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  1. * Now talking in #filipino
  2. * Topic is 'Welcome to #filipino..Home of all Filipinos from all around the World!!! ( Sitback..Relax..Enjoy your chat )'
  3. * Set by X on Sun Feb 07 22:39:30
  4. * Kristol has joined #filipino
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  7. * GamerTony looks at Nicemale
  8. * cristi40 has joined #filipino
  9. <GamerTony> look who it is Nicemale, the one who outed you for being a pedo in cebu!
  10. * BCDoctor has joined #filipino
  11. * X sets mode: +l 71
  12. <Kristol> Oh god Nicemale is here you disgusting pedophile!
  13. <Kristol> This filthy old man kept begging for pics and skype and im only 15!
  14. * Rocz looks at Nicemale
  15. * ArrowHunt has joined #filipino
  16. <Kristol> Then when i called him out for being a 54 year old asking for skype with a 15 yr old he cussed at me!
  17. * singlemum32f has joined #filipino
  18. <Kristol> I believe his words were IM SICK OF THIS SHIT!
  19. * DreamerF has joined #filipino
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  21. <Rocz> Was this the same pedo that pestered you for skype and yahoo messenger cam sex despit knowing you were only 15 Kristol?
  22. * X sets mode: +l 73
  23. <Kristol> It was
  24. * Rocz nods
  25. <Kristol> I have logs
  26. <Rocz> Did he seem illiterate as well as sick?
  27. <Kristol> My father is trying to get me to go to the police
  28. <Kristol>  Very!
  29. * peterparker_ has joined #filipino
  30. <Rocz> Would you be willing to go to Canada to lock up this predator?
  31. <Kristol> Lol hes Canadian?
  32. <Rocz> He is a CBP.
  33. <Rocz> Canadian Born Pedophile
  34. <Kristol> I thought with his poor spelling he was just a redneck pedo from the south!
  35. <Rocz> No. He actually collects a retard check from Canada.
  36. <GamerTony> I'm just glad you outed him in cebu Kristol , filthy pedo hasnt been back since!
  37. <Rocz> Me too Kristol.
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  43. <GamerTony> Kristol I heard Nicemale has to change nicks weekly to  avoid the pedo police!
  44. <Rocz> Otherwise he'll keep preying on naive young girls and get them to strip on camera to satisfy his filthy pedo fantasies.
  45. * ^PS4^ has quit IRC (EOF from client)
  46. <Kristol> I dont doubt it!
  47. <Kristol> He makes me sick!
  48. <GamerTony> here that pedoboy you make her sick!
  49. <Rocz> You and me both Kristol. And he will not stop.
  50. <Rocz> I've been watching this pedophile prey on innocent children for years.
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  52. * X sets mode: +l 71
  53. <GamerTony> so have I!
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  55. <Rocz> I'm sure he has terabytes of child porn on his computer.
  56. * BCDoctor has joined #filipino
  57. <GamerTony> pedomale remember Elyssa and Lilsister?
  58. * ni291187 has joined #filipino
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  60. <GamerTony> Elyssa got you outed in ateneo and lilsister got your pedo self banned in usa!
  61. <ninjabunni> hai!!! bro and Rocz
  62. <Rocz> Wasn't that Gravity that caught him redhanded as LilSister?
  63. <Kristol> You disgusting little illiterate pedophile!
  64. <Rocz> Hello ninjabunni!
  65. <GamerTony> it was!
  66. <GamerTony> haii sis!
  67. -> -ninjabunni- I'm also kristol, on andchat lol
  68. * DreamerF has joined #filipino
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  70. * X sets mode: +l 73
  71. * Rocz calls chris Hanson of Dateline NBC.
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  73. <ninjabunni> lol
  74. <Kristol> No wonder all the time i hear how jasonjr constantly hides in random channels changing nicks alot
  75. <Kristol>  So those wernt just rumours
  76. * sneakerhead has joined #filipino
  77. <Kristol>  Nicemale how do you live with yourself you evil stupid man!
  78. <Rocz> Not at all. He is constantly changing nicks and trying to evade the pedophile police.
  79. * James_43 has joined #filipino
  80. <Kristol> I bet you hold Jared up as an idol too
  81. <Kristol> You perverted pedophile!
  82. * Kristol throws up on Nicemale
  83. <Rocz> Sometimes he'll storm out of a room exclaiming im sick of this shit!
  84. <Kristol> He did with me in cebu!
