Bad Bunyip (Incomplete)

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  1. Bad Bunyip (Incomplete)
  2. Tags: Bully, bunyip, female bullying, fingering, fluff, fluffy tail, handjob, mild femdom, mofu mofu, tsundre, wholesome
  5. >be me
  6. >average Uni student
  7. >Just got out of a rather brutal exam
  8. >feeling very drained
  9. >just want to go back to my dorm and sleep
  10. >and that means taking the quickest path back to my building
  11. >campus is pretty big
  12. >got a huge track, stadium, olympic size pool, big gym, all that athletic stuff
  13. >it’s pretty great
  14. >but I don’t want to bother with the beauty of it
  15. >I want to go home
  16. >flop myself down onto my bed
  17. >and pass out for the next three hours
  18. >maybe have a snack before that, or after that, I don’t care
  19. >come to a crossroads
  20. >I can continue walking back the regular way, but that would take an extra ten minutes because I have to circumvent the swimming center
  21. >or, I could walk through the swimming center, and get there in under five
  22. >but that means risking running into *her*
  23. >weigh my decisions in my head
  24. >standing still causes my fatigue to hit more
  25. >fuck it
  26. >through the swimming center it is
  27. >it’s after hours, so she shouldn’t even be here
  30. >creep into the swimming center
  31. >it’s all quiet
  32. >a good sign
  33. >begin walking through it quickly
  34. >but not too quick
  35. >floor is wet and I don’t want to slip
  36. >smell of chlorine is attacking my nose
  37. >I feel my anxiety rising as I go through the halls
  38. >walk right to the Olympic sized swimming pool
  39. >pause
  40. >glance around it
  41. >I don’t see anything
  42. >look straight ahead
  43. >a beautiful door marked exit
  44. >and beyond it, my dorm
  45. >and beautiful sleep
  46. >Look around again
  47. >coast is clear
  48. >it’s time
  49. >walk as fast as I can
  50. >nothing but the sound of my breathing, and the scruff of my shoes on the wet ground
  51. >door comes closer
  52. >hear a splash
  53. >suddenly freeze
  54. >look around
  55. >nothing
  56. >pick back up my walk
  57. >quicker this time
  58. >could be just my imagination, but I don’t want to risk it
  59. >hear the swish of water glance back
  60. >see a dark shadow in the pool
  61. >oh no
  62. >forgo all safety and start running
  63. >shadow comes closer
  64. >NONONO
  65. >fifty  feet from the door
  66. >fifty feet from freedom
  67. >a few seconds more sprinting
  68. >feel my foot catch in a puddle
  69. >world suddenly starts shifting
  70. >ground decides to jump up at me
  71. >no wait
  72. >I’m falling
  73. >fuck
  76. >smash my face onto the wet ground
  77. >skid for a few inches
  78. >hear a laugh from behind me
  79. >*her* laugh
  80. >damn it
  81. >so close
  82. >”had a nice trip Anon?”
  83. >har har har
  84. >push myself up of the ground
  85. >wipe off the excess water from me
  86. >turn around and face the person
  87. >sticking up halfway from the water is a chimera of a creature
  88. >She has the head and torso of a woman, but that’s it
  89. >long flowing white hair contrast greatly with her dark, purplish grey skin
  90. >I can see two massive fluffy ears sticking out from the tops of her head
  91. >Using her two fluff covered arms to hold herself up out of the water on the side of the pool, her hands nearly looking like paws with talons on them
  92. >her piercing yellow eyes regard me with a cold yet mischievous look
  93. >oh god it’s her
  94. >the Bunyip swim captain of our Universities team, Miękki I. Mokre
  95. >but that doesn’t matter to me too much
  96. >to me, she isn’t the hero who has won a bunch of gold medals or award ribbons
  97. >No, she is my personal hell
  100. >She pushes herself out of the water, revealing her snake like bottom half
  101. >the “belly” of the scales are night black and rigid like a lamia, but the rest are covered in some puffy white fur
  102. >I see all the water roll off it, leaving her fluff dry
  103. >she’s still grinning at me, glaring
  104. >She’s wearing some weird one piece bathing suit that covers her “waist” where her tail and body join all the way up to her chest
  105. >She slithers across the floor until she is looming over me
  106. >”what, don’t want to say hi? That’s pretty rude of you.”
  107. >I feel fear flare in my mind
  108. >”H-hi Miękki” I manage to stammer out
  109. >”what were you doing here? Creeping around trying to catch a peak at the swim captain in her bathing suit?” She says with a grin
  110. >I shake my head quickly
  111. >”no no, of course not, I was just going home. I had a test and I used this as a shortcut so it would be quicker.”
  112. >I regain my composure a little and stand up
  113. >Miękki is still at least head and shoulders taller than me
  114. >her large chest is at my eye level
  115. >but I don’t care about that
  116. >I am looking dead into her eyes
  117. >Miękki cracks a wide smile
  118. >”oh, so you’re done for the day then, right?”
  119. >I shake my head yes
  120. >there’s no way I’m lying to her
  121. >”perfect, then you’re gonna come get lunch with me. I’m hungry.”
  122. >oh no
  123. >”well I would, but I’m really tired and want to go back to my dorm and sleep because I had a rough day and-“
  124. >”oh, that’s funny” Miękki says, cutting me off
  125. >I’m confused
  126. >”what? What’s funny.”
  127. >Miękki shakes her head
  128. >”it’s funny because I don’t remember asking. I’m telling you. You ARE getting lunch with me.”
  129. >before I can realize it her tail is wrapping around me
  130. >the smooth underbelly contrasts with the soft silky fur
  131. >she wraps it up all the way to my chest
  132. >”unless, you are going to argue and run away...then we can do this the hard way”
  133. >her grip is gentle, but I know at any second her powerful muscles could crush me
  134. >I can feel myself shaking and sweating
  135. >”well...well...uh…”
  136. >her eyes pierce into me
  137. >there is a dangerous intent behind them
  138. >”well...change first? Then we’ll go?”
  139. >she smiles happily
  140. >”perfect”
  143. >Miękki goes and gets changed while I stand outside the doorway
  144. >I hear her humming and the sound of a shower running
  145. >I could make a break for it right now
  146. >probably can make it halfway to the door before she notices
  147. >maybe can get outside before she catches up
  148. >hopefully some faculty or professor would be out there to help me
  149. >as soon as the idea comes to mind I get rid of it
  150. >I can’t run from Miękki
  151. >I want my bones intact
  152. >...
  153. >oh god, how did it get this bad?
  154. >why am I so scared of her?
  155. >Bunyips are always shy and timid
  156. >they aren’t supposed to be so upfront and brash and mean
  157. >why is she so different?
  158. >she seemed to be a normal Bunyip at first...
  159. >I remember that first time seeing her
  160. >I was out with my first year buddies, we were having a good time
  161. >just bantering, laughing, all that
  162. >we had gone to the pool because it was pretty hot for a day in March
  163. >and I remember Miękki…
  164. >she was with the swim team doing drills on the other side of the pool
  165. >me and the boys were just messing around in the roped off area for public use
  166. >and she would just be staring at me
  167. >not like I was steak on a plate, and she was starving
  168. >not that stare, no
  169. >the “I hate your existence and want to gut you open.”
  170. >I just wrote it off as nothing
  172. >but then, the next day…
  173. >that’s when the teasing started
  174. >when she passed by me in the halls she remarked how short and weak I was compared to her
  175. >and then came more teasing
  176. >always about height, strength, stamina
  177. >always veiled as threats to me
  178. >then…
  179. >the actual threats
  180. >I kept avoiding her, and one day, she found me
  181. >I nearly pissed my pants
  182. >that was the first time she wrapped her tail around my body and threatened to crush me
  183. >and once she saw how scared it made me, she never stopped
  184. >I really don’t know why the school doesn’t expel her for this behavior
  185. >I’m afraid if I ever brought it up to anyone she’d kill me
  186. >so, I just live with it
  187. >I know it makes me seem like a beta fag, but you try dealing with a serpent who is twice as strong as you are, much taller, and very fast, and let’s see how you feel.
  190. >Miękki comes out of the locker room wearing a zip up sweater and partial dress that does very little to hide her form
  191. >”Not that sorry to keep you waiting, not like you had anything better to do.” She remarks to me
  192. >actually, I was going to sleep
  193. >but I don’t react to her at all
  194. >I don’t need to give her more ammunition for her taunts
  195. >”just gonna stand there like a dead squid? Come on, let’s go.”
  196. >I follow Miękki out of the aquatics center onto the path to the area where the food is
  197. >I try and keep my eyes looking down at the ground
  198. >There is a cold silence between us
  199. >like that of a timid prisoner walking next to a vicious warden
  200. >wait
  201. >that’s pretty much exactly what this is
  202. >”what’s wrong Anon, so autistic you can’t think of any conversation topics? You know you really should talk to a girl when you walk with her, not that you ever talk to girls, let alone walk with them.”
  203. >I feel my head look down a little lower
  204. >my gaze sinks
  205. >it’s not that I hate the bullying
  206. >well, yeah, I hate’s just…
  207. >I hate that she is kind of right…
  210. >”wow, no response? Can’t even tell when someone’s having a conversation with you? Typical oblivious anon.”
  211. >Miękki snickers to herself and we keep walking
  212. >a nice silence descends between us
  213. >I really could live without ever hearing her speak again
  214. >”damn Anon, you have the virgin walk down to a T. You refuse to even look up. I’ll bet you get a lot of brain damage from crashing into everything, but I think in your case the brain damage would help you.”
  215. >damn it
  216. >follow Miękki to the local burger shack
  217. >luckily it’s pretty empty inside
  218. >I don’t want to be seen out here with her
  219. >Go up to the counter
  220. >Miękki orders first
  221. >she gets two double burgers with extra cheese, a twenty of chicken nuggets, a large fry, and a large milkshake
  222. >clerk asks if that will be all
  223. >”yeah, for me. This dudes next, he’s paying.”
  224. >even though I knew she would say that, it still causes me to wince
  225. >order a value combo meal
  226. >end up paying close to $25 dollars on fast food
  227. >get our food and sit down at a table that can accommodate Miękki
  228. >of course, she chooses to sit facing directly across from me
  231. >I keep my head down focused on my food the entire time
  232. >I’m all huddled up with my elbows together
  233. >feel like a prisoner guarding his meal from the other inmates
  234. >Miękki on the other hand is lounging backwards and eating her cheeseburger like she’s a decadent empress enjoying the finest luxury her chef can make
  235. >”gotta tell yah Anon, nothing beats a good burger after a hard workout.”
  236. >I slowly nod my head
  237. >I don’t want to ignore her, but I don’t want to say anything
  238. >”Anon, for fucks sake, stop.”
  239. >I immediately stop chewing
  240. >”don’t you know it’s fucking rude to not look a person in the eyes? Especially when they are talking?”
  241. >oh no
  242. >please no
  243. >I try my best to ignore her and not respond
  244. >”Anon, look me in the eyes.”
  245. >I feel her tail snake around my ankle
  246. >it’s barely wrapped around the skin, but I know it’s there
  247. >”look me in the eyes, or you’re limping back.”
  248. >I slowly look up from my meal
  249. >Miękki is grinning at me with a wicked smile
  251. >I stare into her piercing yellow eyes
  252. >I can sense the malice and Ill will behind them
  253. >it feels like looking into the sun
  254. >I feel a sweat begin to break out on my forehead
  255. >my body starts shaking
  256. >Miękki laughs
  257. >”oh my god Anon, are you really that much of a Virgin where you can’t keep eye contact with a girl? Really? That’s so sad and pathetic!”
  258. >I feel a sting of pain
  259. >no…
  260. >I’m not going to cry...
  261. >even though I kind of feel like it
  262. >because I know that if I do she’ll just laugh at me about that
  263. >instead I grit my teeth
  264. >and I hear the mocking laughter of this damn bunyip
  267. >we finish eating in relative silence
  268. >Take the trash over to the garbage can
  269. >come back over
  270. >Miękki is busily typing on her phone
  271. >well if she is done with me I guess I’ll just be leaving
  272. >quietly try to slip away
  273. >”where the fuck are you going?”
  274. >damn it
  275. >look back at Miękki
  276. >”I’m going back to my dorm, I need to take a nap.”
  277. >Miękki looks at me and goes *tsk tsk*
  278. >”sorry, can’t do that. You’re gonna come back with me and do homework. I got my study packet due Monday.”
  279. >Go back with Miękki?
  280. >oh hell no
  281. >no way
  282. >I’m not doing that
  283. >I shake my head
  284. >”I can't, i'm tired. I’m just going to go back to my dorm and-“
  285. >”Anon, I didn’t ask.”
  286. >shit
  287. >come up with an excuse
  288. >”well, isn’t that a little weird? Won’t your parents question why you’re bringing a guy home or-“
  289. >Miękki begins laughing
  290. >very loudly
  291. >the few pairs of eyes in the burger shack are drawn to us
  292. >Miękki finishes laughing and wipes a tear of her face
  293. >”that’s really rich Anon. Are you such a virgin that when a girl invites you over you immediately think of lewd things? Who would want to do anything like that with you?”
  294. >Miękki snickers again before getting up
  295. >”but don’t worry, it’s fine. My parents are gone for the weekend, so it won’t be awkward. That means you *ARE* coming over and doing homework.”
  296. >...
  297. >great
  298. >just what I need
  299. >more of this purgatory
  302. >Walk back with Miękki to her house
  303. >it’s only a few blocks away, apparently her family has always lived around here which is why she goes to Uni here
  304. >That said, I still dread going to her house
  305. >we go inside and it looks like a normal house, albeit scaled up a little bit to fit a bunyip
  306. >don’t get too much time to look around as Miękki drags me up the stairs to her room
  307. >My heartbeat gets harder and harder
  308. >I feel an impending sense of dread in my stomach
  309. >she opens up her rooms door and shoved me inside, closing it behind her
  310. >I take a quick glance around the room
  311. >and it’s….really not what I expected
  312. >was half thinking it would be grungy and mismanaged, band poster and punk rock stuff everywhere
  313. >instead it’
  314. >pink
  315. >rainbows
  316. >unicorns
  317. >looks like something an 11 year old would have
  318. >it doesn’t fit her personality at all
  319. >there’s a wooden desk with a laptop on it and a bunch of art supplies
  320. >her bed is a massive round cushion, covered in dozens of blankets and pillows
  321. >kind of reminds me of something an emperor would lounge on
  322. >Miękki pushes a normal human sized chair up to her bunyip sized desk
  323. >wait
  324. >was she planning on doing this?
  325. >bitch
  326. >she opens up her back pack and pulls out a stack of papers
  327. >slaps them onto the desk
  328. >”alright, get working.”
  329. >I sigh in defeat and pull out my own notebook to start writing everything down
  330. >This isn’t the first time she’s done this
  331. >but, of course, she would crush my spine if I said no
  332. >especially since we are in her home
  333. >nobody would ever know
  334. >I prefer living, thank you
  338. >sit at the desk doing her work
  339. >Miękki is lounging on her bed, typing on her phone and holding a big, worn looking stuffed rabbit in her arms
  340. >occasionally I can feel her gaze shift onto me
  341. >it’s like a magnet repulsing me, a physical feeling that I can sense
  342. >I don’t like it
  343. >it makes me shiver and sweat
  344. >I don’t want to be here
  345. >I feel like a man led into his own execution chamber
  346. >the electric chair mere feet away from me
  347. >hungrily waiting to be turned on and end my life in an instant
  348. >takes me two nerve wracking hours to finish the study packet notes for her
  349. >I tear out the notes and set them on the desk before standing up
  350. >”you’re done? Took you long enough. You must really be slipping and tired. You usually get it done much faster than that.”
  351. >I shrug
  352. >”i'm tired, and I want to go back to my dorm.” Is my response to her
  353. >Miękki rolls her eyes
  354. >”yeah, you’ve told me a lot.”
  355. >she sits up more in her bed and holds out her hand for the notes
  356. >I pass it to her
  357. >she looks over them for a second, nodding and smiling
  358. >”Well, it’ll work good enough.”
  359. >she sets them off to the side
  360. >a smug grin grows on her face
  361. >”you know, I really should thank you for this.”
  362. >yes, you really should you fucking bit-
  363. >wait...
  364. >wait wait…
  365. >oh no, this can’t be good
  366. >Miękki stretches and turns, her back facing towards me
  367. >”here, here’s your reward.” She says in a smug tone
  368. >”I worked some knots into my muscles swimming, your reward is that you can massage my back and shoulders for me. I’m sure a Virgin like you would be cumming in his pants just touching a girl.”
