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  1. -Byond Key: D99
  3. -IGN: Pen Is
  5. -Discord Name: Kentaloupe#5186
  7. -Race: Kaioshin
  9. -Why do you want  this race/rank/tech/item
  11. : Simply to aid the Kais since we lack in numbers and to help grow roleplay in the community.
  13. -How do you think you can improve RP with this race/rank/tech/item
  15. : Though the Supreme Kai has already been helping out in roleplay by roleplaying with the people in the mortal realm; I suppose I can come help when it is extremely needed later on in the wipe. Suppose a threat at the level of Majin Buu, then I'd come help. But overall, I'd keep myself neutral majority of the time and allow majority of the living realm to handle whatever situation is at hand. And from recent events, the Demons attacked our Supreme Kaioshin and our very old Kai can't fight, I also suppose that it'll even the odds out.
  17. -Do you agree not to use this  for OOC purposes?
  19. : Agreed.
  21. -How experienced are you in roleplaying?
  23. : I've roleplayed on multiple games on Byond. Dragonball Generations (Old); Eternia; Spires of Agartha; and etc. Probably a couple years of roleplay under my belt.
  25. -Do you have any outside activities such as school/work that stops you from being on during times of the day
  27. : I've got church and taking classes in college. Though, I'm sure I'd be available for a good amount of time-- probably on daily and be AFK for a few hours. But always active guaranteed.
  29. -Now I would like you to write me a roleplay involving the use or life of the race/rank/tech/item, it must be at least one paragraph of ten sentences. This roleplay will be IC and used on your character that you have already. If it does not fit your current character in anyway, then perhaps try to RP more until it does.
  31. The young Kaioshin still felt the shiver down his spine ever since he encountered those evil beings of the living realm and the Demons of the Otherworld. At first, Pen could not care less with what ever happened with mortals. But after experiencing firsthand what kind of people the were, he felt moved to help them one day. But even more so after seeing that his fellow Kai, the Supreme Kai, Carrot was injured after battling off the Demons that went after him. Life is definitely not fair, but there is always a way and Pen shall make a way. With the absence of the older Kai, Hojin, to help Carrot fight off the Demons. The young Kai must take it upon himself to step up to the playing field and support Carrot. Because what can a thousand year-old Kaioshin who is a sworn pacifist do? So, from this day onwards, he shall swear his life and duty to keep the balance of the word because he knew very well that Evil cannot be defeated. But, he knows that Evil cannot overpower the hope and light that is Good. And he cannot allow Evil the shroud the galaxy.
  33. "Time to work my ass off".
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