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  1. Track 1- Breech
  3. Welcome to human life
  4. the waters of sorrow try drowning you
  5. but you were born with your feet standing tall
  7. Your mind had a scar
  8. but it became a pearl
  9. your eyes saw the past and future
  10. but youre stuck in time
  12. you see a million screens in your head
  13. you scream in fear and anxiety
  14. you dont know whats going on
  16. you hear mean voices
  17. you see monsters in your head
  18. taunting you
  19. bragging to you
  20. how they have the world spinning round them
  22. But get out of your head
  23. Enjoy life
  24. enjoy your friends
  25. enjoy your company
  26. the warm embrace of a friend
  28. dont go insane over things in your head
  29. it presses you down
  30. when your mind is void
  32. you know what you want
  33. so go get it
  36. Track 2- Hungry
  38. Shake that ass just like that
  39. shaking the cake just like me
  40. whip it like a cowboy ride it like a horse
  41. lick it like a cow bae no bull no horns
  43. i know im silly
  44. i know im thoty
  45. but you know you want it
  46. you know that i flaunt it
  47. toss it floss it flex it like a muscle
  48. fuck it rock it boss it to the hustle
  50. bust it like a hammer
  51.  wider than a scroll
  52. roll it squeeze it feed it like a roll
  54. bounce bounce bounce
  55. bounce it to the beat
  56. bounce bounce bounce
  57. bounce it like a freak
  58. silly looking bitches gonna fuck it up
  59. bounce it mothafucka
  60. ride like a trucka
  61. silly looking bitches fuck it up fuck it up
  63. if i whip it you cant take back
  64. ima beast yea ima talk smack
  65. that bitch talk smack? yes bitch you been whack
  66. you see my big swag? yes my bitch swag
  69. Im coming out like Diana Ross
  70. Bitch dont test me, im the big boss
  71. swaying to the groove
  72. show me how you move
  73. shake the ass to the floor
  74. and bounce it up some more
  76. slow grind side to side
  77. while you wave like a tide
  78. pick it slow and bounce it real hard
  79. make that bitch want it
  80. make that bitch lose it
  82. bad bitch oozing
  83. im dead like uzi
  84. fuck it to this pussy
  85. wet like jacuzzi
  87. (i needed that so fucking bad. whoo im so hungry)
  89. Track 3- Kitchen
  91. I prepared myself for you
  92. Ive oiled myself up for you
  93. look what i have cooked for you
  94. and i brought cake for dessert
  96. i run this kitchen
  97. dont need to run
  98. dont be a chicken
  99. come eat what i whipped up
  101. lick it with your fingers
  102. eat it until its all bone
  103. the meat is delicious
  104. the steam doesn't lie
  105. the scent guides your imagination
  106. your tongue out does all the talking
  108. my breast like orange slices
  109. my brain like cauliflower
  110. my heart like strawberries
  111. my flower blooms when i see you
  113. dont be afraid
  114. i cook with a pan
  115. read between the lines
  116. just let me have it
  118. Track 4- Onions (Interlude)
  120. I cant help but make you cry
  121. theres so many layers of me
  122. You peel off my skin
  123. your words pierce like a blade
  125. I stay away from blades so i wont make you cry
  126. I stay away from blades so you wont see my mind
  127. I stay away from you so you wont hurt me
  128. I stay away from humans so they wont see me
  130. stay away from blades so they wont cry
  131. stay away from them so they wont cut you apart
  132. theyll treat you like a decoration
  133. so run away while you can
  135. Track 5- Ode to Self-Discovery
  137. What did I do wrong?
  138. I see my past like TV shows
  139. all i see are bits and pieces
  141. I feel i have to please somebody
  142. so i wont lose their approval
  143. i want to be respected
  144. but they have high expectations of me
  146. im not sure if i can meet them
  147. im afraid to fail
  148. your eyes say everything
  149. you turn away
  151. im insecure
  152. i hate looking vulnerable
  153. the world doesnt care
  154. just another crazy man
  156. I go back to my hometown
  157. i feel like a stranger
  158. i dont feel like i belong
  160. ive been away for so long
  161. i dont feel like my hometown
  162. i dont have pride for my hometown
  163. i never knew what it was like
  165. i never felt pride for being who i am
  166. i never loved the skin im in
  167. i never embraced where i came from
  168. because i was too busy in cryostasis
  170. i was too busy being an introvert
  171. i was too busy inside my head
  172. inside my world so loud
  174. Track 6- Chess (Interlude)
  176. (Anxiety never is good for you
  177. Why would you condemn someone for being themselves?
  178. And if they were to lie to themselves, it would lead to denial and unhealthy habits. explain that to me.)
  180. This life is a game
  181. sacrifices have to be made
  182. its not about being greedy
  183. but controlling the position
  185. but when the endgame comes near
  186. you know what to do
  187. you know how to finish the game
  188. the world is yours
  190. I won I won
  191. checkmate
  193. Track 7- Banner
  195. I always loved a banner
  196. when i was just a kid
  197. im sorry dad
  198. if i beat you for not buying me one
  200. but little did i know
  201. the power the banner had
  202. i would see it on TV
  204. little did I know
  205. the power the people had
  206. I would see them in the sky
  208. they had rainbow glow
  209. glistening crystals on them
  210. a banner from heaven
  212. I understand now
  214. I raise my banner up
  215. rainbows in the sky
  216. the rain in my eyes
  217. show the glow in my soul
  219. I raise my banner up
  220. my memories in the sky
  221. the rain in your eyes
  222. show the glow in your soul
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