The Void - Warlock Archetype

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  1. he Void
  2. The Void is everywhere, yet it has no meaning at all.
  3. It exists, but it is also non-existent.
  4. Void is nothing but an eternal spectator, waiting for soemone
  5. that has the power to make their actions have consequences
  6. in the world and shape it to their biddings, just for the sake of
  7. being entertained.
  8. Tapping into its power means making nothing out of something,
  9. and making something out of nothing.
  10. To understand the worthlessness of it all in the grand cosmic
  11. scheme of the world, and to also understand the potential
  12. hidden deep within that nothingness.
  13. Beings that sleep within the void are those who have been long
  14. forgotten in the world, but who remain alive and in a dormant state of being
  15. awaiting for someone to awaken them from their slumber
  16. and help bring about the eternal shroud of void into the fabric of reality itself.
  18. Expanded Spell List
  19. ---------------------------------
  20. Bane, False Life
  21. Blindness/Deafness, Silence
  22. Bestow Curse, Speak with Dead
  23. Greater Invisibility, Death Ward
  24. Mislead, Raise Dead
  26. Peering into the Abyss
  27. ----------------------------------
  28. At 1st level, after establishing a connection against an entity that has made the void its home,
  29. you learn everything there was to know about the beginning and the end, as your patron, though
  30. asleep, has witnessed everything since the conception of time.
  32. You learn the Abyssal and Deep Speech languages and get to choose a skill to become proficient
  33. with as long as it is a skill that makes use of either your Wisdom or Intelligence. You also
  34. gain resistance to necrotic damage.
  36. At 12th level you gain immunity to necrotic damage.
  38. Gateway to Entropy
  39. -----------------------------------
  40. Beginning at 1st level reality starts to shatter around you, and you're able to make use of the
  41. void left in its wake.  A 30-foot-radius sphere appears, centered on a point within range  where
  42. reality shatters and a dark, ominous aura of black winds and undecipherable whispers takes root.
  43. This area is considered difficult terrain for every other creature except you and two other
  44. creatures of your choice. No light, magical or otherwise, can  illuminate the area, and creatures
  45. fully within the area are blinded. Any creature that begins its turn in the area must succeed on
  46. a Constitution saving throw or suffer 2d8 necrotic damage. Any creature that ends its turn on the
  47. area must succeed on an Intelligence saving throw or suffer 2d8 psychic damage from the discordant
  48. whispers.
  50. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest.
  52. Chasm of Deterioration
  53. ------------------------------------
  54. At 6th level, the whispers of the Void in which your patron slumbers in become slightly clearer,
  55. allowing you to start to finally unlock the secrets behind the realm of nothingness itself.
  56. Whenever you receive damage from a creature that is a maximum of 20 feet away from you, you may
  57. destroy reality around you and the creature that attack you, plunging both you and the creature
  58. into the realm of annihilation. When you next emerge, you may switch positions with the creature.
  59. Upon reemerging, the creature makes an Intelligence saving throw. On a failure, it is haunted by
  60. the horrors of the realm of nonexistence, deteriorating its mind. The creature takes 2d12
  61. necrotic damage and you gain 2d12 temporary hit points.
  63. You may use this feature twice before needing to take a short or long rest to be able to use it
  64. again.
  67. Nihil Avatar
  68. -------------------------------------
  69. Upon reaching 10th level you become a channeler of the nothingness and unlimited potential your
  70. patron represents and reality shifts and twists around you. Whenever you hit a creature with a
  71. weapon or spell attack, you may create avatars made out of the null energy your patron provides
  72. that heed your beck and call up to a maximum of half your Charisma modifier (rounded up) up to 10
  73. feet away. As a bonus action, you may command each of your avatars a simple command such as
  74. 'Attack' or 'Defend.' The avatars possess HP equal to your Charisma modifier + your warlock level.
  75. The avatars may use spells without expending your warlock spell slots, but once they attack the
  76. avatars fade away.
  77. The avatars can be dismissed (no action required) at any moment, otherwise they will remain up
  78. to 10 minutes before the void consumes them back.
  80. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest.
  82. Cataclysm Orison
  83. --------------------------------------
  84. Starting at 14th level, your mind teeters on the line between sanity and insanity and your soul is almost gone from your
  85. body. You have embodied the unlimited potential of the Void, and in return have turned to almost
  86. nothingness yourself. As such, your patron bestows upon you the use of the nether and the space
  87. it provides. You can create portals 5 feet from you leading to the realm of nothingness itself
  88. and can access it without you or creatures that willingly accompany you suffering any injuries
  89. to your psyche. Choose one of the following effects to issue from this manifestation point. Once
  90. you use either effect, you can’t use this feature again until you finish a long rest.
  92. Potential: Reality shatters around you, and from the cracks, the black tendrils of the void fuse
  93. with your body, imbuing you with its power. For the next minute, your Charisma increases by 2
  94. points, to a maximum ability score of 22 and you gain advantage on Consitution ability checks to
  95. maintain spells that require Concentration. Whenever you hit a creature with a weapon or spell
  96. attack, you may also add necrotic damage equal to your Charisma modifier + your warlock level to
  97. the attack. After a minute passes, gain an exhaustion level.
  99. Bastion: You and up to five willing creatures of your choice that you can see within 30 feet of
  100. the manifestation point find themselves falling through cracks made in reality itself, forcefully
  101. pulled through your patron’s realm. You and the five creatures of your choice fall for several
  102. seconds before cracks reappear and teleport you and the chosen creatures to a point of your
  103. choice within 100 miles that you have visited within the past 24 hours. The ivory cracks in
  104. reality then disappear. The creatures that accompanied you are immune to the mind-bending
  105. whispers and ear-ringing silence of the Void.
  107. Grave: You can destroy the barriers of reality around a maximum of two creatures and plunge them
  108. into the very depths of the realm of nonexistence that your patron resides in. The creatures you
  109. target have to be within 30-feet from you and if you hit them with an attack, banish them into
  110. the realm of your patron until the end of your next turn. When the creatures reemerge, they take
  111. 10d10 necrotic damage and must make an Intelligence saving throw or suffer disadvantage on
  112. Strength and Dexterity saving throws and ability checks.
  114. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.
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