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  1. Hey there!
  3. emKay here - to keep things short: I'm a CS 1.6 player since 2009 and a CS:GO player since 2013. I'm a nice guy who's always been an admin on a random server, I'm a mapper, I'm making some videos on YouTube, yet I'm not very popular but this doesn't matter for me. :P
  5. Why am I writing to you? Whoever gets this mail, I'm asking you for help. If you don't accept ANY kind of offers or questions like that, then I'm not bothering you and you can stop reading this letter if you want. :)
  7. Although it would be nice if you read what I have to tell you because it's very important for me and I'll try to keep it as short as possible.
  9. Since 2010 I'm part of a small Counter-Strike community, which is well known as the "Speedrun Community". The speedrun mod was a popular mod in CS 1.6 and it still exists in CS:GO, even though not many people heard of the CS:GO port's existence.
  10. Since 2012 I was an admin on all remaining Speedrun servers (with small exceptions), I've even got a server myself to keep the mod alive. In 2014 the last CS 1.6 Speedrun server had died because of lack of good servers and therefore lack of interest. In 2015 we've created the first Speedrun server in CS:GO to port the mod to a new platform and try to keep the beloved mod alive. The server exists till this day. We're constantly trying to improve it and attract as many people as possible who will also join our little Speedrun Family. ;)
  12. What is Speedrun and what does the mod mean?
  13. Speedrun is almost like a bhop mod but mixed with deathrun elements and it has its own rules, maps and physics. This is definitely a unique mod in CS:GO and our server is currently the only one hosting it. Currently the server offers 52 different playstyles, including styles with a simulated tickrate (which also means simulated FPS categories from CS 1.6) - this is a massive plugin which took us over a year to write and achieve the perfect simulation. We're constantly asking people for feedback and we're also trying to write any plugin they want to be added. We've also written a dedicated website just for our Speedrun server.
  15. Example video of our mod
  18. Why do we need help?
  19. Speedrun is and always was a competetive gamemode with entertainment in mind. This was never a mod where the admin would make any money out of it and that's also a reason why the servers died. Not much has changed - we still have to pay for the server with our money. The point is - the Speedrun mod is created by people who play it. The server is not very popular, which slows down the development of the mod. I've created over 100 high quality maps / ports for CS:GO with my friend on which the server is currently running but it's hard to maintain the mod if only 2 people are working on it. We're responsible for all the plugins / maps on the server and since the mod is currently not very popular, we can't find any more mappers to help us.
  21. How much do we earn from our server?
  22. We've recently added VIP features to our server because it's currently hard for us to pay the bills and we're starting to lose hope for the mod to live longer. Since February, only 1 person has bought the VIP status and we're constantly adding features to it but sadly, there are not many people on the server. :(
  23. We're creating the server only to keep the mod alive, not to earn any money out of it. We just want to be able to pay the bills. Our main goal is to keep the community growing and find some people to help us writing plugin, making maps etc.
  25. How could you help?
  26. As far as I'm watching your YouTube channel, I think your content is amazing.
  27. Sadly, csgo's going down (for obvious reasons). I came up with a conclusion that a short film from an unique mod which isn't really well-known could improve the views + more people could hear about our mod, what may cause in growing the community.
  29. Even if there's no such a possibility, it is always good to try. Thanks if you have read to this moment!
  31. If it seems like a good proposal for you - I'll be glad to talk about it on teamspeak/discord, i could even help to prepare such a material ;)
  33. Discord: emKay#9189
  34. Steam:
  36. Greetings!
  37. emKay
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