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  1. Name: Nathan Spiritwind
  2. Universe: Custom
  3. Faction Association: N/A
  4. Species: Human
  5. Age: 28
  6. Height: 5'11"
  7. Weight: 150 lbs
  9. Equipment:
  11. -Hand of Focus: A gauntlet made from adamantine, with a gem inlaid in the palm and another on the back. The gems allow the wearer to focus more magical energy more effectively. Without it, his magic would have only half the power. The gauntlet can be magically made to fit either hand.
  13. Abilities:
  15. -Physical: Through training and help from magic, he has pushed himself to the peak of human capability and altered his body. His endurance, speed, agility, and coordination are at peak. He can lift 300 lbs and run 23 mph.
  17. -Mental: He possesses a very strong will and a strong intellect and can resist most mind affecting things and psychic attacks through sheer willpower.
  19. -Skills:
  21. -Expert Mystic: He is an expert regarding the mystic and supernatural from his universe.
  23. -Skilled Combatant: He has trained to become an effective close quarters combatant and can direct immediately lethal force with his conditioned body.
  25. -Spatial Magic: He is a practitioner of mystic spatial manipulation and can cast spells at will. He draws from a pool of mana which is his life force and has a somewhat vast reserve to access, being somewhat gifted in his world.
  27.     -Spatial Perception: His supernatural spatial awareness allows him to sense or "feel" everything around out to 100 meters. He can perceive spatial distances: the dimensions (length, width, and height), distances between objects, shapes and sizes of things, etc.
  29.     -Spatial Telekinesis: By controlling space itself, he can remotely create and apply and direct pressure, kinetic, energy, inertia, friction, and even gravity. He can lift 25 tons in combat and 50 tons out of combat. He can only lift 600 lbs worth of struggling, living beings. He can tear away parts of surfaces and exert pressure in complex and precise manners. He could paralyze up to three people with enough focus and grip individual body parts and perform chokes, applying pressure to either the throat or arteries (no choking players).
  31.     -Spatial Blast: Fires a blast of compressed space. The beam can go from as thin as an inch and highly penetrative to as wide as a foot and highly concussive.
  33.     -Spatial Shockwaves: He can release directional or omnidirectional supersonic shockwaves of spatial energy which impact with enough force to crack concrete and can launch even large objects or enemies away at high velocities.
  35.     -Spatial Force Fields: He can generate force fields in the form of cubes, cones, and elipsoids.
  37.     -Reverse Gravity: Reverses the targeted subject or object's gravity for three seconds.
  39.     -Increase Gravity: Triples the gravity acting upon a subject or object for two turns.
  41.     -Dimensional Storage: He can store objects in his own personal pocket dimension and call them to his hand at will.
  43.     -Portal Creation: At will, he can create portals to anywhere he can see or anywhere he has seen before, making their diameter as large as 10 ft. He can use them to redirect attacks.
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