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  1. [01:15:24] <Giantree> the more suppos happen between last chapter and the next, the more detail i'm going to put into this 'literally where' place you set up camp at
  2. [01:15:44] <Giantree> If enough happen I'll end up giving it a name and then it'll grow legs and you'll travel around in it all campaign
  3. [01:15:54] <Vena> what
  4. [01:16:20] <Vena> I like where this is going, but that 'what' is basically obligatory
  5. [01:16:37] <Giantree> ... Seriously though, it's an abandoned fort that is no longer abandoned because you're in it.  And you're fighty war guys.  And that's what forts are for.  So I guess you're using it for its proper purpose, making it a regular fort.  Still pretty cold though, and there's no lighting.  WAIT THERE'S NO LIGHTING ANYWHERE THIS IS A MEDIEVAL FANTASY SETTING
  6. [01:16:40] * Giantree flips a t-
  7. [01:16:42] <Giantree> ... oh, right
  8. [01:16:45] <Giantree> There are tables actually yeah.
  9. [01:16:47] <Giantree> Tables and candles.
  10. [01:17:25] <Giantree> And uh... I want to say, like, some sort of fountain or something, but then I'd have to look up water purification processes in medieval fantasy settings to find out if it's viable for this to be drinking water or not.  Whatever.
  11. [01:17:44] <Vena> Blame magic. Don't have to explain shit that way!
  12. [01:18:03] <Giantree> Whatever water source there is, Syl1,1vi is sitting next to it most of the day, looking extremely bored.  That is, when she's not bullying somebody else.  Which she's doing kind of often.
  13. [01:18:16] <Giantree> Wondering about the space you can't do it, we are creatures.
  15. [01:23:52] <Raitaki> magic
  16. [01:24:03] <Raitaki> and...krauss' mysterious magical flame-strengthening tools
  17. [01:24:25] <Giantree> [01:17:44] <Vena> Blame magic. Don't have to explain shit that way!
  18. [01:24:29] <Giantree> i think we covered it
  19. [01:24:33] <Raitaki> l-lel
  20. [01:24:36] <Giantree> also remember steyr literally pulled out a lighter that one time lol
  21. [01:25:35] <Vena> When can we be starship? ...V1,1ivi literally pokes her head out of a nearby crate. Literally been there for a while. "Amazing. You've basically done nothing else other than mess with people, and everything in between is a session of intense looking boredom. I'm legitimately impressed. You actually live like that." Vena please.
  22. [01:27:24] <Giantree> "You say that like my entire life was spent traveling."  Sylvera pulls out a staff and bonks the crate with it.  The whole crate.  "Obviously there's going to be some discord between the way my life was and how it is now, until we get to where we're going."
  23. [01:28:38] <Giantree> "Besides, I didn't hire you to tell me how I should be entertaining myself."  A beat.  "... On second thought, if you have ideas, I'm all ears."
  24. [01:37:57] <Vena> "Well, you pull it off like you've done it all your life. Could have fooled me." The Vena-crate is bonked. ...It's somewhat snug, so she remains inside of it anyway. "Hobbies, hobbies...if you're going to take hobby advice from someone who's been sitting in a box stalking you, well, take any suggestions with a grain of salt. Not entirely sure what you noble types are into
  25. [01:37:57] <Vena> anyway, aside extravagantly."
  26. [01:41:20] <Giantree> "Oh," - WARNING - HERE COMES THE SMIRK! "You'd be surprised.  Well, if you're looking for something to do, you can always wash my clothes.  Paint my nails."  inb4 i make that flavor canon "Or maybe put that mask on and jump out at unsuspecting people as they're walking down the dark hallways, that could always be fun to watch.  While we're inside here, at this distance I'm sure I'll be able to notice enemies and stop them before even needing your help, making you completely useless at your actual job for the time being."
  27. [01:41:50] <Giantree> "So, at least be amusing, why don't you?"
  28. [01:49:46] <Vena> "...That last suggestion does sound promising, actually." She grins. "...For a high and mighty noble though, your kicks are kinda cheap. Not that I don't like that."
  29. [01:52:06] <Giantree> "Likewise.  For somebody recommended by the higher-ups in the castle, you're more whimsical than I would've expected."  Sylvie still looks bored.  "Which I do like.  But if you're TOO entertaining, you'll wear our your gimmick, so maybe I should use you as a glorified errand girl for a while."
  30. [01:59:29] <Vena> "You're really worried about me being too entertaining with that pouty face? We're really in for a long trip, huh. ...That said, I can't exactly deny basic errands. Pay's too good, I've got time to kill. you're an independent lady that doesn't need a man, which may be why they sent me instead."