  369. >....
  372. >you berate me at the swim center…
  373. >force me out to a lunch I don’t even want to have…
  374. >drag me to your home and make me do shitty homework that isn’t even mine…
  375. >and now, as a “reward” for doing all this in a sleep deprived state, she wants me to massage her back
  376. >I feel my eye twitch
  377. >my blood immediately begins boiling
  378. >something is happening in my mind
  379. >Maybe it’s because I’m tired
  380. >maybe it’s just me getting fed up
  381. >my face is getting hot
  382. >my fists clench involuntarily
  383. >Miękki looks back and grins at me
  384. >”Aw, is Anon getting a little hot and bothered because a girl is letting him touch her? Well don’t just stand there, come on up here before you pass out from blood loss.”
  385. >”no”
  386. >Miękki just stops
  387. >she freezes up
  388. >slowly she turns around
  389. >she has a strange look in her eyes
  390. >”what did you say?”
  391. >I shake my head
  392. >”I said no, Miękki, I’m not doing it.”
  393. >she looks bewildered
  394. >”Anon I’m going to give you to the count of three, and if you’re not up on this bed rubbing my shoulders by then and whimpering about how sorry you are I’m going to-“
  395. >”what? What are you going to do? Crush me? Then do it already!” I yell at her
  396. >Miękki stops
  397. >she looks at me like I suddenly grew an extra head
  398. >she blinks a few times
  399. >”Anon...I-I…”
  400. >”I don’t give a fuck Miękki, I want to go home and sleep.”
  401. >she looks at me with a blank face
  402. >her lip trembles a little, and there’s look of anxiety and panic to her eyes
  403. >she blinks once then it’s gone
  404. >”well, okay…go” she murmurs out, the words barely audible
  405. >I grab my bag and storm out the door, slamming it behind me
  409. >Make my way home quickly
  410. >I glance behind me at Miękki’s House
  411. >I can see her looking out the window at me
  412. >good
  413. >let her watch me walk away
  414. >make it back to my dorm and throw myself down onto my bed
  415. >I feel my entire body relax
  416. >drift off to a deep sleep
  417. >wake up feeling better than I have in years
  418. >It must be from standing up to Miękki
  419. >....
  420. >oh fuck
  421. >I stood up to Miękki
  422. >oh no
  423. >oh no no no
  424. >oh god
  425. >maybe I should apologize to her…
  426. >I can say how I was tired and not in my right mind…
  427. >I don’t want her to be mad at me
  428. >but again, I don’t want her to keep pushing me around
  429. >standing up to her was one of the best feelings ever
  430. >but I fear the retaliation
  431. >now she *would* have a reason to bully me
  432. >oh no
  433. >I fear for my life
  436. >it’s school time
  437. >which means I am terrified
  438. >sit through two lectures uneasily
  439. >I keep expecting to feel her gaze piercing into me
  440. >have her presence be felt by my body
  441. >she is going to be so pissed
  442. >the only reason I got away was because I surprised her
  443. >this time she will be ready…
  444. >oh god
  445. >I don’t want to picture what’s going to happen to me when she finds me
  446. >get out of my last class
  447. >walk through the busy hallways
  448. >at least since I’m smaller than most of the creatures I can blend in with the crowd
  449. >almost to the end of the hall
  450. >I see my salvation
  451. >the exit door
  452. >perfect
  453. >go to the door
  454. >it opens towards me
  455. >”oh, here, let me get that.”
  456. >see who is on the other side
  457. >I get an eye full of bunyip chest
  458. >...
  459. >slowly look up
  460. >make eye contact with Miękki who towers over me by a good two feet
  461. >she’s glaring down at me like a mocking real life version of the “pathetic” meme
  462. >if I had anything in my bladder I would have pissed myself
  463. >we stand staring at each other for several long drawn out seconds
  464. >tension is so thick it would take more than a knife to cut it
  465. >a voice cuts in from behind her
  466. >”Miękki, can you move? You’re blocking the door.”
  467. >Miękki shakes her head, clearing whatever thoughts she was having
  468. >”oh, yeah, right.”
  469. >I step out of the way and Miękki comes through the door, being followed by the rest of the swim team
  470. >she lingers behind as they all walk down the hallway
  471. >her gaze fixes me in place
  472. >if looks could kill I would be flayed alive
  473. >”Miękki, come on! We have to go to the restaurant!”
  474. >”sorry, be right there.”
  475. >Miękki turns from me and slithers down the hallway, joining the rest of the swim team
  476. >...
  477. >I…
  478. >I am alive…
  479. >...
  480. >hell yes
  483. >practically sprint out of the building
  484. >my body and heart feel light
  485. >I did it
  486. >I survived today
  487. >run back towards my dorm
  488. >I can nap in peace
  489. >my run slows down and instead I just briskly walk
  490. >my walk takes me by the aquatics center
  491. >I look at that large building
  492. >....
  493. >ten minutes…
  494. >or…
  495. >I look around
  496. >Miękki is out with her swim team, which means she isn’t going to be in the center
  497. >which means I can survive taking the shortcut
  498. >I know I am pushing my luck here, but it’s safe
  499. >there’s no reason at all she should be in there
  500. >Open the door to the center
  501. >it’s quiet and empty
  502. >perfect
  503. >walk through
  504. >my footsteps echo on the wet floor
  505. >they did have practice in here earlier
  506. >and now they are gone
  507. >just thinking that makes me smile
  508. >I can actually enjoy walking through here
  509. >god I love this feeling
  510. >No impending sense of doom
  511. >I don’t feel like at any moment I’m going to get my spine smashed to bits
  512. >I really could get used to this
  513. >make it about halfway through the aquatics center
  514. >I hear a voice muttering
  515. >pause for a second
  516. >who is that?
  517. >I look around
  518. >nobody is here
  519. >I hear what sounds like a sob
  520. >is someone crying in here?
  521. >I mean, It’s not really my business if someone is…
  522. >but I’ve heard stories of an undergrad who decided to commit suicide in here before...
  523. >that’s not real, right?
  524. >But the center is closed…
  525. >nobody in their right mind would be in here by themselves crying…
  526. >...
  527. >fuck it
  528. >what’s the worst case?
  529. >”sorry for bothering you?”
  530. >better to make sure everything is alright
  531. >rather feel like an idiot than feel regret
  534. >walk towards the source of the sound
  535. >it’s over by the women’s locker rooms
  536. >I really hope I don’t walk in on a suicide attempt
  537. >I’m not prepared to deal with that type of stuff
  538. >walk up beside the door for the locker room
  539. >it’s propped open a small amount
  540. >the sobbing is definitely coming from in here
  541. >what do I say?
  542. >oh god I don’t know what to say
  543. >fuck
  544. >maybe just ask how’s it going?
  545. >yeah, that probably will work...
  546. >”uh, hey? Are you doing alright in there?”
  547. >the sobbing stops
  548. >not gradually
  549. >but like someone immediately turned it off
  550. >....
  551. >I swear this better not be a ghost
  552. >there’s a loud sniffle
  553. >”y-y-yeah, I’m better now.”
  554. >...
  555. >that voice sounds familiar
  556. >...
  557. >but…
  558. >it can’t be
  559. >door flies open
  560. >a fluffy arm grabs me by the collar of my shirt
  561. >yep, it is
  562. >get yoinked off my feet into the locker room
  563. >everything is a blur for several seconds
  564. >it’s all so fast my mind can’t comprehend it
  565. >I blink
  566. >I’m pinned up against a locker
  567. >a fluffy snake tail is wrapped up to my waist
  568. >two powerful arms are placed on my shoulders
  569. >and Infront of me
  570. >is Miękki
  571. >who is wearing the most sadistic looking grin I have ever seen on her face
  574. >”hiiiiii Anon…” she says in a sinister voice
  575. >I squirm uncomfortably in her grip
  576. >I can feel her restraining herself
  577. >her hands and tail are trembling
  578. >all it would take is a little spasm and I would pop like a grape under a truck tire
  579. >oh god
  580. >she is going to kill me
  581. >I see her chest heaving up and down
  582. >she’s breathing like she just ran a marathon
  583. >or like a wolf about to devour its prey
  584. >well
  585. >I lived a good life
  586. >”what were you doing in here Anon?” She says in a suspicious yet teasing voice
  587. >oh god what should I say?
  588. >”w-well I was taking a shortcut home and I heard someone crying so I-“
  589. >”shut up Anon, I don’t care.” She snaps harshly
  590. >I close my mouth and nod
  591. >”now, Anon, about the other day ago when you came over with me for my homework…”
  592. >oh fuck no
  593. >please no
  594. >she’s going to kill me because I told her no
  595. >she lets go of one of my arms and reaches into her sweater pocket
  596. >oh god does she have a knife?
  597. >is she going to gut me?
  598. >please no please no
  599. >she pulls out a crumpled piece of paper
  600. >she shakes it out and holds it up to my face
  601. >I instinctively flinch back
  602. >”see that grade Anon? Seventy two percent. SEVENTY. TWO. That’s barely a C Anon.”
  603. >I look at the paper
  604. >sure enough it’s marked in a bright red pen with a %72
  605. >paper looks to be a little wet for some reason
  606. >she shoves it into my pocket
  607. >”A low grade like that is shit Anon. It’s shit! You know how bad my GPA will be if I get a C in This entire class?”
  608. >her eyes are angry and panicky
  609. >she’s gripping my shoulders hard
  610. >Oh god
  611. >she won’t kill me for what I said
  612. >she’s going to kill me because of her grade
  613. >her look softens
  614. >her eyes get a mischievous look to them
  615. >”but I’m not mad at you…as long say sorry…”
  616. >...
  617. >I don’t like where this is going
  621. >Miękki leans her face in close to mine
  622. >I can feel her breath tickling my face
  623. >smell the scent of some strong mint on her breath
  624. >mint? Why a mint?
  625. >her mouth goes right up to my ear
  626. >”I’ll forgive you if you give me a kiss.”
  627. >my mind blanks
  628. >a what?
  629. >she wants what?
  630. >she pulls her head back and gives me a smile that might be considered loving
  631. >”that’s all it will take Anon, just one little kiss. All will be forgiven.”
  632. >no
  633. >no way
  634. >no no no
  635. >this is a trap
  636. >besides, why the hell would I kiss her?
  637. >I move uncomfortably in her grip
  638. >”I’m really not too sure about that, Miękki.” I tell her
  639. >she grins
  640. >”Aw, are you too scared Anon?” She says in a sultry tone
  641. >this is getting a little weird
  642. >she leans back in to my ear
  643. >”is it because you’ve never even kissed a girl before? You nervous I’ll be too rough with you and hurt you?” She says through a little giggle
  644. >”don’t worry, I won’t even use my tongue, see?” She says as she hangs her long, forked, purple tongue out of her mouth
  645. >she slurps the entire saliva covered piece of muscle back into her mouth and licks her teeth
  646. >”unless you want it, that is. Are you into stuff like that Anon?”
  647. >I don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling right now
  651. >part of me is saying to go for it
  652. >it’s not every day that you get the offer to lock lips with the swim team captain
  653. >at least it would be a good story to tell
  654. >but on the other hand, that’s giving her exactly what she wants
  655. >and she would hang this over my head for the rest of my life
  656. >I mentally struggle with the decision
  657. >but one side wins over
  658. >the very obvious choice side
  659. >Miękki looks at me with strangely hooded eyes
  660. >”so, what’ll it be Anon? Are you ready to say you’re sorry?”
  661. >”No.”
  662. >”I’m so glad you sai-“
  663. >she stops
  664. >her stare becomes confused
  665. >”what? What did you say?”
  666. >”I said No Miękki, I don’t want to.”
  667. >Miękki looks at me with that same bewildered expression as last the other night ago
  668. >she blinks twice
  669. >she leans her face in close to me
  670. >”No? What do you mean by no?”
  671. >angle my arms as good as I can
  672. >spread them out and slightly shove her torso
  673. >Even though I don’t push that hard, Miękki instinctively flinches back, letting go of me
  674. >wiggle and try to loosen her coils around me
  675. >I push onto her, trying to free myself
  676. >Miękki shakes her head in disbelief
  677. >”Anon...stop struggling, come on. It’s easier to just kiss me than escape, okay? Just lean up here and-“
  678. >”Miękki, stop. I do not want to kiss you.” I say, cutting her off
  679. >”why not dummy? You now it would be a lot easier than trying to escape,if I wanted to I could crush you right now and stop you.”
  680. >her voice sounds very panicky and uncertain
  681. >I shake my head before stopping my struggle
  682. >I look Miękki straight in the eyes
  683. >”why not? Miękki, I would sooner kiss a dogs ass than ever put my mouth anywhere near your lips.”
  684. >Miękki freezes up
  685. >Her face goes blank
  686. >then it become angry
  687. >I see her fists clench up
  688. >she rears back her arm up in a punch
  689. >well fuck
  690. >at least I died with dignity
  693. >Miękki hold her fist back for a second more
  694. >then relaxes and lets out a deep breath
  695. >right before slamming her fist straight into the lockers
  696. >flinch as the metal cracks, the sound echoing through the locker room
  697. >Miękki is trembling and panting in anger
  698. >She looks to be absolutely pissed
  699. >then, she slows down
  700. >and stops
  701. >” can leave…”
  702. >she has a oddly defeated look on her face
  703. >her fluffy tail loosens from around me
  704. >I step out from it and look at her
  705. >Miękki makes eye contact with me
  706. >”what are you waiting for? You can just leave.”
  707. >I duck under her arm and scramble my way out of the locker room
  708. >sprint myself out of the Aquatics Center, nearly slipping and falling several times
  709. >run all the way up to my dorm, and slam the door shut behind me
  710. >run over to my bed and instinct throw myself under the covers
  711. >pant hard and without any breath
  712. >.....
  713. >what the hell was that?
  714. >what was up with her?
  715. >what is going on?
  716. >God, Miękki is going to drive me insane
  717. >pause for a moment
  718. >wait a minute…
  719. >holy shit
  720. >I made it out of this alive
  721. >she let me leave
  722. >I feel….
  723. >powerful
  724. >am I allowed to feel that way?
  728. >I sit in my dorm room quietly
  729. >I’m trying to process what happened with Miękki
  730. >that whole incident was…
  731. >odd
  732. >to say the least
  733. >I pull that crumpled up worksheet out of my pocket
  734. >this was another odd thing
  735. >not to blow my own horn, but I’m pretty good with homework
  736. >if she just used my notes on her tests and copied them over she would have been fine
  737. >Uncrumple the paper
  738. >looks like she spilled water drops or something on it
  739. >like she took it into the shower
  740. >was she...crying on this?
  741. >crying over a C on a small test?
  742. >wow, didn’t know Miękki was someone to cry over anything
  743. >it’s kind of pathetic
  744. >I look over her answers
  745. >none of it is what I initially wrote down
  746. >she has some of my points, but a lot of it is her own work
  747. >it’s like she only used my notes as reference, but still did the rest herself
  748. >why?
  749. >what’s the point of that?
  750. >eh, Miękki is crazy. No point in trying to figure out what she is trying to do.
  751. >look over the paper more
  752. >there’s something written on it in big sharpy
  753. >it’s a little crinkled and wet, but I can easily see that it’s fresh
  754. >”Anon, since you have nothing to do this weekend (because you’re a friendless loser) you should come over to my place. It’s my birthday, and I’m throwing a good party. You’ll regret it if you don’t show up. Be at my house this weekend, no later than 8:00pm. I don’t like late people. -Miękki”
  755. >...
  756. >what the fuck?
  757. >what the hell does she even think about any of this?
  758. >is this a game to her?
  759. >fuck her
  760. >I crumple up the papers and throw them into my trash bin
  761. >no way in hell I am going to any party, especially with her
  765. >my weekend passes by uneventfully
  766. >fill it with homework, vidya, and anime
  767. >get a large pizza, a six pack, and binge an entire season of GUP like the fucking degenerate I am
  768. >hehe
  769. >Yukari is so fluffy
  770. >I want to huffle the fluffle
  771. >fluffle…
  772. >fluff…
  773. >hmmm…
  774. >what was going on this weekend involving fluff?
  775. >hmmm…
  776. >oh, right…
  777. >Miękki’s birthday party
  778. >great
  779. >what time was I supposed to be there?
  780. >8:00pm?
  781. >what time is it now?
  782. >check phone
  783. >9:37pm
  784. >welp, I’m late
  785. >might as well not go
  786. >not like I wanted to anyways m
  787. >...
