[Team If] EldinTokuro's Restoration HANS Guide

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  1. Eldin's Eccentric Elongations ;^)
  2. The simple and easy way to installing our patch.
  4. Now, you're probably wonder... "wowie-zowie, this is so much to take in!111!!!one". There's nothing to fear, kids. We have the solution for -you-. Just follow these super-duper easy-to-follow steps and you'll be on your way!
  6. Things you'll need;
  8. - Ninjhax, Menuhax, Browserhax, or some other type of Homebrew access point.
  9. <- This is a link to Ninjhax for your convenience, as that's the only thing that works on the latest firmware.
  11. - Homebrew Launcher kit.
  12. <- Click this link to download the selected file.
  14. - Braindump.
  15. <- Right here, you'll need this in order to get your romfs file to patch/modify.
  17. -Romfs Extractor/Encrypter.
  18. There'll be a direct link to these in the description.
  20. First and foremost, you'll want to drag the contents of the Homebrew Launcher kit to the root of your (micro) SD card. Make sure you have two folders labelled "hans" and "3ds". Yuppers, you guessed it, they have to be lowercased.
  22. Insert helpful image, here.
  24. Once you have all of the necessary files placed at the root of your SD card, you may proceed to set up the Homebrew access point of your choice. As of present, you may use Cubic Ninja or OoThax on latest firmware. At least Ocarina of Time got re-released as a Nintendo Classic and is available at various retailers for 19.99 USD, right? H-Haha, anyways, you should be able to find the necessary steps to  set-up those entrypoints at the website you got your Homebrew Launcher kit. Don't forget to place the Braindump files into the 3ds folder, those are very important and necessary for this operation.
  26. After you've done that, you'll want to make sure you have a physical copy of any of the Fire Emblem: Fates game. Yes, physical. I'm sad to relay that it's impossible to use our patch with any digital copies of the game as of current.  
  28. Now that you have a wonderful physical copy of your choice, you can finally begin the actual "PATCHING" process. It doesn't actually patch a game, as you'll see in a moment.
  30. You are now in the Homebrew menu, find "Braindump" and click it. Begin dumping your Romfs files. As you can see in the image below, this is a rather lengthy process. Go take a dump, eat some food, bake a cake, go for a walk, take another dump, or something.
  32. Image displaying Braindump, here.
  34. Alrighty, it looks like you've finished dumping your Romfs files! Super, take that shit out. By that, I mean... literally take out your SD card and plug it into your computer with a compatible port.
  36. Image displaying root of SD card post-dump, here.
  38. What you'll want to do is go into the newly found romfs folder, you'll see a file labelled with a six digit hex name. ------ is FE:F Birthright, ------ is FE:F Conquest, and ------ is FE:F Special Edition. Copy and paste that file into your documents or wherever your decrypting and encrypting tools are.
  40. Now, what you'll want to do is begin the extraction process. This is even longer than the dumping process, so be prepared to play the waiting game some more.
  42. Image displaying the Romfs Extraction tool extracting Romfs files, here.
  44. You got an extracted Romfs file, now what? I'll tell ya what, find the patch files and have them replace the files in that Romfs file. This shouldn't take too long, only a couple minutes at the worst.
  46. Literally a GIF of me dragging the patch files into the Romfs folder, he3re.
  48. Pop open that Romfs Encryption tool and select the folder that contains your newly patched Romfs files, encrypt that shit and save it somewhere you know you'll find it. Good spots include your desktop, My Documents, the NOT PORN folder, or any other open space you can place a new folder full of the good stuff that you know you'll saunter to eventually.
  50. Image displaying the re-encryption process of the Romfs Encryptor tool.
  52. Take deep breaths, you're almost there! You can make it, I believe in you! Remember that hans folder I had you make earlier? Yeah, you're gonna need that shit now. First, rename the newly patched Romfs file to the six hex numbered label of whichever version of the game you own. Now, throw that into the hans folder.
  54. Image displaying the file in the hans folder.
  56. Now, go into the Homebrew menu and select Hans. Make sure you have your physical copy plugged into your 3DS. Start Hans with whichever Fire Emblem: Fates copy you have.
  58. Image of Hans in the Homebrew Launcher about to start Fates.
  60. You'll see an option that asks if you want to run Romfs from SD, make sure that says yes. Optionally, if you're running this on a New 3DS, make sure to boost the rate at which it runs games to that ~800 option. It'll make everything look infinitely smoother and overall higher quality.
  62. Image of me cheering.
  64. Congratulations, you did it! Now, go eat a cookie you little trooper. You earned it.
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