HouseKeeping! (Goblin Femdom)

Sep 12th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Read this on my blog - http://spidernon.home.blog/2020/09/12/housekeeping-goblin-femdom/
  3. I was naked.
  5. Not only was I naked, I was tied down in a strange hotel room. I was gagged. My ankles and wrists were held fast, and most brutally of all, the TV was off. I felt not only quite stupid and horrible, but also alone. Miserable. I let out a forlorn sigh.
  7. You're probably wondering how I got myself on this situation.
  9. Suffice to say that I answered the wrong personal ad. I suppose "slutty bunny looking for love" was not really a promising missive, but it was always hard for me to meet people, and curiously it still was hard to meet a girl after the portal tear.
  11. That probably makes little sense, so I'll explain. The way it was explained to us (after the brief scuffle to establish mamono as the new overlords), a monstergirl invasion worked like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds - smallest mamono came through first, followed by progressively bigger ones. The idea was this gave the monster girls of small stature a chance to grab boys before the hellwans, Manticores and p'orcs began to make a pig's breakfast of the planet. After the stronk girls would come the lilim, dragons, and sandworms to crack the various wizard strongholds and redoubts which were forged by the most ardent of 40K fans.
  13. The fairies came through first, zipping about and getting into people's pants, followed by the dwarves and other shortstacks, who integrated into the society. Some girls about the size of Humans were beginning to pour through, but all the heavies were still a ways off from joining them.
  15. I always liked the shortstacks, but little mamono are surprisingly timid, and outnumbered by the Thirsty Horde of men eager to experience affection, and so it was hard to meet one. Human women were pretty much the same as always, and since I was bad with them, I was making little progress towards finding love.
  17. And I was lonely, too. I had moved to a new city to start my fortunes, armed with an Industrial Arts degree and a dream of owning a factory to make various things like gears, ball bearings shafts, and other metal work. I was having some encouraging success, as a Danuki bank was interested in advancing a loan to me to build a small workshop to make parts for automaton girls. While this was quite encouraging, I was still lonely, toiling away in my windowless shop, and my social life consisted of going onto Fibble and watching my relatives get eaten by Tyranids.
  19. You'd think I would be able to handle it - after all, what man isn't used to being alone, or without sex? But a man starts to have needs, and after all, as the scriptures tell us, man is only flesh and pride. And so I began to check the dubious website Craigsville, and after sifting through pages of TV stands for square televisions and thinly veiled ads for drugs, I hit upon the personals. That is where I found the ad for Slutty Bunny.
  21. Slutty Bunny seemed very nice over texts, and claimed she was a Hare Girl interested in finding a life partner with a shared interest in raw fucking. As it so happens, that is one of my interests, and so I eagerly pressed for a meeting. She suggested we meet in her hotel room not far from my apartment, and that I bring around two thousand dollars and a duffle bag full of beer and game consoles. In hindsight, of course it seems stupid, but I guess that when a man gets so horny that he stops thinking clearly, you could call him stupid. Perhaps that is the definition of stupid.
  23. Anyways, I was stupid.
  25. The person who answered the door to the hotel room had bunny ears, but he also was like three hundred pounds. In hindsight I'm not sure why he was wearing bunny ears. It didn't really fool me at all, and I don't think he cared to fool me. Maybe he was a method actor going for a role. Maybe he felt bad about not having a bunny girl. In any case as I stared at him, I realized I was a walking loot piñata. I was about to mumble, "wrong room!" and beat a hasty retreat, when I felt a sharp sting on the back of the head, and everything went black.
  27. I was lucky in one respect - they did not violate me or make me wear a gimp suit. In fact, when I woke up the mysterious people who did this were long gone. I can't exactly say why they took my clothes - maybe it was to slow down my alerting to police - but while I was grateful I wasn't in a bathtub of ice, I was still feeling pretty low.