  788. >or, maybe I should go…
  789. >showing up late as a way to say “Fuck You” but still be polite?
  790. >I guess?
  791. >it’s supposed to be a good party, she said it herself
  792. >probably lots of free booze, all the sport teams throw crazy ragers for their captains
  793. >and I already killed my six pack
  794. >heh, that’s why I want to go
  795. >the beer is talking
  796. >still though, the beer has a point
  797. >plus, all the cute sports girls are going to be there
  798. >maybe I can score something
  799. >I’ve seen the way some of the swim team girls look at me
  800. >best way to add insult to Injury for Miękki
  801. >show up late, steal her booze, bag one of her teammates, and make her pissed
  802. >drunk me, I salute you
  805. >get all dressed up nicely
  806. >well, niceish
  807. >casual nice?
  808. >fuck it, a decent sports jacket and jeans
  809. >with cologne, of course
  810. >walk down towards Miękki’s house
  811. >get halfway there when I notice something is off
  812. >usually you could hear the music for a big party this far off
  813. >and cars typically line the streets
  814. >here?
  815. >nothing
  816. >it’s eerily quiet
  817. >the quietness doesn’t go away at all
  818. >make it to the sidewalk In front of Miękkis house
  819. >and there’s nothing
  820. >not even a sign that a party is happening, or that it did happen
  821. >all the lights in the house are off
  822. >maybe she already had the party and it got cleaned up?
  823. >is it a sleepover?
  824. >what the fuck?
  825. >Notice one light is still on in the house
  826. >the light right up in Miękkis room
  827. >it’s shining out from her window
  828. >the blinds on the window open a little
  829. >watch as I see Miękki peek or from behind it
  830. >her large eyes are visible, and they look distressed
  831. >they dart around before setting on me
  832. >I see them light up in a weird way
  833. >she watches me for a few seconds from the window
  834. >then the blinds shut
  835. >...
  836. >ok, that’s weird
  839. >see a light faintly turn on in the house
  840. >followed by another In the living room window
  841. >front door opens a bit
  842. >”Anon? Is that you?”
  843. >”uh...yeah?”
  844. >”what the fuck are you standing around for? Get in here.”
  845. >...
  846. >really?
  847. >I glance around
  848. >I could just walk away…
  849. >but, there is a possibility there are people inside…
  850. >...
  851. >fuck it, I’m already here
  852. >my buzz says let’s go
  853. >shrug and walk up to the front door
  854. >Miękki is glaring at me
  855. >she lets me in and closes the door behind me
  856. >”you’re an asshole for being late, you know that? A real asshole.”
  857. >Glance around the place
  858. >there’s no sign of anyone being here
  859. >only thing that’s changed is a few balloons are blown up and some streamers are on the walls
  860. >”where’s the party?” I ask suspiciously
  861. >Miękki looks away from me
  862. >”they all left earlier. Your fault for being late. Shame. it was uh...really fun.”
  863. >Miękki’s tone convinces me of nothing
  864. >”place sure is clean for having a fun time.”
  865. >Miękki glances around
  866. >”my friends...they uh...helped clean...yeah.”
  867. >I raise an eyebrow at her
  868. >” had a wild party, and cleaned it all up, and everyone went home, in only an hour and a half?”
  869. >”shut the fuck up anon, I didn’t ask you anything.”
  870. >...
  871. >well okay then
  872. >sit down on one of the living room couches
  873. >Miękki takes the loveseat across from me
  874. >she looks around anxiously
  875. >she usually is so arrogant and aggressive, now she’s just…
  876. >awkward
  877. >what’s up with her?
  878. >well, time to take charge
  879. >”so...what are we going to do?”
  880. >Miękki looks at me
  881. >I can see her thinking
  882. >and then a smile cracks her face
  883. >”how about some party games Anon?”
  884. >Party games?
  885. >with two people
  886. >...
  887. >why not?
  890. >agree to the party games
  891. >it’ll be funny to see what she comes up with
  892. >Miękki takes me to the kitchen
  893. >she gets some pink paper cups that would look more at home at a five year olds birthday
  894. >she sets them up like triangles
  895. >ah, I see what she is doing
  896. >”are we going to play beer pong?”
  897. >Miękki gives me a grin
  898. >”yep, we are playing pong.”
  899. >cool
  900. >free beer
  901. >this makes drunk me happy
  902. >Miękki gets a two liter of coke
  903. >something makes me suddenly stop
  904. >”uh...Miękki?”
  905. >she stops as she is opening up the two liter
  906. >”what is it Anon?” She says under her breath
  907. >”where’s the beer?”
  908. >Miękki freezes up
  909. >”the beer? For what?”
  910. >”for beer pong?”
  911. >she looks back at me
  912. >her expression is blank
  913. >”I...we drank it all?”
  914. >I shake my head
  915. >”Miękki, you can't play beer pong without beer.”
  916. >she sets down the two liter
  917. >”y-yeah, I know that...uh...I was…”
  918. >Miękki stares behind me
  919. >”going to get some from the garage, just be patient.”
  920. >Miękki slithers away and goes brought the garage door
  921. >hear her inaudible grumbling something
  922. >she comes back in with an old looking 36 pack of lite beer
  923. >looks like it’s been opened and sitting around for a bit
  924. >she sets it down on the ground and pulls a can out
  925. >studies it intently
  926. >she gives hesitant smile
  927. >she cracks it open and flinches when it foams over
  928. >fills up a cup with it
  929. >she slowly repeats this process until all our cups are filled
  930. >she gets on the other side of the table to me
  931. >Miękki tosses a ping pong ball up and down in her hands
  932. >her cocky expression has returned
  933. >”alright Anon, are you ready to lose?”
  937. >I just shrug and take up my position
  938. >to be honest, this might not have been the best idea
  939. >I’m a little drunk already
  940. >and I haven’t played beer pong since my first year
  941. >Miękki goes first since it’s her birthday
  942. >she tosses the ping pong ball at my cups
  943. >*tink*
  944. >hits a rim and bounces away
  945. >she grimaces
  946. >I pick it up and ready my toss
  947. >*plop*
  948. >right in her first cup
  949. >Miękki grumbles and takes the ping pong ball out
  950. >she readies a throw
  951. >wait a minute…
  952. >”Miękki, you have to drink your cup.”
  953. >Miękki looks at the beer
  954. >she swallows hard
  955. >”oh, yeah...right.”
  956. >she picks up the paper cup
  957. >she sniffs the beer and looks at it suspiciously
  958. >gives me a nervous look
  959. >she lets out a deep breath and chugs the entire cup
  960. >she throws the cup
  961. >Miękki looks like she’s struggling to keep it down
  962. >she gags a bit
  963. >shakes her head and her tail shivers
  964. >all her fluff poofs up a little
  965. >she wipes her mouth which now has a unsatisfied look on it
  966. >”okay, you’re going down.”
  967. >she throws the ball
  968. >sails right over all my cups
  969. >*tink*
  970. >bounces off the floor
  971. >go and pick it up
  972. >wipe it before tossing it
  973. >*plop*
  974. >right into one of her back corner beers
  975. >Miękki looks at the ball with the cup in it with dread
  976. >”Fuck.”
  979. >Miękki slugs down the beer
  980. >she gags and shivers again
  981. >get rekt you stupid fluffy snake bitch
  982. >this is payback
  983. >she throws the ping pong ball
  984. >lands in my cup
  985. >damn
  986. >Miękki laughs
  987. >”HAH! Get fucked!”
  988. >drink the beer without a problem
  989. >she looks at me disappointed
  990. >like she wanted me to feel sick
  991. >hah
  992. >Who's getting fucked now?
  993. >spend the better part of 30 minutes playing beer pong
  994. >turns out I’m better than I thought
  995. >keep sinking my shots
  996. >while Miękki….
  997. >she’s not doing too well
  998. >after the first four beers she is getting really bad
  999. >she can barely throw the ping pong ball in the right direction
  1000. >she’s swaying around horribly
  1001. >she muttering constantly to herself
  1002. >she looks absolutely plastered
  1003. >her regularly purplish Grey skin is now flushed
  1004. >she’s wrecked by the time she slugs down the last beer
  1005. >I’ve only had to drink two
  1006. >I’m pretty sober now actually
  1007. >Miękki braces herself on the table
  1008. >her eyes are tired
  1009. >she gives me a lazy smile
  1010. >”Hah...that was...funnnnn….lezzz play amuther gaaaaaayymmmme.”
  1011. >damn she is sloshed
  1012. >she needs to go to bed
  1013. >”come on Miękki, let’s put you in bed.”
  1014. >Miękki gives me a sly look
  1015. >”are yooo, taken... avantaeg of me anoon? Tryna...snugle fuggle the bernyip? You leetle creep heheh…”
  1016. >what the fuck?
  1017. >no
  1020. >shake my head and half carry her on my shoulder
  1021. >guide her up the stairs awkwardly
  1022. >go to her bedroom
  1023. >guide her over to her bed
  1024. >she collapses on it
  1025. >alright now it’s time to leave
  1026. >the bunyip grabs me
  1027. >pulls me right back down onto her bed
  1028. >she holds onto me hard
  1029. >”Where...where you gooin?”
  1030. >”I’m going home Miękki, you’re drunk.”
  1031. >she giggles
  1032. >”no you areeent not, we still have to play games…” she croones out
  1033. >I sigh
  1034. >”what game do you want to play?”
  1035. >Miękki giggles again
  1036. >”howabout spin ze boddle?”
  1037. >....
  1038. >really?
  1039. >”Miękki, there’s no bottle, and it’s only the two of us.”
  1040. >Miękki laughs
  1041. >”yeee, I know...was wrong? Scared kitty Anon scared to give smooch to the bunyip? Is mister never kissy girl scared?”
  1042. >”Miękki I don’t want to play this.”
  1043. >”too bad”
  1044. >Miękki looks around
  1045. >she grabs a medal off her nightstand
  1046. >”howzabout this? We do it like thizzz...heads or tails? If heads I get to choose who I kiss, if tails..I don’t..heheh.”
  1047. >I roll my eyes
  1048. >”fine”
  1049. >Miękki giggles
  1050. >she flips the medal
  1051. >it lands on the bed
  1052. >tails
  1053. >she frowns at the medal
  1054. >she reaches for it
  1055. >I pick it up before she can grab it
  1056. >I snag it off the bed
  1057. >Miękki grins
  1058. >”sooo, still...still can’t wait to kiss me, can you?”
  1059. >ignore her and flip the medal
  1060. >heads
  1061. >Miękki smiles
  1062. >”are you ready Anon?” She says in a lazy yet eager tone
  1063. >I nod
  1064. >before kissing the back of my hand
  1065. >”your turn” I say as I hand her back the medal
  1066. >Miękki looks at me grumpily
  1067. >”yur no fun…”
  1070. >she takes the medal and flips it again
  1071. >she gets heads
  1072. >she laughs
  1073. >”get ready Anon…”
  1074. >she leans in close to me
  1075. >lips puckered and eyes closed
  1076. >she gets right up to my face
  1077. >hold my hand up
  1078. >her lips press right into it
  1079. >she opens her eyes
  1080. >they looks angry
  1081. >she pulls her head back
  1082. >”anoon, let me fuckin...lemme kiss you…”
  1083. >I get up off the bed
  1084. >”Miękki, I told you back in the locker room. I would never, ever, EVER, IN A MILLION YEARS, want to kiss you, you understand?”
  1085. >Miękki frowns at me
  1086. >she grabs me by the jacket as I try to walk away
  1087. >”you leetle...come back here!”
  1088. >slip off my Jacket and easily walk away from her
  1089. >Miękki looks at me angrily
  1090. >”fine! Just leave then! I don’t care, you idiot, just leave! I want you gone!” She yells drunkley in a slurred tone, her face turning as red as her skin will allow
  1091. >”Good! Then, I will!” I shout back
  1092. >Miękkis face turns from anger to shock
  1093. >”wait, what what why?”
  1094. >I don’t respond
  1095. >I just walk away
  1096. >”wait wait don’t go wai-“
  1097. >slam the bedroom door
  1098. >fuck this
  1099. >not sure why I even came out here
  1102. >make it back to my dorm room
  1103. >I’m exhausted
  1104. >pass out asleep
  1105. >wake up the next morning feeling very well rested
  1106. >am I up before my alarm?
  1107. >and feeling good?
  1108. >that’s a first
  1109. >reach for my phone to check the time
  1110. >...
  1111. >my phone isn’t there
  1112. >what the fuck?
  1113. >check around for it
  1114. >it’s nowhere to be found
  1115. >damn it
  1116. >I had it last night…
  1117. >ah! That’s right! It’s in my sweater!
  1118. >...
  1119. >where’s my sweater…
  1120. >...
  1121. >oh
  1122. >oh no…
  1123. >fuck
  1124. >it’s back at Miękkis House
  1125. >damn it
  1126. >why did I even go over there?
  1127. >drunk anon, I don’t trust you anymore
  1128. >oh god
  1129. >I remember the yelling
  1130. >that sucked
  1131. >great
  1132. >now I need to find the probably very pissed Bunyip and convince her to give me my phone back
  1133. >absolutely perfect
  1134. >check my computer clock
  1135. >aaaand I missed my first class, and am an hour late for my second
  1136. >great
  1137. >thanks Miękki
  1138. >get showered and dressed
  1139. >wash the slight hangover off me
  1140. >now, to find Miękki
  1144. >usually I seem to just be able to bump into her, so let’s hope that works out again
  1145. >go around the Uni campus
  1146. >can’t seem to find her
  1147. >end up waiting at the aquatics center for the swim team to show up
  1148. >spend a half hour doing jack shit before they arrive
  1149. >see all of them come in laughing and talking to each other
  1150. >except for Miękki
  1151. >damn it
  1152. >one of the swim team members notices me
  1153. >she’s an elf that I remember would typically talk to Miękki in the halls
  1154. >She walks up to me
  1155. >”you’re Anon, right?”
  1156. >uh oh
  1157. >”yeah, that’s me? Is Miękki coming today?”
  1158. >Elf smiles and shakes her head
  1159. >”ah glad I found you. Miękki isn’t coming today, she woke up very sick, but she wanted me to give this to you.”
  1160. >she hands me a phone that looks remarkably similar to mine
  1161. >...
  1162. >oh wait a minute that is my phone
  1163. >”oh, thanks”
  1164. >”no problem, imma get changed and go warm up. Seeya!”
  1165. >elf sprints off to the locker room
  1166. >look over my phone
  1167. >everything is absolutely fine with it
  1168. >well
  1169. >that was easy
  1170. >walk back up to my dorm
  1171. >lay down on my bed
  1172. >time to relax for the rest of the day
  1173. >my phone lights up and rings
  1174. >I got a text
  1175. >glance at it
  1176. >”hey asshole, you left your phone at my place like a retard.”
  1177. >...
  1178. >what the fuck
  1179. >Miękki?
  1180. >how did she get my phone number?
  1181. >god damn it
  1184. >she has her name pop up and everything
  1185. >check my phone
  1186. >she has a contact with a picture and everything
  1187. >how the fuck?
  1188. >did she add herself to my phone while she had it?
  1189. >that’s creepy
  1190. >whatever
  1191. >just because she texts me doesn’t mean I need to reply
  1192. >ignore the text and start working on my homework
  1193. >hour or so pass by
  1194. >phone rings again
  1195. >look at it
  1196. >*”hey asshole, you should respond and be thankful I gave you your phone back. I could have held onto it and sold it back to you. You should be really grateful.”*
  1197. >...
  1198. >well, maybe I should respond…
  1199. >but, I don’t really care
  1200. >I don’t thank people for showing the most basic courtesy
  1201. >ignore the text and continue working
  1202. >another hour passes
  1203. >*DING*
  1204. >another text
  1205. >let’s see from who
  1206. >”hey are my texts coming through? I’m trying to message you and aren’t getting responses. Maybe you’re responding and I’m not getting your texts hahaha.”
  1207. >...
  1208. >can she just fuck off?
  1209. >open it up
  1210. >begin typing my response
  1211. >something along the lines of “please fuck off im working.”
  1212. >then I realize something
  1213. >I don’t have to respond
  1214. >not like she can strangle me over text
  1215. >delete my response and close the app
  1216. >continue working
  1217. >forget all about Miękki for another half hour
  1218. >*DING*
  1219. >fuck
  1220. >what now?
