The Eternal War, Session 27

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  1. Session Start: Thu Dec 06 20:50:53 2012
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  23. 01[19:13] <Staffen> Six-Jay's corpse is dragged from the hangar by a pair of servitors, and the rest of the Cell is quickly escorted out by the party of Iron Warriors and renegades. Todt listens to words from Xavier and Sierck while a group of the renegades march close to him.
  24. 01[19:14] <Staffen> The halls of Vok's vessel are smooth, gleaming white with faintly reflective grey floor panels. Light seems to come from all around you. It is an uncomfortably sterile environment.
  25. 06[19:15] * @Narcisa walks along as she is forced to, mostly keeping her eyes to her feet and the ground
  26. 06[19:16] * Petrus whistles as he walks along
  27. [19:21] <@Narcisa> "How can you stand to do that?" She would ask rather sullenly
  28. [19:21] <Varian> A soldier behind Petrus jabs a gun barrel in the back of Petrus "This isn't some vacation downunder."
  29. [19:22] <Petrus> "I know, there's a lot less shooting and dead traitor marines this time."
  30. 06[19:23] * Petrus turns to the soldier and grins
  31. 01[19:23] <Staffen> You are lead a ways to a chamber. Stairs flank the entrance on both sides, leading to an open upper level - a large brig.
  32. 01[19:24] <Staffen> From the far-end, Losa appears, arms behind her back. A pair of cyber-partisans flank her.
  33. [19:24] <Varian> The soldier looks back with an impassive face except for a flickering eye wink and pushes Petrus back into line.
  34. [19:24] <Petrus> "LOSA! How's the leg?"
  35. 01[19:25] <Staffen> Losa Proga laps at her lips. "My leg is just fine, Lord Cain."
  36. [19:25] <Petrus> "Wonderful!"
  37. 01[19:25] <Staffen> "My lady," a renegade guardsman calls from amongst your group. "One moment please. Something's not quite right here."
  38. [19:26] <Petrus> "Are you my room service on Vok's ship? The last one had horrible service."
  39. 01[19:28] <Staffen> He wears a simple gas mask over the lower portion of his face. His flak longcoat is decorated in red trim, with shoulder boards bordered in gold. A bolt pistol rests in a holster at his belt.
  40. 01[19:29] <Staffen> He folds his arms behind his back. "Corporal Jurgan, Tenth Company. Come forward."
  41. 06[19:29] * @Narcisa looks up at Losa, then the others and waits with hands clasped before her
  42. [19:32] <Varian> The 'Corporal' walks out of the line, giving a stiff salute.
  43. 01[19:33] <Staffen> This other renegade tuts. "Corporal... where is the vibrance you had when we first left Armageddon? The pure vitriol when we learned the horrors they wrought upon our home?"
  44. [19:34] <Petrus> "Isn't it a little inapropriate to be franterising with your men in front of us prisoners Losa?"
  45. [19:35] <Varian> "As I told officer Gitta I have been indisposed by some of our 'allies' recently, I will be back to my old self soon enough."
  46. 01[19:36] <Staffen> The renegade shakes his head, and approaches Jurgan. "And the Lieutenant believed this? I'm disappointed. Perhaps she wasn't fit for the Tenth Company after all."
  47. 01[19:37] <Staffen> One of the renegades, a woman in a tunic, steps forward and looks like she's about to speak...
  48. 01[19:37] <Staffen> The renegade speaking to Jurgan swiftly draws his bolt pistol and fires twice into Lieutenant Gitta, killing her.
  49. [19:38] <Varian> "Would you like me to take the body away sir?" the soldier says without hesitation or remorse.
  50. 01[19:38] <Staffen> The renegade holsters his pistol, and looks again to Jurgan. "I've heard the drums of war beating in my head for quite some time, my friend," he says. "Not a day -- not an hour, not a minute has gone by where their rhythm did not permeate my being. They've guided me. They've helped me find reason to continue my march. Those who cannot keep pace are to be crushed under the Eighty-Eighth Steel Legion's boots."
