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  1. FOSDEM 2020 - Hardware-aided Trusted Computing DevRoom CALL FOR
  4. Next year, for the first time, FOSDEM 2020 [1] will host a developer
  5. room devoted to the emerging open-source ecosystem around Trusted
  6. Execution Environments (TEEs) which make use of modern hardware
  7. extensions like Intel SGX, ARM TrustZone, AMD SEV/SME and others. With
  8. today's mainstream consumer hardware being increasingly shipped with
  9. these advanced trusted computing technologies, the devroom wants to
  10. foster discussion on the much-needed open-source TEE ecosystem amongst
  11. open-source hobbyists, academics, enthusiasts, and project maintainers.
  13. The developer room will take place in Brussels on Saturday, February 1st
  14. 2020, and will last half of a day. The devroom is looking for
  15. participants in the form of talks or demos. Topics of interest include,
  16. but are not limited to:
  18. * Programming frameworks for TEEs (how best to program and use TEEs)
  19. * System support for TEEs (effective interaction of untrusted software
  20. with TEEs and vice-versa )
  21. * Use cases and applications on top of TEEs
  22. * TEE-specific attacks and defenses (side-channels, vulnerabilities,
  23. exploits)
  24. * Open-source TEE architecture designs
  25. * Vision: Future TEEs (what is missed, proposals, wishes, discussions)
  27. Please submit your proposal via the Pentabarf [2] system before December
  28. 1st 2019. Your submission should include the following information:
  30. * The title of your talk
  31. * Your full name (and affiliation, if any)
  32. * Brief abstract of your talk in one or two paragraphs
  33. * Expected duration of your talk (due to the time constraints, we
  34. recommend to request the time slice in the range of [25, 40] minutes )
  36. The schedule of the devroom will be announced on December 15th 2019 on
  37. the devroom’s mailing list [3]. Do not hesitate to contact me if you
  38. have any suggestions.
  40. Links:
  42. [1]
  43. [2]
  44. [3]
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