  1221. >*”hey why did you leave me on read? Were you typing something and then did your phone die? Are your messages not coming through?”*
  1222. >holy fuck she can’t take a hint
  1225. >clear out the text and get back to work
  1226. >twenty minutes goes by
  1227. >phone starts ringing
  1228. >fuck
  1229. >let’s see who
  1230. >as if I can’t guess
  1231. >...
  1232. >it’s Miękki
  1233. >of course
  1234. >let the call go to voicemail
  1235. >ten minutes goes by
  1236. >get another call
  1237. >turn off the sound
  1238. >it goes to voicemail as well
  1239. >good
  1240. >immediately get another call
  1241. >send it to voicemail by clicking the red button
  1242. >can she please fuck off?
  1243. >I need to do my work
  1244. >and I really don’t want to talk to her
  1245. >at all
  1246. >*DING*
  1247. >*”hey your phone keeps sending me to voicemail for some reason. Answer me.”*
  1248. >leave her on read
  1249. >turn off my phone
  1250. >no more distractions
  1251. >finish up all my work
  1252. >now
  1253. >it’s time
  1254. >anime time
  1255. >watch about half a season of Konosuba
  1256. >hehe
  1257. >Aqua stupid
  1258. >look at computer clock
  1259. >it’s getting late
  1260. >and my classes are early
  1261. >turn on my phone
  1262. >have to set an alarm so I don’t miss them again
  1263. >holy shit
  1264. >see the entire backlog of texts and calls from Miękki
  1265. >15 missed calls
  1266. >and countless texts
  1267. >read through the backlog of them
  1268. >”you left me on read again hahahaha your phone is dumb like you it doesn’t send responses lol.”
  1269. >”lol sorry didn’t mean to insult your phone it’s probably working hard I’ll just call you again.”
  1270. >”hey my calls aren’t getting through could you respond already this is annoying.”
  1271. >”Anon respond to me already this is retarded”
  1272. >”fucking respond asshole”
  1273. >”Anon respond”
  1274. >”respond”
  1275. >”I’m sorry. Anon can you please respond?”
  1276. >”anon please respond.”
  1277. >”please Anon respond”
  1278. >”please respond”
  1279. >”please respond”
  1280. >”please respond”
  1283. >see dozens of messages of “please respond”
  1284. >god damn what is up with her?
  1285. >get a few more while I am reading them
  1286. >this is pathetic
  1287. >I could just go to bed…
  1288. >but, I probably would keep getting texts from her
  1289. >fuck it
  1290. >calling time
  1291. >call Miękki
  1292. >phone rings once
  1293. >and is immediately picked up
  1295. >oh great
  1296. >”You better have a damn good reason why you’ve been ignoring me Anon, I’m pissed at you, you understand that? Fucking pissed!”
  1297. >massage the bridge of my nose
  1298. >”sorry Miękki, I was working on homework.”
  1299. >”well you could’ve just said that, couldn’t you? Would it have been so hard to text that you’re busy?”
  1300. >I let out a sigh
  1301. >”how hard would that have been Anon? How hard?”
  1302. >her voice sounds like it’s wavering
  1303. >it’s almost hysteric
  1304. >her yelling is nearly inaudible
  1305. >”Miękki, are you done? I want to go to sleep.”
  1306. >Miękki stops
  1307. >”really? Go to sleep? Just hang up on me and sleep? What’s wrong Anon, can’t stand talking to me? Don’t have enough of a spine to have someone tell you why you’ve done wrong and accept it?”
  1308. >...
  1309. >”no Miękki, it’s because I don’t like talking to you.”
  1310. >Miękki stops
  1311. >I can hear her breathe hitch
  1312. >”why not Anon? Why don’t you like talking to me?”
  1313. >hmmm
  1314. >why don’t I like talking to her?
  1315. >well, let’s tell her
  1316. >”Miękki, I don’t like talking with you, because I don’t like you.”
  1320. >there’s a silence that fills the air
  1321. >Miękkis side of the phone is completely silent
  1322. >”you don’t like me?”
  1323. >...
  1324. >I don’t like her?
  1325. >well…
  1326. >”actually, no. It’s not that I don’t like you Miękki, that’s not it.”
  1327. >”what is it then?” Miękki says in a barely audible voice
  1328. >”I hate you Miękki. I don’t just “not like you”, no. I *HATE* you.”
  1329. >I hear a strange sound from the other side of the phone
  1330. >”wh-why?”
  1331. >why?
  1332. >WHY?
  1333. >WHY?!?
  1334. >”WHY? I’ll tell you why! Three years Miękki, three whole entire years! That’s how long I’ve put up with your bullshit for. Three whole fucking years of you being an absolute bitch to me. Three whole years where every day I dreaded stepping outside of this dorm because I knew it meant that you would be a complete bitch to me. And yet you ask why. It's because you're a hateful snake bitch who’s done nothing but torment and insult me every single day for the past three years. Three years! You have made my life hell for three years straight!”
  1335. >there’s a long silence
  1336. >finally, Miękki speaks
  1337. >”oh...I’s because..,you hate me...right. I understand now.”
  1338. >I hear a little sniffle from the other side of the phone
  1339. >”yeah, that makes sense I guess. I thought...never mind, I’ll stop bothering you now. Bye.”
  1340. >she hangs up the phone
  1341. >...
  1342. >wait what?
  1343. >that’s it?
  1344. >that’s all it took?
  1345. >...
  1346. >she’ll stop bothering me?
  1347. >...
  1348. >that’s a good thing…
  1349. >right?
  1353. >set my phone down and try to go to sleep
  1354. >so much adrenaline is pumping through me that I can’t rest
  1355. >fuck
  1356. >manage to pass out exhausted after a few hours
  1357. >alarm wakes me up
  1358. >go to my classes
  1359. >I feel…
  1360. >different
  1361. >I don’t feel that constant dread of death
  1362. >I don’t fear walking around
  1363. >I’m free
  1364. >...
  1365. >awesome
  1366. >it’ll be weird not having Miękki harassing me
  1367. >but it will be very welcome
  1368. >don’t see scale nor fluff of her through the entire Uni
  1369. >nice
  1370. >and then I don’t see her the next day
  1371. >or the day after
  1372. >or even the day after that
  1373. >a full week has gone by at this point, and I haven’t even heard of her
  1374. >huh, that’s strange
  1375. >usually I’d have bumped into her by now
  1376. >it’s like she’s not even coming to the school anymore
  1377. >I’m not worried, it’s just
  1378. >...
  1379. >okay I’m a little worried
  1380. >I don’t miss her
  1381. >I still don’t care
  1382. >but I also hope nothing bad happened, I guess
  1383. >walk through the aquatics center at practice time
  1384. >maybe I’ll see her here
  1385. >just to put my mind at ease
  1386. >I don’t regret what I said, but I also don’t want her to have done anything drastic because of it
  1387. >look over to people practicing
  1388. >not a single Bunyip
  1389. >damn
  1390. >I’m starting to feel a small sense of dread
  1391. >See the one elf that gave my phone back to me
  1392. >oh good, she’s here
  1393. >I’ll talk with her
  1394. >she sees me walk up
  1395. >”oh, Anon. Glad to see you. Hey, I have a question, have you seen Miękki around?”
  1396. >...
  1397. >well fuck
  1400. >oh no
  1401. >no no no
  1402. >that’s not good
  1403. >”so, you haven’t seen her?”
  1404. >elf shakes her head
  1405. >”No, sorry.”
  1406. >oh fuck
  1407. >please fuck no
  1408. >my imagination starts acting up
  1409. >oh god
  1410. >she lives alone
  1411. >I can only picture her parents coming home…
  1412. >and finding her…
  1413. >well, her body…
  1414. >oh god, would there be a note?
  1415. >would it be about me?
  1416. >a note with just a single sentence...
  1417. >*I'm sorry I was hateful*
  1418. >no
  1419. >please no
  1420. >why the fuck am I thinking about this?
  1421. >I wasn’t worried about this earlier
  1422. >”I mean, I’ll text her and she just responds with “ok” or “fine”, but I haven’t seen her. She messaged me back this morning when I asked her how she was feeling, but she just sent me a clown emoji.”
  1423. >she messaged back?
  1424. >oh thank fuck
  1425. >”so, she’s alright?”
  1426. >elf shrugs
  1427. >”yeah, why wouldn’t we be? She’s Miękki. I’ve been leaving her a breakfast burrito on her porch for the past week because she said she doesn’t want to go out. I feel bad, something made her feel really sick.”
  1428. >but you just said she hasn’t…
  1429. >never mind
  1430. >fuck
  1431. >I did this
  1432. >and…
  1433. >yeah
  1434. >I’m going to have to go to her house
  1438. >walk from the Aquatics center down the block
  1439. >my heart is pounding in my chest
  1440. >I feel….
  1441. >regret?
  1442. >no
  1443. >I don’t regret what I said
  1444. >she needed to hear it
  1445. >what she put me through was bullshit
  1446. >but, still
  1447. >Maybe I could have said all that *slightly* better
  1448. >and not just dumped it all on her like that
  1449. >maybe
  1450. >get up to her front door
  1451. >knock
  1452. >...
  1453. >there’s no answer
  1454. >of course not
  1455. >knock again
  1456. >damn it
  1457. >try the door
  1458. >it’s unlocked
  1459. >...
  1460. >okay?
  1461. >I mean, I guess it’s safe to enter?
  1462. >I gently open the door…
  1463. >and
  1464. >nothing
  1465. >living room is empty
  1466. >hear music coming from upstairs
  1467. >she’s in her room
  1468. >I guess this isn’t that weird?
  1469. >whatever
  1470. >I walk up the stairs
  1471. >knock on her room door
  1472. > is playing from the other side
  1473. >there’s no response
  1474. >well, I mean
  1475. >I guess I can just…
  1476. >open the door
  1477. >door opens
  1478. >and I see Miękki sitting on her bed, a large kitchen knife in her hand
  1479. >she’s staring at her other wrist sitting in her lap
  1480. >oh fuck
  1481. >”Miękki don’t you dare!”
  1482. >Miękkis head darts up
  1483. >she looks at me concerned
  1484. >then her eyes begin watering
  1485. >she’s suppressing the urge to cry
  1486. >it works for a single second
  1487. >then
  1488. >she completely loses it
  1489. >”I know I’m getting fat, but Sometimes I eat when I’m upset and I wanted some cake!”
  1490. >cake?
  1491. >she drops the knife and cries into her hands
  1492. >I look at her lap
  1493. >she had a leftover round cake sitting there with a Tub of ice cream
  1494. >and a plate with a fork next to it
  1495. >...
  1496. >oops
  1499. >stand awkwardly in the doorway as Miękki cries her eyes out
  1500. >she’s in tears for a good ten minutes
  1501. >I just stand there the entire time, watching
  1502. >really not sure what I am supposed to do right now
  1503. >Miękki wipes her face off onto her fluffy tail
  1504. >she looks at me sadly before picking up the ice cream tub
  1505. >she uses a large spoon and scoops out a big chunk of rocky road before shoving it straight into her mouth
  1506. >she swallows the ice cream, and then looks back up at me
  1507. >”what do you want?” She spits out in an angry and sad tone before shoveling more ice cream into her mouth
  1508. >”I...wanted to see how you were doing?”
  1509. >Miękki glares at me before picking up the cake
  1510. >she slices of a piece of it
  1511. >picks it up and eats it while shaking her head
  1512. >”I’m fine Anon, see? Absolutely fine. I’m just...still hung over, okay?”
  1513. >she finished shoving the cake slice into her mouth
  1514. >she chews it slowly, looking like she’s holding back tears
  1515. >”I’m absolutely fine.”
  1516. >She is totally not fine
  1517. >she glares at me before grabbing a water bottle from her nightstand and chugging it
  1518. >”why do you care anyways? I thought you hated me. You said so on the phone. If you just came over to yell at me and tell me how stupid I am I can do that myself.”
  1519. >...
  1520. >ouch
  1521. >that hurts
  1522. >”well I...I wanted to see how you were doing… I haven’t seen you around school much.”
  1523. >Miękki shrugs before grabbing a two liter of coke and chugging half of it
  1524. >holy fuck how is she not diabetic
  1525. >”well I’m absolutely fine, see?” She says before finishing off the rest of the two liter
  1526. >she tosses it to the side
  1527. >Blinks about twice
  1528. >looks down at herself
  1529. >I can see tears forming again in the corner of her eyes
  1530. >”why are you still here?” She mutters in a pained tone
  1531. >she stares me in the eyes
  1532. >”I’m fine, see? I’m disgusting and terrible, but fine. So can you just leave?”
  1533. >she sniffles a little and another tears falls.
  1534. >she buries her face in her own fluff
  1535. >”I don’t want you to hate me more...just leave…”
  1538. >oh no
  1539. >”Miękki, I don’t hate you, I just-“
  1540. >she glares at me again from behind her fluff
  1541. >her yellow eyes pierce right through the white and tear into my soul
  1542. >”bullshit you don’t, you yelled at me saying how much you hate me.”
  1543. >did I say that?
  1544. >god damn it
  1545. >she stuffs her face back into her fluff, holding onto her large stuffed rabbit
  1546. >I hear a little sob
  1547. >”go away...please leave...just please leave…”
  1548. >I nod my head
  1549. >”well...alright…”
  1550. >I hang my head low and turn around, going to close the door
  1551. >if that’s what she wants, then I’ll let her have it
  1552. >I’ve already fucked up enough
  1553. >...
  1554. >or…
  1555. >or maybe not…
  1556. >I stop
  1557. >I turn back around, looking at Miękki
  1558. >...
  1559. >well, I’ve already fucked up a lot
  1560. >what’s just one more fuck up?
  1561. >”actually, no.”
  1562. >turn back around, walk into the room, and shut the door behind me
  1563. >Miękki looks up at me from behind her fluff
  1564. >”why won’t you leave?” She asks with a sniffle
  1565. >her tone isn’t angry, or sad
  1566. >it’s curious
  1567. >she is genuinely wondering why I won’t leave
  1568. >...
  1569. >why won’t I leave?
  1570. >it’s not my business…
  1571. >...
  1572. >fuck, it is
  1573. >”because…”
  1574. >damn this hurts me to say
  1575. >it feels like I’m trying to cough marbles out of my lungs
  1576. >I don’t want to say this, but I have to
  1577. >”because...I’m sorry…”
  1580. >Miękki looks up
  1581. >her face looks disappointed
  1582. >”well, you shouldn’t be.”
  1583. >...
  1584. >well, wasn’t expecting that reaction
  1585. >”why...why not?”
  1586. >she holds up three fingers
  1587. >”three whole fucking years Anon, three years of torturing you. That’s why Anon. That’s why you shouldn’t be sorry.”
  1588. >she lets out a sad sounding chuckle
  1589. >”I wouldn’t be sorry for me if I were you. Why should *you* be sorry? You snapped. You put up with my bullshit for three whole years, and it got to be too much. Anyone else would’ve done it sooner.”
  1590. >a tear creeps into the corner of her eyes and she wipes it away
  1591. >I mean
  1592. >she has a fair point
  1593. >but still, it’s not right
  1594. >I walk over to her bed and sit on the corner of it, trying to be close
  1595. >”well, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. I never should have said I hated you. I don’t hate you, I was frustrated, and I was wrong to say that.”
  1596. >Miękki sniffles again and buries her face
  1597. >”I hate myself for it. You might not hate me, but I hate myself.”
  1598. >Miękki looks at me with a pitiful expression that hurts my soul
  1599. >I’m not used to seeing her like this
  1600. >I put my hand on her shoulder
  1601. >she flinches back a little, but eventually leans into it
  1602. >we sit there like this for a few minutes
  1603. >Miękki looks like she’s lost in thought
  1604. >and then her face muscles twitch
  1605. >And I can the beginnings of a new set of tears
  1606. >she sobs and cries again, making a damp mess on her tail fluff where her tears fall
  1607. >”I’m sorry, I didn’t know...I don’t know.”
  1610. >Miękki breaks down and rambles on about not knowing
  1611. >eventually she quiets down and regains her composure
  1612. >a quietness sets between us
  1613. >a calm stillness
  1614. >it stretches into many long minutes
  1615. >just the two of us there
  1616. >”I didn’t know you hated my teasing and jokes. I didn’t know, I’m sorry.”
  1617. >Miękkis voice is so soft
  1618. >a barely audible whisper
  1619. >she’s looking at me with sad eyes
  1620. >her face is a mask of regret and pity
  1621. >”I didn’t know. If you would have told me earlier...I would have just stopped.”
  1622. >Miękki gives a humorless laugh and wipes her face
  1623. >”but you never really told me to stop, so I thought it was fine. guess I’m just that stupid.”