  85. * Rocz nods
  86. <GamerTony> pedoboy is mute, he must be raging and copy pasting like mad to swampkunt in bayern!
  87. * DreamerF has quit IRC (Quit)
  88. <Rocz> He'll cry to cservice that he's being stalked to!
  89. <Kristol> Has he learned to kick yet? He tried to kick me 5 times then stormed out of bayern!
  90. <GamerTony> he will!
  91. * BCDoctor has quit IRC (EOF from client)
  92. <GamerTony> and they'll laugh!
  93. * BCDoctor has joined #filipino
  94. * Rocz nods
  95. <GamerTony> I'm surprised he isnt stalking to you in your pm window yet Kristol!
  96. <Rocz> Only because he's not stalking their children.
  97. <Kristol> So am I!
  98. <Kristol> Last time he pmed me moment i entered cebu!
  99. * James_43 has quit IRC (EOF from client)
  100. <GamerTony> Nicemale defend yourself pedoboy!
  101. * X sets mode: +l 71
  102. * James_43 has joined #filipino
  103. * peterparker_ has joined #filipino
  104. * X sets mode: +l 73
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  106. * Rocz nods
  107. <GamerTony> I bet he'll ragequit soon!
  108. <Rocz> He's a foul pig, that's for sure Kristol.
  109. <GamerTony> kristol is on phone with her bf hes wanting to beat Nicemale to a bloody pulp!
  110. <ninjabunni> onk
  111. <ninjabunni> oink
  112. <Rocz> A woman named Whitedove threatened to turn him into the police and he was crying and threatening to kill himself via Skype a few years back.
  113. * miss_krish has joined #filipino
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  115. <Rocz> All the while frantically deleting child porn off his computer. And bestiality films and pics.
  116. <ninjabunni> lol
  117. <GamerTony> he didnt have the balls to kill himself
  118. <ninjabunni> eewwww
  119. <GamerTony> hes too retarded to figure out how to do it
  120. * peterparker_ has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
  121. <GamerTony> I bet he was crying to his pal A-Assie!
  122. * X sets mode: +l 71
  123. * SwampWitch has joined #filipino
  124. <Rocz> It sickens me that the taxpayers of Canada actually provide this pedophile with a check every month.
  125. <GamerTony> lawl!
  126. * cristi40 has quit IRC (EOF from client)
  127. <GamerTony> he got SwampWitch to fight for him again!
  128. <Rocz> I'm sure he was! Remember A-Assie said if could ever be proven he was a pedo he'd dis-own him?
  129. <GamerTony> 'I do!
  130. * Nicemale is now known as JasonV
  131. * peterparker_ has joined #filipino
  132. <GamerTony> pedomale changing nicks again!
  133. <GamerTony> lawl!
  134. <ninjabunni> i knew a assie
  135. <GamerTony> gonna ragequit now like the filthy pedophile you are JasonV?
  136. <Rocz> There he goes! Trying to hide his pedo past again!
  137. <GamerTony> yes!'
  138. * X sets mode: +l 73
  139. <GamerTony> Kristol called him out!
  140. <Rocz> See Kristol?
  141. <Kristol> I do
  142. <Kristol> SwampWitch: how do you live with defending a known pedophile like JasonV
  143. <Kristol> Are you a pedo too?
  144. <Rocz> I'll bet if you go to Bayern he's in there crying to his homies and pasting dialog!
  145. <GamerTony> you know it!
  146. <Kristol> Hes prolly telling them im sick of this Shit!
  147. * Rocz spews whiskey
  148. <Kristol> And cussing my name for outing him!
  149. * DreamerF has joined #filipino
  150. <GamerTony> this is first time I've seen SwampWitch come in and be mute!
  151. <GamerTony> she cant handle being called out either!
  152. * BobJohnson has joined #filipino
  153. * X sets mode: +l 75
  154. <Kristol> Shes prolly trying to console the outed pedo in pm!
  155. * GamerTony spews dr pepper
  156. <GamerTony> shes prolly saying there will be other 11-15 yr old girls to stalk on irc soon!
  157. * JenyBeanNoPm has joined #filipino
  158. <Kristol> People like SwampWitch and JasonV make me sick
  159. * JasonV has left #filipino
  160. <GamerTony> LAWL!
  161. <SwampWitch> Good, I hope you will die from it. ;o)
  162. <Kristol> There he goes again!
