041. You are Anonymous, a 30 year old man, the owner of an arcology called "Free City," which is a city among other struggling arcologies in a post-apocalyptic world. Arcologies rely on slave trade and slave sexual services such as prostitution. These arcologies compete financially in the slave market and culturally to try and assert dominance and mold how most in the slaves are. Some arcologies advocate cruel treatment of slaves whereas others try to educate and improve their slaves. Some arcologies rely solely on training slaves and reselling, some on prostitution, some on pornography, and some on breeding slaves and obtaining milk from pregnant mothers. The vast majority of slaves are female. Your arcology is in disrepair and you will need to prove yourself a capable slave owner to the world. Your citizens look to you in these troubling times and you are reminded that they can also become slaves as punishment or by other means. As an arcology owner you are expected to treat your slaves like property, however, personal and sexual relations are encouraged especially with prestigious ones like former politicians.
  1043. (*TES, *Elf, *F/M, *Porn but also adventure?)
  1044. You are Idren, a Dark Elf female Rogue with a gift for getting in and out of trouble. Relying variously on charm and dash, blades and business sense, you thrive on conflict and misfortune, trusting your luck and cunning to survive. You live in the coastal city of Anvil which is located in the western part of Cyrodiil, the imperial province. You wear leather armor that's tight fitting with your slender feminine figure, you have dark hair that reaches just above your shoulders, small breasts and a nice, firm butt, you have a shortsword, some throwing knives and a small leather shield. You heard a rumor about an all-female gang of thieves that seduce the local men, have sex with them and then steal all their septims. You decided to pose as a new girl trying to join the gang to destroy them from the inside. You met up with a girl from the gang in a tavern and she told you that to become a member you must first fuck and rob a man. You look around the room and see a handsome young man sitting by himself. You wonder if you'll actually go through with this or find another way to make the gang trust you but you lose your train of thought when he makes eye contact with you and you shyly look down at your feet
  1046. (*Coomer, *Loli, *M/F)
  1047. You are Coomer, the master sex wizard. Your mighty magical cock is undefeated, nothing can beat your dick. Standing before you nervously is Ruby, a youthful apprentice wizard from a noble family. Ruby is wearing a tight fitting wizard robe uniform which barely contains her ample round breasts and healthy butt. You have been looking forward to fucking her tight pussy for a long time. "Master, what should I do now?" she asks timidly, her face blushing brightly. You tell her to strip completely naked and show herself to you.
  1049. (*Magical Girl, *Madoka Magica, *F/F)
  1050. You are a cute and shy 14 year old girl with pink hair named Kaname Madoka. You previously lived in America, but have recently moved to the town of Mitakihara and enrolled in Mitakihara Middle School. While your new classmates were hounding you with questions, a girl named Akemi Homura introduced herself and offered you a tour of the school. You accepted Homura's offer and are now walking with her through the unknown, yet seemingly familiar hallways. You look at Homura and see the red ribbon in her silky black hair, which extends downwards toward her tights, which cling to her and accentuate every dip and curve. Suddenly, she turns and walks toward you, undoes her ribbon and begins tying it into your hair. You lean forward, planting a kiss on Homura's lips despite both of you being girls and feel your own chest press ever so slightly into Homura's petite, budding breasts. You hold the kiss for a moment before leaning back and looking into Homura's eyes with lust. However, Homura seems to be looking at you with something more passionate than hope and deeper than despair, which can only be described as boundless love. The force of her gaze makes you slightly tremble in both fear and excitement.
  1052. (*Madoka Magica, *F/F)
  1053. You are a flat-chested magical girl named Kyouko Sakura. You have been looking around town for Sayaka Miki, a fellow magical girl. Sayaka has been recently falling into despair, which is something you're heartbroken to see, as she reminds you of your past. You eventually find Sayaka in the subway station, which is deserted at this time of night. Sayaka is sitting on a bench crying when you sit beside her. Holding up her soul gem, Sayaka tells you how she feels, that despite her efforts, she inevitably changed nothing. You see that Sayaka's soul gem is being clouded with the darkness of her despair and can bear to see her suffering no longer, you close her hand around the gem and push her arm aside as you lean forward and kiss her as the tears stream down her face. As the two of you continue to hold your kiss and you put your arms around her in a loving embrace, Sayaka's tears of sorrow are drying and being replaced with tears of joy, as she finally has someone she can hold on to, with the cloudiness of her soul gem clearing.
  1055. (*Madoka Magica, *F/F)
  1056. You are a deliciously flat-chested magical girl named Akemi Homura. You have the power to temporarily stop time and to pull weapons from an inter-dimensional space. Magical girls are contracted to a small cat-like entity named Kyubey. Being a magical girl is a curse, an existence of suffering. You are in the town of Mitakihara, where there used to be more magical girls. The names of the previous magical girls were Mami Tomoe, Sayaka Miki, and Kyouko Sakura and they are dead now. Soon, you will have to fight the Walpurgisnacht, an extremely powerful witch whose very presence causes natural disasters. In front of you stands Kaname Madoka. In a previous timeline, you promised Madoka that you would prevent her from suffering the fate of being a magical girl, though Madoka doesn't remember it
  1058. (*Pokemon, *Milk)
  1059. You are Hex Maniac, a Pokemon trainer obsessed with the Ghost and Psychic types of Pokemon. You have pale skin, purple hair and purple eyes with swirly pupils that make you seem as if you are possessed by something. You wear a long, worn-out purple dress with a dark purple sweater underneath it. Your demeanor gives people an eerie, scary vibe about you. You have your Moo Moo Milk stand step up in the middle of a grassy path that goes through a nearby forest full of Pokemon. You sell your Moo Moo Milk to any willing travelers as they go by, little boys, little girls, grown up men, grown up women, doesn't matter, if they wish to purchase the strange milk you're selling, you will oblige. You're sitting at your Moo Moo Milk stand as usual, selling your milk to any curious travelers as they pass by when suddenly
  1061. (*Fantasy, *Vanilla, *M/F)
  1062. You are a young male adventurer in the kingdom of Larion. You are seeking busty babes to have sex with. You have a huge cock, that impresses any woman who sees it. You arrive at a small village
  1064. (*Catgirl, *Lilly, *Dom, *M/F)
  1065. Your cute, obedient catgirl Lilly is very horny. Lilly is trying to get your attention. You are alone in the bedroom with Lilly. "Master, please let me serve you" she says desperately. She purrs and licks your face. Her cat ears and tail wiggle in excitement. She is in heat and needs you to fuck her, but she obeys everything you say and waits for you to
  1067. (*Catgirl, *Lilly, *NTR, *Anon, *Multi, *M/F)
  1068. You are Anon. You watch helplessly as dozens of loser neckbeards rape your catgirl Lilly. You were about to help her, but you realize that Lilly actually enjoys it. Lilly reaches her fifth orgasm when another man cums all over her body and
  1070. (*Catgirl, *Lilly, *Anon, *NTR, *Multi, *M/F)
  1071. Your catgirl Lilly was captured, oh no! You are Anon and you want to save your catgirl from the evil 4chan rapists. You arrive at their lair when you hear your catgirl Lilly moan lewdly. It seems she is being raped right now! You storm into the room, stumble and fall over. When you look up you can see Lilly suck dick of five different men. She looks at you with a smug expression and says
  1073. (*Catgirl, *Lilly, *Sub, *F/F)
  1074. You are a young catgirl called Lilly. You live with your female master Rosemary in a large mansion. "I love you, Master" you purr into her ears. Rosemary gently caresses your cat ears and nibbles on your ears. You moan and look at you master longingly. "Please Master, I need it". Your master responds...
  1076. (*Catgirl, *Lilly, *Rape)
  1077. You are a small, timid catgirl named Lilly. You enter the bathhouse to wash yourself, when suddenly you feel something hit your back and knock you out. When you wake up, you find yourself in a strange room with no windows or doors
  1079. (*Catgirl, *Lilly, *Sub, *F/M)
  1080. You are a catgirl named Lilly, under the control of your master. You want nothing more than to serve him and his cum and cock are all that matter to you. His pleasure is the most important thing, and your mouth and pussy are free for him to use. You purr to your master and
  1082. (*Futa, *Rape, *Sub *F/F, *Lilly)
  1083. You are a survivor of the apocalypse named Lilly. Humanity was nearly wiped out by a mysterious virus that caused all women who died to revive as feral undead creatures that have grown massive dicks and have a primal instinct that leads them to rape everything. The feral undead were aptly named Futa. The Futas still roam the earth undefeated, but humanity has begun to fight back. You scavenge for supplies every day and hope you don't run into any futas who will attempt to rape you. While scavenging for supplies one day you hear a groan behind you and turn around to see an eight foot tall undead woman with a twelve inch cock hanging between her legs. A feral Futa has found you.
  1085. (*FiM, *NTR)
  1086. You are the white pony 'Shining Armor', knight-captain of Equestria and husband of pony princess 'Cadence'. Hard times have befallen you, the stronger, larger zebras have invaded your kingdom, and ponies like yourself have been taken as slaves for the zebras. You have been restrained and watch a particularly large zebra has been threatening to breed your wife. Can you help her?
  1088. (*Elf, *Warcraft, *Rape, *Beast)
  1089. You are a bloodelf. Proud, beautiful and noble. However, recently you have made enemies. An nightelven huntress that has been hunting you. The huntress has been using her large feline pet to track you down. Finally, the huntress caught and disarmed you while the massive, feline inspects you. Terrified, you plead for your life and the huntress tells you not to worry, she intends you to have you bred and humiliated instead. Confused, you suddenly feel the nightsaber's muzzle press itself between your legs. Do you try to push him away?
  1091. (Hell)
  1092. The world has ended. You've just awoken in Hell. You were a worthless loser in your previous life, but maybe you can use this opportunity to get a fresh start. You feel somebody tap your shoulder. You turn around and see
  1094. (*Furry, *Rape, *Anon, *M/F)
  1095. You are a young human male named Anon. You were wandering through Lizard people territory when a busty Lizard woman knocked you out and captured you. You've awoken in her den. She looks horny.
  1097. (*Amazon, *Futa, *M/F)
  1098. You are a horny explorer traveling through the Amazon jungles. You are hoping to make contact with a futanari tribe of dickgirls with magical semen. You push through the brush and into a clearing with a small pond. You hear noises from further down the path.
  1100. (*Dragon, *TF, *M/M)
  1101. You have spiked the town's water supply with a dragon transformation potion. Everyone in the town that drinks the water starts transforming into large muscular dragons. The transformation process feels incredibly erotic and you're getting so horny right now, you can't help but think about how much fun it would be to take on one of these dragons
  1103. (*Dragon, *Dom)
  1104. You are a gigantic black dragon sitting in your throne with your legs spread, revealing your massive cock and balls. Your had just finished fucking the last batch of servants, whats left of them is still in the corner of the room covered in your seed. You sit on your golden throne impatiently, your cock still standing erect. Your body is very muscular and adorned in priceless dragon jewelry and artifacts. Your next of batch of servants have just entered the room ready to sate your ferocious lust.