  1624. >wait
  1625. >she would have just stopped?
  1626. >that easy?
  1627. >what the fuck?
  1628. >I’m confused
  1629. >”Why did you do it then? Why me?”
  1630. >Miękki buries her face into her fluff further
  1631. >it feels like she wishes she could just disappear forever
  1632. >”it’s because...I liked it…”
  1633. >...
  1634. >she thought I liked it
  1635. >really?
  1638. >Miękki glances at me then hides her face again
  1639. >”I know I know, it’s stupid. It’s really really REALLY stupid. I’m just a big dumb bunyip.”
  1640. >I mean
  1641. >kind off…
  1642. >not going to disagree there
  1643. >”Miękki, why...why would you even *think* I liked being insulted and teased?”
  1644. >”it’s stupid” she mutters from beneath her prison of fur
  1645. >she sits up and leans back against her headboard
  1646. >she covers her face with her hands
  1647. >”The first time I saw you. It’s because of the first time I ever saw you.”
  1648. >Miękki lets out a deep sigh
  1649. >”I remember looking over at you from across the pool. You seemed nice and friendly, and you had a nice smile. You were laughing so much and having so much fun with your friends...they were teasing and joking with you as well”
  1650. >Miękki cringes
  1651. >the expression conveys the fact that she feels like she wants to die
  1652. >”I though...maybe...god this is so stupid but I thought that maybe if I joked with you like would...maybe…”
  1653. >she picks back up her bunny and squeezes it hard
  1654. >”so I tried it and it worked, you paid attention to me. That’s all I wanted. I wanted you to notice me. To talk with me.”
  1655. >Miękki squeezes her eyes shut
  1656. >it looks like she’s in pain
  1657. >”I’m so stupid, it was a really stupid thing.”
  1658. >”you’re not stupid…”
  1659. >Miękki glares at me
  1660. >”Anon, cut the crap.”
  1661. >I shrug
  1662. >”ok...yeah, it’s...yeah that’s pretty stupid.”
  1663. >Miękki shrugs
  1664. >”it is. I thought that maybe since you were paying attention to me it meant we were friends, and you were just playing along. My friend said that guys like you really like girls who are confident and assertive.”
  1665. >wait what does she mean by guys like me?
  1666. >”but instead of liking hated it, and you hate me.”
  1669. >so this was just her trying to banter and be assertive?
  1670. >oh boy
  1671. >”Miękki, you do realize there is a difference between being assertive and being really aggressive, right?”
  1672. >Miękki looks at me angrily
  1673. >”I’m not aggressive Anon!”
  1674. >she glares at me for a second before her face softens
  1675. >anger suddenly turns to sadness
  1676. >it looks like she’s about to cry again
  1677. >”damn it damn it damn it”
  1678. >she sighs
  1679. >”I guess there is.”
  1680. >she lays back down into her coiled body looking defeated
  1681. >”I am aggressive. Shit.”
  1682. >I pat her on the shoulder again
  1683. >she glances at my hand and then up to me
  1684. >her eyes are pleading for help
  1685. >”I really don’t know how any of this works Anon. Bunyips aren’t social creatures. I don’t know what to say or how to say it. I’m alone so much...I’m alone so fucking much…”
  1686. >she looks scared
  1687. >I never expected someone so big and terrifying to look like she was in danger
  1688. >she has the expression a lost child
  1689. >poor thing
  1690. >”look, Miękki, if you wanted to talk to me you should have just said hey or something.”
  1691. >Miękki looks at me disappointed
  1692. >”that’s all?”
  1693. >nod my head
  1694. >”pretty much. I mean, why out of everyone would you even want to be my friend? I don’t swim much and I’m not even a similar major to you.”
  1695. >Miękki looks at me scared
  1696. >”well...uh, thing know...funny question...uh, I’m not too sure...uh...yeah.”
  1697. >she seems to be floundering with her answer
  1698. >it’s pretty funny
  1699. >I give a small chuckle
  1700. >”what? It’s not like you love me or something silly like that.”
  1701. >Miękki freezes up
  1702. >she looks around nervously
  1703. >”hahha, yeah that would be silly...haha y-yeah.”
  1704. >...
  1705. >*OH*
  1708. >both me and Miękki look at each other uncomfortably
  1709. >” you...really?”
  1710. >Miękki squeezes the stuffed bunny hard
  1711. >I’m not sure what that thing is made out of, but any lesser item would have popped by now
  1712. >”well, you know… why do you think I wanted to get your attention so bad?”
  1713. >”so, that’s a yes?”
  1714. >Miękki nods, croaking our a whispered “yes”
  1715. >I feel a little numb
  1716. >looking back, it all makes sense
  1717. >why else would she have spent so much time teasing me, following me around, forcing me out with her, or bringing me over?
  1718. >I’m not sure what to feel right now
  1719. >Miękkis breathing is labored
  1720. >seems like she just ran a marathon
  1721. >er, slithered? I guess?
  1722. >I scratch the back of my head
  1723. >and then I laugh
  1724. >it feels like three years of pent up emotions bursting out
  1725. >laugh for a solid five minutes, eventually falling back on the bed out of breath
  1726. >I compose myself after a few seconds
  1727. >Miękki looks sad
  1728. >”please don’t laugh at me...I know it’s stupid.” She whispers
  1729. >I shake my head, resting a hand on her tail
  1730. >”Miękki, you could have just told me.”
  1731. >She shakes her head
  1732. >”Bunyip aren’t social creatures. You know how we typically tell a guy we love them? By staring at them until we get so excited and confused by what we want to tell them that we just pounce on them and wrap them up.”
  1733. >really?
  1734. >that simple?
  1735. >”well, then why didn’t you?”
  1736. >Miękki opens her mouth and then stops
  1737. >it looks like the mental gears are turning
  1738. >she slowly looks at me
  1739. >Her pupils dilate
  1740. >there is no ounce of yellow left in her eyes, just sheer black
  1741. >I think I am in danger
  1744. >Miękkis gaze intensifies
  1745. >I can see her trembling
  1746. >I probably am going to die right now
  1747. >in a blink she lunges at me
  1748. >it all happens too fast
  1749. >I feel arms hook around me, followed by a tail and fluff coiling around my body
  1750. >I yanked upwards
  1751. >I go dizzy temporarily from the sudden violent movements
  1752. >my inertia subsided
  1753. >realize I am currently completely wrapped up by Miękki
  1754. >her tail completely envelopes my lower body, and her arms are holding me square into her chest
  1755. >her grip on my is firm but surprisingly gentle
  1756. >like she knows exactly how much pressure to squeeze with just before it becomes uncomfortable
  1757. >she’s nuzzling the top of my head crazily, making weird noises while doing so
  1758. >being wrapped In bunyip fluff feels amazing
  1759. >like a warm weighted blanket keeping you safe from all harm
  1760. >I lose all sense of time and space
  1761. >it’s just me and Miękki
  1762. >the sound of her breathing and heartbeat echoing in my ears
  1763. >she’s panting so hard
  1764. >her heart is pounding so fast
  1765. >how she hasn’t gone into cardiac arrest by now I’m not sure
  1766. >I swear I can hear a little sob coming from her
  1767. >but it’s not tears of sadness
  1768. >it’s tears of joy
  1771. >after what could have been ten seconds or ten minutes of hugging, Miękki lets go of me
  1772. >she’s looks giddy and embarrassed
  1773. >”sorry about that...I got excited.”
  1774. >she’s smiling at me, looking expectantly
  1775. >”Anon? Can I ask you a question?”
  1776. >”uh, sure Miękki? What is it?”
  1777. >”do you hate me?”
  1778. >ah, that question
  1779. >well…
  1780. >...
  1781. >do I?
  1782. >I want to hate her and all she’s done
  1783. >I want to hate her for how she’s teased, insulted, and annoyed me for the past three years
  1784. >I want to…
  1785. >...
  1786. >but…
  1787. >she’s only just a socially autistic bunyip…
  1788. >and as dumb as it is, she only did it because she thought I liked it and wanted my attention…
  1789. >...
  1790. >I shake my head
  1791. >”Miękki, I’m sorry for what I’ve said. I don’t hate you.”
  1792. >She lets out an excited squeal and hugs me again
  1793. >it’s a little tighter this time, but still not uncomfortable
  1794. >”I don’t hate you either Anon.”
  1795. >there’s a brief silence
  1796. >”Anon? Do me?”
  1797. >...
  1798. >Do I like her?
  1799. >I think for a few seconds
  1800. >then an answer comes to mind
  1801. >”well Miękki, I’ll have to see.”
  1804. >Miękki looks at me confused
  1805. >” that a yes or no?”
  1806. >good question
  1807. >I shrug
  1808. >”it’’s a maybe. Or, maybe like a probably? I’m not sure, I’m still working through about three years of emotions.”
  1809. >Miękki looks sad
  1810. >”oh..well, I see...well I’m sorry about all this. You...probably should get going then…”
  1811. >wait what?
  1812. >shake my head
  1813. >”Miękki, I’m not going anywhere yet. I didn’t say no.”
  1814. >Miękki looks confused
  1815. >she’s blinking and cocking her head
  1816. >trying to formulate a sentence
  1817. >”but you didn’t say yes...or no...but you still...what? What is going on?”
  1818. >Good question
  1819. >what *is* going on?
  1820. >”well, how about we talk this out over lunch or something?”
  1821. >Miękki looks at me with wide eyes
  1822. >there’s a strange glimmer to them
  1823. >”you mean like a date?”
  1824. >do I mean a date?
  1825. >a date with Miękki?
  1826. >flashbacks of all the other times she forced me out to lunch play in my head
  1827. >I shudder
  1828. >no
  1829. >No way
  1830. >not like that
  1831. >I let out a deep breath
  1832. >”well, yeah. Yeah, let’s go on a date. That would be nice.”
  1833. >this is different
  1834. >it will be different
  1835. >No facade of arrogance, just Miękki as she actually is
  1836. >Miękki looks at me with a blank expression
  1837. >”you’re actually asking me on a date?”
  1838. >I nod
  1839. >Miękki looks like she’s about to pass out
  1840. >Bunyip.exe is no longer functioning
  1843. >Miękki slowly nods yes
  1844. >”yeah...yeah! Yeah let’s go on a date. Uh, when do you want to go?”
  1845. >I shrug
  1846. >”I don’t have anything for the rest of the night, do you?”
  1847. >Miękki shakes her head
  1848. >”even if I did I’d still say no.”
  1849. >she looks so excited and nervous
  1850. >a strange look comes across her face
  1851. >she looks down at herself
  1852. >”well...I’m not really that presentable to go on a date right now...I’m in my PJs and I haven’t showered in days…”
  1853. >she lets out a sad sniffle
  1854. >”guess...maybe a different day?”
  1855. >”or you can shower and get ready and I’ll just wait in the living room?”
  1856. >Miękki grabs me by the shoulders and yanks me towards her face
  1857. >”YOU'D DO THAT FOR ME?”
  1858. >I smile and nod
  1859. >”yeah...why not?”
  1860. >she makes a sound like a happy tea kettle
  1862. >Miękki practically throws me down to the living room
  1863. >she slithers through the hall and immediately goes to the bathroom to shower
  1864. >...
  1865. >this was a good decision, right?
  1868. >wait down in the living room for a good half hour
  1869. >hear Miękki bustling and rummaging around upstairs
  1870. >Miękki comes down the stairs
  1871. >look up at her
  1872. >*oh*
  1873. >she’s wearing a long turtleneck sweater, and a skirt that hides the rest of her wait
  1874. >she sits down on the couch next to me
  1875. >get enveloped in bunyip fluff
  1876. >I can smell the faint scent of some flowery perfume that she put on, and the fruity aroma of her conditioner
  1877. >Miękki blushes and quickly gets off me
  1878. >I get off the couch and move over to a different seat
  1879. >look at Miekkis face
  1880. >she seems very nervous
  1881. >we sit awkwardly for a few seconds
  1882. >”uh...Miękki? Are you ready to go out?”
  1883. >Miękki looks at me and nods
  1884. >”uh...yeah, yeah...let’s go out…”
  1885. >her tone is scared
  1886. >”do you have an idea where we should go? Anything that you like?”
  1887. >Miękki looks like she’s thinking
  1888. >”well, there is this pizza restaurant I like that my family orders from.”
  1889. >”that sounds nice, where is it?”
  1890. >Miękki looks away embarrassed
  1891. >”I...I don’t know, I’ve only ordered delivery.”
  1892. >”oh...well, any other places you like?”
  1893. >”well...I really like the buffalo wings from the local sports bar, they are very good.”
  1894. >”want to go there?”
  1895. >”uh...I’m not sure where it is. I get those delivered as well.”
  1896. >”....anywhere else?”
  1897. >”there’s a good Chinese food place I love...but…”
  1898. >”delivery?”
  1899. >she nods her head
  1900. >”yeah, delivery. I don’t like going out. I get scared. That’s why I ditched my team on my birthday and ended up crying in the locker room. that was a pretty bad day.”
  1901. >well, this date just got a lot more difficult
  1905. >Miękki is wearing a sad expression on her face
  1906. >she lets out a deep sigh
  1907. >”I guess we won’t be having a date after all then”
  1908. >damn it
  1909. >...
  1910. >unless…
  1911. >”what if we just order in and have dinner here?”
  1912. >Miękki looks at me curiously
  1913. >”we can do that?”
  1914. >I shrug
  1915. >”why not?”
  1916. >HappyBunyipNoises.Mp3
  1917. >Miękki calls the Chinese food place
  1918. >puts in an order
  1919. >person on the phone says it should take about 45 minutes to an hour for delivery
  1920. >a little long but not bad
  1921. >she looks at me happily
  1922. >then pounces at me, wrapping herself around my body
  1923. >she’s giggling wildly to herself and she squeezes me in her fluffy coils
  1924. >”so, what are we going to do while we wait for the food?” She asks excitedly
  1925. >the amount of fluff and the scent from it is so overwhelming I barely can comprehend what she is saying
  1926. >I’m lost in a pool of pleasant sensation
  1927. >”uh, Anon? You doing alright? Anon? Earth to space cadet are you there?”
  1928. >I snap out of the fluff induced trance
  1929. >Miękki gives me a funny look
  1930. >”you dummy, forget to take your sped pills today?”
  1931. >Miękki laughs at her own joke
  1932. >then immediately her face goes horrified
  1936. >”oh shit, fuck. I’m sorry.”
  1937. >she tries to push me away even though I’m wrapped up by her
  1938. >”I’m sorry I didn’t mean to insult you again I just got comfortable and forgot and-“
  1939. >”Miękki, it’s fine.” I say, interrupting her
  1940. >she stops
  1941. >”what fine?”
  1942. >”you’re teasing, it’s...fine. You can do it, I...I guess I don’t mind it.”
  1943. >Miękki glares at me
  1944. >”dude, an hour ago you were just saying how you hated me teasing you for three years straight.”
  1945. >”well, yeah. But that was because I thought you were being mean and hated me. When it’s done in a friendly way or with good meaning behind it the teasing...feels different.”
  1946. >Miękki gives me a strange look
  1947. >but it seems like she gets it
  1948. >” like being bullied?” She asks
  1949. >”well, I don’t mind being teased if it’s by friends or people I love.”
  1950. >Miękki grins
  1951. >”that’s a little creepy Anon, you know that? You a sub bottom or something?”
  1952. >there’s a little glimmer in her eye
  1953. >the sense that she doesn’t mean what she is saying
  1954. >that’s the Miękki I like
  1957. >end up deciding that we should watch a movie together while we wait for the food to be delivered
  1958. >put in one of the Neumagh reboot movies
  1959. >I’m on a different couch from her because she takes up the entire couch with her tails
  1960. >kind of hard to see the movie from over here, but I manage
  1961. >Miękki spends most of the first half of the movie glancing at me
  1962. >staring
  1963. >she looks like she’s lost in thought
  1964. >she finally speaks
  1965. >”Anon, you should move over here and sit on my lap...please?”
  1966. >she looks at me confused
  1967. >”that...that’s assertive but not aggressive, right?”
  1968. >I smile and nod as I get up
  1969. >”that was good.”
