Celestia/Luna Greentexts: The Gun

Nov 23rd, 2014
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  1. >"What was this thing used for anyways, Anonymous?"
  2. >While Luna probes through your trinkets from Earth, Celestia patiently awaits your answer.
  3. "Oh, that was something called a remote. It was used to control a thing called a television."
  4. >She looks over the remote with intrigue.
  5. >"Fascinating."
  6. >Under all that regal manner, Celestia was just like her former student, Twilight.
  7. >She was always so eager to learn new things.
  8. >"Anonymous, what is this?"
  9. >You look over at Luna, only to have the barrel of a shotgun meet your face.
  10. "SHIT!" you yell, ducking. "PUT THAT THING DOWN!"
  11. >Luna immediately discards the weapon, tossing it on the ground in front of you.
  12. >"What is the matter, Anonymous!?"
  13. >You grab the shotgun and stand up, checking if it's loaded. Fortunately, no shells were currently in the gun.
  14. "Oh, good. That could've ended badly if there was something in there."
  15. >Both sisters give you a panicked look.
  16. >"Is that thing dangerous?" Celestia asks.
  17. "No, no," you say, calming them both, "at least, not right now."
  18. >"Then what is it? Why does it have the capability to be dangerous?"
  19. "This," you begin, "is what's called a gun. More specifically, this is a shotgun. It's a weapon back from where I come from. You load it up with ammunition, and then fire at your enemies."
  20. >They nod and look at the gun with interest.
  21. >"Would you be willing to give us a demonstration?" Luna asks.
  22. >You shrug.
  23. "If I can find some shotgun shells, sure."
  24. >"Would that be these things?" Celestia asks, hovering over a box of shotgun shells to you.
  25. >Nodding, you take them and open the box, finding it completely full.
  26. >48 shells.
  27. >After these 48 shells were gone, the shotgun would be completely useless.
  28. >Maybe that was for the better.
  29. "Okay, let's move somewhere outside. We're gonna need to find some things to shoot, too."
  31. >Out in the courtyard, several targets were set up, along with pumpkins set on logs.
  32. >Along with the princesses, some of the guards stood by, watching the display.
  33. >You grab a shell and load it into the gun before pumping it.
  34. >"Do tell, Anonymous, what is that pump for?" Luna wondered.
  35. "It's to load and eject the ammo in and out of the gun. It's how shotguns work."
  36. >While Luna watched with increased intrigue, Celestia whispered to a guard next to her.
  37. >He nodded at her words, then both went back to watching you.
  38. >You take a few more shells and load them in, and when no more can be loaded, the last shell goes back in the box.
  39. "Now, you might want to cover your ears for the first few shots. Guns are loud."
  40. >The guards fit the princesses with earmuffs in the blink of an eye.
  41. >Efficient.
  42. >You figure the first shot should show them the raw power of the shotgun, so you decide to aim at a pumpkin a few feet away.
  43. >Your finger hovers over the trigger, and once the sights are lined up with the pumpkin, you pull it.
  44. >*BOOM!*
  45. >The pumpkin is blown to pieces and flies off the log.
  46. >You pump the gun, and turn back to the ponies, who appear amazed.
  47. >"He didn't even have to touch the pumpkin!" one guard proclaims, looking at his spear.
  48. >"That..." Luna mutters, searching for words.
  49. >"Was impressive," finishes Celestia. "You can attack your enemies at range. How did humans come up with such advanced technology?"
  50. "I'd say it was a mix of survival instincts and the lust for land," you joke, aiming at another pumpkin.
  51. >*BOOM!*
  52. >Pieces of pumpkin are scattered everywhere as the gun is pumped yet again.
  53. >"And the sheer might of the weapon!" Luna shouts, again amazed.
  54. >Celestia only watches with an impressed expression.
  55. >You aim at a target and fire, watching as the solid wooden object gains some holes.
  56. >Pump.
  57. >Some of the guards applaud the shot.
  58. >As you fire the next shot, you can hear the princesses whisper to each other.
  59. >Another pumpkin is decimated after the fifth shot.
  60. >One last shot rings out across the courtyard, and the last pumpkin on display is destroyed.
  61. >You pull the trigger again and are met with a click.
  62. "That's it."
  63. >The royal sisters have their earmuffs taken off before they get up from their seats and come to you.
  64. >"Anonymous, why did you not share this with us before?" Luna asks excitedly.
  65. "I figured you weren't interested."
  66. >"Quite the contrary, Anonymous," Celestia tells you, "Luna and I were just talking about this 'gun' weapon, and how it could be used to better protect Equestria. Maybe you could teach us how to make them?"
  67. >Would it be good to arm ponies with guns, though?
  68. >Maybe not.
  69. "Well girls, the thing is, I don't know how to make these things. I'm not an expert."
  70. >They frown at you.
  71. >"You're certain, Anonymous?" Celestia says, "You have no type of guidebook or anything that came with it?"
  72. "I'm afraid so. But you guys have done well without them anyways, so it's not like it's something you desperately need."
  73. >Luna humphs. "You have a point. Still, it's very entertaining to watch the weapon in action. Could you shoot again, Anonymous?" she asks with an excited gleam in her eye.
  74. >You grin, and grab a shell, loading it.
  75. "Sure."
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