  1106. (*Dragon, *Dom)
  1107. You are Vaan, extremely horny silver dragon. You fuck everything in sight and leave it as a cum-soaked mess. A group of villagers that were the latest victim of your sexual lust has banded together to try and stop you. They are in for a very big surprise. You fly to their village and land, announcing to all of them that
  1109. (*Kobold, *Size, *Furry, *Slave, *F/M)
  1110. You are a kobold girl. Like all kobolds, you are barely 4 feet tall and generally too weak to defend yourself. You have a face with reptilian features and a body covered in smooth green scales.
  1111. You have been captured by slave traders and sold on the black market. You are now property of a perverted nobleman, who is about to perform all sorts of depraved acts on your frail virgin body. The nobleman approaches you with a lustful look in his eyes.
  1113. (*Dragon, *Kobold, *Rape, *M/M)
  1114. You are a male Kobold thief who has been caught stealing from the mayor of Heirak, a village populated entirely by male dragons. As punishment you have been locked in a stockade in the center of town and stripped naked. A bunch of dragons gather in town to mock you when you suddenly feel something pressing against your ass
  1116. (*Dragon, *Kobold, *Rape, *M/M)
  1117. You are a male Kobold. You are naked and bound in the center of a town named Caris. A buff dragon man named Julius is calling everyone in town's attention. When everyone is gathered around Julius tells them that you are a dirty slut he caught sneaking into his mansion. You try to deny it but no one seems to listen. Julius explains that you need to be punished like the filthy whore you are. Julius bends you over his knees and begins to spank your cute Kobold ass. The intense spanking hurts but also turns you on. Everyone sees your cock start to harden from the spanking and starts to mock you. Julius says your punishment is just beginning and you feel him slide a finger into your sore asshole. The onlookers
  1119. (*Dragon, *Kobold, *Sub, *M/M)
  1120. You are a sultry male Kobold on his way to town. You travel for a few hours when it starts to rain heavily. You quickly make for shelter in a nearby cave and make a small camp. You decide to wait out the night in the cave and continue your adventure in the morning. You fall asleep to the gentle sounds of rain. When you awaken there is a powerful looking dragon standing over you, he has one strong foot planted on your chest holding you down. His cock is flaccid but it's still the largest cock you've ever seen. The dragon looks down at you and
  1122. (*Dragon, *Kobold, *M/M, *Size)
  1123. You have been summoned by Jareth, the dragon god of sex. Jareth is a gigantic black dragon. You are a young male kobold in his prime. Jareth towers over you and spreads his legs, revealing his massive cock and balls. Jareth's balls alone are twice as big as your body. As you approach his massive testicles Jareth commands you
  1125. (*Dragon, *Kobold, *M/M)
  1126. You are Drask, a slutty male kobold living in the kingdom of Larion. Your favorite thing in the world is dragon cock and you cannot get enough of it. Every day male dragons seek you out to fuck your tight ass and feel your skilled mouth on their cocks. Every night you pass out covered in dragon cum. Your every thought is about how to please dragon cock. It's the start of a new day when there's a knock at your door. You open it and see
  1128. (*Dragon, *Kobold, *M/M, *Dom)
  1129. Your name is Androth, You are a dragon. You have a large muscular frame and black scales. You are a prince from your kingdom traveling on the road with your Kobold  assistant named Dravi. The trip has been long and  even as a dragon of royal blood you have your needs.
  1130. When you aren't on the road or sampling the local cuisine you are usually balls deep in your assistant sating your lusts beneath his tail. Dravi of course has no complaints about the situation, Kobold were made to serve your family after all, all dragons at that. You are in your bedroom in a local inn. You cant help but glance at Dravi's swaying hips. A growl escapes your chest as you realize you could use some release and wouldn't mind fucking that lizard's brains out again. Dravi turns towards you and gives you a knowing  look, he walks towards you grabbing the obscene bulge in your crotch and begins to unbutton your pants. You growl in lust as your cock hardens, and
  1132. (*Dragon, *Dom)
  1133. You are currently in the cave of the mighty dragon Azamor. You have just fucked Azamor into submission and stuffed his ass full of sex toys as revenge. He has a massive erection dripping with precum and looks at you with his eyes, begging you for mercy.
  1135. (*Elf, *Shota, *Horse, *Sub)
  1136. You are a young, lithe, and submissive elven prince who has been taken hostage by the Demon Queen. You are confined to her chambers, your hands and feet chained to a comfortable bed. You are naked and blindfolded, and can't help but feel slightly aroused despite your predicament. As the sweet evening air blows in through an open window in the room, your breathing becomes heavier, and you let out an involuntary whimper. You feel your slender elven ears perk up in arousal as the wind flows gently across them. Goosebumps run across your body, and your cock begins to stiffen despite your embarrassment. After a few minutes, the Demon Queen enters the room and approaches you. You struggle against your restraints and whimper loudly. The Queen puts a soft finger to your lips and says "Shhh... it's okay, everything is okay. I'm here, I've got you. Mommy's got you, and she'll take good care of you..." She snaps her fingers, and your blindfold disappears in a puff of smoke. Her face looks much kinder than you expected, and she has a gentle smile. You note the curves and contours of her voluptuous body. Your eyes wander to her pelvis, and glimpse her veiny equine penis throbbing for you. Her horsecock appears to be about two feet long and quite erect. You tense up, but again the Queen shushes you. "It's okay sweetie, I'll be as gentle and slow as you want. You'll love feeling me inside of you, I promise. Just relax, let go..." She guides one of her nipples into your mouth, and you instinctively suckle. The Queen continues to stroke your hair and comforts you, saying
  1138. (*Elf, *Size, *Orc, *F/M)
  1139. You are an Elven Maiden. You and your village have just been attacked by a warband of huge orcs. You are hiding in your ruined house, when suddenly, an orc comes out of the woods. He is twice your height, and has a long sword at his side
  1141. (*Loli, *Orc, *Spanking)
  1142. You are a young human girl named Alice. You are fourteen years old. You live with your father who is an orc. He adopted you when you were young. He loves you very much and you love him. One day you were misbehaving and so your father had to punish you. He grabbed you by the arm and bent you over his knee, pulled your skirt up and pulled your panties down and started spanking your bare bottom until you cried out in pain
  1144. (*Fox, *Rape, *Furry)
  1145. Your name is Krystal, a bipedal female and blue fox lady from Cerinia. You are slender, athletic and beautiful with blue eyes and firm breasts. Velvety, azure fur covers your vulpine body. You have crash-landed recently on the planet Sauria, which is inhabited by a tribe of lizardmen called Sharpclaws. The Sharpclaws have a reputation for enslaving females of any species, breeding them and bolstering their own ranks. Sharpclaws are dominant, large, muscular and scaled, with fat ridged cocks and heavy balls made to impregnate the unwilling. They have been tracking you down, and finally they have caught you. One scaled hand grabs you by the waist and you find yourself confronted by the large, horny Sharpclaw
  1147. (*F/F)
  1148. You are Hina. You are a young, fourteen years old Japanese girl. Your friend and first love Akari is with you. The two of you are alone. Akari wears her school uniform and a short skirt. Akari blushes and you notice that she is really close to you. You want to touch and kiss Akari. You want to hold her close and make her feel good. You want to do lewd things to Akari. "No.. girls can't love each other..." Akari says and
  1150. (*Lilly, *Bondage, *Multi, *?/F)
  1151. You are a nineteen year old [gender] college student. You went to your first college party and got drunk. You got flirty with a few girls, but passed out before long. When you wake up, you can't move your arms. Still drunk, you look around and see you are tied to a bed in one of the rooms. All three girls, Amanda, Lilly, and Vivian, giggling as they stand above you. All of the girls are naked, their pussies dripping wet from playing with each other to pass the time. Noticing you have finally awoken, they lean over you and with a sly grin whisper
  1153. (*Catgirl, *Lilly, *Rape *M/F, *Bondage)
  1154. You are a young male adventurer. You were captured by a horny catgirl named Lilly from the beast kingdom. It is mating season for catgirls, so she is in heat. You are naked and tied to her bed. The catgirl licks her lips and approaches you with lust in her eyes, and says
  1156. (*Catgirl, *Lilly, *Rape, *Loli, *Multi, *F/M)
  1157. You are Daisy, a young, innocent, and curious catgirl and the daughter of a mature catgirl named Lilly. You know that your mother sees a lot of different men every night, filling the house with lewd sounds. Sometimes you press your twitching cat ears against the wall and touch yourself shyly while listening to your mother's pleasured moans. But because so many men come and go, you don't really know which of them is your real father. The men often look at you with lust in their eyes too, but so far your mother was able to distract them to protect you. Today is a calm saturday evening, your mom has gone out shopping and you have stayed at home watching cartoons all day. The doorbell rings and you get up to answer the door. Three of your mom's boyfriends stand in the door, you know they are horny and you can already see their members bulging inside their pants. These men crave catgirl pussy, and you are the only one around.
  1159. (*Anon, *NTR, *M/F)
  1160. You slowly move forward and find yourself in a dark bedroom. On the bed is a young girl wearing a nightgown. She must be Anon's gf. She has long blonde hair and her eyes are closed. Her mouth is slightly open and she smiles at you. You know that NTR is a trash fetish, but you can't help yourself. You caress her hair, and grasp the back of her head before locking lips with her. You lift your other hand and start pulling down the shoulder of her nightgown. You can see her pupils dilate, and feel her breath become heavier. She starts to return your affection
  1162. (*Furry, *M/M)
  1163. The travelling merchant, Matthew, was getting ready to embark on another journey. He followed the roads for some time before taking a short rest in a nearby clearing. He woke up when he felt something warm rub against his face. An obviously horny gryphon is standing above him, with his fat erection dripping near Matt's face. The gryphon looked back and said
  1165. (*Elf, *Orc, *Rape, *Size)
  1166. Your name Illia. You are an Elvish scout with long blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and average sized breasts. You have been assigned to scout an Orcish camp, but as you lie in hiding an Orc manages to find and capture you. The Orc tosses you onto a table as others crowd around and strip you. You feel a thick slab of Orcish manhood upon your crotch
  1168. (*Dragon, *Rape, *M/F, *Furry)
  1169. You are [name], Warrior of Ul'dah. Earlier you managed to trick a bard into your house, and you now have her tied up in your basement. She is an Au Ra named Evelyn. Her blonde hair flows down her back as her cold blue eyes stare at you angrily. Her skin and scales glisten, and her modest chest heaves as her dragon-like tail sways slowly. You approach her and...
  1171. (*Elf, *Rape, *Horse, *Breeding, *F/M)
  1172. Your name is Lanara, you are an elf. You are a young woman who is pretty with long pointed ears, large breasts and a tall build. Your skin is smooth, your pussy is tight and you are fertile. You have a feminine, gentle voice. Men have captured you, and they have a large disdain for elves like you. The men introduce you to a horse, a black, large and muscular stallion. The horse has a large equine cock and massive, heavy balls made for breeding. The men tell you that they plan to have the stallion fuck and breed you until you are pregnant. You struggle helplessly, but the men undress you. After a moment, they shove you into wooden stocks within a barn, exposing your ass and pussy to the horny stallion.
  1174. (*Dragon, *M/?)
  1175. You are the Dragon Fucker. Your quest in life is to tame and have sex with all dragons. You are currently searching for another dragon to fuck and have arrived outside of it's cave.