  1970. >Miękki giggles happily
  1971. >before I can even get to the couch her tail wraps around me and pulls me close
  1972. >she coils around me, wrapping me back up in her fluff
  1973. >after being sufficiently wrapped she hugs me from behind, resting her chin on my head
  1974. >I can hear her heart thumping and her breathing
  1975. >every exhale is punctuated by a tiny giggle
  1976. >So this is what being that stuffed bunny feels like
  1977. >can’t say I don’t envy it
  1978. >this is really nice
  1979. >so much soft fluff…
  1980. >being hugged all over…
  1981. >the warmth of the person hugging you…
  1982. >this is amazing
  1983. >I feel her breaths tickle the top of my head
  1984. >she’s breathing in through her nose and exhaling out her mouth
  1985. >wait
  1986. >she’s sniffing my hair
  1987. >it feels nice
  1988. >her hands are slowly rubbing at my shoulders and arms
  1989. >I lean back into her more
  1990. >I can feel her chest pressed right against my neck, my head sinking slightly into the soft flesh
  1991. >I slowly begin rubbing my hands along her tail, combing my fingers through the fluff and massaging the skin under it
  1992. >that provides a positive reaction as her breathing gets harder
  1995. >I rub along her tail more
  1996. >combing up and down along the fluff, feeling the yielding skin underneath
  1997. >I make it to the tip of her tail
  1998. >Miękki shudders
  1999. >she hugs me tight and buries her face into the top of my head
  2000. >I hear her huffing my hair
  2001. >she mutters something under her breath
  2002. >”what? Did you say something?”
  2003. >I turn back and look up at Miękkis face
  2004. >she has a warm expression
  2005. >”oh...nothing much, just realized that you smell at least twice as good as your jacket does.”
  2006. >my jacket?
  2007. >oh yeah, forgot about that
  2008. >that’s where it was
  2009. >wait
  2010. >I give Miękki a sly look
  2011. >”why were you sniffing my jacket? You know, that makes *you* seem creepy.”
  2012. >Miękki smiles back
  2013. >”I was sniffing your jacket because it was making my room smelly, like you, you dumb smelly human.”
  2014. >she pauses for a second
  2015. >she gives me a sly grin that makes my previous one look like a frown
  2016. >”Say, Anon, how about I make it up to you and let you sniff my sweater?”
  2017. >oh?
  2018. >that’s a little weird…
  2019. >but then again, she smells very good just from being near her...
  2020. >I wonder how much conditioner she must use for all this fluff
  2021. >”well...sure, I guess?”
  2022. >Miękki wraps her arms around my back
  2023. >then immediately pulls my head into her chest
  2024. >my face is suddenly squished between the cushion of her two breasts
  2025. >she put an arm around the back of my head, forcing me to stay
  2026. >the suddenness of the action causes me to take deep panting breaths
  2027. >she smells amazing
  2028. >flowers, fruit, and some strange musk
  2029. >it fills my lungs like a physical object
  2030. >it’s like an intoxicating smoke giving me a high
  2031. >the softness of the sweater and the squish of her breast on my face feels like heaven
  2032. >the two sensations combine are making my mind feel numb
  2034. >Miękki eventually loosens her grip
  2035. >I feel light
  2036. >I sway a little back
  2037. >I have the biggest grin on my face I’ve ever felt
  2038. >my cheeks feel so red and hot
  2039. >probably could sear a piece of meat on them
  2040. >look at at Miękkis face
  2041. >she’s smiling a nervous smile
  2042. >she lets out a little giggle
  2043. >”you look like an idiot, you know that? A dummy idiot.”
  2044. >she pinches my cheek
  2045. >I’m still a little stunned so I just accept it
  2046. >”your...your sweater smells good.” I finally manage to mutter out
  2047. >Miękki laughs and hugs me again
  2048. >”aww, did I break the fragile little Anon? Don’t worry, I’ll try to be more gentle.”
  2049. >she lets me go and I look up at her eyes
  2050. >her yellow eyes…
  2051. >is that yellow?
  2052. >it’s not really yellow…
  2053. >more like a light gold
  2054. >glittery light gold
  2055. >they are pretty
  2056. >reach up and rub her cheek
  2057. >Miękki leans into my hand, bringing up her own fluffy paw like hand to my own
  2058. >her skin is slightly cool touch
  2059. >not cold, but a little less warm than a normal humans skin
  2060. >it feels pleasant
  2061. >I cup her face in my hands
  2062. >she looks beautiful
  2063. >maybe it’s just the mood
  2064. >maybe it’s because the sweater thing
  2065. >but she looks beautiful
  2066. >our faces lean close
  2067. >Miękki hooks her arms around my back, pulling me closer
  2068. >our faces are mere centimeters apart
  2069. >I can feel her breath panting onto me
  2070. >I’m sure she can feel mine as well
  2071. >I hope my breath isn’t bad
  2072. >Miękki grins
  2073. >”you know Anon, I never forgave you.”
  2074. >....
  2075. >what
  2079. >I look at Miękki confused
  2080. >wait
  2081. >this better not have been some elaborate revenge scheme
  2082. >I swear if this was a trick I’m probably going to kill myself
  2083. >”w-what do you mean by that?”
  2084. >Miękki smiles widely
  2085. >”Remember the locker room? My homework? I never forgave you…”
  2086. >the thought clicks in my mind
  2087. >*that* forgiveness
  2088. >Miękki licks her teeth with her purple tongue
  2089. >she has a look of hope to her eyes
  2090. >she leans in close to my ear
  2091. >”please let me forgive you.” She whispers in a low and husky tone right into my ear
  2092. >her voice is wavering and desperate
  2093. >she wants this badly
  2094. >she leans back at looks at me expectantly
  2095. >”please Anon? Just a little one? You’d be dumb to say no. You want me to forgive you, right?”
  2096. >...
  2097. >she makes a compelling argument
  2098. >”okay, let’s forgive each other.”
  2099. >Miękki giggles
  2100. >”how are we doing this? Slow or ar-“
  2101. >before I can finish the sentence Miękkis face lunges towards mine
  2102. >her lips immediately greet mine as he hands wrap around the back of my head
  2103. >she pulls me into a deep kiss
  2104. >Miękki moans into my mouth before breaking the contact
  2105. >my mind feels like someone dumped warm beer into it
  2106. >fizzy, hot, drunk
  2107. >Miękki takes a few deep panting breaths
  2108. >and then she immediately goes back for another
  2109. >this one feels more desperate as she sucks on my lips
  2110. >she breaks it momentarily to breath
  2111. >and then comes back for another kiss
  2112. >and another
  2113. >and another
  2114. >Miękki repeatedly assaults my mouth with her lips
  2115. >each kiss feels frantic and desperate, like a drowning person gasping for air
  2116. >it quickly goes from me and Miękki kissing to just her passionately mouthing at my lips
  2117. >she slowly moves from my lips across my face
  2118. >pelting my cheeks, before creeping down my neck
  2119. >she sucks on the nape of my neck, whimpering in her own mouth
  2120. >it feels like lighting is shooting up into my brain
  2121. >she releases my neck with a pop
  2122. >Miękki pants right into my ear
  2123. >her breathing is anxious and desperate
  2124. >”I forgive you” she whispers gently
  2127. >before I can say anything she goes back to kissing
  2128. >she’s pulling me in hard
  2129. >I’m impossibly close to her
  2130. >I can feel my body being mashed into her
  2131. >each kiss makes my mind fuzzier than the last
  2132. >at this point I’m at her mercy
  2133. >she could keep me like this forever and I would be helpless to stop her
  2134. >each kiss becomes more desperate than the last
  2135. >she’s squeezing me like a hand trying to keep the sand from running out of it
  2136. >as if she lets go of me I’ll disappear forever
  2137. >she breaks contact to breath
  2138. >I have the briefest moments of lucidity
  2139. >I take the chance to cup her face
  2140. >”Miękki, you can slow down, okay?”
  2141. >her panting is hard
  2142. >she lets out a little whimper
  2143. >I caress her cheek softly
  2144. >she leans into my hand, looking at me with desperate eyes
  2145. >it looks like it’s physically painful for her not to kiss me
  2146. >lean in close to her face
  2147. >”you can slow down, alright? I’m not going anywhere, okay?”
  2148. >Miękki lets out a deep breath
  2149. >she nods
  2150. >”okay...okay okay yeah…”
  2151. >she hugs me tight
  2152. >”I just don’t want you to leave me you dummy. If this is the only time I can hold you and squeeze you and kiss you I’m doing it all I can.”
  2153. >she says this all through a small sob
  2154. >...
  2155. >I’m totally not on the verge of tears right now
  2156. >totally not
  2161. >I hug her back tightly
  2162. >”don’t worry, I won’t leave you, I promise. You’re stuck with me now.”
  2163. >do I mean that?
  2164. >we haven’t even had a date yet
  2165. >but do I really care?
  2166. >no
  2167. >I really mean it
  2168. >I don’t want to leave her
  2169. >maybe I’ll regret it later, but I don’t regret it right now
  2170. >wipe off the small tears in my eyes on her fluff
  2171. >I can’t let her see me cry
  2172. >we break the embrace
  2173. >she looks at me longingly
  2174. >like she’s hasn’t seen me in years
  2175. >I raise a hand up and ruffle her hair before rubbing her ear
  2176. >she giggles at the touch
  2177. >lean back up for another kiss
  2178. >Miękki leans down to great me
  2179. >I cup her face again and take the initiative
  2180. >the kiss is lighter, slower, and more drawn out this time
  2181. >it’s not the panicked desperate lip smashing of someone who is worried they will never see their lover again
  2182. >No
  2183. >it is the chaste, passionate kiss of two people who know that they will always have each other
  2184. >there’s not as many fireworks in my brain
  2185. >no lighting
  2186. >instead, a pleasurable buzz
  2187. >like being drunk
  2188. >I break the kiss
  2189. >Miękki looks drunk
  2190. >her head is lolling in my hands
  2191. >her eyes are hooded and Smokey looking
  2192. >she smiles
  2193. >”another. Now. Please.”
  2194. >can’t say no to that
  2198. >kiss her again
  2199. >her hands come up and gently rub the back of my head
  2200. >I feel her lips part more
  2201. >her hands are firmly gripping my head
  2202. >her tongue darts into my mouth
  2203. >I recoile slightly, but her hands keep me in place
  2204. >the flesh of it feels unnaturally smooth and silky
  2205. >I feel it fully extend, completely wrapping around and dwarfing my own tongue
  2206. >the forked end of it flickers and tickles the back of my throat
  2207. >I’m both repulsed and aroused by this
  2208. >she pulls me into the French kiss, moaning heavily
  2209. >she pulls away with a pop, he tongue trailing out of my mouth
  2210. >the appendage hang limply from her jaw before she sucks it back in, licking her lips and teeth in the process
  2211. >I cough and gag a little, The after effects of the violation rushing through me
  2212. >I’m left panting and out of breath, Miękki staring at me and smiling
  2213. >”please...warn me before you do that next time…”
  2214. >”if I would have told you you would have said no.”
  2215. >she hugs me, squeezing my face into her chest again
  2216. >”come on Anon, you can’t say you didn’t like it…”
  2217. >I blush a little
  2218. >Miękki grins again
  2219. >”well, I never said I didn’t...just...warn me next time.”
  2220. >Miękki begins stroking my hair
  2221. >”You like being roughed around, don’t you?” She chuckles to me
  2222. >I feel my cheeks get more red
  2223. >”Well it’s pretty hard to not get roughed around by you, especially with this size difference.”
  2224. >Miękki wraps her tail and arms around me tighter, making it near impossible to move in her grip
  2225. >”so you’re telling me I can just do with you what I want, and you can’t stop me?”
  2226. >she has a mischievous grin to her face
  2227. >she wants to take control here
  2228. >I can’t allow that
  2229. >I move my face a little to where my head is resting directly on her right breast
  2230. >I look up at her face and smile
  2231. >she gives me a concerned smile back
  2232. >I blink once
  2233. >then bite her nipple
  2236. >it’s through her sweater, and I only press with my teeth, but it’s enough
  2237. >Miękki throws her head back and lets out a hissing breath
  2238. >I grind my teeth a little, rolling the clothed nub of flesh around
  2239. >Miękki curses loudly
  2240. >I release her from my mouth and look up at her face
  2241. >Miękki is panting hard, her face completely flushed
  2242. >”you bastard...that was a dirty move…” she manages to mumble in a breathy voice
  2243. >I rest my chin in the valley of her chest, looking up at her with a smug smile
  2244. >”but if I told you you would have said no. You can’t say you didn’t like it.” I say with a grin, echoing her earlier words
  2245. >she scowls at me for a second
  2246. >and then lets out huff
  2247. >” did feel good.”
  2248. >she looks at me curiously
  2249. >”bet you wouldn’t be brave enough to do that with my sweater off.”
  2250. >...
  2251. >what?
  2253. >Miękki lets go of me and leans back
  2254. >I watch in awe as she grabs the bottom of her sweater
  2255. >and in a single swift motion pull it up
  2256. >My mind seizes
  2257. >Miękki leans back shyly, presenting her bare chest to me
  2258. >the two globes of her breasts gently heave up and down with each of her breaths
  2259. >they are very well shaped and firm looking, surprising since I just felt how soft they were under the sweater
  2260. >her light pink nipples are completely hard, their color complimenting the darkness of her skin
  2261. >no to mention her abs
  2262. >her entire midriff looks like it could grind down stone
  2263. >all those hours swimming has done her wonders
  2264. >so powerfully muscular, but tied into a soft body
  2265. >she shyly looks away, her face blushing
  2266. >”don’t just stare at them like that you retard, you’re making me nervous.”
  2267. >”oh...uh...s-sorry.”
  2268. >an awkward silence settles between us
  2269. >” know, a bet’s a bet. I bet you wouldn’t do it...are you gonna prove me wrong?”
  2270. >oh, right
  2271. >smoosh my face into the bare valley of her chest
  2272. >gently plant a kiss there
  2273. >I can hear Miękkis breath hitch
  2274. >place another kiss there before planting a third kiss on the side of her left breast
  2275. >Miękki lets out gasp
  2276. >trail kisses down the left side her ample chest before nuzzling and rubbing my face into it
  2277. >Miękki is panting are this point
  2278. >make it to her nipple
  2279. >kiss around it, making a large circle
  2280. >look up at her face
  2281. >sweat is beading her head
  2282. >her mouth is open and she is panting hard
  2283. >I see her mouth “please” and nod
  2284. >plant a kiss right on her nipple
  2285. >She clenches her teeth and screws her eyes shut, letting out a groan
  2286. >gently suck at the protrusion, using lips in favor of teeth
  2287. >I look at her other breast and get an idea
  2288. >reach over with my hand and gently caress it
  2289. >Miękki closer her eyes tighter and lets out another soft moan
  2290. >slowly begin kneading and gently squishing it
  2291. >she squirms with every touch and motion
  2292. >even though she has me wrapped up in her grip, I am in full control of her
  2293. >this make me more bold
  2294. >after those three years of her practically running my life, this is an amazing change of pace
  2295. >I circle her right nipple with my thumb while continuing to squeeze her breast
  2296. >at this point Miękki is biting her lower lip and rocking her head back and forth like she’s in a trance
  2297. >she’s letting out a constant low that makes her squeak every time she inhales and shudder when she exhales
  2298. >she’s on the verge of losing it
  2299. >time to send her over
  2300. >pinch her right nipple between my thumb and finger while sucking hard on her left on
  2301. >Miękki throws her head back and lets out a strangled, choked yelling sound
  2302. >”FUCK!”
  2303. >I feel her tense and loosen up rhythmically with each breath
  2304. >she looks back down at me panting
  2305. >I give her nipple one last lingering kiss before parting my mouth from it
  2306. >I give her a grin
  2307. >she regains her composure a little and playfully pushes me away
  2308. >”you dumbass, I meant for you to bite it, not...whatever that was…”
  2309. >she looks away from me dejected
  2310. >oh
  2311. >did I…
  2312. >did I mess up?
  2313. >did she not like that?
  2314. >I feel her hand meet the top of my head and she ruffles my hair
  2315. >she’s trying her best not to smile
  2316. >ah, never mind
  2317. >I did fine
  2318. >I lean back a little, proud of my work
  2319. >”I won the bet”
  2320. >...
  2321. >what?
  2322. >Miękki is grinning
  2323. >”I win, I won the bet. You weren’t brave enough to bite me again.”
  2324. >...
  2325. >oh
  2326. >she looks back down at me
  2327. >there is a sinister and sultry look to her eyes
  2328. >”but...I mean, I *did* just do all that, Isn't that worth something?”
  2329. >she shakes her head no
  2330. >”bet was that you would bite it nude, you sucked on it like a little fucking baby.”
