Nikolas & Helena

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  1. Helena:
  2. drops the first aid kit beside him.
  3. .
  4. Nikolas:
  5. and he doesn't suppose he could use some of those bandages for himself?
  6. .
  7. Helena:
  8. he didn't have to look like a confused, wounded puppy. Of course the bandages were for him. "Shirt, off," tone was all business, but some guys were into that.
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  10. Nikolas:
  11. sized her up for the briefest of moments. "Most girls wait for a third date." The blonde noted before slowly peeling the shirt off of him, slightly wincing at the pain that lingered by his abdomen.
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  13. Helena:
  14. his verbal reply was rewarded with a roll of eyes, and a note of waning patience as if giving him assistance was more trouble than it was worth. But Babs had asked her to. The redhead had awful taste in men.. Once the shirt was removed, Hel leaned forward, and down so that fingers could begin unwinding the bandages around his ribs.
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  16. Nikolas:
  17. Allowed his back to rest slightly against the rest of the couch. Heterochromatic eyes of ocean blue, and deep black gazed upon her frame. If only he knew what Helena thought of him. Of course, Nikolas was currently in the dark about the whole 'sleeping with Barbara' thing. "O-kay. I take it, not the flirty type."
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  19. Helena:
  20. there was a lift of eyebrow as Nikolas confirmed aloud he was attempting to flirt, only to give a warning jerk of coiled cloth to remove the remainder of bandage. Was he really dumb enough to try and get a taste of Hel, after sampling Babs? What was it with these bats and robins? Hormones were on overdrive. "Ever consider, you're not my type?"
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  22. Nikolas:
  23. there was a slight snicker upon his features, perhaps one that had been thoroughly pleased with himself about the entire flirt comment, but it didn't seem like she was too happy. As evidenced by the fact that the bandage had been jerked, causing the male to wince once more. "I'm aware of that now. Loud and clear." Muscles of his abdomen twitched from pain, but nothing that made his whole body shake. "What, you're a Jason kind of girl too?"
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  25. stαr01/19/2019
  26. Helena:
  27. his inability to disguise that she had caused him pain and discomfort, prompted a faint smile of triumph on lips. Hel wasn't without mercy, but it was best to make the lines between them a 100% clear, if they were going to be teammates. There would be enough drama as is, with the triangle Babs had gotten herself into. "Jason?" snort expelled at the ridiculous idea, "Now you're just being insulting." Crouching between his legs, one of the jars was taken from the kit and the lid removed to be placed on the cushion beside the blonde. Fingers glistening with balm would begin to travel purposefully over the dark bruising of abdomen.
  28. .
  29. Nikolas:
  30. Pain was something that came with the job, so it wasn't exactly something that he hadn't been used to. If one couldn't handle flesh wounds, then one wasn't ready to be Batman. Sure the first few days of the job were hard, but so was any other kind of job. It was just that his held a little bit more responsibility. A single brow was raised to her, wondering if she meant her words, or she spoke about the other male the way a certain redhead did. "Insulting good, or insulting bad?" And after that had been posed, a silence fell upon them, no doubt caused by the fact that Nikolas watched whilst she applied balm upon bruised skin. Every now and again, his gaze would shift from her fingers to her features. "Helena, right?" The silence finally broken. The male had grown so accustomed to calling them by their work names that he often forgot what Huntress's first name actually was.
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  32. stαr01/19/2019
  33. Helena:
  34. the medicinal balm carried a faint scent of mint, cool at the initial application but gradually warmed. Akin to the sensation of a heating pad, as it set about numbing the pain. "Let's just say, if it was sex with Jason or dying. I have a date with Death," there was the faintest hint of playfulness in her reply, despite that she was dead serious. "Yes, and you're Nikolas," skipping past the awkwardness of introductions, as fingers continued the clinical massage. But the soft quality of her fingers, and the imagery of her between thighs was still enough to stroke any man's ego.
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  36. ¢нυвву вυηηү01/19/2019
  37. Nikolas:
  39. Of course it stroked his ego. In fact, it made him feel ten times better that he had more of a shot with her than Jason will ever have. That is, of course, until things change eventually. Nikolas wouldn't count on it, but with the 'family' things always find ways to change. One way or another. Every fiber of his body was screaming, practically begging for him to say some remark about how she looked hot between his thighs, rubbing at his abdomen the way she did. But alas, someone like him had to have more than a one track mind. Or else the heir to Batman could just as easily be distracted. Lips spread to create a cocky grin, while eyes focused on her. She was making fun of him. "Anybody ever tell you your snark made you attractive. Is that why you're so mean?" He teased, but raised a hand immediately after. "I'll stop, I'll stop." because the last thing he needed was another injury.
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