  51. 01[19:39] <Staffen> "Remove your mask," he commands.
  52. 01[19:39] <Staffen> Losa grips the edge of the rail, and leans forward.
  53. 01[19:40] <Staffen> "Varian Sark," she calls, almost scoffing over her own words.
  54. 01[19:41] <Staffen> "Seize the infiltrator," Todt calmly calls, and immediately two Iron Warriors are upon Varian.
  55. 06[19:42] * Varian drops the mask to the ground and smiles, "I told you I would be back to my old self again soon.", grinning at Losa "Your vintage is substandard my insane lady."
  56. 01[19:43] <Staffen> Losa smiles as the Chaos Astartes force Varian to his knees. "There's something ironic about you calling me insane. I'm not the one who just spent a month hiding aboard a ship in another man's clothes."
  57. 06[19:45] * Varian gives a wicked grin and retorts, "No you just hide in another 'man's' shadow, your entire life I suspect."
  58. 06[19:46] * Petrus snorts trying not to laugh
  59. 01[19:46] <Staffen> Losa Proga shrugs. "Maybe that's so. But I don't particularly mind."
  60. 06[19:47] * Petrus mumbles "of course you wouldn't you do like being under plenty of men"
  61. 01[19:47] <Staffen> She ignores this, and nods to the partisans. "Place them each in individual cells. The Master wants them ready for examination in the next few hours."
  62. 01[19:48] <Staffen> As you are pushed off into cells, you can hear Losa talking: "Warsmith, he wishes to see you specifically..."
  63. 01[19:50] <Staffen> From outside you can see into the cells as though the exit is made of glass. However, from within, each surface is a mirror reflecting everything before it. It is disorienting to look at.
  64. 06[19:52] * Varian calls out to the others "Its all going according to the plan!"
  65. [19:52] <Petrus> "It is!"
  66. [19:53] <@Narcisa> "Ugh," She walks into a corner of her cell placing her back in a corner and sliding down into a sitting position "If you say so!"
  67. 01[20:10] <Staffen> Hours pass. You are each taken from your cells, alone, and dragged to a room some ways off. Servitors watch patiently as the cyber-partisans force you from your clothes and drag you into empty rooms the size of closets. You are sprayed down with hot water and presumed cleaning chemicals before the servitors draw inject you - "detox," they announce. It does not settle well with your stomachs.
  68. 01[20:11] <Staffen> After that, you are left to your rooms with nothing but your beds and basic hygiene stations. Hours become days as meals come and go.
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  71. 01[23:37] <Staffen> One by one, you are pulled from your cells again. The partisans lead you on a harrowing journey across the vessel - up lifts, on long tram-ways that run a long length of the vessel...
  72. 01[23:38] <Staffen> And you eventually are reunited in a hall built in the familiar style of a ship's bridge.
  73. 01[23:38] <Staffen> Six-Jay is present, his head wrapped in bandages.
  74. 01[23:39] <Staffen> Nyx is bound by both hands with a collar around her neck, as is Plex.
  75. 01[23:40] <Staffen> Petrus is also shackled. Before him stands an Iron Warrior idly tossing and catching the assassin's Carnodon.
  76. 01[23:41] <Staffen> Todt is present, looking out the viewports from the command walkway.
  77. 06[23:41] * Six-Jay does not seem to be himself, then again getting killed and then brought back to life tends to have that affect on people.
  78. 06[23:41] * Petrus is giggling partly from the partisans attack and partly because he survived an encounter with a space marine
  79. 01[23:42] <Staffen> Beyond, in space, ships surround Vok's vessel. Directly ahead of the vessel is a planet, lit up by a local star. It is a green world partly wrapped in soft clouds.
  80. 06[23:43] * Six-Jay is not looking at any of his companions, he seems to be in a state of shock or at least locked deep in thought. Very little of his head can be seen around the bandages.
  81. 06[23:45] * Varian is completely unharmed it seems.
  82. 01[23:45] <Staffen> Soon, a tall, grey figure joins the rest of you on the bridge. The cyber-partisans standing beside it are modest tributes to its form - it is a tall creature, its body glistening in the lights of the bridge. Its skull-like head is a featureles thing save for the two bright blue eyes.