  2331. >oh no
  2332. >she wraps her arms around me and her fluffy tail tightens around my body
  2333. >I’m enveloped in Bunyip fluff
  2334. >”little baby Anon won’t bite his mommy Bunyip, he just wants to suck on her all day doesn’t she.”
  2335. >her smugness is cranked up to one thousand
  2336. >she wants her revenge
  2337. >I can feel her huffing the scent of my hair
  2338. >”mmmm, since I won the bet, I wonder what my prize should be…”
  2339. >her tail slowly is coilng up me
  2340. >she removes her arms and leans back
  2341. >I try to move my arms, and find that I’m completely wrapped in her tail
  2342. >she stares at me smugly
  2343. >”aw, helpless baby Anon, look at you…”
  2344. >Miękki hugs me tight again and peppers my head with kisses
  2345. >she trails down my head with her mouth before stopping right at my lips
  2346. >she slowly and sensually nibbles at my top lip, sucking at it like candy
  2347. >she lets it go with a pop before letting out a long warm breath onto my face
  2348. >”what should my prize be Anon?” She whispers into my ear, tone dripping with suggestion
  2349. >Her words make me throb, bringing my attention to how painfully erect I have become
  2350. >I can feel my own jeans hurting me as they constrict my erection
  2351. >Miękki slowly parts her coils, allowing her access to where my pants zipper is
  2352. >Her large, fluffy, powerful paw like hand gropes me, drawing a gasp from my lips
  2353. >”oh, my my, what’s this? You have a boner?” She says in a playful tone while making soul piercing eye contact with me
  2354. >her sadistic smile wavers a little
  2355. >”y-you do have a boner, right? I-I’m..I-I’m doing this correctly and making you hard, right?”
  2356. >I can hear the slight edge of panic to her voice
  2357. >I can’t help but give a small chuckle
  2358. >”painfully hard.” I confirm
  2359. >she lets out a small sigh of relief her smile returns to normal
  2360. >”oh? So eager to start?”
  2361. >her large paw hand grabs at my zipper and pulls it down
  2362. >...
  2363. >*tries* to pull it down
  2364. >Miękki grumbles and tries to catch the metal tab with the stubby claws at the end of her fingers
  2365. >not so much avail
  2366. >she loosens me up a little to get a better grip, both hands attempting to lower the zipper and remove the button
  2367. >Miękki lets out a disgruntled sigh
  2368. >”uh...Anon? Could know….”
  2369. >I nod and undo my zipper and button
  2370. >Miękki lets out a little squeal of delight and plants a surprisingly chaste kiss on my cheek
  2371. >”thank you, you’re a lifesaver. Oh, and the shirt, could you please..”
  2372. >I slip off my shirt, and Miękki smiles again
  2373. >”oh thanks a bunch, I don’t want it to get torn.”
  2374. >her coils tighten slightly more around me
  2375. >she looks back down at my unzipped pants
  2376. >”now, let’s see here….”
  2377. >she hooks a claw on the elastic of my boxers and slowly pulls it down
  2378. >after a few agonizingly slow seconds my erection bounces free of its prison
  2379. >Miękki lets out a small squeak
  2380. >”what the hell…”
  2381. >I can see her staring at my manhood
  2382. >she seems both confused and happy with it
  2383. >Miękki reaches for it and wraps her hands around my length
  2384. >the odd sensation of skin and fluff sets my nerves off
  2385. >she gently rubs up and down, like she’s experimenting or getting a feel for it
  2386. >it’s like a silky satin glove is administering its care to me
  2387. >wince from the pleasure overwhelming my mind
  2388. >I am painfully aware of my bodies desire to release the already overwhelming pressure that is building
  2389. >the feeling of her body around me plus playing with her breasts already set me on edge, but her touch is making my body scream with the need to cum
  2390. >Miękki is smiling like a sadist as she rhythmically rubs me up and down
  2391. >it’s so soft and fluffy, yet such a firm grip
  2392. >I’m already panting hard
  2393. >”look at you, so pathetic and helpless, I could keep you right here forever and you couldn’t do anything about it.”
  2394. >the thought of Miękki gently stroking me and holding me on edge like this for hours on end with this torturously wonderful feeling only heightens my need
  2395. >I clench my teeth, trying to hold back a groan
  2396. >Miękkis hand moves faster and faster
  2397. >I can feel my face getting red
  2398. >Miękkis smile slowly goes from sadistic to excited
  2399. >”a-are you close? Come on, you have to be close.”
  2400. >she looks genuinely happy
  2401. >she wants me to feel good
  2402. >this isn’t just about her enjoyment, or mine
  2403. >it’s about both of us
  2404. >I find the strength to nod yes
  2405. >Miękki suddenly stops, leaving me dangling right on the edge
  2406. >it feels like if she were to breath in the general directions of my loins it would be enough to set me off
  2407. >Miękki moves her face close to mine
  2408. >”Anon? Do you love me?”
  2409. >My mind is swimming with pleasure and confusion
  2410. >”I’m...still figuring it out…”
  2411. >She frowns
  2412. >”well, would you love me if I let you? And would you let me love you?”
  2413. >I’m not sure what this timing is, or why she is saying this, or what it means
  2414. >or, at least that is what I am trying to convince myself
  2415. >in reality, the answer is yes
  2416. >”yes, I will, and I would.”
  2417. >Miękki lets out a happy squeal
  2418. >Her lips mash into mine, and her tongue darts into my mouth as she gives me another French kiss
  2419. >she holds it for a few seconds before releasing me with a pop
  2420. >”that’s a good answer, for a stupid dummy Anon like yourself.”
  2421. >her hand wraps around my erection again and she starts pumping her fist harder  and more rapidly than before
  2422. >”since you have such a good answer, I’ll let you finish right onto my abs.”
  2423. >she leans back, exposing her entire bare front to me
  2424. >she pumps me harder, smiling happily
  2425. >”come on anon, I know you want to. Be a lewd pervert and make a mess on me.”
  2426. >I feel my body tense up as she gives me a few last hard strokes
  2427. >Cum right into her abs, the ejaculation covering her entire front torso
  2428. >I let out an embarrassing moan as she continues to jerk with her hand, my emissions soaking into the fluff of her paw hand
  2429. >I let out a loud sigh as I feel my orgasm receding
  2430. >Miękki loosens her coils and I lean back, feeling my entire body drained
  2431. >”holy fuck Anon, you made a mess.”
  2432. >I look at her body
  2433. >Contrasting with her dark skin is the gooey white of my ejaculation
  2434. >it’s running down from the base of her breast into her midriff, the cum flowing through the lines of her ab muscles
  2435. >the sight of this makes me cum a little more
  2436. >we both lay back, staring into each other’s eyes while rubbing the others body
  2437. >I’m running my fingers through her tails fluff, while she casually is stroking my side
  2438. >the movie long ago finished and stopped playing
  2439. >there’s no sound but the idle music of the title screen and our breathing
  2440. >all is right in the world
  2441. >the front door unlocks
  2442. >what
  2443. >it swings open
  2444. >”Surprise! Miękki, we’re home!”
  2445. >”Miękki? Did you order take out? There was Chinese food just sitting on the front porch.”
  2446. >a male and a female voice call out as they start to come in to the house
  2447. >Miękki perks up smiling
  2448. >”mom! Dad! You’re home!”
  2449. >her face turns to horror and she looks down at herself and then over to me
  2451. >I look back just in time to see Miękkis human father and Bunyip mother come through the door
  2452. >their eyes go wide and they immediately start back peddling
  2453. >”whoops! Bad timing!” Shouts dad as he shoves his wife backwards, pulling the door shut
  2454. >we both look from the door back to each other with blank faces
  2455. >Miękkis phone starts ringing in her dress pocket
  2456. >she picks it up
  2457. >”uh...hi dad, how's it going?”
  2458. >*”it‘’s going, how are you doing sweetie? Doing good?”*
  2459. >Miękki is blushing hard
  2460. >”yeah, it’s going really well…”
  2461. >*”so, uh, you  ordered Chinese food for dinner?”*
  2462. >Miękki is cringing hard
  2463. >”yeah, I did… I got the family meal so there’s plenty of food…so, you and mom can have some to eat as well.”
  2464. >*”uh...thank you sweetie...well, does your friend want to join us for dinner? I think me and mom would like to meet him.”
  2465. >Miękki pulls the phone away from her head and covers the speaker piece
  2466. >”do you want to join us for dinner and meet my parents?”
  2467. >I shrug
  2468. >”well, sure, yeah. I’d love to meet them. I mean, it would be kind of weird if I didn’t…”
  2469. >Miękki lets out an awkward laugh
  2470. >”haha, really would.”
  2471. >she puts the phone back up to hear large fluffy ear
  2472. >”yeah, he said he would love to meet you guys.”
  2473. >*oh that’s great! Uh, why not you know, finish up and get showered and just...text us when you’re ready?”
  2474. >Miękki nods
  2475. >”y-yeah. Will do. Bye dad, love you.”
  2476. >*”bye sweetie.”*
  2477. >she hangs up the phone and her face is as red as her dark skin can physically allow
  2478. >she looks at me awkwardly
  2479. >”so, do you want to shower first...or…”
  2480. >I gesture to her midriff
  2481. >”how about you go first since ladies first and...well, you know”
  2482. >she nods again
  2483. >”haha, yeah, yep.”
  2484. >Miękki lets me out of her grip and slithers upstairs, leaving me laying on the couch
  2485. >...
  2486. >that could have gone much much worse
  2489. >About 30 minutes later we all are sitting at the Bunyip families dinner table
  2490. >Dinner is surprisingly not as awkward as it could be
  2491. >We have to warm up the chinese food, but thats about it
  2492. >Miękki is super energetic and happy that her mom and dad are back, but theres something a little off
  2493. >She’s quieter and more reserved seeming, her usual brashness that she shows around me is gone
  2494. >I guess the smugness is something she only shows me
  2495. >Get to talking with Miękki’s mom and dad
  2496. >Apparently they are both archeology majors who met at the same university me and Miękki go to
  2497. >They just got back from an excavation they were doing, and wanted to surprise Miękki for her birthday
  2498. >Which explains why they didn’t call to say that they were coming back
  2499. >I gotta say, they have impeccable timing
  2500. >Miękki’s is a near carbon copy of her mother, Puszysty
  2501. >the only difference is that her moms eyes are green, and she is a little taller than Miękki
  2502. >Her dad is just a normal middle aged human named Jonathan, but he Insists that I call him by Jone’s
  2503. >He seems good natured and smiles a lot, happily chatting with Miękki about things that him and Puszysty found on their dig
  2505. >Miękki’s eyes are wide and bright as her dad talks about the dig
  2506. >He often stops eating just to do elaborate hand gestures and emphasis something, which causes Miękki to gasp and beg him to continue the story
  2507. >Of course her mom cuts in every few words to give a few sentences of clarification
  2508. >”And then, when we dug down past the marker, we found a massive cavern filled with old pottery!”
  2509. >”...which by “massive cavern” your father means a cavity in the earth about five feet deep and three feet wide on either side, but it was still very big.”
  2510. >”aw, come on Zysty, let me have some fun with the kid.”
  2511. >I can’t help but smile at the interactions between them
  2512. >The conversation slowly shifts to me and Miękki
  2513. >”so..Anon, right?” he dad says clearing his throat
  2514. >Uh oh
  2515. >I hope he isn’t going to yell at me or something
  2516. >”I see that you and my daughter are…*acquainted* with each other?”
  2517. >Miękki tries her best to hide her embarrassed blush
  2518. >I slowly nod
  2519. >”uh, yeah. We are… We are acquainted well.”
  2520. >Her dad nods and smiles
  2521. >”oh, well thats good. How long have you two known each other for?”
  2522. >I look to Miękki and shrug
  2524. >”oh, about three-ish years now. Since my first semester coming here.”
  2525. >Miękki’s mom looks over at her
  2526. >”Anon? Thats his name? Oh, is this the cute tutor boy that you were telling me about?”
  2527. >Cute tutor boy?
  2528. >Miękki looks like she swallowed a rock
  2529. >”well… I mean he really isn’t a tutor a-and more of...of a study buddy but- wait no I mean a he’s a homework pal er-”
  2530. >Miękki is rattling on nervously
  2531. >She seems very uncomfortable at the implications of everything she is saying
  2532. >”Well, yes I am her a weird way.” I say
  2533. >Miękki looks at me
  2534. >I give her a little wink showing that there is nothing to worry about
  2535. >we can talk about this later
  2536. >Dad looks at me with a smile
  2537. >”ah, so you're the guy who helped her get her grades up so she could keep her scholarship, I’m very thankful for you.” he says with a grin
  2538. >He goes back to picking at his food
  2539. >”So, what do you tutor in? History? Math?...”
  2540. >I take a sip of water as he seems to trail off
  2541. >He has a huge smile
  2542. >”...biology?”
  2543. >nearly gag on my drink
  2544. >I hear a fluffy tail slap his leg
  2546. >His wife is trying not to giggle, and Miękki is blushing again
  2547. >”Jonesy! Not at the dinner table…” Bunyip mom chides him
  2548. >He gives a shrug
  2549. “Aw, you usually love my jokes! Come on! Well, I guess Anon already did that though…”
  2550. >My face lights up redder than a stop light
  2551. >Miękki is trying to hide her face in her large paws
  2552. >””
  2553. >Puszysty covers her mouth to stifle a laugh
  2554. >It suddenly feels very hard to breath in here
  2555. >Jones shrugs
  2556. >”All right, I’ll stop...for the time being.”
  2557. >He goes back to eating happily
  2558. >Mom bunyip just smiles and continues along
  2559. >”So how long have the two of you been dating for?” she asks with a smile, biting into a piece of orange chicken
  2560. >Me and Miękki exchange glances with each other
  2561. >I clear my throat
  2562. >”well...You see, we’ve been dating...about…”
  2563. >”We’ve been going out together for about three years?” finishes Miękki quizzically
  2564. >I nod
  2565. >”y-yeah, you could say that. Three years sounds about right.”
  2566. >Dad wipes his face
  2567. >”Now, how many of those we’re actual dates you both agreed on?”
  2568. >We both go silent
  2570. >Share another glance
  2571. >If a bunyip could be pale, that is what Miękki looks like now
  2572. >He large, fluffy ears fold down flat
  2573. >”A-all of them were actual dates know...real ones.
  2574. >She looks like an ashamed puppy
  2575. >Her dad gives her a knowing look
  2576. >”really? All of them?”
  2577. >Miękki shrinks down a bit
  2578. >” least half...or a few of them…”
  2579. >”Miękki, sweetie, are you trying to lie to your old man?”
  2580. >She looks up at him shamefully
  2581. >”This...might havebeensupposedtobeourveryfirstdate…”
  2582. >She cringes hard
  2583. >Her mom and dad both seem taken aback
  2584. >they both share an “oh”
  2585. >Her dad just covers his mouth with his hands, hiding what must be a grimace
  2586. >Her moms eyes look like they're about to cry
  2587. >They switch between looking back and forth between me and Miękki
  2588. >I can feel the shame in the room
  2589. >Miękki looks like she wants to die
  2590. >I feel like I want to die
  2592. >this isn't a good way to begin a relationship with her family
  2593. >Both her parents look at each other
  2594. >And then begin snickering
  2595. >Then laughing
  2596. >Both me and Miękki look at them shocked
  2597. >They were holding back laughter
  2598. >Both of them laugh together for a few minutes, then shake their heads
  2599. >”ah, well, that is funny.” says dad
  2600. >”it really is” agree’s mom
  2601. >Miękki Is shocked
  2602. >”why are you both laughing?”
  2603. >Dad shrugs
  2604. >”oh, well, you know, I can kind of picture how it all happened.”
  2605. >he looks at me
  2606. >”Let me guess, you two had a blow up at each other because of mixed feelings?”
  2607. >We both look at each other
  2608. >mutter out a “maybe”
  2609. >”And then once you settled your differences you realized you both might actually like each other?” he adds
  2610. >We both nod
  2611. >Mom perks up
  2612. >”and then you both agreed to go out to see if you were compatible, but did not want to because you were kind of scared?” She says
  2613. >”And decided instead to order in and have a date at home, and you put a movie on in the meantime and...snuggled in close because  it was a cold january evening, and you forgot your jacket at your pal Brodies house.” Says dad with a chuckle in a nostalgic tone
  2614. >Both Miękki’s mom and dad are smiling at each other at this point
  2615. >”And then, you both got close, and you enjoyed the feeling of being close and things got a little..out of hand?” Says mom with a knowing smile
  2616. >”...or into someones hand…” Adds dad with a grin
  2617. >Miękki’s mom blushes
  2619. >“Jonesy, come on.”