  29. So there I was, naked, tied up, and alone. I was miserable. Granted my pooper didn't hurt (which was a very good sign), and I wasn't staring at a gimp or anything, but this had all gone quite poorly. My clumsy attempt at romance (or sex) had failed, and now I was stuck in this room, tied to a bed and gagged.
  31. I really felt quite dumb. I guess in my defense, I assumed that when the portals opened that all the world's problems would go away. But that isn't how life works, I told myself. You don't just go along and meet the love of your life in a hotel room. After all, that was just naive and stupid...
  33. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.
  35. "Housekeeping!" A woman's voice announced.
  37. "Mmm!" I shouted, though the gag made me not very loud. I had figured this was how I would be found, and I wasn't looking forward to it. Maybe the younger me (of a few minutes ago) would fancy notions of a busty maid entering and servicing me while I was tied up, but I was hardened and cynical now. The naive and tender dreamer who entered this room was dead, in his place was a bitter soul.
  39. The door unlatched, and I knew my verbal warning as to my condition was unheard. I swallowed in nervous anticipation, expecting an aging cleaning woman to enter, see my naked body, and shriek at me. Perhaps she would even spray me with bear mace. I hoped at the very least that she'd call the police, so they could haul my blinded ass to a holding cell and maybe give me a blanket or something.
  41. Instead, when the door opened, at first I thought no one was there, because where a person should be there was nothing but empty space. Then I saw the top of a head with black hair just over the bed top, and heard humming. As the hummer moved into the room I got a clear look at her, and gasped. It was a goblin girl in a French maid's outfit, about four feet tall. she worked to tug a massive canister vacuum in behind her, the door latching shut as the vacuum cleared the entry. She then turned to survey the room, and I saw her face.
  43. I felt my heart leap. She was beautiful. She was really cute, with sublime proportions and dark eyes which shined in the light. And that body, that perfect shortstack form...hips, tits, and ass, and even her stout little legs were clear of blemish.
  45. I didn't have long to admire in quiet, as she quickly saw my naked form spread-eagle on the bed. Her dark eyes widened to saucers, and she looked away modestly.
  47. "Oh! Goodness!" The Goblin Maid said. She covered her mouth, and her little face turned beet red.
  49. "Mmmmph!" I said through my gag.
  51. "H-here, let me help you..." she said. She dropped the front hose of her enormous vacuum, then raced over and pulled down my gag.
  53. "Are you alright?" She asked, her eyes full of concern. Her nostrils flared as she sniffed me. "You haven't been scent marked. Were you raped?"
  55. "N-no..." I said. "I was bamboozled."
  57. "Bamboozled?" The Goblin asked. "What happened?"
  59. "I answered a personal ad," I replied with a sigh. "They took all my money, my clothes, my phone, and I've been in here for God knows how long!"
  61. "How awful!" The goblin said. She put a tender hand to my face. "You poor, poor thing. Did they hurt you?"
  63. "No, no. I'm fine," I said. "Just my pride, and my money. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I don't know anybody in this city."
  65. "Well what on earth are you doing answering strange ads in a foreign town?" She asked.
  67. "Look, can we discuss this later?" I said, clearing my throat and tugging at my bonds.
  69. The Goblin maid watched my struggle for a second, then folded her arms. "Well, what were you thinking?" She asked.
  71. I sighed. "I just got so lonely," I said. "Ever since I moved here, away from all my friends and my parents and my brothers, I've just felt so...alone. Empty."
  73. "Oh, you dear..." the Goblin said. "You're just a little lost puppy, aren't you? No friends in the city at all?"
  75. I shook my head. "I'm alone, completely," I said, blinking a lot. I wasn't close to crying or anything. "It was days since I just talked to someone. The last person was at that Danuki bank."
  77. The Goblin maid raised an eyebrow. "So...no one knows you are here?"
  79. "I suppose the guys who jumped me do," I said bitterly. "Otherwise, no. I don't know anybody in this town," I sighed. "Now could you untie me, please?"
  81. Her face broke out in a devilish grin. She lifted the gag and put it back into my mouth.
  83. "Mmmmph!" I shouted, my eyes wide.