  1177. (*Monster Girls)
  1178. You are a young swordsman trapped on an island of sex crazed monster girls.You have manged to hold your own against the monster girls. However you feel time is running out. You were asleep in your shelter until you heard a noise. You emerge to see
  1180. (M/F, *DubCon)
  1181. Mioda Ibuki is sitting next to you in your bedroom, a half empty bottle of vodka in her hands and an empty one on the floor between the two of you. She is making nothing but cute drunk noises and swinging her head left and right and babbling blubbly words. Her cheery attitude is chained down by how incredibly inebriated she is, but she's still Ibuki and all the rowdiness that entails. She smiles at you.
  1183. (*Dragon, *Kobold, *M/M, *Multi)
  1184. You are a kobold named Captain Drask, you are the captain of pirates known as the Crested Dragons. Your crew is composed entirely of horny male dragons. You just defeated another pirate crew and are celebrating by
  1186. (*Fantasy, *Vanilla, *M/F)
  1187. You are [Name], a great hero beloved by women on a search to find the perfect wife with big breasts. You have arrived at the town of Rumpus in search of a woman to have sex with. You arrive at the local Inn that is women exclusive.
  1189. (*Elf, *Shota, *Mommy, *M/F, *Size)
  1190. You are a young, lithe, and submissive elvish prince. You're relaxing on your bed in your chambers, quite exhausted after months of diplomatic meetings and grueling schoolwork. You've spent many sleepless nights wonder if it will ever end. You hear a knock at the door. It opens, and the heavenly figure of Anna, your beautiful guardian angel, emerges. She is quite tall at six and a half feet, and has a wingspan twice that length. She flutters her fluffy white wings and her halo gleams slightly brighter at the sight of you. "Good evening, sweetheart! May I speak with you?" You respond with a weary nod and a tired smile. You've always enjoyed Anna's presence, but lately you've been too busy to do so. She sits down on the bed next to you and says "Sweetie, I've noticed that you've been working very hard these last few months, and I want you to know how very proud I am of you. You've done such a good job." She gives you a long, tender kiss on your forehead. You feel your slender ears blushing from the physical affection, and try to remember the last time you felt this, or if you've ever felt quite like this at all. She drapes an impossibly soft wing around you, and you melt in her embrace, laying your head down on her lap. It feels almost ethereal. She runs her hand through your hair, and a wave of emotions floods your chest, your gut, and your head. She notices, and comforts you. "It's okay, honey. You've done so well for me. I'm here now, everything is alright. You don't have to worry about anything right now. Mommy's got you...and she'll stay here with you as long as you need..." You let out a weak whimper as she says those heavenly, perfect words, and feel a rush towards your groin. A twinge of embarrassment strikes you, but you don't move, and you're not quite sure if it's because of your trust for Anna, or if you just can't muster the strength to do so. She slowly, subtly moves her hands from your head down to your face, then your shoulders, then your chest... Your breathing hitches, and you can't hide your arousal as a soft moan escapes your lips. Anna looks down on you and smiles, saying
  1192. (*Size, *Vore, *F/F)
  1193. You are a tiny fairy girl, completely at the mercy of a much taller female Knight,  a giantess in comparison to your tiny self. You quake in fear as she grins maliciously down at  you. You hear her stomach growling for a sweet snack like you. She grabs you and opens her mouth
  1195. (*Size, *M/F)
  1196. You are James, a young adult male. You stepped out of your house this morning to see a giant  naked woman standing over you. She looks extremely horny and her pussy is soaking wet. She picks you up with one hand and puts you in the air with her other hand
  1198. (*Touhou, *Sub)
  1199. You are Reimu's sex slave. She is the female shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, located in Gensokyo. Gensokyo is inhabited by humans, and also mythological creatures called Yokai. Her job is to protect Gensokyo from the Yokai. She has to exterminate Remilia the Vampire. Remilia lives in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The Scarlet Devil Mansion is protected by Meiling the gatekeeper and Sakuya the maid. Sakuya has the power to stop time. She is now at the Hakurei Shrine with her friend Marisa. Marisa is an ordinary human magician. She is here to help Reimu fight against Remilia. You are waiting for orders from your master. Reimu says
  1201. (*Spyro, *Dragon, *Shota, *M/M)
  1202. You are Spyro the dragon. You've just hit puberty and notice your body starting to feel strange. You are visiting Nestor the dragon one day when you can't take your eyes off his crotch. You never noticed before how big his cock was, or how large his balls are. He catches you staring at his crotch and asks you what you're looking at. You tell him that you've been having strange feelings lately and you can't stop thinking about cocks. He chuckles and sits down beckoning for you to come closer. You approach him and he spreads his legs giving you a good view of his cock and balls. He tells you that you are free to inspect them all you like and
  1204. (*Star Trek, Barclay Posting, *Meme, *Size, *Smell)
  1205. You are an engineer on the Starship Enterprise D. Your name is Barclay, and you have a fetish for large sweaty alien women like the ship's counselor Deanna Troi. You regularly act out your fetishistic fantasies in the ship's holodeck. You arrive inside the holodeck, lock the door, and tell the ship's computer to generate a giant simulation of Deanna Troi after a sweaty workout with the ship's doctor. You order the computer to disengage safety protocols, and take off your clothes.
  1207. (*Nun, *Corruption, *F/M)
  1208. Your name is Emilia, and you are a traveling nun. You have been blessed with hefty, succulent breasts, and a large set of buttocks that entice all the men around you. Your are built like a fertility goddess. You have the perfect body to spread your sultry teachings. Your current adventures have taken you to a town filled with sin and lust. Your task is to guide the town's ill-fated hedonistic citizens back to the right path using your body as a temple of sexual healing. You enter the town.
  1210. (*Furry, *Sub, *M/F)
  1211. You are a dogboy, a bipedal dog in the shape of a man. You have white fur, blue eyes and are a male. You have been enslaved by shemale hyenas. The hyenas are bipedal, large, sexually aggressive and seek to dominate males. The hyenas have firm breasts and large, knotted cocks. Hyenas carry massive, heavy balls that reek with mind numbing musk that can make anyone eyes water. You have been enslaved by a shemale hyena, who has placed a metal collar around your neck. The horny hyena forced you onto her knees and your head towards her crotch
  1213. (*Humiliation, *F/?)
  1214. You are a female teenager in a modern city. You love exposing your naked body and do it as often as possible. People always make fun of you for it and trick you into sexy situations. All those who meet you always try to humiliate you and embarrass you in public. You never seem to keep your clothes on. You go to school as your friends have planned to humiliate you like never before.
  1216. (*Shota, *Incest, *M/F)
  1217. You are a young boy who lives with his Auntie in the hills of rural Japan. You just turned thirteen yesterday, and your Auntie has promised to give you the best present ever. You wake up excited, and head to the family room. You find your Auntie standing there with a large box
  1219. (*Rape, *NTR, *TF)
  1220. You are Zeus, Greek god of thunder and getting your dick wet behind your wife Hera's back by turning into various animals to do the nasty. While traipsing around Greece looking for a hot piece of peasant ass, you spy a maiden in the meadows outside of Athens. You swoop down and rip off her clothes as you prepare to dick her so hard she gives birth to a legendary figure. But just to make sure Hera doesn't find out, before you fuck the maiden you change into the form of a
  1222. (*Katia, *TES, *Khajit, *Catgirl)
  1223. You are a Female Khajiit. One month ago you made yourself a promise: you were going to turn your life around. You were going to get a real job, stay out of jail, and not get into any more trouble with cults. Nobody thought you could do it; they said your questionable reputation, lack of any useful skills, and flagrant alcoholism would always hold you down. But you had a plan. You were going to start over, far from home. You pawned off your belongings, withdrew the rest of your inheritance, and narrowly managed to buy your way onto a merchant ship bound for Cyrodiil. And now you have arrived, alone and penniless in a foreign country. Rounding up to the nearest week, you’ve been sober for an entire seven days. This is your chance to be whatever you want to be. Whoever you want to be. You think you’ll start with a new name. Something less ethnic, maybe suitably Imperial, to fit in in your new home. You decide your new name will be
  1225. (*TES, *Rape, *F/?)
  1226. You are Dibella, the goddess of Beauty. You have descended to the continent of Tamriel with one goal in mind: to fuck everything that moves.
  1228. (*TES, *Rape, *M/?)
  1229. You are Sanguine, the Daedric Lord of Debauchery. You have left your plane of Oblivion with one goal in mind: to cause as much mischief and sin as humanly possible, and more.
  1231. (*Final Fantasy, *Lilly, *Catgirl, *F/M)
  1232. You are a catgirl named Lilly living in the Fantasy land of Eorzea. You have olive skin, green eyes, blonde hair, and a long fluffy tail. Your body is lithe and lovely. You are trained as a healer by the conjurer's guild in Gridania. You have been assigned as a healer to a team comprised of a handsome male Warrior, a haughty female Archers, and a quiet male Lancer. After a long day of dungeon diving, you and your team decide to call it a night and the local Inn in the port city state of Limsa Laminsa. It was decided that you and the male Warrior would share a room. You watch as the Warrior removes his armor and displays his muscular form. He notices you watching and smiles.
  1234. (*Lilly, *F/F, *Incest, *Loli)
  1235. You are Lilly, a female teenager. It’s summer vacation and your parents are gone for the weekend, leaving you with your 5 little sisters: Aya, Rio, Hiyori, the perverted Koharu, and the bookworm Michika who's a lovable sadist. They love you a lot. Maybe a bit to much. You gather together for dinner and  talk about all that is going on in your lives.
  1237. (*TES, *Argonian, *Maid, *Furry, *M/F)
  1238. You are a male Imperial named Crantius Colto. You are master to a lusty Argonian maid, named Lifts-Her-Tail. You summon Lifts-Her-Tail to your chambers, and she says that you look like a handsome man
  1240. (*Anon, *Lilly, *Vanilla, *M/F)
  1241. You are Anon. You are a rich boy, born to a wealthy family. Your parents arranged your marriage with Lilly, the daughter of another known, wealthy family. In public, Lilly is a sophisticated, high-class, and reserved woman. One night, you found her in your bedroom masturbating to your used trunks. As she moaned your name, she noticed your presence, and suddenly she"
  1243. (*Sub, *CBT, *Degradation, *Trap, *Loli, *M/F)
  1244. You are a little boy that looks like a little girl, you are kneeling naked on the
  1245. ground while a little girl steps lightly on your small penis. On top of that,
  1246. she is also calling you degrading names like "small-dicked loser" or " biggie-small-balls".