  163. <Kristol> I hope you die from a diseased pedo dick in your ass you sick sick person
  164. <Rocz> You make me sick defending a pedo like him SwampWitch
  165. <Kristol>  Do you wipe his little pedophile ass for him too?
  166. * Rocz spews whiskey
  167. <SwampWitch> Kristol why using proxies, becaused banned everywhere?
  168. * marose has joined #filipino
  169. * ArrowHunt^ has joined #filipino
  170. * X sets mode: +l 77
  171. <Kristol> Proxie..erm its called a mobile irc client
  172. <Kristol>  Are you as illiterate as your pedo pal
  173. * Retrieving #filipino modes...
  174. * peterparker_ has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
  175. * Rocz cackles
  176. * GamerTony cackles
  177. <Kristol> Maybe if you stopped finding 11 yr olds for him to ruin and victimize you would know such things
  178. <Rocz> So true Kristol
  179. <Kristol>  Its called andchat you stupid bitch google it
  180. <Rocz> People like her are actually responsible for people like jason
  181. * ArrowHunt has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
  182. * ArrowHunt^ is now known as ArrowHunt
  183. * peterparker_ has joined #filipino
  184. <GamerTony> its true
  185. <SwampWitch> Whatever. You and your clan are banned in most channels...
  186. <GamerTony> lol this coming from a pedo protector
  187. <SwampWitch> While I'm in... Ha!
  188. <GamerTony> i can list all the channels your pedophile pet is banned in
  189. <GamerTony> wqould take a few hours tho
  190. * Rocz cackles
  191. <Rocz> Virtually every English channel has that pedo banned.
  192. <SwampWitch> So bun, have fun. Gnite.
  193. <Rocz> So shut up swampkunt
  194. <GamerTony> lets see, usa, anc, chat-world, Kristol outed him in cebu, elyssa outed him in ateneo, hes banned in tlc, hes banned in detroit, hes banned in cafechat, hes banned in hugs, hes banned in starbucks, hes banned in utopia
  195. <GamerTony> shall I go on you little bitch?
  196. <GamerTony> I can list prolly two dozen more easy
  197. <Rocz> chat-world
  198. <GamerTony> go back to bayern with your pedo pet and console the little child rapist
  199. <Rocz> Exactly
  200. * Erik40 has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  201. <Kristol> SwampWitch better yet why don't you go kill yourself your a waste of oxygen
  202. * X sets mode: +l 75
  203. <SwampWitch> Ha. Coming out the mouth of a worthless one like you? Funny.
  204. <Kristol> JasonV is lucky my bf can't reach him or hed be dead now for his crimes
  205. * peterparker_ has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
  206. * Rocz nods
  207. <SwampWitch> Your paid boyfriends?
  208. <Kristol> You mad SwampWitch because your pedo pet is exposed for the pedophile he is
  209. <Rocz> She seems mad
  210. <SwampWitch> Hey, have fun. I'm the only one talking to you here. You're banned everywhere... Gnite now.
  211. <Kristol> No im not a 2 bit whore like you
  212. <Kristol>  I am
  213. <Kristol> Hmmm funny
  214. <Kristol>  Whete am I banned
  215. <SwampWitch> Everywhere I am. ;o)
  216. <Kristol>  Other then bayern
  217. <Kristol> Oh wow Thats certainly everywhere
  218. <Kristol>  Pfft
  219. <SwampWitch> Gnite chan.
  220. -
  221. * SwampWitch has left #filipino
  222. <GamerTony> lawl!
  223. <GamerTony> ragequit!
  224. <JenyBeanNoPm> lawl!
  225. * X sets mode: +l 73
  226. <Rocz> What an idiot.
  227. <GamerTony> I bet pedo never comes back here!
  228. <Rocz> I'll bet he does.
  229. <Kristol> Lol stupid as her pet is
  230. <JenyBeanNoPm> I do too
  231. * peterparker_ has joined #filipino
  232. <Kristol> She gets assaulted and flees
  233. * JenyBeanNoPm hugs her GamerTony
  234. <Kristol> Anyway my bf is coming over gonna go now
  235. <Kristol> Baii
  236. * sneakerhead has quit IRC (Read error: Connection timed out)
  237. * Kristol has quit IRC (Quit: Bye)
  238. <GamerTony> LAWL
  239. * JenyBeanNoPm cackles
  240. * GamerTony hugs his JenyBean
  241. * Rocz has left #filipino
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