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  1. Proposal that was agreed to on 7-11-2013
  2. Working Group
  3. A Working Groupwill be set up, chaired by Trustees Mike Borkowsky and Jeff Gural.
  4. The charge of the Working Group is to explore ways in which Cooper Union may
  5. revert to providing full-tuition scholarships for all enrolled students while
  6. establishing a sustainable financial model and continuing to invest in academic
  7. excellence. The Working Group’swork is to be a good faith effort to seek
  8. alternatives to tuition. The definition of a sustainable financial model will be
  9. provided by the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees. Financial information
  10. will be provided by the administration as appropriate. Any financial information
  11. that is more detailed than what is used in public reporting will be shared with the
  12. Working Group only on the basis of strict confidentiality.
  13. The Working Groupwill report to the Administration and Board of Trustees by
  14. December 1, 2013. The Board of Trustees will consider the recommendations at the
  15. following meeting.
  16. Membership:
  17. • three trustees
  18. • three administrators
  19. • three students (one elected by the Student Council of each of the Art,
  20. Architecture and Engineering schools)
  21. • four members of the full-time faculty (one elected by each of the full-time
  22. faculty of each of the Art, Architecture and Engineering Schools and the
  23. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  24. • three alumni(one from each school)
  25. • If independent financial expertise is to be sought, it shall be provided by a
  26. nationally recognized expert in higher education finance at selective
  27. institutions.
  28. Student Representation on Board of Trustees
  29. At the September Board of Trustees meeting, the Board will approve the details for
  30. the election of a student representative as a member of the Board of Trustees, with
  31. the first such representative to be seated at the December Board meeting.
  32. Community Commons
  33. A room will be identified on campus, as soon as is practicable, that can serve as a
  34. student center or a center for all members of the Cooper community. Use of all
  35. Cooper facilities (including this room), and all individuals entering or utilizing Cooper Union facilities, shall be subject to all Cooper Union policies, building hours,
  36. and entrance restrictions.
  37. Occupation
  38. The terms of this proposal must be agreed to in principle by the occupiers coming
  39. out of the 7PM meeting on July 11. The President’s Office will be vacated no later
  40. than 5:00PM EDT on Friday, July 12, 2013. Henceforth, occupiers and all present at
  41. this meeting commit to complying with, and cooperating with the enforcement of, all
  42. laws and Cooper Union policies.
  43. Amnesty
  44. If the above condition entitled “Occupation” is met, all individuals who violated laws
  45. or Cooper Union policies in the course of the occupation will be granted amnesty.
  46. Joint Statement
  47. *A joint press release will be issued on Friday, July 12th announcing the agreement
  48. on this proposal.
  49. ###
  50. *Agreement made on Friday July 12th change release date toMonday, July 15th per the
  51. request
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