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  1. I've had a lot of time to think about Timelines.
  3. I think you could argue that in a way, there are no truly "good" or "bad" timelines. One might presume presume that physics, human nature, and the environment remain relative constants across most of these timelines. With that being the case, there is rarely a timeline where humanity didn't suffer in some way.
  5. There MIGHT be a timeline where men like Hitler and Stalin never killed anyone, and instead were unparalleled leaders that lead the world into a new era of peace and prosperity. Hell, there MIGHT be a timeline where the name Ghandi is synonymous with death, suffering, and great loss. The thing is, unless we had some bizarre technology that allowed us to breach into other timelines, we would never know; nor would something like that really matter.
  7. But I do find it interesting that scientists seem to agree there are "alternate universes" as part of a "multiverse".
  9. Most of these theories in particular revolve around the idea that the universes exist, having their own unique timelines and events where it's entirely possible duplicates or variations of our other selves might exist. Someone might even think about something so incredibly small but surprisingly world-breaking as a Butterfly Effect, but existing in a timeline that has nothing to do with us.
  11. And it's a wild, but justified expectation!
  13. I think if anything we should be trying better to make our timeline a "better" one. We will have no complete control over what happens to humanity in it's "finality", and many of us are starting to give up hope. Maybe it is a cold fact that our timeline might need meet our personal expectations of where we thought we would be, or perhaps humanity is not meeting it's expectations of where we thought we would be as an entire species.
  15. I think you could think of this timeline as a dim, but seemingly unending light. Maybe like a waning sun.
  17. We have witnessed great good and evil in our lives that has shaped how we treat the world around us. The greatest evil might persuade us to try to destroy ourselves or give up hope, while the greatest good would encourage us to fight on and resist difficult or seemingly impossible odds. I hardly think there exists a timeline where this would not be the case, no matter how "ideal" a state we would love to believe humanity is capable of achieving.
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