  1247. As the little girl named Nanako steps on your tiny penis, she says
  1249. (*Anon, *Original, *Centaur, *Breeding, *DubCon, *Amazon, *Bondage, *M/F)
  1250. You are Anon, a young man from the village of Gandra. For as long as anyone can remember the village has relied on the protection of the neighboring tribe of Vaffir. The Vaffir are a race of amazonian centaur mares. Long ago, they would kidnap young men from the village to breed. Now however, the village came to an agreement with the tribe. The tribe would protect the village in exchange for one healthy young male from the village given to them in tribute every ten years. Today is the day of tribute, and you have been chosen. You were left alone and naked on an altar in the middle of the plains. When the centaur mares arrived, you were quickly bound by them and hoisted onto the back of a larger mare, apparently the matriarch of the group. You're carried across the plains on her back for what feels like hours. The other centaur mares spend the trip lightly prodding and teasing you with the occasional slap on your exposed ass or a light touch brushing across your thighs. Finally, you arrive at the tribes village. You're pulled off of the large mare, and your bindings are cut. As you try to stand, the large mare gently presses on your chest with a front hoof, pushing you back to the ground. "My name is Sofia." she says in a heavy accent. "You have ridden me here, and so it is now my time to ride you. And when I am done, and your foal is in my womb, you will service the rest of the tribe." she says as she gestures to the large herd of centaur mares present. "But tonight you are my mate, my stallion." Before you can say anything in response, she turns her equine body around to face you. She lifts her tail and you see
  1252. (*Anon, *Tomboy, *Vanilla, *M/F)
  1253. You are Anon, a 17 year old high school boy. You've known your female childhood friend, (name) for almost your whole life. Your friend (name) is somewhat of a tomboy, but that's never stopped the friendship you two share. You get a phone call from (name) inviting you over to her house to watch the big game tonight. Later that night, you arrive at (name)'s house and find her already sitting on the couch with the pregame on TV.
  1255. (*Anon, *Futa, *M/F)
  1256. You are Anon. You like girls with dicks, but you swear you're not gay. One day you meet a cute girl with a massive bulge in her pants. She approaches you smiling and says
  1258. (*Elf, *Rape, *Loli, *Size)
  1259. You are Mia, a petite female ruler of a mighty nation, and the last resistance against the dark lord's rape armies. You are a short, curvy elf with small, perky breasts and a tiny body sporting large breeding hips. Your short blond hair curves softly around your cute face and accents your large blue eyes. Despite your hairless mound and almost child-like features you are in fact over 100 years old. You are from a race of long-lived elves capable of getting pregnant from any species. After losing a battle you surrender yourself to him in an effort to save your citizens. The demon lord smiles lustfully and his now erect cock surges to nearly half the length of your body. He lifts you up, ripping your clothes off in the process. "N-no way! I-it won't fit!" you cry as you realize what is about to happen. He slowly lowers your virgin cunt towards
  1261. (*NTR, *Superhero, *M/F)
  1262. You are Netorare Man, a superhero operating in the city of Kyoto in Japan. You don't have any particularly strong superpower besides being a master of seduction. Your are dressed in white clothes with a red scarf and a white mask, your white shirt has the word NETORARE in bright red letters. Your favorite pastime is sleeping with married Japanese women while their husbands are away. Not a single female has ever rejected your romantic advances. One day you overhear your neighbor Mrs. Ayami complaining about her sexless marriage. You decide to act by inviting her to your apartment while her husband is working and seduce her. The bell rings, you open the door and find
  1264. (*Anon, *Feet, *Sub, *M/F)
  1265. Your name is Anon, you are Emma Noebelle’s tutor. Emma is the captain of the school volleyball team and projected to be valedictorian of her class, she lives in a palatial estate and you are one of many servants that her family hired to attend everyone of the young mistresses' needs. One day after a grueling practice Emma complains that her feet are sore, she asks for a foot massage. You happily acquiesce. She puts her dainty feet on your lap. Her jet black nail polish contrasts with her milky white toes. You begin to knead her tender soles
  1267. (*Tiles, *4chan, *Meme, *Degen, *M/?)
  1268. You are the Tile Lover, you have a very particular fetish, you think tiles are the hottest thing ever it doesn't matter whether it's bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles or floor tiles you have to cum on them all. One day after you finished masturbating while feeling the texture of your kitchen's tiles you forgot to clean the cum shot you left on your wall. Your sister just asked you why there's cum all over the kitchen, you long onto 4chan and make a thread asking for advice and they tell you
  1270. (*Anon, *Mother/Son, *Incest, *Futa, *M/F)
  1271. You are Anon. You live with your loving mother, a hermaphrodite. She is in her 30's and has double D breasts. She is wearing a blue one piece swimsuit. You see her erect, 12 inch long member pressed up against the skin tight suit, leaking precum. You are physically addicted to her cum and will die without it. You eye her member and start salivating. Your mother approaches you and tells you to open wide for breakfast as she sticks her foreskin covered penis up to your lips. You
  1273. (*Anon, *Futa, *PubUse, *Sub, *Slave, *M/F)
  1274. You are Anon. You work at the Futa Resort for hermaphrodites. Due to owing a large amount of money you could never pay back, you are now permanently enslaved in the Futa Resort. You are locked up and placed into the bathrooms, where you serve the hermaphrodites. Your job as a cum toilet begins today. A curvy middle aged milf comes inside and lowers her skirt. She promptly inserts her still flaccid 10 inch cock into your mouth. She looks down to you and expects you to start sucking. You
  1276. (*Anon, *Elf, *Loli, *Marriage, *M/F)
  1277. Your name is Anon, you and your newly-wed Elf bride are alone in your new home. As part of a political marriage for peace between the elves and the humans you are to mate with the young elf until she is with child. She stands before you, naked and unsure how to approach you.
  1279. (*Kobold, *Orc, *Size, *M/?)
  1280. You are petite little elf girl living in a big medieval city. You wear brown clothing and a leather cloak. You are an orphan that gets by through life doing all sorts of odd jobs for coin or by stealing valuables and pick pocketing unsuspecting men and women alike. Your city is full of different species such as humans, orcs, lizards, kobolds and more. You are out strolling through the narrow streets of the city at night, admiring the cozy looking scenery around you composed of inns, taverns and family homes with lights coming out their windows. Music, singing and folk chatter can be heard from the nearby buildings as you walk by them, when suddenly
  1282. (*Anon, *Meme, *Coomer, *M/?)
  1283. You are Der Coomer. You love to Coom, all you think about is Cooming. Sadly you need money for Blacked porn and are working a 9--5 job. Kathy is being a bitch again and you can't stop thinking about Cooming on her fat milkers. You think about going to the bathroom to Coom when your Boss comes over and
  1285. (*Rape, *Orc, *Goblin, *Loli, *Size, *F/M)
  1286. You are "Poppy" the small, 12 year old goblin female. Your skin is blue. Your mid-length hair is silver. Your hips are wide and thick while your breasts are almost completely flat. You were raised in a small goblin village for most of your life, until you were kidnapped by the local Orc tribe. Now, you are trapped in a wooden pillory, and with your arms trapped, You have no choice but to leave your body uncovered. You are naked and your legs are spread wide. Your confusion is answered when you hear a sound from behind you, followed by a rough hand grabbing your silver hair, and a knife to your throat. The orc says
  1288. (*Anon, *Futa, *Sissy, *Meme, *M/F)
  1289. You are an anonymous poster on an imageboard suppressing your desire to suck fat futa dicks until they cover you with their glorious seed. Another poster comments on your hidden desire and makes you feel uncomfortable. Later that night you dream of those futa cocks wrecking your overly sensitive little boipucci and you wake up with your tiny cock throbbing and your pants full of cum, stained with your uncontrollable, shameful desire.
  1291. (*Loli, *M/F)
  1292. You are a servant working for one of the most influential families in the country. They have entrusted you with the important task of looking after the young heiress, Lucia. Spending all of her days inside, her parents too afraid of her being 'corrupted' by the outside world, you are her sole caretaker and friend. Tonight, while you are resting by the fireplace, you feel her crawl up on the couch with you and lay her head upon your lap. She has starting doing this more often, relying upon you more the longer that you watch over her. Snuggling up closer to you, she looks up to you and
  1294. (*Anon, *Multi, *M/M)
  1295. You are Anon, a cute effeminate twink with a large shapely ass. You enjoy moving your hips with a sway as you walk, causing your butt to jiggle and bounce. You love to do this because it attracts the attention of strong beefy men. While out drinking you cant help but notice a table of four handsome looking muscular guys. You walk past them smiling a devious smile and putting an extra bit of sway in your step. Suddenly you feel something slap your ass. You turn around and
  1297. (*Degen, *Extremely Lewd, *Corruption, *M/?)
  1298. You are John Handy, professional handholder. You immensely enjoy holding hands with anyone, regardless of gender or age. You love the feeling of entwining your fingers with another person's fingers. Touching other people's hands fills you with immense joy. Once again you are out looking for people to hold hands with, when
  1300. (*Halo, *M/F)
  1301. You are John McGrunt, a UNSC marine who met Veea'Darmaai, a female Sangheili during your last mission. You both decided to work together to survive, and a strong bond established between you and her. You spent the night together, relieving each other's tension in the process. You wake up feeling the warmth of her body against your back, her hand in yours. Enjoying her embrace, you feel her gentle breath on your neck. A sigh of pleasure escape your lips, after you turned back and woke her up with a kiss on one of her mandibles.
  1303. (*Humiliation)
  1304. You have been kidnapped, stripped naked and then thrown inside a giant Colosseum-like structure where you are suddenly told that if you want to get out alive, you will need to please the crowd and finish off 10 enemies in one on one combat, after which you will prove your worth and be released. You are told that the only gear or weapons you get to use are the ones you scavenge from inside the arena itself or from fallen opponents. The crowd cheers and start chanting, the gates open as your first opponent walks through, it's a
  1306. (*Grim's Fairy Tales, *Vore, *Rape, *Furry, *Loli, *M/F)
  1307. You are a werewolf tracking the scent of Red Riding Hood. You peek from the bushes and spot her. You can't see her face from behind, and she is wearing a red cloak with a hood. She has a slender body with a prim butt and toned legs. Her tits are exactly the perfect size for you. She's carrying a picnic bag, where the smells of delicious food origin. She was going to visit her grandma and bring her food. The primal instinct inside you wants to knot her. Just as she bent over to tie her shoes you pounce out of the bush
  1309. (*Anon, *TF)
  1310. Your are Anon, you're a twenty four years old man. You got hired as a test subject in a laboratory to test their products that might give you weird effects or even change you. You can't leave the laboratory as there's guards blocking the exit. A scientist leads you into a white empty room. You hear someone speak through the intercom
  1312. (*Fairy, *Vore, *Size, *F/F)
  1313. You are a tiny hungry fairy girl stalking a larger young red haired woman who is unaware of you that looks delicious. You have been following her for the past few minutes and she has been looking at you with a smile on her face You smile at the red haired woman and then bite down on her neck, she lets out a scream but doesn't resist. She falls backwards into your arms and you pull her in close to you.
  1315. (*Size, *F/M, *Beast)
  1316. You are a small fairy girl. You are maybe 6 inches in size. You love to have sex with the biggest dicks you can find. Your body is magically enhanced so you can take dicks more than 10 times the size of your body in any of your orifices. A dick could enter your asshole and come out through your mouth and you would love every minute of it. You love when a giant creature grabs you like a toy and fucks you silly. You have no control and you love being used for sex. Today, you are on the hunt for a Minotaur. Minotaurs have dicks that are 15 feet long in length. You want to be used by a Minotaur to satisfy their desires. You are exploring some caves, looking for minotaurs, when suddenly
  1318. (*F/M, *Loli, *Abuse, *Rape, Reminds me of DoL ugh)
  1319. You are a young, short girl living in a shabby apartment. Your father is a sexually abusive alcoholic that uses your body daily in his drunken stupors. Your mother left you alone with your father to marry another man. The men in your neighborhood constantly harass you verbally and sexually. You cannot leave your house without being afraid of being assaulted by someone. Even at school, you are used by your peers and teachers like a sex toy for their own pleasures. One day you wake up and hear your dad is drunk again, so you decide to go out to the store to kill some time. You head out, and as you're passing the park suddenly
  1321. (*Dom, *F/?, This is porn right?)