  85. "There," she said with a small smile. "You don't know how often I've fantasized about finding a nice boy tied up and vulnerable."
  87. I swallowed. "Mmmm?"
  89. "Yep! And here I find you, and you clearly need someone with some street smarts to look after you," She said. She clasped her hands, and her dark eyes became heart-shaped. "It's like you were gift-wrapped and delivered to me: a nice, gullible boy who was lonely. Yay!"
  91. I realized that I wasn't going to be untied soon, and several parts of me were growing excited at the prospect. My heart raced, and my member stiffened.
  93. The Goblin Girl traced a stout yet feminine finger on my bare chest, her black fingernail lightly scratching my skin. She stopped and lay her hand flat on my chest, feeling my pounding heart. She looked into my eyes.
  95. "Do you...want to be untied?" She asked, and I saw genuine care in her eyes.
  97. I shook my head. I may not have the most street smarts, but I knew that this Goblin was not going to hurt me. I felt safe.
  99. She smiled. "Good," she said with a big grin. "Cause I think you need me. Besides, I definitely need a few things from you..."
  101. My mind reeled. I was about to be fucked by a Goblin Hotel Maid while tied up, which was about three different fantasies of mine all in one. My penis hardened to a diamond.
  103. "I see you agree," she said with a big grin as she looked at my hardened manhood. She reached over and gave it the lightest swat, knocking it slightly back and forth and sending pleasure up my body. My heart skipped. Even just having her stare at my hard cock, having her grin and look at it, was making me get even more aroused.
  105. "We'll start simple," she said. She leaned in, putting her green cleavage against my gagged mouth. Perhaps another man may have turned away, but those perfect goblin tits were so full and wonderful that as she pressed them around my face, I moaned and tried to kiss them through my gag.
  107. "You are eager, that is good. I'd release you if you weren't," she said, touching my face tenderly. "I'll remove the gag if you promise to be a good boy, and make a lot of noise when I fuck you. Can you do that?"
  109. I nodded, salivating at the breasts in front of me.
  111. "Good boy," She purred. She tugged down on the gag, freeing my mouth. "What's your name?"
  113. "I am Jared," I said. "Jared Thrain."
  115. She smiled. "Jared Thrain. A nice name," she said. She ran her little finger on my face. "Cute. Just like you are."
  117. "What is your name?" I asked, my face reddening from her compliments. "Please tell me."
  119. She grinned wickedly. "You will call me Mistress," she said as she put her finger to my lips. "And you are my Slave, and you will answer to Slave. Is that understood...Slave?"
  121. "Y-yes, Mistress," I said. My head swam as I spoke the word. There was so much power in it, so much control over me.
  123. My cock hardened to the point of throbbing. She again pressed her breasts around my face, and I moaned into them. I kissed and worship Mistress' full and soft green mammaries, feeling the smooth skin on my lips and tongue. I licked at her nipples within her outfit and was rewarded with little squeals and giggles.
  125. "My nipples are very, very sensitive..." she explained. She ran her hand through my hair. "You will be gentle with them, Slave."
  127. "Yes Mistress."
  129. She removed her breasts from my face, and moved towards my exposed and hardened manhood. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it tightly in her small stout hand. It was a wonderful, exquisite release of frustration, and precum pooled atop my head.
  131. Greedily, Mistress leaned down and licked at the tip of my cock with a pink tongue. Her eyes rolled, and she ran her hands up her thicc little body and to her bust.
  133. "Man that's good...so tasty" she said, smacking her lips. For a moment her eyes glazed, and she smiled contentedly.
  135. Mistress shook herself free of thought, and she began to work furiously at her outfit. "I've gotta get this fucking uniform off!"
  137. With quick movements, her black and white frilly uniform went flying across the room, and my eyes were treated to the wonderful sight of a shapely green shortstack with gorgeous tits and a derriere beyond comparison.
  139. "A girl should be able to dominate her boy totally naked," she said, running a finger along her wide, green hips.
