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  1. App.min.js?v= Uncaught TypeError: Unable to process binding "if: function(){return $data.MediaChannelName.toLowerCase() !== $parent.bespokeMediaChannelName.toLowerCase() }"
  2. Message: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of null
  3.     at if (eval at r (App.min.js?v=, <anonymous>:3:85)
  4.     at n.computed.disposeWhenNodeIsRemoved (App.min.js?v=
  5.     at Function.evaluateImmediate_CallReadThenEndDependencyDetection (App.min.js?v=
  6.     at Function.evaluateImmediate_CallReadWithDependencyDetection (App.min.js?v=
  7.     at Function.evaluateImmediate (App.min.js?v=
  8.     at Object.n.computed.n.dependentObservable (App.min.js?v=
  9.     at init (App.min.js?v=
  10.     at App.min.js?v=
  11.     at Object.ignore (App.min.js?v=
  12.     at App.min.js?v=
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