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  1. [21:07:57] <Giantree> Alright so you're doing assassin shit in:
  2. [21:08:02] <Giantree> a) The middle of town
  3. [21:08:09] <Giantree> b) A private, cozy room
  4. [21:08:15] <Giantree> c) The bath with Sylvera
  5. [21:08:17] <Giantree> VOTE NOW ON YOUR PHONES
  6. [21:08:34] <Giantree> btw i just want to comment
  7. [21:08:39] <Giantree> that fates baths are NOTHING to suikoden baths
  8. [21:08:48] <Giantree> and i'm legitimately offended that they even tried, with so poor an attempt
  9. [21:09:56] <Vena> After the sort of exploration they've been doing? CLEANSE HER SINS.
  10. [21:10:06] <Vena> Totally assassin shit. Grooming is part of the job.
  11. [21:10:10] <Vena> Of being a bodyguard.
  12. [21:10:13] <Vena> Yes.
  13. [21:11:26] <Giantree> Okay well get rused because now that you know she's a giant robot Sylvie actually isn't waterproof, and being in a bath would make her short out.
  14. [21:11:37] <Giantree> ... just kidding, mental models can do whatever the fuck they want
  15. [21:12:12] <Giantree> Either way Sylvie's going to approach before prettyman anyway, wow it's like i'm literally charm why am i telling you this
  16. [21:12:50] <Flamy> Pfft.
  17. [21:13:21] <Giantree> "Hi, Vivi," she says anyway, looking more neutral than annoyed as usual.  "Sticking it out until the end, then?"
  18. [21:15:11] <Ramiel> Welp, I was off actually doing chores for once, sorry about that.  I'll be here the rest of the night whenever you're finished up with Shuku
  19. [21:15:49] <Vena> Huh. Well, best to not squander this miracle. "Course I am. Sure it ended up being a larger scale than expected, but the reason I'm actually fighting never really changed~" Who wants to talk about etc
  20. [21:18:14] <Giantree> "More than just the money, huh?  , that kind of determination is what we look favorably on humans for, so thanks either way.  I guess this might be our last meeting, so... oh I'm just gonna say it."
  21. [21:18:19] <Giantree> "1,1I want you inside me."
  22. [21:20:22] <Vena> "I"
  23. [21:20:36] <Vena> "...say that again"
  24. [21:20:40] <Vena> "not"
  25. [21:20:45] <Vena> "entirely sure I heard that right"
  26. [21:21:58] <Giantree> "Did you forget that the 'me' you see now is just an image projected and my real body is a giant machine made with dragon corpses?  It's difficult to pilot myself, and since we're going into the final battle, I'd be comfiest if you did it."
  27. [21:24:19] <Vena> "OK, that's better." Maybe she does need that bath. "Don't know how that works, but I'm pretty sure I could get the hang of it quickly enough!"
  28. [21:31:16] <Giantree> "Well, I never expected to have to use that," she sighs, "But I can't say I expected anything that happened.  Even you, Vivi, I wouldn't expect to understand what it's like to spend so much time trying to save somebody and have them throw it in your face of their own free will.  But I guess you seem the most responsible, for helping me right the wrongs I'm in part responsible for.  And so on and so forth."
  29. [21:32:32] <Giantree> "Oh, and the controls aren't especially difficult, it's mostly just a matter of dodging incoming attacks, maybe pushing a button here or there."  She kicks the water(?).  "Alright, though, serioustalk over.  I was curious about something, indulge me."
  30. [21:33:35] <Vena> "Sounds simple enough. And alright, shoot."
  31. [21:34:06] <Giantree> "How's it going with your boss?"  Muffled cuck.mp3 in the distance.  "Talked to him lately?"
  32. [21:36:39] <Vena> "Not sure if I just haven't been lucky enough to run into him or he's been avoiding me. That...bird...thing makes me wonder, honestly."
  33. [21:37:32] <Giantree> "Oh, the owl?  I'm amazed that thing still exists, honestly, it was an experiment of mine gone horribly awry.  I guess he just kept it around for the comedic value."  Sylvie shrugs.  "That's so like him."