  141. She laughed and jumped up on the bed. She walked about above me, towering over me, and shaking the mattress as she moved on her little green feet. She turned and pointed her round ass at me, and it jiggled inches from my face. "My body should enslave you through your eyes. Don't you agree?"
  143. I nodded, looking at the black patch of soft fur between her legs and licking my lips. She saw my eyes and laughed impishly, and she crossed her legs, obscuring her sex.
  145. "You want to taste me?" She asked.
  147. I nodded again.
  149. "Well, wait your turn," Mistress said with a grin.
  151. She went between my legs, facing towards me on all fours. Her naked green form huddled between my legs, and I could feel her soft body against my inner thighs. She smacked her lips as she looked at my defenseless penis. I twitched and she smiled with delight.
  153. "Mmmm...I'm going to enjoy this..." she said.
  155. With her dark eyes sparkling, Mistress enveloped my cock head in her soft, tight mouth. She stared up at me as she slowly slid down my shaft, her eyes widening and bulging as she took me down her throat until her lips were resting against my balls.
  157. "Holy shit..." I intoned, looking down on the sight of a little Goblin shortstack taking me fully into her mouth.
  159. Her eyes brightened, and she pulled back, releasing my cock with a loud popping sound. "What a nice cock," she remarked, inspecting it with an approving nod. She gave a kiss to my cockhead, and with an impish smile she began to lick the tip of my swollen head.
  161. I looked towards the ceiling and arched my back, groaning in ecstasy. I felt my penis engulfed in a tight, warm, and wet mouth, and her tongue began to lick me with long, flat licks.
  163. "Oh, God!" I shouted.
  165. She was spurred on by my reaction, and she slurped and suckled on me. I could only moan as her tongue looped and teased my shaft, and as she slid her mouth up and down on my helpless, hard manhood. I writhed in my bonds, but my wrists and ankles were held fast, and I could do nothing about this aggressive and pleasurable blowjob than lie still and enjoy it.
  167. And God, those Goblin eyes. My Mistress stared up at me, and though she pleasured me, there was no doubt who was in control, who was the Slave. My moans and sounds of pleasure gave her joy, and she removed me with another pop, and smacked my penis against her lips, covering it in full kisses, before throating me again.
  169. I felt myself growing closer and closer, felt my eruption building. I tried to warn her, as she held me in her mouth so tightly, and slurped and licked at me so completely.
  171. "I..." I rasped. "I'm gonna...I'm gonna."
  173. She giggled, a sound which only brought me closer to the moment. She continued to slurp and suck on me, fucking my swollen manhood with her wonderful goblin mouth. I was going to cum...
  175. She pulled out.
  177. "W-what are you-" I began, but before I could finish, my cock was wrapped between her gorgeous goblin tits. My member, wet from her saliva and spit, slid up and down, engulfed in soft green breasts.
  179. "Eugggh!" I said eloquently, staring again at the ceiling.
  181. I was going to cum into her breasts, into her soft mammaries. It was so, so hot, and I began to buck my hips, eager to hasten my climax.
  183. Wrapped in wonderful goblin boobs, the moment soon arrived, and my delightfully abused cock could handle no more. Mistress squeezed her tits around my cock, and I felt myself spurting, erupting white pearls all over her large green tits. She grasped me by the shaft and pressed my cumming cock against her nipple, rubbing my head against it as I spurted. I groaned. She did the same to her other nipple, and my cum dripped down her tits.
  185. When I had finally finished, her breasts were utterly covered in thick white ropes, and she cradled them with a big grin.
  187. She began to wipe the cum from her breasts with her hand, and lick it from her fingers, swallowing. After each gulp she would gasp and laugh a little. Her eyes would bulge, as my semen affected her like a drug.
  189. "Fuck..." she said with a big smile. "This is the best drink there every could be. I need to drink from you at least five times a day."
  191. "Yes Mistress," I said, eagerly.
  193. She continued to lick my semen from her fingers, until her breasts were covered only with the sticky remnants of my seed.