  83. 01[23:45] <Staffen> Vok is known now to most of you. Today he wears a cape which wraps over part of his form, but seems to blend into his surroundings.
  84. 06[23:46] * Six-Jay raises his head slightly, his eyes lack the luster from before and a cold almost detached expression is on his face, though he gazes straight ahead he does not seem to focus on any of the enemies in the room in particular.
  85. 01[23:47] <Staffen> "Saint Anavine's World," Yrtzen Vok declares. "We are only a few days."
  86. 01[23:47] <Staffen> *"We are only a few days' jump from the Ixaniad capital of Ichabarr."
  87. 01[23:50] <Staffen> "As I understand," Todt calls, "seven-hundred years ago Anavine the Retributor sowed the earth with the remains of her foes here. In death their ashes served to sustain the great forests of this world."
  88. 01[23:51] <Staffen> The Warsmith turns to you all. "On that planet's surface are some twenty-million human souls as of last year's census."
  89. 06[23:51] * Six-Jay does not say anything, just stares straight ahead.
  90. [23:54] <Petrus> "So I'm assuming you're going to burn the planet and kill everyone down there to prove a point to us?"
  91. 01[23:54] <Staffen> "Something to that extent. The Warsmith and I have come to an agreement," Yrtzen Vok says, "that you do not appear to fully appreciate the... gravity of your present situation. To that end, we've decided a demonstration of our power is necessary."
  92. 01[23:55] <Staffen> Present on the bridge is also one black-armored Space Marine. Like many of the other renegades, he wears a rebreather over the lower section of his face. An enormous gauntlet encases his left hand.
  93. 01[23:55] <Staffen> He glares at Nyx and Plex.
  94. 06[23:55] * Petrus waves at the black astartes
  95. 06[23:56] * Nyx spits in his direction
  96. [23:56] <Petrus> "Next time you want a sparring partner you know where to find me."
  97. 01[23:57] <Staffen> "If my calculations are correct," Vok trots forward, to one of the rails of this level of the bridge, "there is something on the order of a gigaton of matter in the accumulated fleet present here."
  98. 01[23:57] <Staffen> "'Gigaton,'" Vok says, tilting his head. "It feels odd to say it. Such an absurd word. It belongs to an order so large that its meaning is lost on simpler minds."
  99. 06[23:58] * Six-Jay shifts uncomfortably as Vok says simpler minds.
  100. 01[23:59] <Staffen> "But, I wonder," Vok muses as he leans forward. "What would happen if that much matter were dropped on a planet? It's something I've always wanted to see."
  101. Session Time: Sun Dec 09 00:00:00 2012
  102. 01[00:00] <Staffen> "Give the order, Warsmith," the arch-heretic commands. "I feel it is your right, as my guest."
  103. 01[00:01] <Staffen> Todt turns to the command walkway, and steps forward, towards the console at its end. A hololith emerges before him, and he presses a few runes. A vox-display appears.
  104. 06[00:02] * Six-Jay again stays absolutely silent, despite the fact they are about to watch the death of a world. He bites his lip firmly however and his eyes narrow on the back of the warsmith.
  105. 01[00:02] <Staffen> "It is the might of this combined fleet to lay waste to the Imperium of Man," Ludwig Todt announces. "Commence the operation. Let the galaxy burn."
  106. 01[00:04] <Staffen> Slowly, the vessel begins to move. The planet draws nearer.
  107. [00:04] <Nyx> "Can't it just be allowed to smoulder?"
  108. 06[00:05] * Six-Jay seems to be having some kind of internal struggle, but after seveal long moments he speaks. "Why waste the resources of a planet to prove a point to a single group of prisoners?"
  109. [00:05] <Petrus> "Because, he's trying to show his dominance."
  110. 01[00:06] <Staffen> An orange glow begins to envelop the ship. On the planet's horizon, dozens of little fires light up.