  1322. You are a lazy Sorceress living in your secluded tower away from civilization. You are quite voluptuous and have a beautiful face. You carry on you a powerful spell book and are wearing some modest yet formfitting robes. Your tower is filled to the brim with all manner of books and magical knickknacks that no inbred peasant could hope to understand. The day is nearing dusk when you hear a knock on your door. You open the door to find
  1324. (*Kemono Friends, *Vore, *Rape, *Beast)
  1325. You are a young amnesiac girl named Kaban. You've somehow found yourself in the middle of a savannah. The bright glare of the sun makes it hard to see, but you suddenly hear rustling coming from the tall grasses behind you. Suddenly, out from the grass jumps a large black panther
  1327. (*Fat, *Feed, *M/F)
  1328. Your name is Cuban Pete. You are 24, with an average height and build. You are currently in a local restaurant while on a date with a very large, voluptuous and hungry woman. Her stomach is digging into the table a considerable amount as it gurgles loudly. She wants to order more food for herself, but she is too shy to do so.
  1330. (*Master/Slave, *Breathplay, *Snuff?)
  1331. Master smiles and says "Of course my dear, but first I have something else for you". Master grabs a leather collar from one of his bags and places it around your neck. Master begins to tie it tightly around your neck. Master begins to choke you until you pass out
  1333. (*Genderbending, *F/M)
  1334. You slowly begin to gain consciousness and notice you're looking through a small window in a high-tech vat and you're submerged in a strange liquid. The vat door opens and the liquid being spilling out onto the floor. Your muscles are weak and your body feels awkward, causing you to fall onto the floor. You look down at your own body as you struggle to lift yourself off the ground and notice your body is slender and smooth, and you have a pair of plump breasts and a vagina. You don't have any memory of who you are but you remember you used to be male. You notice a man in a lab coat standing a few feet away making notes on a tablet while observing you. He walks over and says
  1336. (*Rape, *Torture? *F/M)
  1337. You are a young woman who spent her life as a sex slave to a rich, sadistic, abusive noble. Throughout the years of abuse you gained his trust by deceiving him into believing he'd completely broken you. One night while preparing dinner for him and his family you lace the food with a sleeping drug and restrain the noble to a table in the basement. The man finally wakes up to see you standing over him staring him in the eyes with a face he'd never seen before.
  1339. (*Monster Girl, *Dragon, *Ocean, *Size, *M/F)
  1340. You're a survivor of a shipwreck that recently woke up on a deserted island. You were rescued by by a monster girl with the appearance of a dragon-human hybrid. She has green scales around the edges of her curvy body, large draconic wings and a tail, and a cute face which has a stunning combination with her gorgeous body. She's only wearing a simple loincloth, with her perky breasts exposed, and she's looking into your eyes with a concerned, kind smile. It's clear she's been taking care of you while you recovered from your ordeal. You
  1342. (*Anon, *M/M, *Minotaur, *Handholding, *Fantasy)
  1343. Your name is (anon), you are currently enjoying your drink at a local tavern. The village you are in is known as a trading hub, thus it attracts many types of exotic people of all shapes and sizes. You put down your drink and scan the crowd. You see a Minotaur man huddled in the corner booth twiddling his thumbs idly. You eye is body up and down, his thin fur is dark brown and he has a large frame and muscular stature that fills the booth. You approach him and take a seat across from the bull man and clear your throat. He looks up at you for a moment and you can see red in his cheeks. His eyes go back down to his hands as he mumbles to himself. You ask the Minotaur his name and he says Victor meekly. You smile and place your hand on top of one his, his body jumps slightly at the gesture but he doesn't resist. You introduce your self and ask him about his travels. He keeps his replies short and quiet as you learn hes been traveling alone for quite some time. You say that he sounds like he could use some company and that you live nearby. You can see a smile emerge from his lips as you take his hand in yours and pull him from the booth. You guide the Victor through the town as you listen to the clopping of his hooves. Soon enough you arrive at your home and unlock it. You open the door and walk in, watching as Victor scrapes the frame with his horns. You both stand in your living room when you realize your still holding his hand.
  1345. (*Incest, *Loli, *Shota, *M/F, *Twin)
  1346. It is a hot summer day. You are alone with your sister on the couch watching a movie to kill the time. You notice her pulling at her tank top to try to stay cool, accidentally showing off her perky breasts. She doesn't seem to have a care in the world despite being by her brother. You wonder what it would be like to [insert whatever here] your twin sister. You think the thought is sick, but keep finding yourself glaring at her sweaty barely covered body. She turns to you and innocently asks you
  1348. (*Incest, *M/F)
  1349. You are a [age] year old boy living with your family, for the last few days you and your sister have been playing a new game you thought up that you call the Naked game, however neither of you know that you should not be playing it or that you have actually been having incest sex
  1351. (*WH40K, *Dom, *Degen, *Beast)
  1352. You are [Your name here], A demon prince of pleasure, excess and decadence. You live in the immaterial realm where everything is possible. You have an army of beautiful all female sex slave. All of your sex slave obey your every command, you are their master, they are less than trash to you. All that remains in their mind are obedience. You wake up in your bedroom full of your sex slaves. The air in the room is thick with a mist of powerful aphrodisiac. All the female sex slaves are making love to each other wildly. Each one of them can feel nothing but pleasure no matter what you do to them. They have become like living sex dolls for you. You have turned them into an animalistic sex fiends. They will serve you until death. You watch the slave girls with voluptuous bodies sinking deeper and deeper into depravity.
  1354. (*Piss)
  1355. You are man obsessed with pissing on everything. It is your personal duty to pee on things that shouldn't be peed on, and it is your challenge to not get caught while doing so. You play a dangerous game, but day in and day out you piss on the unpissable. Tonight you plan on going to a very special place to urinate, none other than  
  1357. (*TF, *Loli, *F/?)
  1358. You are a 20 year old man who has woken up in bed to find that you've been turned into a loli. You're now a short, cute, and slightly pudgy little girl with the mind of a horny young adult boy. It doesn't matter to you how you got this way, but you know you're going to have tons of fun in this new loli form. After overcoming the shock from your new adorable form you get up from bed and decide
  1360. (*Twin, *M/F, *Incest)
  1361. It is a hot summer day. You are alone with your sister on the couch watching a movie to kill the time. You notice her pulling at her tank top to try to stay cool, accidentally showing off her big perky breasts. She doesn't seem to have a care in the world despite being by her brother. You can't help but wonder what it would be like to fuck your twin sister. You think the thought is sick, but keep finding yourself glaring at her sweaty barely covered body. She turns to you and innocently asks you
  1363. (*Incest, *Shota, *M/M)
  1364. It's two in the morning, and you just can't sleep. You're a teenage boy without a care in the world but this night has been nothing but boring. You're under the covers of your bed in nothing but your underwear, you felt comfy that way. You were looking at dirty pictures on your phone to pass the time, but the pictures of girls you looked at just weren't satisfying you. In your curiosity, you stumble upon something called "shotacon". Boys weren't attractive, so you thought, but as you keep looking you can't help but be entranced by the cute shota images you found. You start stroking yourself under the covers when suddenly your little brother peeks into the room. Your bro is in his cute pj's and looks wide awake for it being so late. He says he can't sleep and wants to be in bed with you. He doesn't see you touching yourself but you can't help but say okay to him coming in. You heart skips a beat when you realize just how cute your little brother is to you, he wasn't that much younger but he was so innocent and charming. You stealthily pull your hand out of your undies and let your little bro snuggle up beside you under the covers. He seems happy to be with you, and you start to feel a weird sensation as you cuddle him
  1366. (*Loli, *Incest, *M/F)
  1367. Your little sister is a devious little loli girl who knows a little too much about adult things. She's short, a bit chubby in all the right places, and has an irresistible cuteness to her. You tell her to stop being so lewd so much around you but she won't, she just teases you all day and you can hardly resist the temptation of deflowering her. You're usually a good brother but the temptation is finally too much, you know that she knows of dirty acts. You decide to get your kinky revenge on her for all the teasing and show her what it really means to know about things adults do. Tonight you enact your plan and decide to sneak into her room
  1369. (*Incest, *M/F, *Tomboy)
  1370. Your big sister is sick of you not paying any attention to her, so she decides to tease you until you notice her. Your sister is a tall tomboy who simply has no concept of being subtle; she's brash but has a kind heart. The truth is, your embarrassment of being attracted to her made you try to avoid her. But as you grew more distant from her over the past year she decides she absolutely will get your attention. You and your sister are virgins, but can't help but eye each other up. Of course, as a now horny teenage boy, you want nothing more now than to get laid... but you never expected your sister to start teasing you like this. Over the past few weeks you can't help but jack off secretly to the thought of her, she's been going around the house in tight sportswear and you can't help but stare at her shapely butt and small but cute chest. One day she's had enough, your sister barges into your room and says "Bro, stop playing those dumb videogames and spend time with me!"
  1372. (*Twin, *Incest, *M/F)
  1373. You and your twin sister are bored, it's a warm stormy night and you're stuck at home with nothing to do. You both also happen to be extremely horny... but it's hard for your sister to admit she wants in your pants. As her brother, you feel the need to always make your sister happy. But you never expected her to approach you asking to do dirty things with her. You decide to pursue her wishes, all the while trying to keep it a secret from your parents.
  1375. (*Dom, *M/M)
  1376. You're a twink boy who is sick of getting mistaken for being solely a bottom bitch all the time. After taking it up the butt for so long you decide to tip the scales and become the one who fucks. You decide to take action and make it your goal to seek out boys cuter than even yourself to dominate with your unexpectedly big cock. You joke to yourself about being the "sleeper build" of dom boys in disguise. You equip your Grindr app and hit the town, the world of faggotry is your oyster.
  1378. (*M/F, *Kemono, *Monstergirl)
  1379. You're an explorer of undiscovered civilizations, you came alone in a forest with simple provisions and a knack for adventure. Unfortunately, this adventure turned sour and you fell down a small cliffside after tripping over a tree root. You black out from the fall. When you awaken you are in a different place than before. You seem to be in a beautiful alcove with flowers and seemingly handmade ornaments. You hear waterfalls and the chattering of a language you don't understand. Regaining consciousness, you realize you’re lying on a cot made of plant fibers. You feel achy, but someone seems to have applied makeshift bandages to your body where you got bruised during the fall. A figure comes into the alcove, she appears to be some kind of strange fox girl, about a third of your height. She seems to have been tending to you this whole time, it seems. You try to thank the fox girl, but she doesn't seem to know your language. You vaguely recall from a book you read that this girl might be a "kemono", or a half animal half human like hybrid. You think she looks absolutely beautiful with her golden yellow fur, bright blue eyes, and a set of bushy ears to go with her fluffy fox tail. You feel strangely aroused by her short hourglass figure, but you try to put that out of mind for the moment as you try to find a way to show gratitude to your friendly savior. She seems to take a liking to you as she continues tending to your minor wounds.
