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Dec 2nd, 2019
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  1. Careful these words are very scary
  2. My habitat is a cemetery
  3. A sanitarium
  4. Went to therapy
  5. Thoughts, I buried them
  6. Ain't you hearing me
  7. Mirrors steering me
  8. I see it vividly
  9. Radioactive uranium straight to your cranium I been insane with them
  10. Feel like vibranium
  11. Hardened by time, I'm bravin them
  12. Lamar up in the stadium
  13. Crows flying Ravens, uh
  14. MVP we revvin up
  15. Won't you envy me?
  16. I'm irreverent
  17. This eclectic sound is electric, see?
  18. They still hating though
  19. They remember me
  21. I don't even know who "they" are
  22. Maybe they don't exist
  23. Maybe it's all in my head
  24. Maybe I'm better off dead
  25. There I go spiraling out again
  26. Think I lost another friend
  27. But in the darkness I see light
  28. This life ain't one to end
  29. My plight aint fruitless, I been fighting, I've been ruthless
  30. I been trying not to be a nuisance
  31. I see the error in my ways, through the blueprints
  32. I'll get loud but I'll never lose it like my father,
  33. alcoholic, feel proof hit,
  34. alkaline everclear,
  35. Al Capone escaping,
  36. Alcatraz near going stupid
  38. I see Lucy in the sky with diamonds
  39. I'm dreaming lucid
  40. Climbing the ladder, the rungs fashioned loosely
  41. My lungs are blackened from Mary, she been abusive
  42. Sorry, only I could do this
  43. Gotta jot it down on loose leaf
  44. Blame a plant for your feelings? Damn.
  45. C'mon man,
  46. Don't lose sleep
  48. Sick of the silence in my mind, my words becoming violent
  49. They discharged me from the asylum cause I could paint a picture like Poseidon with the Trident on Orion's Belt
  50. Writing my ride in to Sodom, Gomorrah
  51. With perfect timing, my driving is morals (morose)
  52. Never lying my lions is herd
  53. With every spoken word
  54. I said my lines are heard
  55. Reciprocity will earn my worth
  56. Feel the wave defined from birth
  57. Know I'm needed
  58. Negativity's a curse
  59. Found I got a different way with words
  60. The way they curve and swerve and merge
  61. Pronouns and verbs, reverse, absurd
  62. Dispersed the curse
  63. My worth emerge
  64. I kill my demons
  65. It's a purge
  66. A power surge
  67. We near the verge
  68. My mind submerged
  69. I'm out this shit
  70. I'm leaving Earth
  72. Evolution seek it here
  73. Calenders fall from your veneer
  74. Timeless infinity
  75. Love and fear
  76. Know I'm not worthless
  77. Know I deserve this
  78. Tapped the void
  79. Escaped my worries
  80. No more noise
  81. Hear the silence in my voice
  82. Polarize, polarize the Earth
  83. Petrified, petrified we were
  84. Return to the dirt, return to the dirt
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