  34. [21:38:28] <Giantree> "But from that answer I'd suppose you haven't met his wife yet."  Blaringly loud cuck.mp3 in the distance.  "For the best, I suppose?"
  35. [21:40:50] <Vena> Vena's mind progresses about a tick, then a tuck, then a cuck, then a(n internal) motherfuck. "A few strange things suddenly became apparent, but"
  36. [21:40:55] <Vena> "what"
  37. [21:40:57] <Vena> "?"
  38. [21:41:58] <Giantree> "Yes, she's apparently been chasing him around town or somesuch."  Sylvera tries to hold back a chuckle and fails.  Fails so hard it almost ends up being a cackle.  "So it wasn't you he's been avoiding, silly."
  39. [21:42:22] <Giantree> "They have... a strange relationship.  And believe me, with all the strange things I've seen that means something."
  40. [21:47:54] <Vena> "...DAMN IT. I should have just shot the owl, then! I had literally no reason NOT to!" Vena sinks in the water (being sure to adjust her mask so it doesn't get submerged, that might mess it up a bit), defeated.
  41. [21:48:23] <Vena> She says something along the lines of burble gurble burble burble. Something about there always being next time.
  42. [21:49:28] <Giantree> "Oh, so that was how it was, hmmm?"  She makes a pose that looks like it'd fit more on Anna.  "Well, don't worry, I think he was out of your age range anyway."
  43. [21:49:38] <Giantree> "... But I do wish someone would've shot that owl a long time ago."
  44. [21:51:24] <Vena> She surfaces. "Sure as hell isn't anymore. I'm not sure if I want to hear more about him, now. I feel disappointment oozing into every part of my being. I'm not sure how much bodies it's going to take to cover that up. Maybe just the owl's."
  45. [21:52:55] <Giantree> "Sure about that?  Even if I pointed out that he was a dragon?"  Now she's twirling her hair in a finger as though she were some kind of mob boss.  "You're not really missing out on much besides dying of old age and being outlived; you'd be better off shacking up WITH the owl, even."
  46. [21:53:12] <Giantree> "... I could give you his address if you want.  Or vice-versa."
  47. [21:53:17] <Giantree> "The owl, I mean."
  48. [21:56:12] <Vena> "If you gave me the owl's address, I would read it as a job. A well-paying job."
  49. [21:56:39] <Vena> "Bodyguarding what's left of my dignity probably pays in spades."
  50. [21:57:03] <Giantree> "Ohhhhh, you're so CUTE when you're like this."  Sylvie uncharacteristically giggles and lurches forth.  "Present thy cheeks for the pinching!"
  51. [21:58:49] <Giantree> "... Oh, but, right.  Really what I was trying to say either is, I'll basically just give you a ride to where the actual combat will take place; all you need to do is keep us both out of harm's way for a while.  It shouldn't be that difficult to get used to, and it's only the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, no pressure."
  52. [22:00:26] <Vena> Vena finally reaches the point where she's flustered. She happily accepts the sudden return to the topic. "Yeah, yeah, sounds good. Fate or no, I just do what I've been doing, just with slightly less restraint."
  53. [22:02:24] <Giantree> "All right," Sylvs stands up.  "Then, I'll leave you to your thoughts.  If you're REALLY jealous you should look for the girl with antennae, but I think she's been covering them with a hat lately.  Toodles~"
  54. [22:02:51] <Vena> "I'm not even jealous, just"
  55. [22:02:53] <Giantree> And then Sylvera leaves the area, potentially sparking the beginning of the Cuck Quest sidequest.
  56. [22:02:55] <Vena> "disappointed"
  57. [22:03:24] <Flamy> > Sylvera and Vena have attained a Support Rank of A+!
  58. [22:03:30] <Giantree> uh
  59. [22:03:31] <Giantree> i
  60. [22:03:31] <Giantree> don't
  61. [22:03:34] <Giantree> think that's what it is
  62. [22:03:35] <Giantree> ...
  63. [22:03:41] <Giantree> but sure i'll take it yeah
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