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Aug 19th, 2019
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  1. Invisible
  3. I go through life unnoticed;
  4. Like the sunrise, I'm there but not seen.
  5. Sometimes I think that someone noticed;
  6. But in the end I remain forever unseen.
  8. I tried talking to family and friends;
  9. But alas, it ended in the same way.
  10. Me just remaining invisible, waiting, just waiting for the ends;
  11. I just keep waiting for that one time or one person, I guess someday.
  13. I even tried talking to someone I like;
  14. They only talked to me when no one else was free.
  15. When someone else was free, it felt like they told me to take a hike;
  16. I must say, it makes you feel rather crappy.
  18. That is life when you're invisible;
  19. Forever unnoticed.
  20. Longing to be visible;
  21. But destined to be forever unnoticed.
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