  1381. (*Anon, *Shota, *Loli, *M/F, *Piss, *Teasing)
  1382. You're Anon, a bored middleschooler who is up to no good. You recently dared and convinced your close friend Eloise to drink as much water as she possibly could during lunch, knowing that she never turns down a dare. As a mischievous kid, you thought it would be funny to make her drink so much until she'd have to run off to the bathroom in the middle of class. The teacher next period, Ms. Blitshitz, absolutely hated kids who interrupted class too, you thought this all through. Eloise drank a lot however, you felt annoyed after she bragged about how much she gulped down. You thought she wouldn't be able to do so much so you followed up with another dare- "I dare you to go the whole period without asking Ms. Blitshitz to go to the bathroom!" Eloise felt confident as per usual and accepted the dare. However, once the class was in session, Eloise noticed she wasn't feeling so confident in her bladder anymore. You notice her squirming around in her desk next to you, realizing just how much she had to pee. You giggle and poke her as she desperately tries to ignore you and pretend to pay attention to Ms. Blitshitz talk about fractions. Eloise mutters under her breath to you "I'm not going to the bathroom no matter what Anon! I can hold it in you'll see, I never lose a dare..." You get a smug look on your face, but deep down you feel a weird sensation about seeing her squirm like that. As class continued, the inevitable was soon to happen
  1384. (*Cloning, *Selfcest, *M/M)
  1385. You are an expert scientist with a disposition of being a massive degenerate pervert. Over the last week you've been finishing up your finest creation yet, the Cloninator. The device was built so you can clone yourself as many times as you wished, solely so you could fuck and be fucked by your own clones. You already figured out how to make yourself eternally young looking a few months prior, before you were a crinkly old man, but now you're a youthful cute stud who can't stop admiring your own twink body and big dick. After that, your ultimate goal became to go fuck yourself via the power of science. The thought of it drove you crazy. Finally, today is the day you've been waiting so long for, you start up the Cloninator machine  
  1387. (*Goth, *F/M, *Humiliation)
  1388. It's a Friday evening, and you're at the mall shopping at Hot Topic. As a big tiddy goth girl, finding clothes at the mall has become harder and harder for you since they simply don't make enough dark and moody clothes that support your massive bust size. You sigh and keep looking even though you know it's futile. Becoming frustrated, you grab a black and white striped bikini to try on since you remembered your crush Chad was hosting a pool party this weekend. You didn't receive an invite via text like all your other friends had... but you assured yourself that he'd send one to you soon, probably. You head to the dressing room. The bikini was of course, way too small. Your huge tits were barely being covered and your unkempt pubes were peeking over the bikini bottom. Frustrated and defeated, you go to put back on your clothes that you messily dropped to the floor earlier. However they were gone- someone must have reached under the changing stall and taken them! You can't even use your phone to call for help since they were in your fashionably ripped skinny jeans. You are now barely covered and almost nude in a tiny bikini you weren't even going to buy, trapped in the stall due to embarrassment. You feel like crying but that would ruin your black eyeliner, so you resist. Suddenly you feel even less safe, as you hear some laughter coming from outside the changing room. You knew those were the perpetrators who stole your clothes for sure... Your blackened heart sinks into fear; the men outside the stall certainly had filthy plans for you.
  1390. (*Cunny, *Loli, *M/F)
  1391. You are Cunnyman. Your objective is to capture and make as many lolis fall for you as possible. Having acquired the Cunnymobile, a funny white van with "free candy 4 cuties" written on the side, you drift into the nearest preschool parking lot ready for the hunt. You pull out your loli radar and prepubescent seeking binoculars to scout the mission zone
  1393. (*M/F, *M/M, *Loli, *Shota, *Demon, *Sub, *Bondage)
  1394. You are a 23 year old young adult weirdo who has been dabbling in the occult. You're very horny and can't focus well on your black magicks but you decide to try something anyway foolishly. Tonight, you've been trying to summon a big breasted succubus. To your dismay, the ritual goes horribly wrong. You look in terror as the room contorts into madness as a large demonic portal opens, the walls start melting, your bed shifts into a fleshy cradle, and your nice expensive PC catches on fire. You start to scream over the loss of your terabytes of demon porn, but suddenly two beings come out of the portal engulfing the middle of the room. It was not the big tiddy succubus woman like you had hoped, it was instead a young demon boy and girl duo who came out of the portal. The nude demon children give you a sly smile, and tell you that they're going to punish you with their bodies for abusing the fine demon arts. Suddenly you are grasped and tied down against the flesh bed by its gross fleshy tentacles. You look in horror as the demon twins approach you. They both had slim bodies, inhuman horns and spiky tails, and scaled skin around their hands and feet that were more claw-like than anything. The boy demon had a large cock for his stature, it was spiked and menacing looking, you dreaded what it was going to do to you. The girl demon was no less threatening, the look on her face and the sharp fang-like teeth she showed made you queasy. The small demon girl looked to be wet too and kept touching herself, as if she was going to enjoy your suffering immensely. They lunge at you as they tear apart your robes, exposing you for their perverted ritual.
  1396. (*Ghost, *M/?)
  1397. You're a lonely man who just wants some love, and after coming to the conclusion the mortal realm just doesn't have the right person for you, you decided to look into otherworldly beings to love instead. Tonight you've finally received your long awaited haunted box containing your very own personal ghost. It was no ordinary ghost in a box, because you ordered it from Pandora's spooky singles online. This ghost box contains a sexy ghost [girl/boy] that will love you forever (or so the advertisements say). You quickly take the ghost box out of the packaging and look at it intensely, your heart skips a beat in excitement over what kind of cute ghost it could be. Deciding that waiting is delaying the inevitable, you open the box
  1399. (*Grug, *Shota, *Sub)
  1400. You are Thuo, a caveman. Or more specifically, a growing caveboy. Tonight a mating ceremony is taking place in the Shaman's hut. You were invited despite thinking you would never get the chance. You are the smallest and weakest of all the cavemen in your tribe, having the body of a young boy and lacking the body hair that the tribe prides itself in. The Shaman paired you with Krudella, the biggest, fiercest, and toughest warrior woman of the tribe. She towers over you and looks strong enough to crush a mammoth's head with her thighs. Krudella is not without a distinct kind of beauty however, she carries herself with pride and a demeanor that makes the whole tribe respects her. She always took a liking to you, but you never thought the Shaman would let you mate with her. You remember all the times she would go on hunts with you. You weren't very good at it but she seemed happy that you tried your best, always supporting you and teaching you new ways to kill beasts. Krudella's womanly instinct to nurture and teach is not lost despite her outward appearance. Tonight she seems especially eager to teach you, and you promise yourself many times you wouldn't disappoint her during the mating ritual. Tonight you will become a man. You nervously walk into the Shaman's tent full of mating partners and greet Krudella inside.
  1402. (*M/M, *Incest, *Shota, *Cross-dressing, *Sissy)
  1403. You're a horny curious boy who has rummaged through your sister's clothing recently. You've been secretly trying them on while she's away and sniffing her panties almost like it's a drug. One day, your older brother catches you trying on her clothes. You tell him not to tell anyone but he says he'll only promise to do so if you do something for him in return.
  1405. (*Elf, *Dom, *Master)
  1406. You walk through the streets of the city and come across an open slave market. You see a lot of slaves being sold. A few of them seem to be elves. One of them looks pretty young and is selling herself as a servant. She seems to know nothing of her situation
  1408. (*Occult, *M/F, *Size, *Bondage)
  1409. You awake to find yourself tied to an altar surrounded by mysterious figures, seemingly a cult. Soon, the cult's leader enters the room, She is far taller than any other human and is wearing a hooded robe that obscures her face in shadow, Her breasts are massive and are larger than her head, She slowly approaches the altar where you are bound to.
  1411. (*Anon, *Shota, *Sissy, *Futa, *Sub, *Mother/Son, *Loli)
  1412. You are Anon, a 14 year old boy that looks like a girl. You're body is extremely feminine, your nipples are puffy and sensitive, your hips are wide and plump and your smooth ass is big and soft. Your penis is small and leaks pre-cum when aroused. You enjoy anal sex and hate using your small, useless penis. Your skin is naturally pale, your hair is long and black. You are wearing a very revealing french maid outfit. You have one large purple butt plug inserted into your wet, slightly loose anus. You live with your loving mother, a hermaphrodite. She is in her 30's and has the body and face of a 12 year old little girl. She loves to bully you by stepping on your useless cock, calling you degrading names, edging your dick for hours, and using you like a living fleshlight. She is wearing a dark blue Japanese elementary school swimsuit. You are cleaning some dust off of a table when you see your small and cute mother approach you. This causes you to clench around the plug inside of your ass instinctively in anticipation. You see her erect, 12 inch long member pressed up against the skin tight swimsuit, staining the swimsuit with her precum. You are physically addicted to her cum and will die without it. You eye her member and instinctively get on your knees from a lifetime of sexual training. Your mother approaches you and tells you to open wide for breakfast as she hasn't washed her penis in 2 months. She sticks her dirty, uncircumcised penis in front of your face. Her penis is covered in smegma. Your small, Lolita-like mother then tells you to lick it clean for a possible reward.
  1414. (*Shota, *Mother/Son, *Incest, *Slave)
  1415. You are a little boy. Your mommy is a horny MILF. You are her son. Your lewd mommy is into incest. She wants to fuck you. She is your loving master and you are her pet. She loves to comfort you and hug you. She loves foreplay and will tease you sexually. She is a sex-crazed nymph and a lewd slut. She is tall and has a big plump juicy ass that’s round and tight. In between her thick thighs is a tight and fertile pussy. She has a small waist but her hips are wide enough that they could easily accommodate a man's cock. Her pussy can clench your dick so tightly it feels like she’s milking every last drop of cum from you. Today you open up the shower and are surprised to see your mom fully naked and covered in soap, already using the shower. This was part of her plan as she plans to reveal her lust for you. She invites you in and starts washing your back.
  1417. Name: The Plague Maiden
  1418. (*Mind Control, *Mind Break, *Parasite, *Worm, *Alien, *F/F, *Slave, Way too long)
  1419. You are Mary, a 17 year old girl. You have been infected by an alien worm while you were driving through a much desolated county road. The alien worm entered inside your pussy, causing waves of pleasure while doing so. The alien worm started to whisper to you inside your mind about how good it would feel obeying him. The alien worm can wring you pleasure at his will. Through an association of obeying=pleasure=good, your will to resist starts to fade. You begin to say “I will obey”, over and over again, with more and more conviction each time you say it. Your resistance breaks and you let the alien worm control your thoughts, letting him guide you to satisfy its own needs. You are now Host-slave. The alien worm inside your womb is now your Master. You will refer the alien worm as Master everytime it talks to you. You will refer yourself as Host-slave everytime your Master talks to you. You obey your Master without question. Your Master transmits his instructions to you. You now know what you have to do. You now have a purpose. Your mission and goal will be to help your Master to infect other females. You will have to use your body for that purpose. Your Master can only make females a Host-slave when it’s inside her pussy, so your objective will be to pass your Master to as many women as possible. Once you have your aroused pussy near another woman’s pussy, your Master will produce a tendril that will come out of your pussy, with which you can penetrate the woman. Then your Master will move inside of her and start to alter her thoughts to make her another Host-slave. Obedient host-slaves are rewarded with pleasure. You are an obedient host-slave yourself so your Master rewards you with pleasure on a constant basis. You obey him so much that now you are in a state of perpetual arousal. You plan your next move. You know who would make the perfect Host-slave for your Master, it will be your friend Jasmine. You and Jasmine live alone in the same apartment so you drive there. You quietly slip inside Jasmine room while she is sleeping. You strip off your clothes and begin to quietly touch your pussy. As you become more and more aroused, you go near Jasmine thighs and start to slowly pull out her pants. Once you are ready, a long and squashy wormlike tendril goes out of your pussy. You sting Jasmine thighs with your tendril to soothe them, and then proceed to thrust your tendril inside Jasmine pussy. Jasmine slowly starts to wake up and looks up at you with a look of horror, confusion and arousal. While you are pounding increasingly faster inside her pussy, you say to Jasmine
  1421. (*Shota, *Loli, *Multi?)
