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  1. That was my last game in ECL. feedback: sometimes 30 minute Qs, overall friendly players and extremely helpful staff. Now the negatives: Since my very first match in ECL i came across some extremely toxic players who would not let go of the throttle. They usually behave the same way; playing for K/D, baiting teammates always being the last guy alive. Theres usually 1 of these people in each team. they call GG in chat as early as 5 rounds being played so far in the match. They spew out passive aggressive shit every round in voice and or text chat. Ive reported several of these people yet, but i feel like it doesnt help. The first really toxic guy i came across, he had played like 20 matches after my report of him. He was backseat gaming, always blaming and "sjaddap idjot". I contacted staff to get to know if my report had given any consequences for the guy, 14 days after my report, nothing has happened. Toxic people can go on a spree infecting so many matches before action is being taken.... Even people in matchmaking are less toxic than what ive found in ECL. This is the thing right, why would players bother report toxic people if action is not being taken before so much damage is already done? This is effectively a bad circle where players dont bother reporting ppl cus its so much extra hassle, noting down every round it happens,  alt-tabbing out (wich is extremely slow to do with csgo), if youre making a report of a person: your mindset will stray away from competetive mindset to something completely different cus you have to keep up jotting down notes about the guy. Then after the match is done, you cant use the client to fill in the report, cus the links dont show, so you have to open the web browser, go into find all the links you need and now youre ready to write the report. Then write detailed why you think the guy should be banned. All of this is like 5-10 minutes extra after every single match.
  2. Yes I understand that there are tons of reports generated every day and you would need more staff than you can pay for in order to review them all in an OK time(wich I consider not more than a week). I think ECL is a brilliant idea, hence why I subbed in the first place. I didnt enter this hub expecting to magically win a lot, not at all. I just wanted to have some decent communication for once in CS. Im not your typical hot headed person, but when theres one toxic guy every match I just get de-motivated. ECL is a brilliant idea on paper but I dont think it works in practice because theres just too many reports to handle them within an OK time.
  4. Sorry about my bad England as this is written with a pulse of 110
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