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  1. -- horrificAsylum [HA] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 02:58 --
  2. [02:58] HA: \\ΦΦh, hEy cΦΦl dudE ;)//
  3. [02:58] HA: \\NicE TΦ mEET yΦu//
  4. [02:59] TG: sup
  5. [02:59] HA: \\SssSssΦ, yΦu'rE DAvE. ThE chill ΦNE whΦ hAs ThE bESssT bEATSss EvEryΦNE TAlkSss AbΦuT//
  6. [03:00] HA: \\MiNd giviNg mE A SssAmplE Φf yΦur wickEd bEATSss DAvE? :)//
  7. [03:01] TG: i could
  8. [03:01] TG: are you sure you can handle it though
  9. [03:01] TG: i mean this could leave your brains on the wall
  10. [03:01] HA: \\Oh dEAr, i likE ThE SsSssΦuNd Φf ThAT //
  11. [03:03] TG: alright then give me a minute
  12. [03:03] TG: i like this song
  13. [03:05] TG: okay
  14. [03:05] TG: now obviously you arent getting the full treatment since you cant actually hear it
  15. [03:06] TG: so just imagine a back beat and
  16. [03:06] TG: here we go
  17. [03:06] TG: starting slow
  18. [03:06] TG: telling you the shit you know
  19. [03:06] TG: my name is dave strider
  20. [03:06] TG: im times chosen fighter
  21. [03:06] TG: im busting out rhymes like this session is a stage
  22. [03:07] TG: making all the ladies swoon and all the fellas rage
  23. [03:07] TG: the beat is in me like a beast in a cage
  24. [03:07] TG: i let the fires lose dont make mind of my age
  25. [03:07] TG: i may be young at thirteen
  26. [03:07] TG: but you wouldnt believe the shit that ive seen
  27. [03:08] TG: from tiny imps to giant monsters everything in between
  28. [03:08] TG: im dropping lines like life preservers
  29. [03:08] TG: playing games to make a universe
  30. [03:09] TG: call it sburb call it homestuck
  31. [03:09] TG: all the viewers are in luck
  32. [03:09] TG: because this shit is biblical in range
  33. [03:09] TG: notice aliens its the least part thats strange
  34. [03:10] TG: we got game bullshit to the cieling
  35. [03:10] TG: riddles mindgames leave you reeling
  36. [03:10] TG: its incredible the story were weaving
  37. [03:10] TG: its complex as it seems these looks arent decieving
  38. [03:10] TG: are you recieving?
  39. [03:11] TG: the means im setting down
  40. [03:11] TG: pick your mind up whatever bits can be found
  41. [03:11] TG: i hope i didnt blow it with my freestyle so pure
  42. [03:11] TG: boredom is your illness and my lyrics are the cure
  43. [03:12] TG: this shit is grade a no teacher doubt it
  44. [03:12] TG: pass me up three grades im the best thats all about it
  45. [03:12] TG: ill have to route it
  46. [03:12] TG: into another verse
  47. [03:12] TG: im rapping to you from my sound lab up on derse
  48. [03:13] TG: the fires keep coming because my forge is hot
  49. [03:13] TG: proving grounds for all the mcs they challenge me a lot
  50. [03:13] TG: but its skills they havent got
  51. [03:13] TG: when theyre standing up to me
  52. [03:14] TG: ive got musical immunity
  53. [03:14] TG: beating suckers with impunity
  54. [03:14] TG: as you can see
  55. [03:14] TG: you cant deny this shit you like
  56. [03:14] TG: thats all ive got for know so here
  57. [03:14] TG: take back the mic
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