Mar 30th, 2018
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  1. Loner
  2. Shove[Rapid/0/0] Move 1, this can only be used on your sisters.
  3. Space to yourself [Auto/0/Self] +1 to attack checks when there are no sisters in the same zone as you.
  4. Blame [Rapid/0/Self] Remove a madness point from a fetter of your choice. Choose a sister to make a madness check.
  5. Smug Superiority [Auto/0/Self] +1 to conversation checks made on sisters who have a fetter in a state of madness. Sisters with a fetter in a state of madness make conversation checks towards you at -1.
  6. Awkward Assurances [Auto/0/Self] When you take -1 to your conversation check, your sisters receive a +1 to their conversation check.
  7. Put up a front [Auto/0/Self] You may change the madness effect of one fetter to that of your choice once per round.
  8. Selfish Demands [Auto/None/Self] When you receive support for a check, reduce the cost of your next maneuver by 1 (to a minimum of 0). Increase the AP cost of your support maneuvers used on others by 1.
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