  31. [02:03:17] <Giantree> "True.  I'm not one of those 'gets married off to rich husbands who don't love them' types, so you're probably more right than you realize.  Actually I don't find many of the men we've come across lately very interesting, either... except for the dogman.  But more as a pet than anybody to have a relationship with."  She pauses and ponders.  "Hmm, I guess that would make you like a dog, too.  Well, then.  Brew some tea, and then chat with me for a while.  You can have some for yourself too.  There should be a stash of leaves in my pack somewhere."
  32. [02:10:39] <Vena> "You've somehow made the term 'dog' a compliment." And preferable to a relationship. Wack noble with wack preferences, in both entertainment as well as clothing (considering the weather) (that it is all the time) (why does she have something like that on ever) (note to self: check to see if she sleeps with a blanket) "Sure, tea it is then. You can't rub my tummy afterwards,
  33. [02:10:39] <Vena> though." Pack, check!
  34. [02:11:39] <Giantree> "Don't worry.  If you have fur down there, I don't want to see it anyway."  The noble manages a chuckle.
  35. [02:15:25] <Vena> "So you would if it doesn't?" Man, at this rate, she might even like her. Just a bit. Given that there's actually tea leaves in the pack, she gets RIGHT TO TEA BREWING at the closest TEA BREWING STATION. Having tea with a noble seems like the high class stuff that she might have to learn after GETTING PAID FOR THIS.
  36. [02:16:57] <Giantree> I'd play out the entire thing but >Hey Giantree run little girls drinking tea, so, suffice it to say it's basically a touhou ending once you've got it all brewed.  Sitting around, not a care in the world, telling jokes and making fun of other people ESPECIALLY as they walk by, and then SUDDENLY BANDIT INVASION ROLL FOR INITIATIVE GAIDEN CHAPTER START- no jk but can you imagine?
  37. [02:17:28] <Giantree> Oh right, and the answer to that:
  38. [02:17:33] <Giantree> "Nope."
  39. [02:17:38] <Giantree> Followed by another staff bonk.
  40. [02:17:52] <Giantree> Getting bonked by those things doesn't even hurt, as long as their effect isn't being activated.
  41. [02:17:59] <Giantree> That was the berserk one too so that'd be p. bad if it did
  42. [02:18:02] <Vena> I could, >bandit hit rates with axes
  43. [02:18:17] <Giantree> oh yeah?  let's see how many 20/20 berserkers you can take
  44. [02:18:20] <Vena> And yeah that would turn into a different kind of touhou ending
  45. [02:18:42] <Vena> 'Genocide is just another game.' -- Yuuka
  46. [02:19:40] <Vena> Vena has a good 'Heh' as her own response. Touhou ending confirm.
  47. [02:19:44] <Giantree> The answer is two!  Two 20/10 berserkers!
  48. [02:19:45] <Giantree> Ah ah ah!
  49. [02:23:30] <Vena> So, /c then
  50. [02:24:47] <Giantree> ... yeah, I don't have any specific jokes to make besides saying "You drink the day away and don't give a fuck"
  51. [02:24:52] <Giantree> so I suppose we'll leave it there for now
  52. [02:25:15] <Vena> high quality support
  54. [02:29:22] <Giantree> We are creatures.
  55. [02:29:30] <Giantree> In the midst can I follow you, without rules?
  56. [02:29:36] <Giantree> Now the moonlight shows me my vogue, nobody knows the way
  57. [02:29:41] <Vena> Speaking of following without rules
  58. [02:30:21] <Vena> 'does she use blankets when sleeping' is a question she will answer
  59. [02:30:40] <Giantree> hmm
  60. [02:30:58] <Giantree> yes, but there's only a question to answer if you go farther than just looking
  61. [02:32:04] <Vena> farther than just looking at her sleeping in bed?
  62. [02:32:10] <Vena> j-just what are you implying
  63. [02:32:12] <Giantree> yes
  64. [02:32:20] <Giantree> like getting touchy-feely
  65. [02:32:28] <Giantree> ... or removing the blankets, or looking under them, or something
  66. [02:32:59] <Giantree> one could say that the answer you get from checking is so normal and nonsuspicious that it seems like it was just to throw off your suspicions
  67. [02:33:01] <Giantree> ( v :
  68. [02:33:57] <Vena> there's a fine line between being a creepy bodyguard that spies on the sleeping bodies of their protectors to glean strange facts about them and being issued a restraining blood pact
  69. [02:34:21] <Giantree> good answer
  70. [02:34:33] <Vena> 1,1so only if she has to wake her up for something
  71. [02:34:51] <Giantree> 1,1like an attack by 300 20/10 berserkers?
  72. [02:35:02] <Vena> 1,1s-sure
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