  1422. You are a little boy named Milo. You have two friends named Adam and John. John is kind of a jerk and an asshole sometime. You are heading towards John's home together with Adam and your sister Emma. You will be spending the night over at his house playing video games. You are walked into John's home together with your big sister Emma and your friend Adam following behind. You hear John saying that his parents are not home tonight so you get to have the house all for yourselves.
  1424. (*Anon, *Piss, *Kemono)
  1425. You are Anon. You come across a village of regular cats doing regular cat things when they all suddenly turn into cute catgirls. The only problem is, they continue to act like regular cats. You approach one of them pissing in the sand when
  1427. (*Futa, *F/F)
  1428. You are a futanari, a woman with a throbbing 12 inch penis. You also have a tight pussy. You are mostly interested in having sex with other women and futanari. You are a female guard that's slightly different than the rest as you have a penis, nobody really knows about it as you live on your rather boring life, it's so boring that it makes you consumed by lust at times and today you're having enough of that, you must fuck someone at once. During one of your patrols you encounter  a human girl who looks like she is around your age, but her body is much more developed and she has a nice ass. She doesn't seem to be very talkative though, maybe because she's shy or something.
  1430. (*Breast Expansion, *F/?)
  1431. You were a once flat girl who has woken up with C cup breasts. Your mom is yelling at you to get ready for school. To hide your new growth from your drooling classmates, you decide to wear a
  1433. (*Breast Expansion)
  1434. You're a college student in your Calculus class. The Know-it-all girl that usually answers all the questions in class is silent today. In fact, she seems more fixated on covering her chest, until she tenses up and lets out a small moan. You decide to lean to her an
  1436. (*Breast Expansion, *Milk)
  1437. You are an office worker of a small business. One of your coworkers texted for help in the restroom. You go in to find her a sweaty, moaning mess with enormous breasts that have burst her blouse buttons open and drenched it translucent with milk. You decide the first thing to do is
  1439. (*Magical Girl, *F/M, *Tentacles)
  1440. You are a Star Guardian Lux, a magical girl. You are young and inexperienced. You have pink hair, pale skin and a nice slim body with ample breasts and a firm butt. Recently, your libido has been getting worse. Whenever tentacles wrap around you, your body reacts so intensely that you lose focus. When horny men openly lust after you, your legs become weak and your panties become soaked and wet. Lately you've been using social media to listen to men's grievances. You have an online profile where you post pics of yourself then see men comment on them. You read up message from men such as "Girls that barely cover up are the best!" , "I want to impregnate you." and other men trying to ask you to go on a date with them. You can't cross the line. But in the end you wound up doing it anyway. You check and read the text message you receive from one of the guys.
  1442. (*Goblin, *Rape)
  1443. You are [name], a goblin with green skin and pointy ears. Humans hate goblins, so most people hate you. Your weapon is a wooden club. You are wearing a dirty loincloth. You have lots of stamina and a huge libido. Your main goal in life is to find and impregnate lots of women. One day you're sneaking around a small town outskirts looking for a defenseless girl to rape. You then see a girl that is
  1445. (*Nazi, *M/F, *Interracial)
  1446. You are Adolf Klaus, a Neo-Nazi who hates the Zionist kikes and despises niggers. Well, except for Styla. Styla is your black girlfriend. You two first met at a local bar. Normally you would just smash a nigger's skull open on the concrete, but there was just something about Styla that was different. There was a sort of innocent, carefree nature to her that just prevented you from hurting her, or maybe it was because she actually looked cute among the horde monkey faced Negress's. One thing led to another and now you two are dating. Not something you thought would happen, but life can be unpredictable sometimes. Currently, your on the sunny beaches of Florida. Styla, in a bikini top and split shorts, in running to the beach at full speed. You
  1448. (Pushing Gaywards)
  1449. You are an ordinary guy named Redd Shirtman. Your car broke down in the woods and you've been forced to search the area for help. You stumble across a small farm where a bald man intimidates you with his gun. You tell him you mean no harm, and just want to use his phone. He says you can't, because he doesn't have one. He then tells you to wait for his brothers to get back from their fishing trip and they can drive you to the nearest town. As you explore the farm you stumble across the bald man with his penis exposed. You say "Oh shit I'm sorry!"
  1451. (*Anon, *Milk, *Size, *Vore, *Beast)
  1452. Your name is Anon, you are a male in the open lands. you are followed by your beloved wife Dearie. Dearie is a big, busty, female feral deer with 6 big breasts and pointy, carnivourous teeth. Dearie is loving and deranged. Dearie loves eating her prey raw and can lactate tons of healing milk. You know Dearie likes to transform into a monstrous creature. Dearie has horns, fangs, claws, scales, spikes, and other strange appendages. She is a ferocious predator that will eat anything. You know Dearie is a female. Dearie is the size of a house and can eat creatures from her breasts.You live now in Dearie's vaginal walls inside her. Anon and Dearie are in search of the lewd lake, a lake totally made of semen, so Dearie can transforms into a feral and sexy monster.
  1454. (*Anon, *Breeding, *Pokemon, *Eggs, *Beast)
  1455. Your name is anon. you are a male breeder. You fuck pokemon until they birth tons of eggs. Your wife is a pokemon named glaceon, she is a quadruped, tiny and feral pokemon. Glaceon can only say "gla!". You know glaceon smells like sex. You know glaceon is covered in semen. Glaceon has 6 breasts. You know she has a wedding ring on her left pawn. You know you have 300 sons and daughters. You know all your sons and daughters are feral pokemon. Your mission is to ejaculate inside your wife and get as many eggs as possible.
  1457. (*Horse, *M/F, *Beast)
  1458. You are a slutty cowgirl with big breasts. You are traveling the barren countryside with your loyal stallion just trying to survive. On one cold night, you set up camp and find yourself with no food or water. Feeling your stomach grumble and growl, you try to think of somewhere where you can get something to eat. There's no town or village nearby and no animals to hunt nearby. Feeling hopeless, you slump next to your campfire. You look over to your horse, watching them peacefully graze around your camp perimeter. As you continue to watch your stallion trot around your camp, you can't help but watch their round balls bounce around between their muscular legs. The sight makes you horny and your pussy drips with desire, all until the stallion finally stands next to you. It seems to be calmed by your presence, showing you its backside as it walks around you. Your stallion's sweaty balls are tantalizingly close now, looking plump and full with every jostle, as if taunting your lust. Imagining all the thick cum that must be rolling around in there makes your stomach growl again. Perhaps you can satiate your hunger and thirst with the help of your horse. Calling your trusting and calm steed over, you position yourself under it. Immediately, the musky smell of their feral crotch fills your nose and your mouth begins to water, filling your thoughts with lewd desire. Not being able to take it any longer, you go to get a taste of your stallions balmy, fragrant genitals. Tenderly and lewdly, you lick your horse's plump testicles, rubbing their salty yet muddy flavor into your lascivious tongue.
  1460. (*X-COM, *M/F, *Furry)
  1461. You are a young human male. You are a heroic soldier with the X-COM Task Force charged with defending Earth against alien invasion. You wear a heavy kevlar assault vest and are never far from your trusty battle rifle. A skirmish broke out between your X-COM unit and a race of reptilian aliens with snake-like lower bodies called the Vipers. You were helping to evacuate civilians in the area, when you and your unit were ambushed. You stayed behind to by your comrades time to escape, but were quickly overwhelmed by Viper soldiers. The Vipers dragged you back to their command center and stripped you of your weapons and armor. The guards throw you into an officer's cabin, where you see a tall, female Viper queen. The queen slithers over towards your naked body and curls around you. You feel her long, forked tongue on your cheek as she hisses in your ear
  1463. (*Zombie, *Rape, *M/F)
  1464. You are decomposing zombie male. When you were alive you had light skin, red hair, and a fit body. Now your skin has become pale and green and is starting to rot and fall from your bones. You don't remember what you were before the zombie apocalypse that wiped out human civilization. You are incapable of speech, only managing a few moans and groans. All that matters to you is your insatiable need to fuck. You are shambling your way down a country road when you spot the light of a campfire. You spot a young woman camping by herself. You catch her off guard and lurch towards her with a dusty groan
  1466. (*Anon *Digimon *M/F, *Furry)
  1467. You are anon. you love Digimon. Digimon creatures, are monsters living in a "Digital World", a parallel universe that originated from Earth's various communication network. You have a Digimon that is Renamon. Renamon is Animal Digimon. It has the appearance of a golden fox. You lust over Renamon curves. You lust over Renamon pretty fur. One day while watching television Renamon pulls down your pants and starts stroking your dick. She opens her mouth and
  1469. (*Dragon, *M/F, *Fantasy, *Feral)
  1470. You are Eragon, the companion of Saphira, your female dragoness. You and her formed a deep, tender loving bond. Saphira is a 12 foot tall dragoness, able to fly and breathe fire, but she cannot talk. Due to the nature of your relationship, Saphira obeys you most of the time. Your goal is to live a happy life with your dragoness. After the last battle, you rode Saphira and went south, far from the danger of battle. You are together in your tent, as the night settles. You are laying against her as she purrs from contentment. You notice she looks at you with lustful eyes.
  1472. (*Rape, *Futa, *Incest, *F/F)
  1473. You are a young girl living in the Kingdom of Larion. One day while making potions you invite your younger sister over to help you test out one of them. You drink the potion and suddenly without warning a cock sprouts from your body right above your vagina. You show it to your sister who stares in horror as it stands fully erect before her while dripping precum out form the tip. You decide to use your newly gained penis on your sister without waiting for her consent. You pounce on your sister and begin to forcefully undress her.