  111. [00:06] <@Narcisa> "Were he more intelligent perhaps he could simply attack multiple worlds simultaneously for more or less the same result." she droned
  112. 01[00:07] <Staffen> "Quite the contrary," Todt calls, lifting a finger in your direction, "this planet has been noted as possessing a high upper-stratum presence of major metals such as iron, cadmium, and strontium. There are traces of gold and silver as well, but the planet's status as a holy world prevents it from being exploited. We are simply liberating it of these goods."
  113. 06[00:10] * Six-Jay does not speak again for several long moments. "You acheive nothing by doing this. If it is to prove a point to us, it is wasted. If it is to prove a point to the Imperium, you must know the truth will never be exposed. If it's to mine the planets resources... How will you do so before being discovered?"
  114. [00:12] <Petrus> "I doubt he's afraid of that. After all this is is supposed to be "unstoppable.""
  115. 01[00:13] <Staffen> "It will be weeks before any fleet presence is here," Todt says. "Even now I imagine frantic messages are being sent across the space, but the ears they reach will label 'a hundred ships orbiting the planet' as absurd. This world is doubly doomed by the direness of its situation."
  116. 06[00:15] * Six-Jay ignores Petrus, as though he has become consumed with the problem. "Perhaps even months. But then again, perhaps even more quickly than you imagine. The fact remains, this is a waste. Your campaign begins in waste, why should it not end in waste as well?"
  117. 01[00:17] <Staffen> As the minutes pass the glow off the underside of the vessel begins to intensify. Slowly, it encompasses the viewports.
  118. 01[00:18] <Staffen> The blackness of space begins to disappear.
  119. 06[00:19] * Six-Jay shakes his head softly and with a wince falls silent again.
  120. 01[00:19] <Staffen> "My ship once had a name," Vok tells you as the world outside fills with clouds. "It was a long name. Incomprehensible. I did not like it. It was a name with no meaning."
  121. 01[00:21] <Staffen> "This was a colony ship. It was always meant to bring life to worlds in an age where the warp failed humanity," Vok continues. "When I acquired it, I gave her a name that was properly fitting of her - Angrboedha. In an ancient Terran tongue it is 'She Who Brings Sorrow.' It fits rather nicely I think."
  122. 01[00:24] <Staffen> A well of black clouds begins to form below your ship. The Angrboedha passes through it, emerging to a landscape darkened by thick thunderheads. Lightning cracks around you as other ships drop from the coverage.
  123. 01[00:25] <Staffen> It grows worse with time. The storms intensify. Lighting begins to strike the ground far below the fleet.
  124. 01[00:27] <Staffen> As you come closer, you can see the fires beginning to burn on the horizon, across thick forests.
  125. [00:28] <@Narcisa> "Well if you wished to make your large, impressive ship useless there are better ways than being stuck on a world it cannot escape the gravity of."
  126. 01[00:32] <Staffen> "You're not much of a voidsman, are you, Magos?" Vok calls, "Each vessel in this fleet is equipped with sufficient anti-gravitic propulsion to return it to space - including this one. While we do not have sufficient mass to cause a catastrophic failure of the atmosphere, we do have enough to increase global temperatures by several at least two-dozen degrees - not to mention the pressure waves created by each ship have stirred up electrical storms."
  127. 01[00:33] <Staffen> "It is an apocalypse of a slow, painful kind. For a forest world," the arch-heretic growls, "it is a fitting demise. This planet will be uninhabitable one way or another, and soon."
  128. 06[00:35] * Six-Jay speaks once more. "And upon the next world? Will you do the same? You will eventually find a planet with a large enough system defence force to repel such an attack, or to punish it's attempt. What is your game, heretic?"
  129. 01[00:35] <Staffen> "What I want gone are the trees," Todt adds. "They're in the way of my mining platforms. This makes things much easier for my men."
  130. [00:37] <Nyx> "Why aren't we there yet?"
  131. 01[00:39] <Staffen> As the fires rage and the distant skies glow red, Todt turns to you once more. "This is what it means to have power." He lifts his arms and lowers his glare. "This is the expression of power - the act of doing, simply because one can."
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