  2620. >Dad reaches for moms paw hand, holding it lovingly
  2621. >Miękki looks absolutely horrified
  2622. >”Did...did you and mom watch? Are there cameras in the living room??”
  2623. >her voice sounds like she is about to hyperventilate
  2624. >”OH NO! No no no” says dad shaking his head
  2625. >”it’s just, well, let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” He says while giving a smile to mom Bunyip
  2626. >Miękki looks between her parents mortified
  2627. >” two…”
  2628. >Mom smiles
  2629. >”you do take after me a lot.”
  2630. >Miękki looks confused
  2631. >I know I am confused
  2632. >”you two aren’t mad that know…”
  2633. >both her parents laugh again
  2634. >”You have to be responsible about those types of things, but, you know, relationships with Bunyips are a *unique* thing.”
  2635. >Her dad looks to me and points
  2636. >”what’s your opinion on kids?”
  2637. >what
  2638. >that’s a sudden question
  2639. >I didn’t even know if I wanted to date this girl about three hours ago, let alone think of kids
  2640. >I give a shrug
  2641. >”I’m...neutral on that subject.”
  2642. >Dad smiles
  2643. >”good, because we want at least three grand children”
  2645. >I hear Miękki begin sputtering
  2646. >”Dad! Don’t you think that’s a little much to ask?” She whimpers in a quiet tone
  2647. >”aw, but I thought you wanted a lot of kids sweetie?” Chimes in Mom Bunyip
  2648. >”yeah, was it seven or eight? I can’t quite remember.”
  2649. >Miękki is hiding her face again
  2650. >” was nine…” I hear her mutter
  2651. >I smile at her
  2652. >”I think I can work with nine, that sounds nice. After we graduate of course.” I say
  2653. >I can practically feel the blush burning of Mięlkis face
  2654. >she’s trying her hardest to be embarrassed
  2655. >but beneath her fluff, she is hiding a smile
  2656. >”thanks Anon.”
  2660. >We finish up dinner, enjoying conversation other than about mine and Miękkis future together
  2661. >I really like her parents
  2662. >they’re nice and mean well
  2663. >spend the rest of the night chatting in the living room
  2664. >I’m with Miękki on the couch sitting next to her
  2665. >it’s a little squished, but being pressed on lightly by Bunyip fluff is far from bad
  2666. >Miękkis mom sits on the love seat, with dad resting on her lap
  2667. >I can see Mom Bunyip occasionally huff and sniff at his hair, and he squeezes the tip of her tail occasionally
  2668. >must be a family thing…
  2669. >it gets late
  2670. >Miękkis Mom and Dad say goodnight to us
  2671. >”you know Anon, you don’t have to leave just because we’re turning in for the night. You should stay here, watch a Movie or something. It’s not a school night after all.”
  2672. >Miękki rolls her eyes with a smile
  2673. >”Dad, I’m sure Anon can make his own decisions on things.”
  2674. >Dad smiles again
  2675. >”alright alright, just saying. Have a goodnight sweetie, and it was a pleasure meeting you Anon.”
  2676. >we both wish her dad a goodnight and he is off
  2677. >We hear their door close
  2678. >Miękkis head darts to me
  2679. >”but you do want to stay here and watch a movie or something, right?”
  2680. >her tail is slowly cooling around my leg
  2681. >I’m sure that if I were to say no, she would just coil around me and squeeze until I said yes
  2682. >”uh, yeah, that sounds nice.”
  2684. >she picks me up with her arms and squeezes me to her chest
  2685. >”perfect, you’re coming up to my room now.”
  2686. >before I can say anything Miękki has already gone up stairs
  2687. >she throws open the door to her room
  2688. >I get tossed onto the large circular bed like a rag doll
  2689. >Look up just in time to see her close and lock the door behind her
  2690. >she gives me a grin
  2691. >”Sooo,’re in my room.”
  2692. >She slithers over to me on her tail, smiling a knowing smile
  2693. >”I wonder what you’re thinking about doing with just me and you in here…”
  2694. >she leans onto the bed, looking eye level at me
  2695. >I shudder a little involuntarily
  2696. >”That depends on what you want to do” I manage to spit out
  2697. >she slithers up onto the bed, looming over me
  2698. >her face gets close to mine
  2699. >”how about we try something tonight? You’re gonna be my little guinea pig for this.”
  2700. >I feel sweat starting to bead my brow
  2701. >whether from arousal or concern I don’t know
  2702. >Miękki is panting hard
  2703. >She means in close to my ear
  2704. >”You’re going to hold me.”
  2705. >...
  2706. >I’m doing what?
  2707. >I look at her confused
  2708. >”what?”
  2710. >She gives me a stern glare
  2711. >”I said: you’re going to hold me.” She growls out
  2712. >I flinch back scared
  2713. >Miękki gives me an embarrassed look
  2714. >”I mean, you’re going to hold me, please.”
  2715. >she looks away shyly
  2716. >”just because I’m big and strong doesn’t mean I don’t want to be cuddled and held.” She mutters under her breath
  2717. >aww
  2718. >MahHeartMahSoul
  2719. >I prop myself up against a pillow and hold open my arms wide
  2720. >Miękki smiles brightly and slithers up onto the bed
  2721. >she flops down onto me, nearly crushing my whole body
  2722. >I stifle a grunt of pain as I feel her full weight slam into me
  2723. >she doesn’t notice, and proceeds to pull herself up onto me more
  2724. >she leans back into me, resting her head on my chest
  2725. >her upper and head alone are bigger and longer than my entire body
  2726. >i can hear her giggling as she snuggles up into me
  2728. >I look at her face
  2729. >she’s blushing
  2730. >she looks so happy
  2731. >I wrap my arms around her torso and hold her tight
  2732. >just me and my Bunyip
  2733. >cuddling in a mountain of fluff
  2734. >I pat her head softly, rubbing her ears
  2735. >Miękki gives an approving little moan at the touch
  2736. >It’s a more tame version of the ones she was doing earlier
  2737. >I rub her fluffy ears harder and she groans loudly
  2738. >The sound echoes around the room
  2739. >I quickly pull my hand back
  2740. >Miękki looks up at me sadly
  2741. >”you have ten seconds to start doing that again before I make you regret stopping.”
  2742. >”what about your parents?”
  2743. >Miękki smiles
  2744. >”don’t worry, their room is soundproof against moans.”
  2745. >really?
  2746. >I give her a confused look
  2747. >”would you want to our children to hear us fucking?” She puts bluntly
  2748. >...
  2749. >she has a good point
  2750. >”so, we can be as loud as we want.”
  2751. >her tone is dripping with suggestion
  2752. >Her eyes are hungry looking, and she has a sinister smile to her face
  2753. >” we’re doing the *or something* instead of a movie?” I nervously ask
  2754. >Miękki shrugs
  2755. >”We can just lay like this...maybe talk...and do *things*”
  2756. >*Do things*
  2757. >I feel a nervousness catch in my throat
  2758. >”Well, how about we just talk for a little bit then?”
  2759. >Miękki opens her mouth to protest, but then closes it
  2760. >”That's true...we didn’t get to personally talk much during dinner…”
  2761. >She lets out a grumpy sigh
  2762. >”Ok, we can talk for a little bit...but then we do stuff. What do you want to know? Make it fast.”
  2763. >Oh shit she's putting me right on the spot
  2764. >”Oh...uh, well, what did you mean by me being your tutor?”
  2765. >Miękki seems to freeze up
  2766. >Her cocky smugness is gone
  2767. >”Uh...I never...Said anything like that...did I?”
  2768. >”yes you did, during dinner? Your parents even said it.”
  2769. >Miękki is sweating at this point
  2770. >her ears are pressed flat against her head
  2771. >”I really don't remember that so maybe we can just forget about that and maybe talk about something else that maybe we both remember happening like the chinese food did you like it I really do so yeah the orange chicken is good but-”
  2772. >”Miękki…”
  2773. >She gives me a disgruntled look
  2774. >”Fine...I told everyone you were my tutor. Coach said I wouldn't be able to stay on the team if my grades dropped any further, so that's why I started...uh...persuading you to make notes for me.”
  2775. >Ah, now it makes sense
  2776. >”So, whenever I did your homework, you just used it as notes?”
  2777. >Miękki looks at me grumpily
  2778. >she pushes me away a little
  2779. >”I-i didn't WANT to cheat or something like that, and I just needed your help a little but didnt know how to ask...So I figured if I just read your notes and answers then tried to learn from them…”
  2780. >I’m trying not to laugh
  2781. >Her logic is like a little kid
  2782. >It’s pretty stupid
  2783. >I’m trying my best not to smile
  2784. >I am really failing at it
  2785. >Miękki frowns
  2786. >”I’m going to wipe that stupid smile off your face you retard.”
  2787. >I ruffle her ears a bit, making her smile a little
  2788. >”And how are you going to do that?”
  2789. >I instantly regret my cocky words as Miękki’s hand finds its way to the side of my face
  2790. >She caresses my cheek lightly with her fluffy palm, leaning back and whispering into my ear
  2791. >”I think theres a few ways, but I’m not going to be aggressive and force you…” She says with a  breathy sigh
  2792. >There sounds like there's going to be a but here
  2793. >”...but, I don’t think I’m going to move until you give me what I need.”
  2794. >To emphasis her point she shimmies and gyrates her lower tail into my crotch, sending sparks of pleasure into my body
  2795. >She feels me shift uncomfortably under her
  2796. >She smiles widely
  2797. >”Or do you think I should just take it from you?”
  2798. >She wants to be in control here
  2799. >The bully side of the Bunyip is coming out
  2800. >she begins nibbling at my ear
  2801. >”Come on, let me take what I want from you.”
  2802. >I want to give in to her
  2803. >Just let her have her way
  2804. >...
  2805. >BUT
  2806. >I think I’ve let her have her way enough with me for the past three years
  2807. >Slowly rub my hands down to her stomach
  2808. >Miękki turns her attention to them
  2809. >I rub her abs through her sweater
  2810. >She seems intrigued by what I am doing
  2811. >Which leaves her exposed
  2812. >I nuzzle my face though her long white hair into the crook of her neck
  2813. >Slowly give her a kiss on the skin, gently biting her flesh
  2814. >She hisses and her back arches in pleasure
  2815. >she shimmies against me
  2816. >This time she is in discomfort
  2817. >take this time to sneak my hands under her sweater
  2818. >Begin rubbing the skin of her abs slowly, massaging the muscle underneath
  2819. >Miękki mutters approvingly at my touch
  2820. >Her eyes are closed and she has a pleased smile on her face
  2821. >I trace the lines her muscles make in her skin, going over them with my fingers, learning their curves and valleys
  2822. >I slowly begin moving my right hand down from her midriff
  2823. >She’s watching the hand intently
  2824. >Slide it from her abs to her waist just above her skirt
  2825. >”What are you trying anon?” She says with a grin
  2826. >I give a shrug
  2827. >”Something that is really stupid”
  2828. >Before Miękki can reply I move my hand from under her waistband, touching the bare skin of her lower pelvis area
  2829. >Miękki freezes and goes stock still
  2830. >I freeze up as well
  2831. >We both are still
  2832. >The only sound is breathing
  2833. >Oh shit
  2834. >What am I doing?
  2835. >I didnt even say anything about this
  2836. >Oh fuck
  2837. >No No No
  2838. >I slowly pull my hand back out of her waistband
  2839. >Only for Miękki to grab my wrist
  2840. >Oh god
  2841. >She’s going to break my wrist
  2842. >”Anon, I’m going to break your wrist if you even think of taking your hand away from there.”
  2843. >Oh god I was right
  2844. >Wait
  2845. >...
  2846. >Half right
  2847. >She lets go of my wrist
  2848. >I slowly slide my hand down further
  2849. >Miękki rubs my hair approvingly
  2850. >Her skin is smooth and hairless under her skirt
  2851. >I feel a warmth near the tips of my fingers as it gets lower
  2852. >A very damp warmth
  2853. >Glance my fingers over the spot
  2854. >Miękki lets out an approving sigh
  2855. >She relaxes her weight onto me more, getting heavier
  2856. >I rest my fingers over her slit, feeling a sticky wetness on it
  2857. >Slowly begin it gently, rubbing my fingers over her entrance
  2858. >Miękki shivers, gyrating over my entire body
  2859. >If she moves in the wrong way she could accidentally crush me under herself
  2860. >I wrap my other arm around her midriff for stability as I slowly keep rubbing her honey pot
  2861. >She squirming and moaning uncomfortably
  2862. >”ANON STOP” she shouts
  2863. >I pull my hand out of her skirt quickly
  2864. >Miękki is breathing hard
  2865. >She lays on top of me panting for a second before rolling and shifting to laying stomach down on top of me
  2866. >Her stare is intense
  2867. >There is a sadistic look to her eyes
  2868. >Uh oh
  2869. >In a single second I am wrapped up in her entire body
  2870. >My world spins as I feel the embrace of fluff wrap around me
  2871. I Am facing towards her, our bodies pressed together
  2872. >Miękki has an intense gaze to her eyes
  2873. >”DO. THAT. MORE.”
  2874. >I nod and snake my hand back down under her waistband
  2875. >Touching her in this position is a little harder, but I am still able to rub her slit with my fingers
  2876. >Miękki is hugging me tight
  2877. >I can hear her panting into my ear
  2878. >With each little rub and touch her tail coils around me tighter
  2879. >Miękki gives a moan and clutches me tight, wrapping her arms around me
  2880. >She brings her teeth to my neck, gently gnawing at the skin of it as she moans
  2881. >I ignore the sensation as it shoots sparks of pleasure into my brain as I dedicate my entire being to pleasuring the Bunyip
  2882. >Miękki seems so powerless like this, even more so than earlier
  2883. >The idea that I have this giant fluffy snake woman who could crush me like a grape near literally wrapped around my finger sparks a sense of pride in me
  2884. >I slowly stop massaging Miękki’s slit
  2885. >She lets out a whimper that sounds pained
  2886. >I reposition my finger
  2887. >”Anon, please dont sto-”
  2888. >I slide my index finger into her entrance
  2889. >”-oooAAAAHH”
  2890. >Miękki convulses and shivers violently
  2891. >I feel her clamp down on my finger
  2892. >Her insides are impossibly small and tight, even my finger feels like it is being squeezed and cramped
  2893. >Miękki is panting loud, with each exhale being a groan of pleasure
  2894. >”A-A-A-nnon..please..please…”
  2895. >Please?
  2896. >”Please...all of your fingers out of there…”
  2897. >All?
  2898. >”uh..Miękki? There's only one…”
  2899. >Miękki pulls her head away from my neck long enough to look down into her skirt
  2900. >Her eyes widen
  2901. >She looks terrified
  2902. >”...fuck”
  2903. >I move my finger inside her
  2904. >Miękki lets out a loud groan of pleasure
  2905. >she shouts “FUCK” at the top of her lungs
  2906. >”anon, anon, anon, slow down. Slow down please.”
  2907. >I pause for a second
  2908. >I look at her paws
  2909. >A thought comes to my mind
  2910. >”Miękki, your claws…”
  2911. >She looks at them tired
  2912. >”what about them?”
  2913. >”Your cant…”
  2914. >Miękki shakes her head
  2915. >”When I did I would have to use my fingers...the claws would scratch too much.”
  2916. >I realize that my finger has gone deeper inside Miękki than anything else ever has
  2917. >this is brand new to her
  2918. >...
  2919. >I am going to show no mercy
  2920. >Begin slowly working my finger in her
  2921. >Miękki lets out a loud scream of pleasure
  2922. >she clutches me hard and bites onto my shoulder, moaning loudly
  2923. >I pump my finger inside of her hard, feeling her warm, damp softness clamping around my finger
  2924. >Three years worth of torment is dished out in only a few minutes to her
  2925. >Each little motion is pleasurable agony to the Bunyip
  2926. >Miękki lets out one last loud moan and crushes me in her fluffy coils
  2927. >her entire tails engulfs me like a mile long pillow smothering me
  2928. >Miękki has enough sense to stop biting my shoulder and instead mashes her lips into mine for a long, drawn out kiss
  2929. >She moans into my mouth, her entire body shuddering and shivering
  2930. >Miękki collapses backwards onto the bed, clutching me tight
  2931. >She is on the verge of holding me way too tight, but gentle enough to where it is comfortable
  2932. >Like the snuggest blanket you could ever get embracing you
  2933. >Miękki holds me like her stuffed bunny, kissing the top of my head lazily
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