HO17 Description

Sep 9th, 2019
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  1. Life for the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion remains unchanged even as the year comes to a close. Due to a mistake by Elise, a busty and incompetent soldier who is dressed as a miniskirt Santa for a certain mission, they are sent on a mission that might as well be certain death.
  2. On an Arctic battlefield, they are issued Santa-colored uniforms more conspicuous than a flare and might as well be asking the enemy to shoot them. Quenser and the others must march through the frigid ice fog while on the same team as disaster-prone Elise who can find a way to screw up anything!
  3. "How did you end up with your ass in Quenser's face and your face between his legs just by dodging an explosion, Elise!?"
  4. "Eh heh heh. Elise, we can stay close for warmth now."
  5. This mission might as well be a death sentence, but there's still no tension from those two! Near-future action!
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