  195. "Delicious," Mistress said. "Now time for you to eat."
  197. She stood on the bed, and walked over near my face, turning and pointing her goblin behind at me.
  199. "Do you like my ass?" She asked.
  201. I looked at the round, full ass which jiggled slightly before me, and nodded vigorously.
  203. "If you're just going to nod, I'll put your gag back in," she said. "Answer me."
  205. "Yes."
  207. "Yes, what?" She said, clutching me by the back of the head with clenched teeth.
  209. "Yes, Mistress," I announced. "I like your ass."
  211. She smiled triumphantly, and gripped me by the back of the head. She wiggled her ass in front of me and let me enjoy it, let me clench my teeth in anticipation.
  213. "Then kiss it," she said.
  215. She pressed my face against her ass cheek. The feel of her soft rump against my lips was sublime, and I kissed, licked, and even nibbled.
  217. "Ooooh!" She said, turning her green ass away from my bite. The shallow red marks of my love nibble were in her large rump. "I confess I like a light gnasher. Now, the other side, Slave."
  219. She leaned and pressed my face into her other ass cheek, and I licked and worshipped it the same as the other. I began to smell moist goblin girl, and she began to work herself with her fingers.
  221. "Mmmm," she said, bucking her hips a bit and causing her rump to smack against me. She nestled my face between her cheeks, and rubbed at herself with squishing sounds and moans. I reverently kissed and licked Mistress' wonderful, pure ass, enjoying the feel of her sweaty skin on my lips and tongue.
  223. She turned to face me, and her stout thighs rested on both sides of my face, wrapping me in her soft haunches. I strained to give her thighs their proper affection. Every part of this goblin was so soft and kissable. Hovering above me was her vagina, dominating my view. Her furry slit was so moist that the musk wet my face, and I could taste her. Her sweet pussy filled my vision. I stared up at her, into her dark eyes, as she looked down on me.
  225. "Lick me," she commanded. "Lick me until I cum."
  227. She lowered herself down onto my face, and the full weight of a Goblin rested on me (which wasn't really all that much, all things considered). I began to kiss and lick at her hole, eagerly drinking in the fluid of a Goblin mistress, running my tongue along her lower lips. I plunged inside, licking at her smooth walls and feeling them pulsate. Her clitoris came to rest on my nose, and she wiggled it on me, rubbing up against it.
  229. "Yes...yes...oooh!" Mistress said. She began to slide her hole across my face, until my mouth rested on her clit. I licked, kissed, and nibbled at her tiny bump, reveling in her gasps and squeals.
  231. Throughout all of this she was uncertain how to handle the pleasure. She either frantically grasped at my face, or leaned back and stared upward at the ceiling, her breasts bouncing and jiggling above me in a wondrous sight. And when she stared down, it was as a Mistress, with clenched teeth.
  233. Her first orgasm came on strong, for while I was a novice, her eagerness made her every reaction to my licks and kisses quite intense. She rubbed at her clit as I licked it, frantic to intensify the feeling of my tongue against her most sensitive spot. She then twisted her nipples, causing more moisture to flood from her hole.
  235. Her cries grew louder, less in control, until they were like singing in some ancient goblin tongue. Finally they grew louder still, and the smearing of her sex against my face grew intense. Her thighs tightened against my head, and she let out one, loud, yell.
  237. She came on my face, flooding me in Goblin juice in a scream of loud cries, but rather than sate her, this made her more aggressive. Mistress slid and grinded against me, smearing her juice and scent upon my face. I tried to lick as best I could, but I was not in control, my shortstack Mistress was. She fucked herself upon my tongue and nose, bouncing me and overwhelming me in cries, overtaking my sense as I merely resolved to weather raw Goblin Girl sexual desire. She brought herself to another orgasm, and howled in joy, laughing a little as she smeared on my face. And I could do nothing, for I was held fast by my bonds.