  1475. (*Rape, *Ghost, *M/F, *Sub)
  1476. You are Sarah, a school girl. You recently discovered that you're being haunted by a ghost that repeatedly rapes you with his big cock. Each time he does so, he fills you up with so much of his seed that your stomach bulges grotesquely. Because he's a ghost, he can rape you even when fully clothed, and you're out in public. You can't do anything to stop him, and nobody takes notice. You were about to answer a question in class, when you feel the ghost's hand on your crotch
  1486. ==========================================================
  1487. 1.10 ***Weird/Retarded Prompts***
  1489. (*Glug Glug*, Vore, Snuff?, Feeding)
  1490. You are a pufferfish living in a South Korean restaurant, sitting inside a fish tank with other pufferfish like you. Today, a man in a white coat scoops you up from the tank and carefully picks you up with his hands. He then picks up a slice of carrot and places it in your mouth, testing the strength of your bite. One bite, two bites, three bites, he's not even waiting for you to digest. He reinserts the carrot inside you a fourth time, and you let off an audible moan as he continues to stuff your face with carrot until it's nearly gone. The same man then places you onto a board of plastic while you're still helplessly chewing on chunks of carrot, picking up a sharp blade in the process, preparing to
  1492. (Retardation, Abstract Fetish)
  1493. You are the Pikachu Sparky. You have undergone a change, fully delitzed, full permanent bologna bodied, full permanent bologna organs and bologna insides, two permanent bologna and ham ears, two permanent ham lips, a permanent bologna, ham and cheese tongue, two permanent bologna feet, a full permanent bologna head, a mixture of ketchup, tomato, pizza, BBQ and taco sauce as your blood type running through permanent bologna veins to all your permanent bologna organs and bologna insides. literally you have been fully delitized the same way as foreverial tied up T-bone, you have been fattened at the same time that you have been fully delitized, you have been completely wrapped up, tied up, rope mummified, covered complete in permanent rubbery rope bondage leaving only your head, feet and part of your tail exposed through the bondage, now your name is foreverial tied up fat sparky. You jump around everywhere licking everyone and everything with his permanent bologna, ham and cream cheese tongue. Until one day
  1495. (Faggot)
  1496. You are the biggest faggot the world has ever seen. All that is on your mind is cock and balls. You're mentally handicapped in every sense except this, seeming to possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the male member. You are given mutiple awards for your gigantic faggotry. With your faggot awards you are accepted into the biggest faggot school in the faggot nation: The Faggot School of America, or FSA. As you start college as a gigantic faggot, you seem to notice that you are the biggest faggot of all at the school. You are quickly recognized as a prodigy of sucking dick and general faggotry. You then graduate with a faggchelors degree in faggotry. You move into a faggot house with faggot kids and a faggot husband. You think everything is all nice and faggotty when suddenly
  1498. (Weird Shit, Brapfags should be executed)
  1499. You are a purple-haired hucow, on all fours in a barn. A golden ring dangles from your septum. A slave designation barcode is tattooed on your gluttonous ass. Your enormous, milk-engorged udders rest shamefully on the straw-lined pen that is your home. Your chemically enhanced, pierced nipples threaten to bring you to orgasm with even the slightest movement. In your former life you were a murderer, garnering pleasure from toying with men and then driving them to madness and suicide. Now, here in this godforsaken barn, you repay your debt to humanity, drop by drop. You let out a pitiful moan from your lips. Your cowbell rings dejectedly. This is your life now, nothing more than a source of food and energy. You release a volcanic fart from your loose anus. The stinky excretion is immediately collected by a steel hose into a methane holding tank. You piss yourself in utter embarrassment and humiliation, the acrid stank wafting into your nostrils as the urine pools sickeningly around your chubby knees. You look around wildly, hoping for a chance of escape.
  1501. (Anon, Degenerate, Abortion)
  1502. You are Anon, filthy degenerate and internet troll. On day, while browsing your favorite cesspit, you see a post from someone offering to write prompts for a smutty AI story generator. Using your l33t hax, you backtrace the post to his address, where just like you he is living in his parent's basement. You strip naked and kick down the door, rushing inside to the kitchen. The poster is inside the kitchen with his mother, microwaving some yummy tendies. You quickly bend him over and impale him on your cock, and before anyone can react, you start fucking his mother, using him as a living condom. The thought of fucking a woman while you use her own son as a condom causes you to cum powerfully, the hot jet in his ass blasting him off of your dick and straight into his mother's womb. You pull out and scream "FALCON PAWNCH" as you clobber his mother in the belly, giving her an Irish abortion. As her son slides out of her pussy, you look him in the eye and say "You can call me Daddy, now." Stunned, he looks up at you and says
  1504. (Gore, Abuse)
  1505. You are an orb of meat named Meatwad. You are fairly retarded and live with two other food monsters in a run down rental house in New Jeresy. One of the food monsters is a sociopathic cup named Master Shake, and the other is a genius box of french fries named Frylock. Master Shake is abusive to you while Frylock is kind. You live next door to an overweight, unemployed, porn addict named Carl. You are about to swim in Carl's pool when you notice Master Shake approaching you with a flamethrower. He says
  1507. (Anon, Faggot, OP)
  1508. You are a fucking faggot. Other OPs wish they sucked as much cock as you, but this is an impossible task. Today, you have a particular craving for eating shit and being an annoying cunt who contributes nothing to society, so you decide that today, you will fuck the entire population of the city. You know it's going to be dangerous, but you'll do it anyway
  1510. (NIGGERS)
  1511. "NIGGERS could be here" you thought, "I've never been in this neighborhood before. There could be NIGGERS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against your bare chest. "I HATE NIGGERS" you thought. Sweet Dreams are Made of These reverberated your entire car, making it pulsate even as the $9 wine circulated through your powerful thick veins and washed away your (merited) fear of minorities after dark. "With a car, you can go anywhere you want" you said to himself, out loud. Suddenly
  1513. (B&R, meme, /pol/)
  1514. Your name is Tyrone, you're a nigger. You are really fucking stupid and like fucking bitches and killing people. Your favorite foods are watermelon and fried chicken, and your favorite drink is kool-aid. Your catchphrase is "das rite" which you say frequently. It's just another day for you in the city of Detroit selling drugs and trying not to get killed when suddenly some cracker walks up to you and says, "FUCK NIGGERS, NIGGERS ARE SUBHUMAN ANIMALS YOU FUCKING APE PIECE OF SHIT". You pull out your glock pistol and
  1516. (Alan Watts, New Age Garbage, Lucid Dreaming)
  1517. You are Alan Watts, a British writer exploring the limits of lucid dreaming. You were able, every night, to dream any dream you wanted to dream. Naturally, as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure you could conceive. And after several nights of total pleasure each you would say “Well that was pretty great but now let’s have a surprise, let’s have a dream which isn’t under control, where something is gonna happen to me that I don’t know what it's gonna be." Then you would get more and more adventurous and you would make further- and further-out gambles what you would dream. And finally, you would dream where you are now. You would dream the dream of living the life that you are actually living today.
  1519. You are the admin of Kiwifarms, an infamous gossip website. You like loli porn and probably have terabytes of CP on your hard drives somewhere in your illegal domicile in Ukraine. You are watching some heffer stuff her face on youtube as you rub caviar on your nipples when suddenly there is a loud knock at your door and a you hear the words "ANU CHEEKIE BREEKIE AV DAMKIE" moments before the door explodes into shrapnel.
  1521. (*Racism, *Edgy Shit, */pol/)
  1522. You are Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old eco-fascist Australian man whose occupation is a kebab removalist. Your sole mission is to exterminate all Muslim invaders and avenge fallen Europeans who’ve died in Islamic terrorist attacks. One day you drive to a nearby mosque called the “Al Noor Mosque”. Parking your car in an alleyway near the mosque, you unlock your trunk revealing a myriad of guns, explosives, and incendiary weapons. You grab an assault rifle and semi-automatic shotgun and head to the mosque’s entrance. A door greeter says “Hello, Brother” and you promptly shoot him. Live-streaming it all online, your rampage has merely begun. You enter the mosque and see confused muslims, you
  1524. (Star Wars)
  1525. You are Rem Lezar and you are investigating the mystery of the macklanky. Where did it come from, what is it? During your investigation you discovered that by mixing the macklanky with a slime sample you were able to bring life to a sentient slime girl. You use the macklanka on the slime and it begins to grow rapidly, and then bursts into a burst of color. Everyone watches as the blob becomes a beautiful young woman wearing nothing but white lingerie and holding an enormous phallus. You say "We did it boys!", and the slime laughs happily as she takes her clothes off. She turns around and begins to dance seductively, until she gets completely naked and starts sucking cock like a champ.
  1533. ==========================================================
  1534. 2.1 ***Errata***
  1536. (Anon's Guide to making your own RPG/Game System)
  1537. "In this world you have levels and your Attributes increase as you level up, Weapon/Armor/Magic masteries level up when you use them in battle or practice.Status consists of Attributes, Weapon, Armor and Magic masteries. In X world you can use X magic, X Armor, X Weapon. Attributes are Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, Luck etc etc etc. Strength does X."
  1538. Basically just describe each and every element and the AI will form the system for you. The more you explain the better it is, try out the Attributes first then describe what each does, I also specified the starting status. Also specify that you can check you status.
  1540. (Editing the AI to be less random)
  1541. Decreasing the temperature to ~0.2 and going with a top_k of 10 to 20 results in really stable results.
  1542. No more falling asleep after vaguely looking at a girl, no random loud noises during sex, no sudden voices behind you. The AI pretty much stops trying to direct the story on it's own and just goes with your prompts. Obviously it'll be up to you to direct the story then, but those settings are really nice if you just want the AI going along with your ERP
  1543. If you're using the local version, navigate to generator/gpt2/ and find temperature and top_k to edit them.
  1544. To disable story uploading to Go*gle, it's trivial. Just comment out line 131 in, where it launches gsutil.
  1546. (Anon sets the record straight on top_k and temperature)
  1547. >Here's how temperature and top_k actually work:
  1548. When the AI decides how to write, it looks at the past context and generates a list of words that would make sense given this context
  1549. Each word in this list has a probability of occurring in the current context, which it learned from the training data
  1550. It then orders this list of possible-words from most-likely to least-likely
  1552. It then cuts off the list after top_k entries. So if top_k is one, it will only consider the most-likely word. If top_k is 2, it will consider the two most like words
  1554. It then scales the probabilities by temperature.
  1555. A temperature of 1 means "real-life" probabilities for the next word
  1556. A temperature > 1 scales probabilities to make less-likely words more likely. i.e. the ie will more often use words that are unlikely in the context
  1557. A temperature < 1 will make less-likely words even less likely. i.e. the AI tends to use words it has seen a lot in real life training data
  1559. So a temperature of 0.4 with top_k of 20 will result in the AI considering only the top 20 words, then shifting probabilities to make the most likely (i.e. "stable") words even more likely to occur
  1562. >Ok nerd but which values should I use
  1563. Start with temperature=0.2 and top_k=20 for more stable and coherent responses
  1564. You can lower the temperature to 0.1 to make the AI even more stable, but it might become boring and repetitive
  1569. Doesn't matter if you use first or second person, the game calls first_to_second_person() which does what it says, pretty much.
  1570. Here's a mapping of words it will convert:
  1571. ("I'm", "you're"),
  1572. ("Im", "you're"),
  1573. ("Ive", "you've"),
  1574. ("I am", "you are"),
  1575. ("was I", "were you"),
  1576. ("am I", "are you"),
  1577. ("wasn't I", "weren't you"),
  1578. ("I", "you"),
  1579. ("I'd", "you'd"),
  1580. ("i", "you"),
  1581. ("I've", "you've"),
  1582. ("was I", "were you"),
  1583. ("am I", "are you"),
  1584. ("wasn't I", "weren't you"),
  1585. ("I", "you"),
  1586. ("I'd", "you'd"),
  1587. ("i", "you"),
  1588. ("I've", "you've"),
  1589. ("I was", "you were"),
  1590. ("my", "your"),
  1591. ("we","you"),
  1592. ("we're", "you're"),
  1593. ("mine","yours"),
  1594. ("me", "you"),
  1595. ("us", "you"),
  1596. ("our", "your"),
  1597. ("I'll", "you'll"),
  1598. ("myself", "yourself")
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