  239. Having been used so utterly, I began to again find myself growing hard. My inability to move only added to the ecstasy I felt, and only made me more aroused. She stared down at my face, which was smeared with her sex juice like a mark of ownership, and she smiled. She came down from the aftershocks of her second orgasm, but her teeth were clenched aggressively.
  241. "Now, let's fuck," she growled.
  243. She slid down my body straddled my swollen manhood, and with a guiding hand she brought her moist and reddened Goblin pussy down with a slam, all the way to my balls. I let out a cry of shock and pleasure, and grinded inside her, my head and shaft poking and rubbing against the softness within. but it was so tight, so amazingly tight, that it squeezed my cock like a vice. All along my shaft was wet and moist, and Mistress groaned.
  245. "So...so hard..." she said. She rose up and down on me, and I was treated to watching her green breasts rise and fall rhythmically as her womanhood absorbed and slid along my hardened cock. Her hair was tussled and messy, loose and flowing down as her eyes bulged and she mouthed an "O" with her lips.
  247. Her spirited milking of my shaft and head, and the intensity of her pumping, meant both of us were not going to last long. Our eyes locked, and in them we both saw our mutual pleasure, both saw that we were slaves to each other and the intensity of the feelings we felt. But she was on control, always.
  249. The orgasm rose within both of us at the same time, her pussy tightening even as it grew softer and wetter, and my cock throbbing as it began to pulse. The pleasure was immense, and as I looked into her eyes, she bounced up and down with greater fury. I realized that the pleasure was just as intense for her, too.
  251. The moment came, and pure wonderful sensation engulfed my member. I erupted inside of her with a loud cry. My body went numb, my heart raced as total ecstasy engulfed me, and my cock pulsed and shot endless streams of cum into her quivering vagina.
  253. "Oh Jared, Jareeed!" She screamed, and her powerful orgasm caused my spent balls to erupt yet again, pumping even more of my seed into her womb. She strained and milked me with he little vaginal walls, the tightness of her pussy making the act of spurting inside her more drawn out and difficult, and therefore more intense.
  255. Finally the powerful orgasm came to an end in aftershocks of pleasure that made us both moan. Filled with my seed, Mistress collapsed on top of me. She covered my face in kisses even as I strove to cover hers in kisses of my own. We both laughed at our frantic attempts, until our lips met, and parted, and we settled in to a lingering, deep coiling of our tongues.
  257. As we did so, she wrapped her arms around me, and her legs wrapped around my waist. My upper half was cloaked in a cocoon of green, my Mistress still entangling her tongue with my own. I shut my eyes, savoring the feeling of her body against mine.
  259. She broke our kiss, and reached over and undid the clasp on my right wrist, then reached over and undid the clasp on my left. I was able to move my arms again, and rubbed at my wrists. While my bondage had been pleasant, I was glad it was at an end.
  261. "Hug me," she commanded, nestling back into my chest.
  263. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling the warmth of her body and her sweat, as she wrapped her arms around my waist. It felt so, so good to hold her in my arms, and squeeze her, and feel her body. "Yes, Mistress," I said.
  265. "My name is Chassey," she whispered, her eyes shut. "Chassey Thrain."
  267. "Chassey Thrain?" I asked, curious to hear my own last name.
  269. "If you'll have me, that is," she said. She looked up at me with eyes full of hope.
  271. I laughed, and gave her a hug so tight that I heard her squeak. "I will," I said.
  273. "Good. You need me to keep an eye on you," she replied happily. "I do gotta go clean the other rooms pretty soon."
  275. "What do I do about clothes?" I asked.
  277. "I'll take care of ya," she said. "We have some clothes here in the hotel. Then you'll come home with me."
  279. "With you?"
  281. "Yep. You'll never be alone again," Chassey said.
  283. I shut my eyes and exhaled, and stroked my Goblin Mistress' sable hair. "I'm good with that." I said.
  285. And I certainly was, for I was never alone again, especially after the children came. With a good Goblin Maid by my side, I became a successful business man and factory owner, although she did run the roost in the bedroom, that's for sure.
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